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How to Set up a Virtual Data Room for Your Business

11 May, 2022 Business

How to Set up a Virtual Data Room for Your Business


When searching for electronic data storage products for your business, you may come across information about VDRs. It is possible you have already read a little about them, but you're still not sure how to proceed with setting them up. Want to find out how to choose and launch an online data room for your company? Keep reading this article. And if you want to get acquainted with VDRs, head to - learn more about data rooms there.


What is an Online Data Room?

A virtual data room, or VDR, is a cloud platform for storing data. And that is a pretty brief but clear definition. Besides, in terms of functionality, online data room software brings the highest benefits for any business nowadays.


Electronic data rooms are a next-level solution that became a fixture of the business landscape pretty fast. These days, hundreds of companies choose VDR software to conduct workflow effectively. Such data services from the virtual data room providers are safe and accessible for modern companies of any level. If your enterprise is in the process of due diligence for M&A, for instance, such an online data software is just the thing you need.


Where to Start?

Before you begin the process of setting up virtual data room services for your company, you should make sure that the solution you have chosen best suits your needs.


There are several features that you should focus on:

  • Security level. You have to find out what security protocols are used in a virtual data room. Read reviews of the best data rooms from other users. Be sure to find out whether the provider has any problems with data leakage.
  • Ease-to-use format. Choose the data room that comes with a user-friendly interface. The best software allows users to navigate without problems.
  • Documentation analysis. Before running an electronic data room, learn whether this solution provides you with detailed and specific working reports. That software should offer a possibility to keep track of what changes were made in the online data room and who made them.
  • Cost. Pay special attention to the pricing. The software solution you pick must fit your budget undoubtedly. Besides, make the data room comparison in terms of price with its competitors.

After you have checked all those points, you are ready to proceed with the VDR setup.


The Process of Setting up an Electronic Room

When you have decided on a solution for your business, you can start setting up your online data room software. Here are several important steps you should come with.


Decide on the Structure of the Online Data Room

So, this is the first and most important stage when launching virtual data rooms for your business. You should create a folder structure where documents related to your company will be stored. Today there are such vendors that offer their users templates to simplify the task. Regardless of whether you accept a ready-made solution or create your own unique schema, the first step in organizing your virtual data room is to create a well-designed folder structure.


Uploading Files

After you have finished creating your folders, it's time to run adding and organizing the necessary documents. In order for the process to be easy and fast, implement a simple naming system - preferably brief and clear but understandable.


Send Invitations to Other Users

Once the basic structure is in place, it can help delegate the sorting and organization of documents to others. The easiest way is to open access to your VDRs files so that users can sort them by assigning them permission to a group of folders.


Perform a Control Check

Ask your colleagues who have access to the virtual data room if they have uploaded all the correct documents to the appropriate folders, although it may be worth following up on this. If everything went well and without mistakes - consider that a great job! You have just set up your online data room, which will take your business to a new level of development.



As you may notice, setting up an online data room for your business is not difficult stuff. In case you pick a good VDR supplier and perform the above steps with a clear organizational strategy in your mind, very soon you will discover yourself operating in a safe and superbly efficient environment. And as for the time it takes to set up electronic data room software, surely, it is more than worth it.


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