Skies of Glory To Allow Android vs iPhone Carnage

19 July, 2010 Android



One of the biggest areas for growth in smartphones has been gaming with numerous titles having emerged over the past couple of years. The iPhone especially has proven itself a very powerful, and attractive, platform for gaming. Android has been making an increasingly good showing in the gaming arena too.

However, there exists a rather bizzare aberration in all of this, which sees very little cross platform gaming between Android and iOS despite them being at the forefront of smartphone gaming. There are a couple of titles outt here that offer this sort of cross platform option including Raging Thunder 2 and Homerun Battle 3D. Well gamers on both platforms can now add Skies of Glory to that list. The game has been ported to Android (2.0 and above) and can communicate with its iOS brethren over Bluetooth, WiFi and 3G should you be unable to resist the urge to show your friends just which OS really is king.


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