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Top 5 Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

27 October, 2021 Education

A coffee table is a staple


A coffee table is a staple for a living room. Being the centerpiece, it carries the weight of reflecting the whole vibe of the room. While coffee tables can be susceptible to clutter, they can make a statement if appropriately decorated.


Choosing What Fits One's Personality

How a person chooses to decorate their coffee table depends mainly on their lifestyle and personality. If a coffee table serves the purpose of a footrest, then placing delicate crystals on it might not be the best option. In such a case, keeping just one statement item like a woven basket that carries all the remotes and gaming consoles is best. It will not just be functional but will be an elegant clutter-clearing solution.


Similarly, for someone with children in the house, there is no harm in placing some puzzles or board games on the table. It will be a great tool to engage guests and make the living room an interactive space. On the other hand, people who want their living room to have an aesthetic vibe that is more than functional can play with colors and symmetry when it comes to placing things on their coffee tables.


Decorating Like A Pro Using Coffee Table 3d Models

Accessorizing a living room is a project that requires proper planning. All aspects need to be addressed, from deciding on the color theme, the overall symmetry to the table that lands in the room's heart. The latter can be made easy by using coffee table 3D models that are integral to the interior design process. These models give a realistic image and facilitate in visualizing the final product. One can play around with color palette, textures, structure, and tones to match their appetite by trying multiple designs.


Besides, the spectrum of these designs is immeasurable. Browsing through the available options can activate the creative juices and help in choosing the perfect coffee table. Once that is there, decorating it with suitable ornaments is like smooth sailing.


5 Ways To Decorate A Coffee Table

Here are a few tips to upgrade the functional coffee table to a piece of art with all that sorted.

  1. Bring In Some Character: Spark interest in people that come over. A coffee table that has some personality will entice people to be more curious. If a person is a collector, they can adorn the table with their favorite picks bringing that whimsical element. An exotic gemstone or a bowl of assorted coins can be a great head start to share stories and connect with people regarding one's interests. Coffee tables can also be a great source of disposing of one's sense of style in interior design. If it is eclectic, throw in some bold colors to spice things up.
  2. Make It A Book Lover's Dream: Coffee tables are incomplete without books. Books can be a great way of adding that pop of color to the room. Stacking a few books with vibrant spines and exuberant covers will add a touch of drama to the table. Books can also be kept displaying a person's niche. It can reflect what they prefer to ponder on and what they pick up to read with their cup of tea. The way books are placed on the table matters a lot too. Spreading out in an unkempt way will make the books lose their magic. Instead, stack them according to their size to give a modern look and appeal.
  3. Aesthetic And Budget-Friendly: Upgrading a room can be daunting because of how expensive everything looks. However, there are ways of making an artistic statement without breaking an arm or a leg. The best way is by putting on some candles. Candles in small glass jars on a wooden table can create a warm and cozy vibe in the room. Fragrant candles can also add flavor if a person has a fondness for scents. These candles can be swapped according to seasons or the mood one wants to set in the room. There is no one way of decorating a coffee table, but striking some balance in texture and colors gives off a neat and symmetrical look. It can be achieved easily by placing similar vases, a dish with seashells, or hand-painted pebbles. Less is more, and these things add texture and depth.
  4. No Harm In Being Functional: Realistically, a living room is a space where most of the day is spent. It is also where most of the important stuff is kept. Opting for a double-tier coffee table can be an excellent solution to keep things organized and pleasing to the eye. These come in several designs with some bearing drawers and storage space. One way of keeping things from scattering is by using decorative boxes. A small hand-painted chest is a style icon on its own. It can be perfect for storing remotes and consoles that can clutter up the space easily. Trays also keep things organized and add a decorative element too. Marble trays with decorative gold handles look luxurious on a glass coffee table. A tray that matches the shape of the table and holds coasters and candles looks lavish and makes a design statement on its own.
  5. Bring Nature Indoors: Lastly, add some greenery. Having flowers and plants in the room adds freshness and makes the room look alive. Indoor plants are low maintenance and light up the room. Keeping a small succulent or a vase with fresh flowers from the yard refreshes the room and the people living in it. If parenting a plant is scary for some, they can always get a faux plant in a planter that goes with the room's color scheme.

To sum up, there is no manual to follow when it comes to coffee table décor. What matters is that it should make the living space homely and comfortable. With some effort and tips, it can be a source to express one's inner artist. A simple thing used to keep mugs and remotes can be transformed into a glamourous piece of art that evokes interest and has a personality.


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