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5 Habits That Stop You from Writing Perfect Essays


There are instances when you put in significant time and effort into your essay, only to receive a disappointing grade. It takes away your confidence and demotivates you from even attempting the next assignment.


As unfortunate as it is, you could try and use it as an opportunity to hone your essay writing skills. Where did you go wrong in the last paper? What could you have avoided? And how can you make sure that your argument is compelling?


We asked the top essay writer at for the most common mistakes you should avoid in an academic paper. Here are some of the best tips!


1. Writing Obscure Thesis Statements

A thesis statement is not only applicable to research papers. It is relevant to the context of essays to establish the objective of the piece, your perspective on the topic. The thesis statement is what sets the reader for the rest of your body. For instance, consider this thesis statement.


The positive effect of the internet on education.


Though it appears that the statement is precise, it is not. It doesn't reveal why the internet has a positive impact or why the author feels so. Instead, here is a better phrasing of the same statement.


The internet improves education by giving access to the latest resources, technologies, connecting people across the world, and serving as a place to exchange ideas.


In the latter version, you answer why you are making this argument that education benefits from the internet. In the introduction, when you discuss the thesis, you also have to offer a glimpse of the evidence to back it up.


2. Not Offering Sufficient Evidence

The topic you choose plays a significant role here. Sometimes, it's easier to find proof to support your claim. At other times, you find yourself more focused on your opinion and not on factual evidence.


To avoid this, you should try to find evidence before you finalize your thesis statement. In other words, you should be confident that you can support your argument before you compose the essay. Often, students do not invest enough time looking at evaluating their resources before committing to a topic. Without evidence, your paper will not have any ground to stand on.


3. Lack of Originality

Essay writing is a repetitive process that requires you to scour through similar resources. Many a time, this leads to a mundane work that sounds like a mere paraphrasing of all your accumulated sources. Bear in mind that your professor evaluates hundreds of essays and is looking for something refreshing.


One way to address this is by strengthening your analysis. When you do a literature review, make sure to do a critical study of the evidence. Do not merely present what you collect, but offer valid interpretations as well.


When you discuss your analysis, start by evaluating your weak points, too. You need to present the limitations of the problem yourself, so it doesn't bog down your essay later. Proceed to emphasize the positive points to your argument, making your research stronger. As they say, keep the best for the last.


4. Lack of Brevity and Consistency

Say more with fewer words while making sure that you convey the message across. Or to stress this point, make your essay clear and concise.


In the flow of writing, the sentences might be lengthy and difficult to follow. There is also the misbelief that academic writing has to be complex. However, your goal is to ensure that the reader understands your point. Avoid long sentences if possible, and replace them with words that articulate the idea better. Writing with brevity requires practice, but it is a skill that improves with practice.


Not Spending Enough Time on Editing


5. Not Spending Enough Time on Editing 

Every blog on the topic of essay writing underlines the significance of editing your writing. And students, indeed, spend time on revising, however, not sufficient time. Editing goes beyond eliminating the obvious errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


Here are a few points you need to consider at this stage:

  • Does your essay have a clear introduction, a body, and a specific conclusion?
  • Does your opening prepare the reader for the rest?
  • Is there a logical sequence to the different stages?
  • Does each paragraph state its case clearly, with supporting arguments?
  • Have you referenced all the ideas and information?
  • Are the citations correctly formatted?
  • Is there redundancy or repetition?

As you see, there are quite a lot of points that need to be verified during editing. Prepare an editing checklist so you do not neglect any crucial detail. Any of these could require considerable time for you to revise them and make the necessary adjustments. If you keep editing to the last minute, you might not have enough time to check your paper meticulously.


Though it might sound exhaustive, if you focus on these five stages, you are sure to improve your essay writing skills over time. Give each phase of your writing process equal importance. You need to collect evidence, write the first draft, revise, edit, and then submit.


In case you are still not happy with the final product, do not hesitate to reach out to your professor for their feedback. They would be able to point out any scope for improvement that you might have missed.

