Motorola and Verizon Confirm Droid X Screen Problem

21 July, 2010 Android



The Droid X has not had the best of starts in life what with some people reporting problems with its screen. Essentially some screens are experiencing flickering and banding issues and now Verizon have issued a statement on the matter in the hopes of taking it head on.


"Verizon Wireless and Motorola are aware of a very small number of DROID X units that have experienced a flickering or banding display. Motorola has resolved the issue and is continuing to ship the phones. Any consumer who experiences a flickering or banding display should contact a Motorola customer support center or Verizon Wireless."



Short and sweet to say the least. It's interesting to note the phrase 'very small number of DROID X units' because the statement itself doesn't actually elucidate that point, however, Engadget are reporting that the actual figure is somewhere in the region of 0.1% of Droid X's experiencing these screen problems. At any rate the statement claims Motorola have fixed the issue and that customers with this problem should contact either Motorola or Verizon. Case closed (hopefully). 


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