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Angry Birds needs no introduction, so lets just cut to the chase – Rovio has just released an update to the game. There are some 30 new levels plus 15 soon-to-come levels. The update is not the rumored St. Valentine’s day edition. But we have new news on that last one too. A found a series of screenshots that show us what this new romantic level pack will look like.


Also today is one of the biggest Sundays in the USA NFL season the Super Bowl. And if there is one thing this sports event is famous for, its the ads. Watched by millions of Americans each year, the Super Bowl advertisements are special and Rovio Mobile will air their Angry Birds Rio commercial today too.


The ad will show you a code that you can use to unlock a secret level in the now updated Angry Birds game. For the most impatient among you.


gsmarena 006 Angry birds gets a 30 level worth of an update, we get a sneak peak at Valentine’s Day edition


Pretty nice, huh? The secret level can be unlocked after you have downloaded the latest update featuring a new zone called "Ham em High", which includes 30 new levels plus 15 coming soon ones. The new levels take place in a Western American environment and, of course, features our favorite-to-kill green pigs.


Unfortunately, the update is not as polished as it could have been and there are reportedly some bugs left to iron out, but Rovio should have those fixed by Monday.

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We have a boat load of exciting news coming across all of our platforms this winter. So if you own an Android phone. We have lots of news upcoming for you guys Stay tuned!!

Today we are going to take a second to offer up some pointers for getting the most out of the newest feature on Android, the Vlingo ActionBar. The new ActionBar allows users to access all of the functionality available on the Vlingo Virtual Assistant by typing commands instead of speaking.  This enables you to use Vlingo even when it is not convenient to talk to you phone.  Like when you are at a noisy restaurant or a quiet coffee shop.


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As you all know by now, its tough to explain what we are all about... Check the Video Below!

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With app stores getting bigger and bigger its little wonder that some fairly crappy apps end up appearing, but for the most part they are just mindless rubbish, fart apps, etc. Well one Android app I have come across goes beyond that and into the realms of being a pathetic, intentionally frightening con.

Its called "CancerBlock". The name is presumably designed to both catch your attention and instill a sense that without this app you are running the risk of getting a tumour from your mobile phone. The app itself is pretty simple, it turns off the radio functionality of your phone at various intervals. In other words it puts your phone into Airplane mode. Oh and they want to charge you $3 to do that. The app makers do say that 10% of the money will go to cancer research.


The thing is that the health risks of mbile phones have not been conclusively established. One study says they pose a risk, another says they don't. However, this app ignores that and attempts to get your cash by presenting itself as some sort of health boost. The terminology used throughout the app only adds to the idea of fear being promoted here, phrases like CancerBlock and Radiation reduced by... are not exactly phrases that put people at ease.



Not to be left behind by the more established mobile platforms, like AndroidiPhone, and BlackBerry, the Windows Phone Facebook app now supports Places, letting you check in to specific spots based on your GPS coordinates, and share where you are with your friends online. Windows Phone was not entirely left in the dark for social check-ins of the sort until now, though; Foursquare was available right out of the gate and could share to both Facebook and Twitter without any problem. On top of Places, you can now tag friends in pictures you upload from your phone.

Facebook Places earned some ire when it allowed folks to check in friends after permission was only given once, but it seems like that feeling has mostly subsided. If you are still nervous about sharing something like your location, there are a whole series of privacy controls available on the social network for you to control who sees what.

Its good that a popular and important app like Facebook is staying up-to-date with the newest features, since its performance will mean a lot to potential buyers. Though there are still a few sticklers who make a point not to make an account, odds are if you’re in the market for a smartphone, you are on Facebook in some capacity.




SMS application always comes handy when you want to contact all your friends and family in one go. Many times SMS are useful instead of calling everyone. gMsg is an application for Windows Phone 7, which allows you to send group message to your contacts and it uses your Google contacts list with the group settings.


  • Messages are stored so you know what you sent

  • Max recipient handling using back button to iterate

  • Select multiple groups and further filter contacts within that group

  • View ungrouped Google contacts and group them on the go.


This app comes handy if you want to send group message using your Windows Phone 7 which lacks this feature by default.



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