The Most Interesting Facts About Knitting That You Didn't Know for Sure

13 February, 2023 Education

The Most Interesting Facts About Knitting That You Didn't Know for Sure


Historians still cannot give an unambiguous answer for how many years the knitting technique has existed on Earth. This needlework, useful in all respects, originated in the opinion of some of them in the 1st century AD in Egypt, others find confirmation that knitting was already known to people in the 600s BC in Peru, others believe that knitting originated in the Arab East, in Mesopotamia, because we knit from right to left how the text is read in Arabic and it happened long before our era.


But in any case, knitting is quite a popular and widespread hobby around the world, among young and elderly people. Knitting brings comfort and gives interesting pastimes. If you don't know how to knit, but you want to have a good time at home, then go to the National Casino login website and get a fun gaming experience.


Interesting Facts

  1. The first bone needles found by archaeologists date back to the 3rd century AD. It is believed that at first people knitted on their hands, without tools, then knitting with a needle appeared (in the northern regions of our country it was common until the beginning of the 20th century), then a hook appeared as a knitting tool.
  2. The first knitting machine appeared in 1689, and at the end of the 18th century, a circular knitting machine appeared. The first book with knitted ornaments contained 50 patterns and was published in the 17th century. But there is still no machine that would replace manual openwork crocheting.
  3. In ancient Chinese medical treatises (2nd century BC) knitting was called one of the health practices, it was claimed that knitting exercises involving hands and fingers harmonized the body and mind, and increase the ability to memorize, and the ability to concentrate. In our time, studies have confirmed that there are many points on the hands from which reflex impulses go to the central nervous system.
  4. It has been scientifically proven that any monotonous or similar actions, especially knitting, perfectly calm the nervous system, the creative process creates a site of positive excitement in the brain, and emotions strengthen it. This suppresses the mechanisms of stress, the body begins to work in a calm measured rhythm. Knitting helps to reduce and normalize blood pressure and reduce heart rate by 10-12 beats per minute.
  5. Until the end of the 17th century, knitting was a purely male craft, women were only allowed to spin and weave. Knitting articles consisted only of men. Knitted products: stockings, gloves, and hats were made by hand and were very expensive.
  6. In cancer clinics in the UK and the USA, patients are recommended to knit. Knitting helps to survive many severe conditions and pain after radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgical interventions.
  7. In 1946, the American crochet contest was won by a man whose works surpassed all the works of women knitters in their beauty and quality. The main prize of the competition - the golden hook was awarded to him by Este Lauder.
  8. The outstanding scientist Albert Einstein often knitted a lot, he wrote in his autobiography that knitting helped him in his scientific work, "calmed his mind and cleared his eyes."
  9. Knitting relieves psychological stress and can also even help reduce headaches.
  10. The famous American actor, director, producer, and singer Frank Sinatra, 11-time winner of the Grammy Award, admitted that knitting helped him to survive all the difficulties of life and problems of his creative career.


Did you know these 10 most interesting facts about knitting? Knitting is a cool hobby for both men and women, it's a hobby for yourself, then you get tired of it.


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