OnePlus could be hopping on board the flip phone bandwagon

19 April, 2024 OnePlus 1+

OnePlus could be hopping on board the flip phone bandwagon


Last year, OnePlus finally got on board with foldables with the launch of the OnePlus Open. But it looks like the company could be exploring other form factors. A post on Weibo by tipster Smart Pikachu claims that OnePlus could be looking to launch a flip foldable phone as well.


In a way it's not surprising. Many companies who have foldables usually have two form factors. One would be the phone-tablet hybrid, and the other is a flip model that transforms a smartphone into an even smaller device. Generally speaking, flip phones tend to be more popular as they are more affordable.


Plus, not everyone necessarily needs a tablet, so having a smartphone that can be folded down to become even smaller is actually appreciated. That being said, we're not sure if this will be a 100% original design. The OnePlus Open is basically a rebadged version of the Oppo Find N3. Both companies are under the same parent company so it's not surprising they share tech.


If OnePlus launches a flip phone, it could be based on an existing model like the Oppo Find N3 Flip. Either way, we'll have to wait and see if these plans ever come to fruition. But what do you think? Is a OnePlus flip phone something you might be interested in?


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