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Finally all manufacturers released their figures for the second quarter of 2010 and international research companies published their reviews of the current state of the market and its volumes. Check this Table

Top Five Mobile Phone Vendors, Shipments, and Market Share, Q2 2010 (Units in Millions)
Vendor 2Q10 Shipments 2Q10 Market Share 2Q09 Shipments 2Q09 Market Share 2Q10/2Q09 Change
Nokia 111.1 35.0% 103.2 37.2% 7.7%
Samsung 63.8 20.1% 52.3 18.9% 22.0%
LG Electronics 30.6 9.6% 29.8 10.8% 2.7%
Research In Motion 11.2 3.5% 8.0 2.9% 40.0%
Sony Ericsson 11.0 3.5% 13.8 5.0% -20.3%
Others 89.8 28.3% 70.1 25.3% 28.1%
Total 317.5 100.0% 277.2 100.0% 14.5%
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, July 29, 2010

Nokia is still on Top, Samsung comes 2nd with a Noticeable increase from the first Quarter of 2010 then LG,Sony Ericsson and Other Companies have 28.3% like Sharp,HTC,HP,Dell,Toshiba,Motorola...etc

As we can see Total shipments on Q2 2010 is 317.5M and most of it is Nokia Devices 111.1M, Also in 2009 Q4 Nokia still on the Head of All Companies in the Size of production and Market Value too and Samsung comes on the 2nd place.


Despite sending out notices to financial institutions warning them that they would be suspending BlackBerry service next Friday in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Telecommunications Company has apparently reached an agreement with RIM. CNBC Arabia is reporting that the situation has been resolved and that the oil-rich country will not be shutting off 'Berry customers as originally planned. A number of Middle Eastern countries, including the United Arab Emirates, have decided to ban the Berry from messaging, e-mailing and browsing because of the unique way that data in encrypted on the device. This prevents a country from spying on certain people that it fears could be planning a terrorist attack. Other countries are getting into the act as today Lebanon has said that it is considering a ban on BlackBerry phones. The UAE ban is expected to start October 11th

Windows still dominates the netbook market despite various attempts by Linux distributions to push it out. But just because you didn't succeed at first, doesn't mean you should give up. MeeGo for netbooks, for example, sounds great , but it's not ready yet. So Jolicloud will try to use its hesitation in its favor and find its place under the sun. The OS that tries to appeal to users and manufacturers alike with out-of-the-box thinking just reached version 1.0.

gsmarena 001 Jolicloud hits v1.0, tries to find a place on netbooks, end Windows rule

It’s based on Linux though it tries to leverage on HTML5 and the cloud with a pinch of social networking for taste. Apps you’ve installed automatically get synced between the multiple devices you use, you can “Like” apps and your friends will be notified (here’s where the social networking comes in) and Jolicloud will take care of backing up your data to the cloud and installing the latest browsers.

Jolicloud comes with a pretty broad selection of apps and services – Firefox, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Boxee, Hulu. The OS features a Universal File System, that is it’s easy to manage your data whether it’s stored locally or in the cloud (Jolicloud supports, Dropbox, and and new services are added).

You can check out the Jolicloud blog for more info if you’re interested. Some of the current Jolicloud users have already been invited to upgrade to v1.0 but if you didn’t get an invitation, you can check this link where several invites are handed out daily. By the end of the month all users should be updated to v1.0 and the ISO images and Windows installers for Jolicloud 1.0 should be ready soon too.



Japan-based accessory maker Momoyama is offering a range of ceramic mini speakers that come with an iPod cradle and in funny (stylish?) forms. Choose, for example, between a pig, a hippo, an apple or a cute elephant.

Each fruit-themed speaker of the so-called CERAMICA series costs $45, while the animal-like models cost $52 (Japanese street prices, including the cradle). Momoya plans to start selling the speakers in Japan from the middle of August.

If you’re interested but live outside Japan, contact specialized online stores such as The Japan Trend Shop.

LG cookie

We recently introduced you to the latest Wink touch handsets by LG. Well, it turns out the LG Wink series will actually be called Cookie in Europe. The phones will be the same however the Winks may have Wi-Fi in some regions.

Okay, so on Monday LG announced three Wink phones - affordable touch operated feature phones. Great, a successor to the Cookie series, right? Well, it turns out they will be part of the Cookie series when sold in Europe but will be marketed as Wink elsewhere.

And while the original press release makes no reference to Wi-Fi, now that we received the detailed specs sheets, it seems that the Wink Style T310 and the Wink 3G T320 phones sold outside of Europe will have two versions - with Wi-Fi and without Wi-Fi. The carriers can choose which one they want. The LG Wink T300 doesn't have the Wi-Fi option, just like its European Cookie T300 cousin.

If you're confused we don't blame you - we were confused too, while trying to spot the differences between the original press release and the new info. And the Wi-Fi thing means you'll have to be careful when buying an LG Wink - check if your carrier went with the Wi-Fi option or not. Of course, if you're buying a Cookie, that won't be of any concern as all the three new Cookie won't have even a hint of Wi-Fi connectivity.

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