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FIFA 11 for iPhone


Playing football against computer gets boring super fast. We want to play against our friends while cursing each other and the ever unrighteous referee. Now you can finally do it with your iPhone and iPod Touch ownin’ buddies who have FIFA 11 installed on their beloved gadgets. Of course, you and your buddy will need to be in the same room (or at least same apartment) to be able to connect two devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. If thats on place, you are ready to kick off the game.

In addition to this super-important feature users have been crying out for months, FIFA 11 version 1.2.0 also fixes a few frame-rate issues and includes some all-new tutorial screens.

FIFA 11 ($4.99) [iTunes link]

Verizon V

Verizon has just updated its V Cast Android app and the revamped music program now includes multiple ways to purchases music. The new Verizon V Cast Android app now ditches the DRM too, as you can purchase full tracks, ringtones and ringback tones without the restrictions. You’ll be able to purchase the three things individually or as a bundle and there will also be a recommendation button to find similar tracks.


"Verizon Wireless is taking a leap forward with V CAST Music. We are bringing the different kinds of music people love to have on their phones together in one, easy-to-use application, making it easy for customers to get what they want at lower prices" said Greg Haller, vice president, Consumer Solutions for Verizon Wireless, in a prepared statement. "We have added features to V CAST Music that make it simple and more fun to enjoy your favorite music on your phone and with your friends and family."


The Verizon V Cast Android app is available for Android 2.1 devices and above on Big Red and it will be preloaded on many of the carrier devices. This is Big Red latest attempt to augment this platform, as it also has a V Cast Android app store.


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Skype confirmed at CES that video calling was headed to Verizon Wireless and 4G LTE handsets in the upcoming year. On Friday, the company confirmed that it is negotiating with ATT to bring Skype video calling to the carrier HSPA+ network. Currently, Skype has worked with Verizon Wireless and Skype partner Qik has deals with T-Mobile and Sprint. ATT is the only major US carrier without a video calling product on the table. When discussing ATT, Skype Head of Consumer Product Management, Rick Osterloh said, "Lets watch out for some announcements there."

Other entrants in the video calling circle include FaceTime from Apple, Fring, and Tango. While voice quality may be acceptable, the ability to do mobile video calling is highly dependent upon network performance, with most 3G networks unable to deliver a smooth call. This limitation is one of the reasons Apple limited FaceTime to a WiFi-only experience. With the growth of 4G networks such as Verizon LTE, Sprint WiMAX and T-Mobile HSPA+, smooth video calling is one step closer to reality. Once Skype mobile video calling rolls out to 4G handsets, it will interesting to see how well it performs when compared to its competitors. It will be a whole different playing field once these Skype-enabled handsets starting landing on wireless networks with speeds of up to 21 Mbps.



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springpad devices Note taking service Springpad hits 1 million users 100 days faster than Evernote

Springpad was all proud to announce they have surpassed one million registered users for its smart-note application more than 100 days faster than Evernote. To be fair, the market was very different when Evernote was launched with not that many smartphone users out there. Today, with Android steadily getting traction among the main stream consumers, the situation is different . Spring-pad does not hide it rides the trend and even reports that 46% of their users access the service from an Android-powered device. 27% goes for the iOS device users while the other 27% use the web service.

Spring-pad has also seen dramatically increased usage, with the ratio of items saved per user more than doubling over the past 60 days. A recently released automated import tool for Delicious bookmarks also drove adoption and usage in the past few weeks. The most commonly saved items are notes, tasks and bookmarks. Users can also save other stuff and take advantage of Spring-pad semantic data detection for products, books, movies, recipes and more.

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I thought we would have to wait for Valentine Day to come in order to get the special update filled with love for Angry Birds. Luckily, I was wrong and here it is, now available in the app market near you.

The new Valentine Day edition is part of an update for Angry Birds Seasons and consists of 15 brand new pig-bashing levels. For iOS users it will cost the traditional $0.99 and as for the Android community its free.

The update has Facebook integration. You get three bonus levels at the modest price of pressing the "thumbs up" button on the special Angry Birds Facebook page. You can also share special Angry Birds Valentine Day cards to show your friends some love.

Another great game that I love Cut the Rope is also getting a Valentine Day update, in the form of some free levels. Its still yet to pop in the App Store, but I bet the release is not going to take long. I just hope those will actually be some challenging levels unlike the teasing easy-as-pie free Christmas edition. Check out its new cutesy trailer.


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