Prototype Xiaomi foldable phone uncovers what might have been

18 November, 2022 Xiaomi

Prototype Xiaomi foldable phone uncovers what might have been


Xiaomi is no more interesting to foldable phones. The organization has delivered several models throughout the long term, yet because of late photographs shared on Twitter by Kuba Wojciechowski, we figured out how to get a brief look at an early prototype of a Xiaomi foldable smartphone that included a marginally unique structure factor.


Generally, foldable phones these days use an internal collapsing plan where the foldable showcase itself is within the overlay to more readily safeguard it. However, as per the photographs, it appears to be that Xiaomi had at first wanted to go with an outward foldable plan, where the primary piece of the foldable presentation sat outwardly of the phone.



This isn't precisely another plan as it was at first utilized by Huawei and Royole, however we believe it's intriguing in light of the fact that this might have been a heading Xiaomi might have headed with, at the end of the day decided not to. It is indistinct why Xiaomi didn't go with an outward foldable plan, however maybe they understood that strength might have been an issue and picked to go with the internal collapsing plan all things being equal.


One way or the other, what is your take of the ongoing plan of foldable phones? Aside from the phone tablet cross breed and the clamshell-smartphone half and half plans, by what other means how about foldable showcases be exploited with regards to future smartphone plans?


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