Oppo establishes another standard with its rollout of Android 13

20 December, 2022 Oppo

Oppo establishes another standard with its rollout of Android 13


The speed at which handset producers push out their Android updates will shift from OEM to OEM. Some are quick, some are slow, and afterward it likewise relies upon your phone, and whether it is qualified for the update and furthermore assuming that it is high on the need of the organization's advancement plan.


That being said, Oppo appears to have gained some significant experience throughout recent years on the grounds that as per the organization, they have uncovered that with ColorOS 13, it is their quickest update rollout to date. The update was at first accessible on the eighteenth of August, 2022, yet it appears to be that Oppo has not burned through any time and has since conveyed the update to 33 smartphone models internationally.


The organization guarantees that it is their quickest and greatest update throughout the entire existence of ColorOS. They additionally uncovered that with ColorOS 13, no less than half more handset models in Oppo's item arrangement were viable with the update over ColorOS 12. This implies that in addition to the fact that phones got the update quicker, however multiple times more Oppo handset proprietors got the update contrasted with ColorOS 12.


That being said, there is all the more uplifting news moving advances. Oppo as of late declared that they have made a few enhancements to their update strategy where they will currently ensure something like four significant ColorOS refreshes moving advances, as well as five years of safety patches on select lead models beginning in 2023.


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