Security update for the month of November reaches the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge on T-Mobile

21 December, 2016 Samsung Updates

The Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note Edge have started to receive security updates for the month of November just recently. If you are wondering why the two devices did not get the update earlier, the answer is that they are both old devices now and have therefore slipped way down the ladder of priority. Even though these phones were flagships from Samsung in 2014, the two year expiry date is already over.

The security patch is around 60 MB in size and alongside the Android SMR for November, it also brings improvements in domestic data roaming on the two smartphones. After you have downloaded and installed the small update on your device, the firmware version should change to N910TUVS2EPK2 on the Note 4 and to N915TUVS2DPK2 on the Note Edge. If you have any of the two handsets on T-Mobile, you should be prompted to update your device anytime now. Don't be confused by T-Mobile's official page where the last update rollout date for these two phones from the carrier is still being shown as October 24. It's just that they haven't updated that page yet.

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