Google and Motorola working on "X Phone" and "X tablet" for 2013

23 December, 2012 Google Nexus



Wall Street Journal reports that Google and its Motorola team are working on a future High-end smartphone to compete with the Apple iPhone, for Next year 2013.

The Smartphone is codenamed "X Phone" and expect to show up during next year 2013, The phone is rumored to make its first official announcement on the upcoming Google I/O event. The project is reportedly being led by Lior Ron, who has previously worked as a Google Product Manager, but now is busy at work with the Motorola team.




Lior Ron, reportedly has demanded the phone to sport killer camera. In its quest to make the phone truly unique, Motorola has looked into incorporating different materials such as ceramics, which would make the "X Phone" more resistant to drops.

Also in the same report, Motorola engineers is currently working on a new tablet also codenamed the "X tablet" that will launch after the X Phone hit the markets, this New X series will be New flagship products of Google on 2013.




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