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Realme UI 3.0, in light of Android 12, coming quite close to weeks


Modern life is smart. You need smart homes where you let internet of things work for you. This aspect is no longer a dream in the car world. You can now have a car-optimized experience through connecting your car's infotainment system with smartphone.


However, this is not the normal connection. New apps such as Android auto enable you to have a second screen of your smartphone on the car dashboard display. With it, you will enjoy less distractions and better navigation of your road through the utilization of Google Maps and Waze.
But for this to happen, your car must be compatible and support android smartphone integration. The only thing you need to do is ensuring it has an android auto head unit. This unit transform your normal car stereo and offer extra features.


However, there are different types of android auto head units available in the market. Each of them can be a good idea but not fit for your car model and type. Others might be outdated. You should not make mistake of buying such a head. To avoid it, here are things you need to consider in an android auto head unit:


Features available

You do not need an Android head unit as an added décor on your car. Rather, you require one that will serve your needs better. The effectiveness of an auto head unit lies on its features. The best unit should offer features such as wires smartphone connectivity, GPS and Maps support, music apps and support third-party apps.


In other words, you need an auto head that will help you accomplish your desire. It should offer you more than music. So, assess the available features extensively before making a purchase decision.


The size of the android auto head unit

The size of the android head unit is essential as it determines its display. A larger head unit will always of a bigger display. What you choose as your display size will impact different aspects. it will make reading text and messages easy. You will have limited challenges when using controls and checking maps while on the road.


In this essence, you should pay attention to display and auto head unit size. The ideal head unit should have a display at least 7 inches. You can go for larger sizes with 10-inch display. Also, consider an Android auto head with perfect resolution. The best unit should offer a 1024 x 600 resolution. The good thing is that many android head units meet this resolution size.



As android auto head units become a buzz, they are now a target for thieves. They will always spot your car when they notice you have such a head unit. For this reason, you need to enhance your security. This starts during shopping exercise.


You need to search for a head unit that offers a removable faceplate. Even when you consider your area as safe, you should not let the guard down. This will follow your car when they notice you have the latest Android auto stereo system. So, security should be a priority when finding an auto head unit.


Android version

Android is an operating system from Google. This means Android Auto uses Android to power its functionality. With it, you have a chance to download and install all preferred Android apps. However, not every Android version has the best and latest features.


For this reason, you must consider Android versions when searching for an auto head unit. The older head units come with Android 6.0. Such version is a good idea as an entry level. But if you want to enjoy exceptional features, you should consider going for Android 10.0 and other latest versions. This way, you enjoy all latest Android apps right on your car dashboard.


Storage and RAM size

Storage and RAM are critical in an Android head unit. Like smartphones, these aspects affect the performance of your auto head units. You should check these aspects when making your purchasing android head unit for your car.


A head unit offering 2 to 3 GB RAM can be a good idea for starters. You should not go for one offering 1GB RAM as it will be slow and won't function smoothly. When considering storage, go for 32 GB or more. You should also check one that supports Micro SD card to enhance storage. This way, you will have extra storage space for apps and music.


In a word, different android auto units will offer varying features. But you need to ensure your head unit of choice offers what you need. So, always pay attention to the above elements to ensure you choose the right one.

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