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Realme Celebrates Milestone with 200 Million Shipments


Realme's debut on the smartphone scene a few years ago yielded some of the most affordable but worthwhile Android smartphones, which managed to balance both specs and performance at wallet-friendly prices. With that in mind, the brand recently celebrated a major milestone after reaching a whopping 200 million unit shipments.


The landmark number was posted online by Realme CEO Sky Li on his official social media account. The post reads:



Realme originally arrived on the market as a sub-brand of Oppo, but has since grown to be its own brand, competing with the likes of Redmi and other budget-focused brands, although it has come out with some rather impressive devices in recent years such as the Realme GT5, which packs 24GB of RAM.


Other features of the GT5 include a variant that features 150W fast-charging speed, available in 12/256GB and 16/512GB storage configurations, although there's a much faster 240W fast-charging variant, which features 24GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage, and a 4600 mAh battery.


With all that being said, the popularity of budget-friendly Android devices in Asian markets has no doubt helped boost Realme to the mainstream, and it's a bot of a shame that most Western markets aren't able to access the brand's impressive lineup of devices.

Realme takes on the iPhone 15 Pro, hints at a periscope zoom camera


"Not only Max can zoom", reads a recent social media post from Realme Global's account. They are certainly not talking about Mad Max, that's for sure. Realme is taking on the iPhone 15 Pro Max and in particular - its all-new periscope camera system.


Realme's social media post is accompanied by an abstract image of a water-like scenery for a background (via GSMArena). The main accent is the drawing of a multiple-camera system array on a smartphone. There are two "regular" circular lens holes, and the third one is rectangular, screaming unequivocally: "Periscope aboard!".



This is the main clue as to who (or what) Max from the "Not only Max can zoom" represents. Mind you, the periscope zoom lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max features a circular front element lens, not a rectangular lens like the one teased in Realme's post. On a side note: the periscope camera scheme delivers solid zoom capabilities by using a prism (or angled mirror) that reflects and redirects the light to the side. The light travels through the adjacent lens element and finally hits the sensor, enlarging the image, thus making it "zoomed in".


That's not Realme's first time messing around with a periscope camera. In mid-2020, they launched the Realme X3 SuperZoom that packed a quad-sensor setup with a 64 MP main one, an 8 MP periscope zoom lens (with 5x optical zoom), one ultra-wide camera, and one dedicated for macro shots.


Back to the current periscope tease: there's absolutely no information about the device that's to allegedly house the exotic zoom system. Rumors have it that a periscope camera could be found on the Realme GT5 Pro, that's allegedly coming towards the end of 2023 and maybe - just maybe - could pack the yet-to-be-announced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip...

Realme's "Dynamic Island" Phone is much Surprisingly Well known


Some time back, Realme reported that it was sending off the Realme C55, an apparently "typical" Android phone. One unmistakable element of the gadget anyway was its opening punch camera pattern, which ventured into a bigger warning shade basically the same as the iPhone 14 Genius' dynamic island highlight. It just so happens, the phone was ridiculously famous particularly in India, where it at long last went discounted as of late.


More specifically, the Realme C55 sold around 100,000 units promptly after its first deal in Quite a while, including the 66,000 pre-orders made for the gadget, which for reasons unknown, is the most noteworthy ever for a Realme C-series handset.


While Apple's Dynamic Island has accepted its reasonable portion of both commendation and analysis from a great deal of tech devotees on the web, it appears to be that the element has its own class of Android fans, as these new marketing projections show.


Realme considers its variant of the island the "Little Container," which transforms the phone's opening punch camera cut-out into a center for notices, and other gadget data. Concerning other equipment specs, the Realme C55 highlights with a 6.72-inch show, a 5000 mAh battery, and double focal point set-up on its back camera. The phone likewise delivers with a changed form of Android 13.


Its an obvious fact that smartphone OEMs have been getting ideas from rival brands, with an end goal to straightforwardly contend with one another, and even refine existing equipment elements and ideas. In that capacity, it seems to be Realme's impending C55 handset has taken an as of late brought highlight and coordinated it into its own product.


More specifically, the Realme C55 will accompany its own rendition of Apple's "Dynamic Island" highlight, which was presented with the iPhone 14 Master series. Dynamic Island is Apple's interpretation of the opening punch cut-out seen on a bunch of Android phones, adding some intuitive programming usefulness.


Realme's Impending Phone Mimics the iPhone's Dynamic Island


Realme considers its variant the "Smaller than normal Case," which transforms the phone's opening punch camera cut-out into a center for notices, and other gadget data. The phone can right now be seen through Realme's Indonesian site page. Concerning other equipment specs, the Realme C55 highlights with a 6.72-inch show, a 5000 mAh battery, and double focal point set-up on its back camera.


This isn't whenever that Realme first has moved toward embracing Dynamic Island - a while back, the organization declared a Makers' Test, inducing makers to concoct potential ways that would use the front camera pattern on future Realme phones and change it with extra programming capabilities.


The Realme C55 is supposed to send off on Walk 7.


Recently, it was reputed that a handset producer was working with soda goliath Coca-Cola on a soda pop themed smartphone. It appeared to be somewhat senseless in those days, yet it turns out the bits of gossip were spot on, and it additionally turns out that Realme is the one behind the collab.


The organization has taken the wraps off the Realme 10 Genius 5G Coca-Cola Release smartphone. In every practical sense, it actually sports a similar equipment as the Realme 10 Genius 5G, however for certain tasteful turns.


Realme reveals its Coca-Cola themed handset, and it's cool


For example, the rear of the phone currently includes a red stripe down the side with the exemplary Coca-Cola logo running down it, radiating the presence of a Coke can. It additionally accompanies different backdrops and topics that are in accordance with the brand, which curiously enough incorporates things like a Coca-Cola ringtone, notice sounds, camera channels, and, surprisingly, an exceptional shade sound that copies a Coke can being opened.


There will likewise be a Realmeow collectible doll, a SIM card instrument, sticks, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. As far as valuing and accessibility, it will be estimated at INR 20,999 for the 8GB Smash + 128GB capacity model.

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