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The Best Soon-To-Launch Mobile Games


There are two things that we've always loved and will always love about mobile games. The first is that they tend to be cheaper to acquire than console games - although they don't necessarily stay cheaper if you don't keep your eye on how much you're spending within the apps. The second is that we can take them with us wherever we go, and we always have them on our person. So long as you have your phone, you have your games. You need never be bored again.


If there's a problem with mobile games - other than the cost issue we mentioned a moment ago - it's that they end. Unless you're playing MMOs or games that don't have a defined endpoint, you're eventually going to either finish the game or get bored with it. That's where this page comes in. We're always looking over the horizon to see which great mobile games are coming soon, and we're pleased to report that the schedule for the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 looks fantastic. Allow us to prove it by clueing you in on the best releases happening soon!



This has been the biggest "coming soon" mobile game for a very long time now. We first heard whispers about a version of Valorant for mobile phones as long ago as June 2021, so we can forgive those of you who'd begun to suspect that it would never happen. We've seen the trailer, though, and we know that it is. Fourteen million people play the PC version of VALORANT every day, so the potential reach of this game is huge. Sure, the market is already bloated with countless team FPS shooters, but this one is special. Unless everything that makes the PC game special has somehow been lost in translation - and we have no reason to suspect that it has - this ought to be one of the biggest mobile games of 2023, and probably 2024 and 2025, too.


Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

If you're into gaming, you can't possibly have missed the fact that there's a new console version of Call of Duty out now. What you may have missed is that there's also a new version of Call of Duty: Mobile coming - specifically, Call of Duty Warzone Mobile. Despite some initial concerns, Call of Duty has translated well to the mobile format. It's even made it to online casinos, with versions of Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that have been turned into slots. They're a little old now, and they've been de-listed in a couple of places, but our sources indicate that plenty of casino operators still list them on their sites and offer them to players. Speaking of "offering to players," you can pre-register for Call of Duty Warzone Mobile now. That's all we can tell you for the moment because aside from the fact that the game will come out in 2023, details about this one are being kept under wraps. It's bound to be a hit, though.


Racing Master

Like VALORANT Mobile, Racing Master is a game that feels like it's been in development since the dawn of time. Look at the comments underneath every post on its Facebook page, and you'll see that potential customers are bored of the wait and have been for a long time. We'd advocate patience, though, because this could be the greatest mobile racing game of all time. It's nominally a NetEase product, but NetEase has worked with Codemasters on it - and nobody knows how to put a racing game together better than Codemasters. Graphically it's stunning, it appears to have unbelievable depth, and the physics engine it uses has been built from the group up. There are real cars, real racetracks, and (allegedly) realistic gameplay. The most recent Racing Master beta tests took place in September, and they were the third set, so we have to assume that a release date is coming closer.


Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The best piece of advice that we can give to Final Fantasy fans who are excited about the prospects of a Final Fantasy mobile game is to ignore the "VII" in the title. We know that Final Fantasy VII has a special place in the hearts of players and is probably the most beloved game in the long-running series, but we're not sure why Square Enix has attached it to this game. There will be elements of stories from Final Fantasy VII in it, but there will also be elements of every other Final Fantasy game included, thanks to monthly updates. Players have been promised that they'll have full control of the narrative, so they can play the "episodes" in whatever order they wish. We realise that there'll be a lot of interest in this one, so check out the game's official Wikipedia entry if you want more information.


Propnight Mobile

Propnight is a weird game. We're not going to make any bones about that, nor are we going to try to pretend that it isn't. It was quietly released on Steam about a year ago and owes its name to the fact that it uses Prop Hunt mechanics. This is a survival horror game, but it combines (to an extent) the battle royale mechanics of Fortnite with the "guess who the killer is" hook that made Among Us such a huge success. Will the mobile version of Propnight come anywhere close to the success of the two games we just mentioned? No, it won't even get close, but it offers a unique experience and a lot of imagination. We can't think of another game where we can turn into a chair to stay safe from the monsters. If you take away the horror elements, Propnight is essentially a multiplayer hide-and-seek game - and who doesn't love playing hide-and-seek?


There will be more great mobile games to come as the release schedule for early 2023 fills up, so check back regularly to find out what's going to be hot and what almost certainly will not.

Cryptocurrency Angry Squid: another attempt to capitalize on the popularity of "Squid Games"


The growth of this cryptocurrency was more than 8000% in the last 2 days alone


Here is the easy way to track it:


Although the Squid cryptocurrency based on the series "Squid Game" was almost unanimously recognized as a scam, a new cryptocurrency with a similar name Angry Squid ("angry squid") has attracted attention in the last few days as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies on the market, writes


According to Coinmarketcap, it has given an increase of 2603259% in the last 7 days. Considering that last weekend the Angry Squid cryptocurrency was worth around $0.0000001, on Monday morning it reached an all-time high of $0.000008281, thus its growth was over 8000% in the last 2 days alone.


However, it is too early to make any bets on the "angry squid", since, first of all, no official information has been published yet with a detailed description of this crypto project, and nothing specific about it is indicated on the website. It should also be noted that this little-known cryptocurrency can only be traded on PancakeSwap.


Complaints from investors who are unable to sell their Angry Squid cryptocurrency to sell their profits over the past few days have become more frequent on various forums.


Before making any decisions you better to visit


So, for now, investors should probably avoid Angry Squid, as it looks very much like another scam.


As a reminder, the token based on the "Squid Game" depreciated to zero after a 7,500% increase.

Razer Authoritatively Reports New Handheld Control center


Some time back, we referenced that Razer was intending to report its new passage into the handheld gaming space, the Razer Edge. So, the organization has now officially revealed its most recent expansion to its equipment line-up, and it accompanies some intriguing, yet recognizable highlights.



