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Most recent Google Photos update coincidentally eliminates the Magic Eraser apparatus

16 November, 2021 App Updates


One of the Pixel 6s cool new elements is the Magic Eraser apparatus that allows clients effectively to eliminate undesirable articles in a photograph. Lamentably for Pixel proprietors, if you end up having programmed refreshes empowered, the furthest down the line update to Google Photos has eradicated the apparatus from the application.


One of the Pixel


As per client reports, it appears to be that refreshing the application to form 5.67 has brought about the device being taken out. This isnt Google pulling the element but instead it gives off an impression of being a bug with the update that eliminated it coincidentally. The organization has expressed that they know about it and let The Verge know that they are chipping away at a fix that will bring the instrument back.


The terrible news is that right now, theres nothing clients can do if theyve refreshed their application. Uninstalling the update doesnt appear to work, which implies that clients who have refreshed the application will have no real option except to hang tight for the following update that ought to ideally fix this issue.


Google has additionally pulled the update from the Play Store which implies that clients who havent refreshed wont be getting the update should in any case have the option to utilize the element. The organization expresses that the update didn't influence everybody and that it was an issue in the early rollout process, so ideally very few individuals were hindered by it.


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