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An Introduction to browser games that can be played on Android devices

17 April, 2019 Gaming

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Browser games are a special kind of games that are played on the Internet with the help of web browsers. The first browser games appeared almost two decades ago, but thanks to the mobile devices including Android-based devices, these games have become very popular in the last few years.
Android users can choose from hundreds of attractive browser games and they can find hundreds of sites where they can play them. You can choose from games with different themes as well as a multiplier or single player game.

Most of these browser games can be played on all popular browsers used on Android devices - smartphones, tablets, etc. What's special about them is the fact that they don't require special hardware or downloading software. You just need to launch your web browser, visit the site and launch the game. The hardware requirements are minimal.

Why play browser games on Android devices?

To start with, if you are a proud owner of an Android device, you can start playing exciting games instantly. The best browser games will turn your Safari, Firefox or Chrome web browser into a mobile gaming console where you can play fun games on the go. We all know how mobile users, including Android users, are struggling with storage space and they always need more and more space, well these games can help you. Browser games don't require any downloads and they use minimal resources.

Another great advantage of playing browser games on Android is the fact that they are free. However, there are a few paid games that come with amazing graphics and gameplay. In addition, many of these games have in-game add-ons that you can pay for. For example, some of them are offering just a few missions or quests for free and the rest of the missions have to be paid to get unlocked. While we are talking about cost, we should mention that this type of games doesn't require any peripherals. You don't need a special keyboard, joystick or mouse to play - you've got everything on your Android device.

As we said before, mobile browser games for Android are covering a wide range of themes. You can find literally all kinds of games, and the best thing is that developers are creating and releasing new games like this every day. In addition to single player games, you can find many multiplayer browser games for Android. Since most people have Android devices, it's easy to find a partner to play these games.

Where to look for browser games that can be played on Android devices?

First of all, you can use popular search engines. But, since there are hundreds of browser games it would be quite difficult for an average user to find exactly what they are looking for. That's why we will suggest a second option - visiting a specialized review/comparison website where you can find information about the best browser games.


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