Sony PlayStation 4 coming on 2013 and will be Named "Playstation Orbis" [Details + Specs]

28 March, 2012 PlayStation

PlayStation Orbis

There is no Official word yet on Sony next Gaming console or as it named currently named "PlayStation 4", rumors and leaks are getting started as the device is coming next year 2013 on E3.

Sony PlayStation Orbis


First, It has the new name. it will be called "Play Station Orbis", it is not yet clear if sony will use this Name to market the 4th generation console or "Orbis" is just a codename for the product on the development stages. The word "Orbis" itself, from Latin, means circle, or ring, or even orbit.

The Console specifications leaked shows its CPU and GPU type:

  • AMD x64 CPU
  • AMD Southern Islands GPU

PlayStation Orbis


These processors enable the console to display Orbis games at a resolution up to 4096x2160 and in 3D as well, as Sony looking to bring 3D-Gaming support to the PS4. Sadly, PlayStation Orbis will drop the ability to play PS3 games which is sad for playstation fans who will have to purchase all their favorite games again to be able to run it on the Orbis.


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