[APK Download] Android Pay v1.0 is rolling-out replacing the Google Wallet App

11 September, 2015 App Updates

Android Pay

Android Pay is officially rolling-out to Android devices across the US and Canada. Google is replacing its old Wallet App with Android Pay v1.0 and launching a new Wallet App on the play store. In order to have the Android Pay app work on your phone you need to download and install the Google Play Services 8.1 APK first.


Android Pay


First, make sure you download the right version of Play Services 8.1 and pay attention to the -XYZ naming scheme explained on the page. Older versions of Play Services will not permit Android Pay to work. When you get Android Pay installed, it will have you add a card or import one from Wallet.


Android Pay packs many new options and features that is similar to Google Wallet but more widely open, Tap-to-Pay and fingerprint payments authincations are one of the key features of Android Pay.




You can download Android Pay official APK along with the required Google Play Services 8.1 APK from the links below.


Android Pay


Android Pay 1.0 [APK]



Play Services

Google Play Services 8.1 [APK]



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