How Music Affects Relationships, Personality, and Health

21 December, 2020 Education


Music has been known to people since ancient times since various archaeologists periodically find musical instruments. Therefore, there is nothing strange that our brain perceives it in a somewhat specific way, and the person who knows about it can improve one's efficiency with the help of melodies. But how exactly does hip-hop affect our mood and relationship? What is better to listen to to get rid of depression or even improve our physical health? Let's consider the aspects of influence.


1. In Relationships

Any romantic music improves the relationship between men and women. If you turn on a calm melody during a romantic dinner on a date with one of the sexy Russian girls you have recently met, then you will get much more satisfaction because your brain will relax and focus on the pleasure that your body receives when you eat.


In Relationships


2. For the Mood

If you want to improve your mood, then cheerful music with an energetic rhythm is what will help you achieve your desired goal. However, it all depends on the preferences of the person, their tastes, because some enjoy hip-hop, while others enjoy the rock genre. In any case, it has long been proven that music can serve as a tool to improve a person's mood, which you should actively use.


3. For the Physical Health

Thanks to hip-hop music, you can significantly increase your physical endurance, which is very useful when running in the morning or just playing sports. As for running, for this type of activity, it is best to choose fast rhythmic electronics or hip-hop. But for exercising with a lot of weight, for example, in the case of bodybuilders or if you want to gain muscle mass, on the contrary, you need to give preference for heavy explosive rock.


4. For the Character

Did you know that music keeps our brain young? Scientists have conducted some studies and came to the following conclusion - the brain of older musicians reacts to what is happening more vividly than the brain of their peers who are not associated with music. Psychologists have also determined that our favorite genre can tell a lot about us. Music, like gait or manner of speech, can reveal a person's character, worldview, and secret desires.


For the Character


For example, hip-hop fans are highly extroverted. They love to communicate and share emotions with others. These people are unlikely to listen to favorite songs alone, wearing headphones. They love to sing with musicians and move to the beat of fiery rhythms. Hip-hop fans have one more feature. They say whatever comes into their head without hesitation. Such frank and straightforward people!


What Kind of Music Is Harmful?

Of course, some people can argue that heavy music is something that negatively affects the human psyche, but they are very mistaken because each style is good in its own way. Despite this statement, there is still a style that is not recommended for listening. Often it is about music with a broken rhythm when the melody often changes or changes in the speed of the piece.


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