Milton Group has a great choice of quality building materials

10 February, 2022 Reviews

Milton Group has a great choice of quality building materials


Construction and installation works require large investments from the contractor. In addition, most of the contractors work in conditions of limited time and buy building materials at the lowest price from the nearest sellers in order to complete the project on time. This mistake will later turn into huge problems for both the owner of the premises and the construction company. Deformation of surfaces and joints, destruction of the structure, the need for repeated repairs and additional strengthening are additional costs for the customer and a blow to the reputation of the contractor. Milton Group recommends ordering building materials from us in advance - from trusted manufacturers and with a quality guarantee. Everything you need for repairs - in one store at an affordable price.


Advantages of Milton Group:

  • The materials are suitable for both big construction orders and small private renovations. Milton Group guarantees the high quality of all products, easy installation, reliability, and durability of all elements and budgeted cost.
  • Large selection of colors for facing materials and interior decoration elements. There are mounting plates of different thicknesses and textures which are perfect for both office buildings and home.
  • Building materials of Milton Group will pass all inspections of fire and ecology services.
  • Simple installation at all stages of work, easy maintenance of components and reliable designs.
  • Element masking. No hanging wires, fasteners will be hidden.
  • For repair works it is not necessary to dissemble half of the wall. You can access the desired point immediately.

How to choose building materials

Suitability for repair

The most important point from the long-term perspective. The easier it is to carry out repairs, the better the functionality of the premises is maintained and the cheaper the cost of repairs is. And when moving to another house, you can disassemble the necessary elements in a short time and transport them to a new office.



Cheap materials contain a huge number of harmful toxic impurities, which in the future will affect both health of people and state of the premises itself. Allergies and breathing problems are just the beginning of the problems. Therefore, most modern business centres use light, simple materials with an environmentally friendly composition. Milton Group offers only such products - we receive only certified products that have passed all tests and are approved for use in any country in the world.


Heat resistance and moisture resistance

Our building materials will remain in their original condition many years after the completion of the work. All additional decoration parts and materials from Milton Group have heat resistance and moisture resistance, therefore they are perfect for use during repairs of bathrooms, toilets, swimming pools.


Saving money can harm

The main mistake that many repair crews and novice builders make is a desire to save as much as possible. Cheap materials can cause problems even during construction, the customer will demand compensation and the reputation of the company will be damaged. At Milton Group, we know how such savings can result in:

  • During the first six months after the completion of the work, the ceiling will begin to sag, the customer will re-install the panels and change the lining.
  • The fire service, after a thorough check, may impose a ban on the use of the building, after which the developer is forced to re-purchase building materials of suitable quality and carry out repairs.
  • –°olor loss of facing surfaces under the influence of ultraviolet rays and moisture.
  • Deformation of surfaces and curvature at the point of contact in the first months after repair.

These factors must be taken into account during construction works and repairs. Failure to follow the rules and the desire to save money always leads to unnecessary costs.


Milton Group offers the best conditions:

  • Supply of materials directly from trusted manufacturers.
  • Opportunity to get a discount when purchasing materials in bulk.
  • From 20 m² for a minimum purchase (numbers depend on different materials).
  • 5 minutes to estimate the cost thanks to a special calculation program.
  • Convenient delivery to anywhere in Siberia and the Far East.

Ceilings of Milton Group at a special price

A good ceiling, combined with the right lighting, can completely transform a room, and Milton Group knows what combinations work best. Whether it's an office or an apartment, people, first of all, pay attention to the ceilings. We offer 5 most popular types of ceilings:

  • Armstrong
  • Slatted
  • Cassette
  • Grilyato
  • Slatted cube-shaped

Order and delivery

To buy building materials from Milton Group, call +7 (383) 383-05-96 or request a free call. We will evaluate the cost and advise how to choose the best option for you. Milton Group also controls safety of packaging materials during shipment.


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