First off, the gadget includes a 6.8-inch AMOLED contact show, which accompanies a FHD+ goal, and 144hZ revive rate. The Razer Edge is likewise fueled by Qualcomm's new Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 stage, a chip explicitly intended for versatile gaming execution, which works close by a 3 GHz Kryo computer processor and 8GB of Slam. The actual equipment includes a tablet with removable regulators, like the Nintendo Switch.


Different specs incorporate a forward looking 5MP camera, two-way speakers and a mouthpiece, support for 5G network, Bluetooth 5.2, WiFi 6E, USB-C and 3.5mm sound (by means of the regulator). The whole set-up is controlled by a 5,000 mAh battery.


As far as programming, the gadget runs on Android, so clients will approach Android titles, as well as cloud gaming and streaming applications. Right now, the gadget is select to North America, with choices for $399 and $499 choices. It will likewise be accessible through specific transporters like Verizon.


This isn't Razer's initial passage into versatile gaming - back in 2013, the organization sent off the Razer Edge Gaming Tablet, which highlighted a novel regulator grasp and ran on Android too.


The declaration of the Razer Edge follows the newly discovered recovery of committed gaming handhelds, especially drove by frameworks from enormous organizations like the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck, and different contenders like the as of late reported Logitech G Cloud Gaming handheld. In contrast to the Logitech G however, the Razer Edge's 5G availability implies that players aren't adhered to Wireless associations, something that Logitech's handheld needs.


Gamification is one of the latest implementations in education, and its popularity is rapidly growing globally. Many adults remain sceptical about this method, while children and youths are fully delighted with the new opportunity. However, most people not enthusiastic about this trend most likely do not understand its essence. So, let's find out the main pros and cons of this technique.


Games have quickly spread worldwide: according to statistics, over 40% of the population have tried some exciting gaming solutions at least once. So why not make use of such popularity? Gamification of education is a technology that helps to increase interest in learning to quickly and effectively acquire knowledge. The game in this process is not an end goal, but rather a helpful tool.


Follow the Trend: Importance of Gamification in Modern Educational Process


Main Principles of Gamification

Even though many consider gaming harmful waste of time, others see the possibility of developing their skills. Overall, gamers are usually persistent and try again and again in case of failure, searching for problem solutions.


When playing, a person must involve their analytical skills and think over the outcome and future actions, developing self-control, perseverance, and striving for a positive outcome. The main principles of gamification in education include the following:

  • The next step depends on the previous person's choice, making education more personalised.
  • Involvement in the process and working for the result makes learners feel important and easily track their progress.
  • Education with gaming elements aims at developing students' skills and the ability to come up with new solutions for existing tasks.
  • Students are free to experience failures and try again and again until reaching the desired outcome, which encourages risk and persistence like gambling in Dr Bet casino and trying different methods without losing interest.
  • Gradual increase in competencies can be compared to levels in a game: as a rule, the whole curriculum is divided into several parts, and when the learner successfully copes with one block of tasks, they can come to the next stage.

Nowadays, gamification is implemented for different groups of people of all ages, showing impressive results and effectiveness. In addition to a more diversified educational process, students can improve collaboration skills.


Working together with other learners demonstrates the mutually beneficial result of joint project management and is also one of the main priorities of the gamification technique. The younger members learn how to interact with others, while the adults increase their productivity in a team.


Reasons to Involve Gamification in Learning


Reasons to Involve Gamification in Learning

Gamification is a fascinating and innovative approach to learning that can be used in both online and offline classes. The main thing to remember is that the primary purpose is to gain knowledge, and the way of receiving it is a separate choice of each person.


Gamification significantly diversifies boring lessons and strengthens relationships in the team. A skilful combination of motivating factors gives the learning process a healthy excitement.

Crypto Casino Of The Year BC.GAME Has A New Website! Here's What You Need To Know


BC.GAME has launched a redesigned website that provides users with improved functionality going forward. This is only one of the countless things that happened before BC. This is something that BC.GAME is doing to guarantee that its players are content and having a good time while playing casino games.


What You Can Expect From the new BC.GAME website

A new, more streamlined and well-organized user interface has been implemented on the site's game page. In addition, users are given the option of translating the site's text descriptions into their preferred language. Players may now do so in a number of other languages, including Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish. BC.GAME has recently formed partnerships with AFA and Cloud9, two of the most well-known names in football and eSports. Through a brand new part of the casino's website, the casino's sponsors will be able to keep the public updated on their latest activities.


The redesigned style makes it simpler for players to access features like individualized game recommendations, background on the game's creators, and comprehensive descriptions. It is also now feasible to have a conversation using video games. Players have the option of rating, liking, commenting on, sharing, and evaluating the games they like. Two of the most recent enhancements to security include a revamped "Know Your Customer" feedback mechanism and an "Official Staff Verification" page. All users of the new BC.GAME platform have access to these cutting-edge, improved features.


Why you should try Crypto Casino Games

It's hardly surprising that a lot of people are using the internet to find a place to gamble now, given all the progress that technology has made. Thus, there are many options for testing your luck.


To put it simply, cryptocurrencies are now more commonplace than a cliche in science fiction. People may now purchase anything from a cup of coffee to a few spins on an online slot machine using cryptocurrency while investors watch the price of Bitcoin rise and fall with bated breath. In this piece, we'll examine the process of launching your own cryptocurrency gambling website.


Blockchain technology is rapidly growing in popularity. Those who dismissed Bitcoin investment as a digital fool's errand a decade ago are likely regretting themselves now as the digital currency continues its ascent to the forefront of the corporate and financial sectors. Cryptocurrencies, according to their proponents, are often seen as the ideal substitute for traditional currencies since they are transparent, private, and decentralized.

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