5 Essential keys to protecting your mobile device

29 April, 2021 Security

5 Essential keys to protecting your mobile device


In this era of advanced technology where the internet has become a basic necessity and without it, the survival of humans is not possible. It has offered people endless knowledge, entertainment and also improved communication, sharing and connectivity to great extent. Because of it, many people have made millions online out of their businesses and it also allows you to carry your basic transactions online. As every coin has two sides, the internet also has two sides, the first side is the good side which is already explained above and the other side is the bad one. Many hackers have started taking advantage of the internet and started invading people's privacy. They break into your mobile or computer's system and then steal or personal information or either they change it. They can also transact out money out of your bank without your knowledge or consent.


Using your phone, tabs, or any other devices on local cellular wifi is an invitation to all the vulnerabilities and is susceptible to hackers too. One should protect his/her device as it can then carry out transactions easily, cannot get hijacked, and also can save their details easily in their mobile or any other device.


What can you do to protect your mobile device?

Here is a list of few things which you can do as an individual to protect your as well your family's devices -


1. Encrypt your mobile device communication

When surfing the internet or browsing online, third parties and hackers can view your online activity when your internet connection is unencrypted. This can lead to loss of privacy, private data, and even sensitive information, leaving you vulnerable to cybercrime or cyberattacks. Buy a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt online traffic so that third parties or hackers cannot see it.


2. Create a Strong PIN or Password

Keeping a weak passcode or a pin in your device can easily help the hacker or thief to unlock your device and then all your information is accessible. All your details, bank-related details, OTPs are all exposed to the hacker and they can easily leak your information or can carry transactions in their account. The solution for this is to keep a strong passcode or a pin which is not common like 1234 or 0000 like this.


3. Use multifactor authentication on your accounts

Multifactor authentication is required in certain cases like logging into your emails or a new app because if it is not there then a hacker can easily login into your emails or obtain your password and then change it and you cannot use it again. Many email providers have started multi-factor authentication on their accounts so that proper security is maintained.


4. Having antivirus software

If there is no antivirus software in your mobile or any other devices then any virus can enter your mobile while you go to any site and then corrupt your data and ultimately you lose all your data. One should have antivirus software on your mobile as well as on your computer or laptop too. It will not allow the virus to enter your mobile and fix all the bugs.


5. Do not rely on unencrypted WiFi Networks

Having WiFi without a strong and good password or using public WiFi is an open invitation for hackers to enter into your mobile or computer system as they are not secured at all. Your online activities can easily be tracked through Man-in-the-middle attacks and other methods too. Using the already mentioned VPN can help you solve this problem and it will make your WiFi network encrypted ensuring one not being able to enter your system.


Smartphone hacking is a lucrative business, it is as easy to hack a mobile device as clicking on a wrong link. Because buying and reselling data nowadays is a business which is growing vastly during these situations we are in. Many cybercriminals are interested in exploiting your data not because it's easy, it's because it's worth it. It has a lot of worth because as we all know phones are our digital autobiography book and it is an inseparable part of our lives with so many personal details in it. So, giving access to your phone is giving access to your mind, therefore, don't take the security of your phone lightly and take every possible measure to avoid such data losses and threats and protect your device. Don't give access to your phone to anyone without following proper security protocols. Therefore, think of your present as well as future and protect every possible thing on your phone, or I can say protect everything about you.


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