Get HTC M8 Motion Launch Feature on your Android Phone with Knockr App [Download]

7 May, 2014 App Updates



HTC's flagship One M8, came with the latest version of Sense UI 6.0 with Motion Launch gestures a rather useful addition to the functionality of the interface. What Motion Launch does is simple, yet most welcome when the M8's screen is off, the user can wake the device up with a simple double tap, navigate to a certain app with a swipe, or launch the camera with the aid of the volume buttons.


Now you can enhoy Motion Launch feature on your Android device, XDA has come to the rescue enter "Knockr". This app emulates most of Motion Launch's traits on your Android smartphone by keeping your screen turned on even when your device is locked and asleep.




But wait... Won't this drain the battery like crazy, making the app virtually unusable in our daily lives? Well, normally it would, but there is a catch Knockr is only compatible with devices that rock an OLED display.


The app actually displays a completely black image, which keeps the display turned on so that it can register a touch input from the user. As you probably know, the amount of power OLED displays use when displaying a black image is next to nothing, because the pixels are actually turned off. The App is Free on Google Play Store, try it from the link below.




Download Knockr [Play Store]



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