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We have found these leaked iPhone 5S pictures from the web.   These pictures showed iPhones with different colors and sizes. The build material looks plastic adding more evidence to confirm that the next iPhone in the series might have cheaper versions. The cost of the iPhones were always a problem compared with other manufacturers smart phones and this solves that issue.

The first picture (left) allegedly be the rumored cheaper new iPhone. It also appears to have a slightly smaller screen than the current 4" Retina on the iPhone 5.  On the right side (blue) is the more interesting one and is slated as the iPhone 5S (or maybe even iPhone 6).  It's larger than the current iPhone 5 and sports a bigger, almost bezel-less screen with sloping edges. It sports a rather strange-looking cyan color and the front appears to be entirely made of glass.

What do you think folks?

Source: iphoneclub.nl


When rumors about the Galaxy S IV started coming out, speculators inadvertently thought this was secretly referred to by Samsung as the Project J. Then, when the real code name for the Galaxy S IV project came out as Altius, tech enthusiasts started using the term and dismissed "Project J," all the while thinking they were the same thing. Recently, however, the talks of having a "Project J" that does not pertain to the Galaxy S IV has been revived and along with it, new ones that Samsung is also working on, a "Project J Mini", which people believe to be a version of the Galaxy S IV and "Project J Active", believed to be a watch or a media player.

No reports exist yet but for all we know, it could be as awesome as the Galaxy S IV, only smaller or an entirely different and disappointing device, much as the Galaxy S III Mini is compared to its "bigger brother". No word as well if these new devices will be compatible with the wireless charger that Samsung introduced at the FCC.

Source: Sammobile


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