Samsung Details the Security Update of the Month

5 March, 2019 Samsung Updates


It took a few days, but Samsung has finally detailed the March security update for its devices. Although the patch is yet to officially arrive on any Samsung device except the Galaxy M20, it's only a matter of days from here on before the update with fixes from both Google and Samsung begins to make rounds all around the globe where Samsung operates. The highlights of the patch are as follows.

·        8 critical vulnerabilities in the base Android OS fixed

·        1 moderate-risk vulnerability fixed in the base Android OS

·        Multiple high-risk vulnerabilities in the base Android OS fixed

·        The vulnerability which allowed remote hackers to run malicious codes on Android devices has been patched

·        11 vulnerabilities and bugs in the Samsung UI fixed; Private Mode and Secure Folder is safe to use again

Let us know in the comments below, whether or not your own Samsung device has already received this patch

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