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Smartphones have undoubtedly helped us achieve so much within the past years from online banking to the use of some ground-breaking capabilities. Android, in particular, has consistently provided useful applications to many users worldwide. However, a recent report about a hacker who asserts that it is possible to hijack a plane using an Android phone is causing quite a stir among security agencies and authorities.

In a conference held in Amsterdam, Hugo Teso, a trained-pilot and an authority in airline security has explained the possibility of having an Android application that can control an aircraft using a smartphone. He mentioned that a hacker can completely takeover the control of the plane, much like how our phones can be used to control other devices in our network.

Teso explains further that this is only possible if an aircraft is on auto-pilot. However, it still poses a big security risk for a lot of people who are expecting to travel safely, since a hacker-hijacker can intercept radio broadcasts, command the plane and worse, crash the aircraft. Authorities are already hard at work in preventing such things from happening.

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