Galaxy Note Edge Receives the June Security Patch on T-Mobile

14 June, 2017 Samsung Updates

The Galaxy Note Edge is a dying smartphone, but Samsung still loves it. Well, at least T-Mobile does anyway! The Note Edge was the first of its kind from Samsung as it pioneered that iconic curved display for the Note series which has now become the staple for flagship Samsung smartphones. The curves have evolved so much since but the Note Edge has managed to hold its unique charm still today. It's good to see the latest June security patch make its way onto the smartphone via T-mobile.

While it may not be Nougat 7.0 (and it never will be unfortunately via official means), this OTA update does bring in as much as 96 bug fixes and loophole patches for the base Android OS. The version of the firmware is N915TUBS2DQE4 and you should be receiving it any time now if you are on T-Mobile. But what if you own an unlocked version of the Galaxy Note Edge in the US? Will you be getting the same? Technically you should but Samsung US has been absolutely negligent in regard to rolling out updates for its unlocked American variants recently, so that might take a while if it has not arrived on your smartphone already. It should be noted that Verizon users already got the same update for their Galaxy Note Edge smartphones about two weeks ago.

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