Trillian App for Android Coming Soon

19 July, 2010 Android


Trillian is already available to Blackberry and iPhone users and now the Android crowd are set to get in on the multi-network messaging action too. Cerulean Studios, the chaps behind Trillian, have announced that they're brining the popular messaging client to Google's finest in the near future, indeed the beta versions of the Android client are all set to launch within weeks. It will be available for a lot of Android users too, not just those running the latest version as it will work on Android versions 1.6 and upwards. In case you aren't familiar with Trillian it's a multi-network messaging app that ties in chats across disparate paltforms such as Facebook, MSN, GTalk, Jabber and more. The Android version will also allow you to sync contacts, avatars, status and so on with Trillian supported desktop apps and of course it will support Android notifications. In fact the Android app will be tailored for Android with Cerulean promising that it won't just be a 'clone from the iPhone'. So you can expect a separate look and feel for the app.


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