YouTube App v5.7 will let you Choose the Streaming Quality [Download APK]

5 June, 2014 App Updates



Google Updated its Android YouTube App to version 5.7 with some bug fixes on board with a new important long-waited feature that will let YOU determine the quality of the video you're watching.


YouTube Stream Quality

So, This version (5.7) of YouTube will let you manually select the quality level when a video is playing. Before, pressing the menu button would let you choose between HD/HQ and off. Now the gear icon pulls up a list of resolutions from 144p to 720p (it seems to top out there). There's also an auto mode that will do HD. If you didn't get the update from Play Store yet, You can Download the Official Signed APK below. It's safe to install and hasn't been modified by any way. Enjoy!


Download YouTube 5.7

Download YouTube 5.7 [APK]


Download YouTube 5.7 [Play]



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