Google will Soon let You Hide that "At a Glance" Widget on your Pixel

17 November, 2023 App Updates

Google will Soon let You Hide that "At a Glance" Widget on your Pixel


While one of Android's biggest strengths is its flexibility when it comes to personalization and customization, it should be said that there are times when it seems that the OS is fully locked down in certain parts. Take for example the "At a Glance" widget, which is found on Google Pixel phones, which for some reason has been an immovable fixture on Pixel home screens for quite some time now.


Unsurprisingly, this has led to complaints from some users regarding the rigid approach that Google has implemented with the At a Glance widget's existence. With that in mind, it looks like Google has been listening, and users might be able to hide the widget soon after all.



The change was listed by tech writer Mishaal Rahman in a social media post, which lists other new features spotted in Android 14 QPR2 Beta 1. Based on several screenshots, it looks like Google has added a toggle within the Pixel launcher that will allow users to hide At a Glance, and instead use the space for their own widgets or app shortcuts.


With that being said, the entire thread lists several other changes which are very likely to arrive for Android, such as a new privacy indicator dialog, single app casting (as opposed to your entire display), and "quarantined apps" in developer options, to name a few. It's expected that these new features might officially make their debut in the next Pixel feature drop.


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