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Nokia N8


Symbian Anna is about to receive a special service pack, which Nokia says is all about performance.

The Nokia N8 is first to get it, with more Symbian Anna-running devices soon to follow its lead. The service pack not only brings better performance but also address some usability issues as well as minor bug fixes.

Nokia N8

The update is only a 2 megabyte in size, but should make the email client, messaging app and GPS locking faster. As usual, the update will roll out over-the-air or if you prefer, check with your Nokia Suite.



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The Nokia 5800 and 5530 may be three years old now, but this does not mean the Finns will discontinue the updates of the Symbian^1 smartphones. This screams great news for all 5800 and 5530 owners, as they were exempt from the tasty new features Symbian Anna and Belle brought to the table.


Symbian Anna


Now, though, they get the chance to taste some of the Anna-brought extras. In SW updates v. 60.0.003 and V.40.0.003 for the Nokia 5800 and 5530 respectively, Nokia has updated the old browser to the new, Symbian Anna one (v. Nokia Maps sees another update to version 3.06, and so does the browser support, which is now optimized for better browsing experience. International domain name support as well as support for non-ASCII characters have also been added.


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The popular mobile software developers from SPB Software have released a Symbian^3 compatible-version of their SPB Shell 3D user interface. The customization package is available immediately through the company website, so everyone with a Symbian^3 device and $15 to spare can get a taste of it.


The SPB Shell 3D UI brings a complete overhaul of the user interface of the smartphone that solves most of the usability issues and adds some welcome eye-candy to the mix. And while the pricing might seem a bit steep at first, its probably worth it as it comes as a novel facelift to the widely criticized for their usability Symbian smartphones.


Video Below!



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Symbian Anna

Updating to Symbian Anna using Ovi Suite

With Ovi Suite, you can do a variety of tasks. Back-up your contacts, download apps or add music or videos to your phone, as well as update your phone software.

First things first, pop over to the Nokia Ovi Suite page and download it to your computer. Attach your phone to the PC using your data cable. As is usual when you attach something new to a PC, the PC will need to install various drivers, which will be done automatically for you. You will know when this is complete when a little bubble in the lower right of your screen will tell your Nokia phone is ready to go.

Symbian Anna Logo

Load up Ovi Suite and wait for it to go through the load-up sequence. It will probably look for your connected phone at this point, but should not take longer then 15 seconds. Once Nokia Ovi Suite has discovered your phone, you will notice the welcome screen will show you some content that may be useful to you. Ignore that for the time being and cast your eye to the top of that page, where you will see the Update button on the right. Clicking it will take you to the update page. Its here that your phone will be examined by Ovi Suite and new software will be displayed if there is any available at the time.

Nokia Ovi Suite on PC.

Note that if your software update does not fully complete for some reason, you can use the "reinstall" command on the software update page to give the stalled update process a kick-start!

Updating to Symbian Anna using the Software Update app

On your Nokia Symbian^3 smartphone, you will find that the Software Update app is the easiest way to check for new updates to the phone software. Not only the main software, but also for other apps, such as the built in Music player or Nokia Maps, for example. As this method downloads large amount of data straight onto your phone, we would advise you use this method if you have got WiFi access. Otherwise, you could be charged by your operator for the download.

To find the Software Update app, follow these steps: Menu > Applications > SW update. Your phone will then automatically search the update server to see if there is anything that needs updating on your phone. If it does, you will see it appear on the screen waiting for you mark the tick box next to it and to press the update button on the bottom left of your screen. We would recommend that you enable your phone to check for software updates automatically for you. That way, you do not have to keep checking all day for the update. It should inform you when its ready for download. You can enable this in the Software Update app settings:

Updating to Symbian Anna using NSU

There is a couple of versions of Nokia Software Updater available. If you are using a PC and already have NSU installed, you can use that. When it comes to downloading it again, the download site may refer you onto updating the device through the phone itself using the Software Update app. If its a Mac you are using, then the Nokia Beta Lab guys have created NSU for Mac.

Plug a data cable into the micro-USB slot on your phone and the other end into your PC or Mac and load up NSU on your machine. NSU will start to recognise the phone thats connected and suitably contact the software server to determine if there is any new versions. If there is something to update, it will show you on screen and you will be prompted to press the install button on the bottom of NSU. Otherwise, you’re left with the exit option.

Nokia Software Updater for Mac

Updating to Symbian Anna using *#0000#

Open up the dialler from the homescreen and type *#0000#. This will show you a Device updates screen. Here you have got the current software version number and some other information, too. Press Options, followed by the Check for updates option that pops up. This will contact the Nokia software update server and let you know if there is a new update to download. If the update is there, you will be prompted to accept the download.



Updating to Symbian Anna on a Nokia N8

Video Tutorials Below!

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It must feel quite good to be a Nokia N8 owner these days. First, there was the Symbian Anna update, which deals with quite a few of its usability issues and now Nokia brought the news that there is a camera update in the works for their former flagship.

The Nokia N8 camera update beta has already been released so if you do not mind a few bugs you do not need to wait anymore to get it. Just head to the Nokia Beta Labs website and take it for a spin. A registration is required though and you will need to have an N8 thats already running the Anna update.

The camera update itself is pretty major bringing a new UI that, according to Nokia, gives you faster access to essential camera controls. The UI was certainly one of the worst parts of the N8 camera and we appreciate Nokia's efforts to finally do something about it.

The other thing that got boosted by the update is video recording. The N8 finally got its video framerate cranked up to 30 fps and the continuous auto-focus features. So far, those were only available through an unofficial mod.


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