What Is Cloud Computing And How You Can Use It For Business


Cloud computing has taken over the business world by storm, particularly small and medium-sized businesses. However, this isn't really surprising, given the many benefits and opportunities it offers. Some might consider cloud computing to be a buzz trend that would fade out shortly, but considering its impact since its rise to prominence, this seems very unlikely.

If you haven't been using cloud computing for your business, then, you're missing out on the advantages cloud computing has to offer. From offering your business with a digital storage facility for its data, to a top-notch communication system for your employees and customers, cloud computing is, indeed, a gold waiting to be mined.


What Is Cloud?

The cloud is a centralized online powerhouse that stores data and information for easy accessibility from a connected device. Individuals, businesses (regardless of size), organizations, governments, and the likes now use the cloud to carry out their operations and fulfill their needs. For structured organizations, in particular, the cloud has found its utter usability as a tool that can connect the whole world, as well as serve a global customer base.


What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing refers to the use of a cloud-based system to deliver on-demand computing services. These computing services include application installation, software upgrade, data storage, data analysis or processing, and many more.


Apart from using a cloud-based system to carry out diverse operations, cloud computing is also used on a pay-as-you-go basis. It entails providing a packaged IT infrastructure hosted within an online data center for operational usage. Typically, cloud computing service is sold under three different models, which are the following:

  • Software As A Service (SaaS)

SaaS is a service model for licensing and delivering a centrally hosted cloud system to individuals, business, and organizations on a subscription or pay-as-you-use basis. This package can also be resold or reshared if your cloud space exceeds your business's requirements. In fact, with this system, you can become a Microsoft reseller (cloud).

  • Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS)

IaaS is a model used for diverse business operations. Depending on the package paid for, it can include network servers, data center space, and networking components, among many others. It also includes the opportunity to be serviced by IT systems administrators. IaaS saves diverse organizations the cost of buying and building their own data center, which is usually expensive.

  • Platform As A Service (PaaS)

PaaS enables application and software developers to create and manage their outputs without having to own the typical infrastructure needed to develop and launch an app or program.


How To Use Cloud Computing For Business

1. For File Storage And Data Backup

File storage is one of the most common uses of cloud computing within the business world. With cloud computing, you can store all types and sizes of business files, without facing the typical limitations associated with traditional storage facilities. You won't have to worry about the space running out, as well as not being unable to access your files due to being in a different location.


Also, cloud computing makes provisions for data backup, so you never have to worry about totally losing your business data even if your computer or drive has been damaged. Your backed-up data can easily and quickly be recovered. Additionally, if need be, you can share your backed-up data with other members of your team.

2. For Collaboration And Interaction Within The Organization

With cloud computing, distance doesn't matter Regardless of where you and your other team members are, the cloud makes sharing data and files absolutely stress-free. Once you have your data stored on the cloud, you only have to share links amongst you to gain access to the needed data or information. This eliminates the stress of sending large files through the likes of email. Also, in a physical office location, it reduces the need to share paper files.


3. For Project Development And Testing


Budding tech companies, as well as companies that have in-house developers, often make use of the cloud computing system, particularly PaaS, to develop, run, and test their new apps and programs before they're made available for in-house or public usage. Your business's software or app developer only has to set up the program on the cloud and test it to ensure it has reached the perfection stage before releasing it. 


Without the cloud, setting up an in-house IT infrastructure to carry out the development and testing might be tedious or too expensive. Also, you can tailor your cloud computing space to suit your IT needs. Once the program development and testing are through, your developer just has to relinquish the cloud space. That way, operation costs get reduced since you aren't holding on to a virtual IT infrastructure that you aren't using.

4. For Major Data Analytics

It's a good leverage to use your cloud computing infrastructure to carry out your business's large-sized data analysis and processing. Also, it enables you to quickly create a solid plan for your business. It's all about the structural system that cloud computing offers you. With cloud computing services, you can easily access and extract the exact information you need from your cloud database. As a result, this allows you to focus on other vital tasks to better your business and gain top-notch leads.



