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6 Incredible Ways That GPS Changed Our Lives To Better

20 May, 2021 Technology


It would not be unreasonable to say that GPS has proven to be one of the technologies that have had the most profound impact on our society and have played a pivotal role in our growth. We simply cannot function without it. Initially made by the US Airforce, GPS was never imagined to one day have applications so vast and multifarious. However, in today's world, GPS comfortably makes it to the list of technologies without which our lives would be heavily compromised. Here are six incredible ways in which GPS is silently changing your life for the better and you don't even notice it!


6 Incredible Ways That GPS Changed Our Lives To Better


1. Road Navigation Services

Let's do a quick fun exercise. Think back to 15 years ago when you had to visit a place for the first time and what a nightmare it used to be to navigate properly and reach our destination without getting lost a dozen times. We'd have to stop numerous times and rely on flimsy pieces of information from uninterested bystanders in the hopes of reaching our destination. That problem has since been largely eliminated. Road navigation services have now become so effective that an entire industry has been set up around this particular concept. The process of going to a new place that you have never been to before seems so simple and easy these days. You simply pop in your desired destination into your GPS or the Maps application in your smartphone and you'll be on your way not too long after that.


2. Logistics & Fleet Management

As the global marketplace started to pick up momentum, the need for professional trucking companies with massive fleets arose as well. To manage such large fleets, they needed to be tracked efficiently. Different companies offer GPS tracking services in real-time to track their assets and that is how real-time GPS tracking at SATX Technologies enables businesses to effectively and accurately track their staff and their assets such as their delivery trucks. Apart from ensuring the safety and security of their assets, these companies get access to valuable data points which they can use to fine-tune their service delivery models to ensure the maximum amount of efficiency in their processes.


3. Mobile Phone Tracking

Have you ever been in a situation where you lost your phone, only to be later tracked down because of a GPS signal that your phone was emitting? The fact that phones have accurate GPS sensors means that we can use location services to reap massive lifestyle benefits such as calling a cab with a tap on your screen. A service such as Find my iPhone also leverages GPS services in phones to provide a very seamless phone finding experience to their consumers who may have misplaced their device. Even if the device is irrecoverable, GPS services give you a good idea of where the device is located so that you can inform the authorities and let them take it from there.


4. Military Applications

All types of military forces, regardless of whether they are based on land, air, or water, can not function without GPS. Military applications are heavily dependent on a strong and accurate GPS signal that can help them synergize and make sure that movements on the border are being tracked accurately. This has enabled our safety levels to go up significantly.


5. Marine Navigation

Marine navigation is one of those things that just could not have been possible without GPS. A GPS-based tracking system not only allows you to see where you are headed in the ocean but also to track any storms or rough sea conditions that might be fast approaching. Given that the global economy is heavily dependent on marine routes, GPS has surely allowed the world to take business activity to the next level!


6. Real-Time Positioning Data

The great thing about GPS is that it can be extremely precise. This especially helps in certain situations where such minute time intervals and ground positions need to be highlighted. One example that comes to mind is that of motorsports which are heavily dependent on how accurately the cars out on the track are being timed.


Real-Time Positioning Data


GPS isn't a technology that has been a part of our lives for a very long time. It's hard to sometimes imagine that there was a time when we lived without such technologies. Going into the future, unlike the fate of other technologies, it seems that GPS will continue to grow in importance as technology advances in other areas.


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