Nokia is working on two low-end MeeGo Smartphones for the Next Billion

28 March, 2012 MeeGo

MeeGo phone

Nokia is allegedly working on two low-end MeeGo smartphones to help it with its "Next Billion" strategy, a revelation delivered by an industry insider working in a department of the company related directly to the upcoming products.


The "Next Billion" strategy basically boils down to Nokia retaining a leading role in delivering low-end cheap phones for the next one billion mobile subscribers, most of which will be in poor developing countries.

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After Nokia LUMIA, The next billion project is mostly served by the Series 40/Asha department, but it seems that Android phones have managed to go down in price enough to threaten the Nokia positions in the low-end. The smartphone department where Windows Phone rules supreme cannot come down to the ultra low-end where feature phones lived for a number of reasons like WP not being supported on devices having less than 256MB of RAM.

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