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Mobile phone games, what are the best ones?


Mobile phone gaming has become huge across the world with almost everything that can be a game has been turned in to one a much more. The number of mobile games is now endless with there being millions available to choose from just like these. Gaming companies and app companies are constantly making new games to keep up with the demands of mobile phone users. Many people are now turning to mobile gaming apps instead of using consoles or computers at home.


You can read here about how mobile gaming is becoming so popular across the globe. I know plenty of people who are obsessed with mobile gaming and much prefer it to using a console. Mobile casinos are one of the most popular games to play on according to a lot of app and gaming providers. There are many arcade and puzzle games being added to the popular list as well for people to pass the time on their breaks at work. If you have Android or Apple or any other brand of phone you are spoilt for choice on the games that are available to you.


Mobile phone games have become popular with younger children as well, it has been seen as a great way to help them learn about words, numbers, spelling and much more. This is a great way for children to brush up on their school skills from the comfort of their home on a handheld device. Many parents are saying how they have seen the benefits of mobile phone games being able to help their children succeed in things they struggle with.


The software on mobile phone games is always being updated to keep you interested and actively using the games. You can near enough get all of the PlayStation and Xbox games on mobile phones now, which again has seen a huge increase in mobile gamers. There are even apps now to log in to your log ins from a console on mobile phone games so you can still earn points etc on to your account that is featured on the console or pc. Football games like FIFA are huge now on mobile phones with there being a huge number of people playing it via mobile instead of on the pc or console. Mobile gaming is really starting to take over and it's only going to keep on growing.

Best mobile phones for gaming


Mobile gaming is a fun past time for everyone. It has introduced a new type of gamer due to the convenience of it. You can also play any game from puzzles to word searches to various arcade games. They are a great past time, whether you are trying to fill some time in a queue at the bank or a train journey.


Non UK Casinos also have entertaining and fun mobile games which you can play and be in for winning very good pay outs. When you are playing your games on your phone you want to know that you will not miss out on the visual and sound graphics.


Here is our list of some of the best mobile phones for gaming


Apple iPhone 12

The reason one would choose IOS is because of the operating power. The iPhone also has a large display which makes it even more enjoyable when viewing the games, in comparison to some of the smaller screens you can get. It also works well with other Apple products such as Airpods to add to your gaming experience.


Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

This phone has got the power, the wide screen and the good battery. It is also packed with brilliant features that make it a great phone for gaming. The long-lasting battery means you will get a lot of use out of it as a phone and for your gaming gun. The amazing graphics on it means that you will also enjoy watching your games on the screen.


Sony Xperia 1 II

The best part of this phone is the wide screen with vivid visual graphics at a 4k resolution rate. This phone will therefore bring the magic back into your gaming as if you are playing it on your TV.


Xiaomi Black Shark 4

This phone comes with great memory for your games and instead of a touch screen it has press buttons which brings back the feel of real buttons as if you are using a games console.


Samsung Galaxy A50

This phone is on the cheaper side of the gaming phones, but you will not lose a lot of the function from it, especially when it comes to picture quality which is one of the most important for your gaming experience.


OnePlus 7 Pro

This phone is a great speedy, refreshing quickly meaning you do not lose any functionality in your games. The phone also has a game-focus mode which enabled it to focus solely on your game without any disruptions.


Card games never go out of fashion. They are stress busters that allow one to engage in a strategic mind games with either one or more opponents. The category is continuously known for its high grossing releases, many of which are classics that have stood the test of time.


Since Microsoft first released Solitaire on PCs, card games have undergone a revolution. While rummy, blackjack, poker and other card games are still played by millions all over the globe, fantasy card games have emerged in recent years as a major winner - as noted in this YouMobile article.


One can play solo, with friends, against random online opponents or simply even spectate bots challenging each other - to get the taste of how the game functions.


Here we look at five top fantasy card games that will help alleviate your stress and kill boredom.





Gwent began its gaming journey as a mini-game in the critically acclaimed Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The card game within Geralt's massive open world became so popular that it was spun-off as an original standalone title. It is a strategic turn-based experience, wherein players choose their faction and build their army, each with its own distinct feel and play style. The gameplay is simple but complex: you play with 10 cards in hand and need to win 2/3 rounds to win the battle via unique combinations and strategies, each with their own respective choices and consequences. Gwent is fresh and entertaining, especially if you have an affinity for fantasy games.


