Oppo wants to bring AI to all of its smartphones

5 June, 2024 Oppo

Oppo wants to bring AI to all of its smartphones


Like many companies, Oppo makes a wide variety of smartphones. This ranges from budget phones to high-end flagships. Typically speaking, companies tend to reserve the best features for its flagship phones, but that won't be the approach that Oppo is taking when it comes to AI implementation.


The company has announced their commitment to AI where they plan to roll out generative AI features across its entire product line. This means that even if you're buying a budget Oppo handset, you should be able to expect to access some AI features. This is versus other companies who reserve AI capabilities for their flagship (read more expensive) handsets.


Oppo will be working with various partners in the industry, such as Google, MediaTek, and Microsoft. The company estimates that as a result of their efforts, AI features should be accessible to around 50 million of their smartphone customers by the end of the year. This is quite noble on Oppo's part.


We expect that AI will be the focus on smartphones for the coming years and will become a must-have feature. Limiting it to just high-end devices will create a disparity in the user experience. Of course, whether or not these AI features are actually useful remains to be seen, but at the very least Oppo's customers will be able to take advantage of it.


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