HMD is expanding beyond Nokia to their own brand of smartphones

1 February, 2024 Nokia

HMD is expanding beyond Nokia to their own brand of smartphones


HMD Global was founded in 2016 where the company started to make Nokia smartphones. It looks like after about 8 years, that journey is coming to an end. The company has announced on its website that they will be moving on from Nokia phones and creating their own brand of smartphones.


This does not mean that HMD will be abandoning Nokia completely. Based on the post on their website, they claim to still be "makers of Nokia smartphones and Nokia dumbphones". This means that they could still technically produce Nokia phones, but maybe their focus will be on their own brand instead.



HMD says that they will still sell Nokia phones and that existing Nokia handsets will continue to receive support and are covered by their warranties.


This announcement doesn't come as a huge surprise. Just last month, a leaked image revealed an upcoming HMD phone without the Nokia branding. It was also reported that the company has about six new smartphone models in the works.


We are excited to see what kind of devices HMD will be able to put out in the market. At the same time, we're cautiously optimistic. The smartphone market has some stiff competition. The Nokia branding definitely played a role in the company's success. Whether or not that success can continue sans Nokia branding remains to be seen.


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