If any game is produced by Riot Games, the developers of League of Legends, one can almost be sure of how it is going to fare. Initially developed as Hearthstone's rival, the game has gained stardom in half the time as its competitor. The 1 v 1 game's main goal is to annihilate your enemy's health bar by utilising your tactical prowess via spell systems that incorporate different attack and defence strategies. The collectible card game is engaging and forces one to make right decisions almost instantaneously.


"Deceptively Simple. Insanely Fun" - that's how Hearthstone markets itself. It couldn't be closer to the truth. Set in the World of Warcraft universe, fans of the massively popular PC game are bound to be impressed by Hearthstone's gameplay. Also a 1 v 1 game, it allows players to stack a variety of cards by making multiple decks and enforce some tactical moves that helps overpower opponents. It is no surprise that Hearthstone is one of the most popular card games in the market.


Based on the Clash of Clans universe, Clash Royale has established itself as a great strategic card game which possesses similar game mechanics as Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra. Players build their battle deck, play real time PvP matches and grow their rankings and abilities to become a Royale legend. Although not purely a fantasy card game, Clash Royale is an aesthetically pleasing entry that models itself on the fantasy genre, all the while being a rather multiplayer online battle arena.


The Elder Scrolls universe has amassed a massive following with its fantastic cross-platform fantasy open world games and this is a fresh entry from Bethesda Software into card games. The free-to-play strategy card game features single player (campaign) and multiplayer modes, where one collects cards, builds a deck and then goes head-on with opponents. Players can collect the cards that tailor to their playing style and battle enemies from the fantasy world. This is a great introduction to the Elder Scrolls universe if one hasn't experienced them yet.


Fantasy card games play out much like online betting where players experience a different side of themselves through unique and challenging strategies. But unlike fantasy games, which are set in their own universe, online betting sites cater to different geographies. is one such resource where players from Asia can access top casino and sportsbooks recommendations. Expert guides and well-researched site comparisons are also available to newbies who do not have prior experience. Just like how one needs to familiarize themselves with the intricate working and rules of card games, gambling demands similar attention - since only by having clear knowledge and information can one bet safely.


Fantasy games have allowed people to delve into a mystical universe and when combined with card games, there are no limits to the tactical and strategic fun one can have!


Strategy games are a breed of their own. It takes deep thinking, tactics, team play and careful planning to emerge victorious at the end of a mission. They offer high replay value due to the implementation of various strategies and high versatility factor.


Gamers often find strategy games highly addictive and relaxing due to the feel-good factor that arises from solving an in-game problem. One can engage in a mobile strategy game anywhere from their space of comfort - whether it be during an office lunchbreak or during travel.


These mobile games are on par with their PC and console counterparts - the only downside being the small screen to play on. Here we look at some of Android's best strategy games.





The mini 2D game version of Prison Break, Escapists 2 is the sequel to Escapists, which offered something fresh in the sandbox and strategy genre when it first released in 2015. Enhanced with better multiplayer features and touch controls, the spin-off is an intuitively strategic entry in the category. If adrenaline rush is a must in your gaming experience, this is it. It doesn't get better than risking it all to escape from one of the toughest prisons in the world with a perfectly planned prison break. This is a multi-platform game, available on Playstation 4, PC, Xbox One and the iOS store.


One of the highest grossing games of recent times, Clash of Clans has somewhat revolutionized the classic strategy genre, bringing in the feel of the beloved Age of Empires series onto mobile screens. The gameplay is simple - build your fortification and defend it. But the strategies that go into the game are simply wonderful, as you gather your knights, horsemen, archers and soldiers to fight to the death. The game also has an active multiplayer scene where one can battle with players from across the globe.


Originally out as an expansion pack to 2012 Strategy Game of the Year XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within is very much capable of being called a standalone game of its own due to the plethora of functionalities available for players. With new abilities, upgrades, weapons, soldier classes, maps, tactical and strategic gameplay and multiplayer content, the player has the responsibility to manage the XCOM headquarters by defending it against invading aliens - in a transhumanism setting.


Ever just wished of living life in a lush green Caribbean island, wielding unlimited power? That's the life Tropico provides. As El Presidente of the nation of Tropico, you are in charge of managing all aspects of life and society on the tropical island. From building new infrastructure and upholding the law to managing the economy and maintaining political relations, the scope of Tropico is absolutely overwhelming. Strategy is key to play the game in which you are essentially a dictator running things as you like.