There are several ways you can use cloud computing for your business. It can be used to store data, for project management and development, to carry out data analysis, as well as to make collaboration and remote working easier. As a forward-looking business owner, you should take advantage of cloud computing to advance your business. The world has gone digital, and any business that doesn't upgrade to that scale might get left behind in the competition.


There is a typical saying among guardians with respect to video games in which many appear to accept that messing around can "decay your mind". While not really obvious, we comprehend that this originates from the worry that spending an excessively long time messing around could bring about children ignoring their examinations.


That being stated, who's to state that a game can't both engage and teach simultaneously? In the event that you are searching for a game (or a few) to keep your little ones engaged while helping them become familiar with some things en route, at that point read on to look at the absolute best instruction games for both Android and iOS gadgets.




It's implied that if Minecraft didn't make this rundown, what sort of rundown would that be? Certainly, its reason about executing zombies and getting by in the wild may appear to be somewhat cliché and not instructive, but rather there are perspectives about Minecraft that have really made it fairly appropriate as an instructive apparatus.


There are reasons why there are in excess of a couple of instructive organizations who have depended on Minecraft to show youngsters an assortment of themes. This incorporates assisting with their innovativeness, enhance critical thinking aptitudes, cooperation, and then some.


Nancy Drew Codes and Clues


As we move towards a more associated world, there will be a much more prominent interest for engineers later on, and it is anything but an impractical notion to kick your children off while they're youthful. Simultaneously, we comprehend that coding may appear to be somewhat exhausting and confounded, which is the place the Nancy Drew Codes and Clues game dominates.


Rather than encouraging children to program like you would a grown-up, the game uses narrating and intuitiveness to assist kids with getting a handle on the ideas while making it fun simultaneously. Children will get familiar with some essential things of coding, for example, groupings, circles, design acknowledgment, and the sky is the limit from there.




Duolingo is an application that some of you may be comfortable with regards to learning another dialect, however on the off chance that you didn't have the foggiest idea, there are really includes incorporated with the application that help make the learning experience a good time for kids. This comes as games that can help show youngsters another dialect in a fun and simple way through a medium, similar to a cell phone or tablet, that they know about.




In case you're searching for an all the more balanced game that will cover a large number of subjects, at that point ABCmouse may be the application for you. The application will cover a lot of subjects going from math, science, workmanship, music, and perusing, and there will be a large number of books, recordings, pizzles, and games for you to browse.


The way that it utilizes bit by bit learning and autonomous learning implies that your kid can learn at their own speed, and given that it's a versatile application, they'll have the option to learn in a hurry. It helps that ABCmouse is additionally utilized in more than 70,000 homerooms and is likewise accessible across almost 50% of US public libraries, so clearly it has a few principles else it would not be utilized.


Khan Academy Kids


We're certain eventually in time, you've looked for a theme online that you probably won't be excessively acquainted with, regardless of whether it be about money, math, or science. There's a decent possibility that during your pursuit, you may have discovered Khan Academy. Incidentally, they likewise have a children form.


The application will show kids different essential points like perusing, composing, math, and every last bit of it is done in a fun and beautiful manner that will ideally make the learning cycle somewhat less exhausting and excruciating. There are more than 1,000 games, recordings, and stories for you to look over, guaranteeing that you'll generally have the option to discover something that will speak to your kid.




Children are shrewd and there's a decent possibility that notwithstanding a game concealing math or science within it, they will get on it. In case you're in the wake of something somewhat unpretentious yet will likewise enable your youngster's turn of events, to like memory abilities or cerebrum preparing, MentalUP may be exactly what the specialist requested.


The application includes a lot of various games within it that is intended to help improve memory abilities, rationale, consideration, verbal aptitudes, just as visual abilities. Guardians can even track the advancement of their children and analyze it against others in the event that they wish. There are likewise currencies that children can gather which thus causes them redo their own symbol.

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