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Deluxe DLX


Last week, We posted an official leaked press photos of the HTC Deluxe DLX showing a device that very close to the Verizon DROID DNA in look and specs too.

However, Some bad news from HTC Germany facebook page that the HTC Deluxe DLX won't make it to Europe.

HTC Deluxe

As you can see in the translated message (was originally written in Dutch) above, the 5" relative of the HTC J butterfly and the Verizon exclusive DROID DNA will not make it to Europe according to the message posted by HTC Germany's official Facebook account. There were no specific reasons given by HTC for the unfortunate occurrence.

Source (HTC)

droid dna


HTC DROID DNA was revealed yesterday, it' considered to be the company's first 5" Android smartphone it can almost qualify as a phablet. Still, the designers and engineers have taken care to keep the device as compact, sleek and reducing the bezel size to a minimum. Check  the Hands-on Photos below.


droid dna


The screen is nothing short of amazing. The lighting in the event room isn't perfect, but we're impressed by what we're seeing. The One X screen was one of the best we've seen, but this one is even better.


droid dna


It's not just the pixel density, which is over than 441ppi, the new Super LCD3 tech in the DROID DNA seems to provide even richer, crisper and deeper colors.


droid dna


HTC Deluxe


The International Global version of the Verizon US-Exclusive Droid DNA and the Japan-Exclusive J Butterfly is coming, HTC will name it Deluxe DLX.


htc deluze dlx


The HTC Deluxe DLX is just like its other versions, packing a 5-inch Super LCD3 full HD display. It's powered by 1.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon Krait processor and 2GB of RAM.


HTC Deluxe DLX

HTC will release more details about the HTC Deluxe on December,6th. The device is expected to launch on the CES 2013 event by January, 2013.


HTC Deluxe DLX


deluxe dlx


Droid DNA

The HTC Droid DNA is the first of its kind, a 5-inch monster phone with 1080p screen resulting in a pixel density of 441ppi you won't be able to spot a single pixel even when you get up close.


Drdoin d

Today, the HTC Droid DNA finally arrives in Verizon Wireless' stores. You can get it for $199.99 on a two-year contract.


htc deluxe 2013


Good News for HTC fans who have been waiting for an International version of the US Verizon's Exclusive DROID DNA...The wait is almost over.

A press shot of the HTC Deluxe has made its way to Twitter. The yet to be announced smartphone will be the internationally available relative of the 5" 1080p display sporting HTC beast for Verizon Wireless. HTC Deluxe Specifications will be very much the same as DROID DNA in hardware and software, and even the design too.


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