Google will close down Android's Associate Driving Mode

11 October, 2022 App Updates

Google will close down Android's Associate Driving Mode


Our vehicles have been getting brilliant highlights throughout the long term, similar to research's Android Auto stage which can be introduced in help infotainment head units. For those with more established vehicles or the individuals who would rather not spend the cash redesigning, there were smartphone options like Associate Driving Mode.


The element was initially reported back in 2019 where it essentially permitted clients to utilize their voice to finish specific explicit activities while you are driving so you don't need to look or reach for your phone. Sadly, it seems to be that component will be disappearing for good.


This is as per a report from 9to5Google in which they have gotten affirmation from Google that the element will be closed down on the 21st of November. Fortunately in the event that you actually don't anticipate getting an Android Auto head unit, Driving Mode in Google Guides for Android will remain.


For those new, this is similar to a "minimized" rendition of Android Auto, yet since straightforward it is to utilize and doesn't cost you anything it, by and large, is sufficient for most clients, so you can constantly continue utilizing that once Right hand Driving Mode has been closed down.


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