Motorsport Manager's entry into the strategy based category was fresh and welcoming. The racing management strategy game simulator allows players to create their own motorsport team by hiring drivers, engineers, improving the team headquarters, designing overall car performance and maintain finances of the motorsport company. By facing off players and managers from all over the world, one can engage in a wholesome F1 environment, something that was amiss in the racing genre.


Apart from playing these wonderful mobile strategy games, users can also engage in other forms of entertainment using their smartphones - such as online casinos. Since different regions have different laws, players have the comfort of acquiring location-specific knowledge. For example, South African players can access casinos that provide instant payouts through a curated selection of best instant withdrawal casinos. Terms and conditions of every top online casino is scoured to understand their respective policies, which differ in the speed of payouts.


These reputed casino companies provide a whole range of perks such as no-deposit free spins, daily cashback, Bitcoin deposits, loyalty schemes etc. One can also enjoy playing bingo slot machines on a mobile device. Both first time and regular users are graced with advantages that are fun to use and play.


The craze for strategy-based games is on the rise and with innovative conceptual ideas being implemented every now and then, it may not be very late before we see mobile games overtaking PCs and consoles.

Mobile Gaming: What Customers Value The Most From Mobile Casinos


Smartphones are now an indispensable part of our lives. In the past five years, mobile technology has overtaken the personal computer as the most popular method for connecting to the internet. This has created exciting new opportunities for both the gaming and the gambling industries. Mobile optimisation and technologies such as HTML5 programming have meant that casino operators can now deliver an incredible gaming experience without even having to develop an app.


It is clear that the ongoing development of mobile gaming goes hand in hand with the rise in the popularity of mobile casinos for many operators. With the latest technology, gamers can enjoy the latest online slots via mobile in the exact same way they previously would on a desktop or laptop computer. As customers come to play casino games, here are just some factors that they value from playing with mobile casinos:


Convenience Is Key

Some of the best mobile games to play right now are popular with gamers for a variety of reasons, from their playability to their high-quality graphics. The same can be said for why mobile casino games become so popular with adult gamers too.


One of the biggest advantages of a mobile casino that players value is the convenience of being able to play where you like, when you like. As land-based casinos require travel back and forth, mobile casinos allow gamers and casino fans to access their favourite slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette games in the palm of their hands. The ongoing development of 4G and 5G connectivity across the UK also allows gamers to play on the go, without needing a constant wifi connection.


Access To A Wide Selection Of Games

Mobile gaming technology means users can have a high quality casino experience from their own homes, or from almost any other location. There are many reasons why players should try mobile casino apps such as quick app downloads, access to a wider variety of games on mobile and the ability to connect with other services for fast and reliable deposits and withdrawals.


Mobile gaming also opens up a significantly greater choice of options than you'd typically find at a bricks and mortar casino, including hundreds of slots titles as well as numerous versions of traditional casino games like roulette and blackjack.


The ‘live' Experience From Home

Many mobile casino apps offer live casino games, along with a live dealer offering friendly conversation and a true casino experience from any location. For gamers wanting to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a live casino without physically visiting one, mobile casinos even include the real sounds of the cards or wheel spins on a real table, giving the true feel of a live casino.


Mobile casinos can provide a feeling of presence, with the communication and interaction with the dealers making it almost feel like you are there at the table with them. If players cannot go to a land-based casino, they may value the availability of mobile apps that can bring them a similar live casino experience to their devices.


Accessing Both New And Current Bonuses & Promotions

Another advantage of playing with a mobile casino is that many operators offer the same bonuses and promotions that are available on their site, such as no deposit bonuses. Players could also take advantage of new offers as well such as new player welcome bonuses on mobile and also receive weekly offers and promotions from apps too.


For many slot games, the average return to player (RTP) on mobile slots is also similar for the same games on desktop. While this might vary from game to game and operator to operator, players can ensure that they are not missing out on the promotions that are currently available to them online.


Safer Gambling Is Still A High Priority

Just like with any form of gambling, whether in person, online, or on mobile, safer and responsible gambling is still a high priority for operators. There are many ways for players to find gambling support, whether it is through the mobile casino app they are accessing or through the operator's website.


Adult players will value playing with a mobile casino that puts safe and responsible gambling first. To protect their customers, many operators provide useful information on their websites that outline their commitment to promoting safer gambling. They can also outline ways to stay in control of their gambling and also outline beneficial organisations to contact if necessary. Organisations like BeGambleAware offer a range of information for adult players who are seeking safer gambling advice and support.

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