Ouya Android Console is shipping to developers, first Unboxing [Video]

29 December, 2012 Android


You probably heard about the Ouya Android Gaming Console that we posted about before, the console will start selling by 2013 but it's currently shipping to developers.

The Ouya idea came with the promise of being an affordable open platform for game development and a herald of change. And now, the first 1,200 Ouya developer edition consoles just got shipped to developers across the globe.



Ouya Unboxing Video

As exciting as this is, even more exciting is the fact that the console got an official unboxing from its very makers, and the developer edition looks gorgeous. A translucent, Rubik cube-sized box with all kinds of connectivity and two gamepads, along with a set of cords is what is inside the box.



The console is made to be open and the controllers are meant to be fully customizable and can easily change from the translucent plastic to another body. You connect the Ouya to your HD TV via HDMI, and there's also a microUSB port for easily hooking it up with your computer. Check out the official unboxing right below



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