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Four Ways To Have Fun And Learn Via Your Mobile


Our smartphones are wonderful concoctions and we perhaps rely upon them too much these days, from banking to communicating, and even learning it seems.


Yes, we can tap into all manner of courses via our smartphones, but there are also plenty of other ways you can learn too, and in many cases that involves plenty of fun too.


Below you'll find four of our favourite apps, or type of apps, to enjoy that can not only improve your skills in a number of ways, but also be great fun along the way too...



We're going to start with bingo. It's no secret that mobile gambling has really exploded in recent years, with the likes of online casino Australia welcoming thousands of new players weekly.


We perhaps don't associate bingo with learning, and while you won't learn something new in the traditional sense of learning, it is a great way for your brain to pick up and improve on skills.


Available on platforms like Crazyvegas casino en ligne, bingo tests a number of cognitive skills, including reaction times, concentration and calmness under pressure, so is well worth a game for both pleasure and to improve those skills.



Scrabble may be a family-friendly board game, but if you're looking to expand your vocabulary it's a wonderful game to play.


Now available in mobile app form, you can play against friends from all around the world on-the-go, meaning you can test your knowledge of the English language on your way to work, at home, or basically wherever you please.


The Scrabble app can be downloaded in most app stores and is a great game to play with friends, or even strangers from around the world.



GeoGuessr is a fantastic way to explore the world from the comfort of your own home, and is a geography-based game which tests your knowledge of your surroundings.


The game itself uses Google Street View to drop you into a series of locations and you must guess where you are. The closer to the correct location, the more points you receive.


It's an app that is great not only for improving your geographical knowledge, but also improving problem-solving skills, with there often a number of ways to decipher where abouts you've been dropped in the world.


There are a number of different games you can play within the app, going head-to-head with other players, as well as playing solo on country streak. You can tailor the maps to suit you, with it possible to play the entire world, as well as specific cities, famous landmarks and even football grounds.



Then there's of course quizzing. It's impossible not to learn when enjoying the old pub quiz from the palm of your hand.


There are hundreds of quiz apps available in app stores, perfect for testing your knowledge and picking up new knowledge too. There are apps to suit all hobbies and interests, with more generic pub quiz-like apps to ones entirely focused on one subject.


Many are interactive and have leaderboards too. But can you make it all the way to the top?

The Best Mobile Games To Quell Your Offline Gaming Thirst


We've all missed out on some form of hobby or passion during the last year, and as we approach Spring, the appetite for getting out and enjoying some form of normality is rife. We're not quite there yet though and it's up to the likes of mobile gaming to continue to quell that thirst.


There are tons of great mobile games on the market which reflect ‘real life' hobbies and interests, and below you'll find some of our favourite games which do that remarkably well...



Bingo halls have been largely closed since March 2020 and it's been very difficult to get your dabber out in an offline context.


However, bingo online is booming and that's because it reflects the offline variant so well, alongside having many exclusive games which offer up something different too.


There are tons of great bingo games available through your mobile device, with apps such as Robin Hood Bingo having become hugely popular.


You can click here to discover more about them, with games such as 90-ball bingo and 75-ball bingo perfect for those looking to replicate their local bingo hall from the comfort of their own home.


Football Manage

It's incredibly difficult to replicate the highs of being in a stadium watching live football, but Football Manager can certainly go a long way to whetting the appetite for that.


It's every football addict's dream, with many marriages having been lost due to the passion some fans have for this game.


The mobile Football Manager version is a little more scaled-down than the desktop version and perfect for getting a taste of the beautiful game when you need it most.


Players take the role of manager of a football club and must take control of tactics, transfers, and more in order to take your side to the top of the pile.


Around The World In 80 Days

We all know the story of Phileas Fogg, and while travel is limited currently, the Around The World In 80 Days game for Android is a wonderful way to travel the globe from the comfort of your own home. The aim of the game is of course to circumnavigate the world in just 80 days, with players having to take on various tasks in order to do so.


It's a really great concept, and gives you the opportunity to travel and explore the world without even needing to leave the house.


A good way to elevate your gaming, is to also use your search engine and Google Earth to read up about the places you visit along the way.



If there was nothing you loved more than a trip to a real money casino at the weekend, then you'll probably be aware of the many poker apps available for your mobile device.


Poker is one game that has long been associated with the virtual world, with plenty of tournaments ready and waiting for you.


There are many apps in Google Play that are well-respected and allow you to play for real money, and more importantly win real money too.

23 February, 2021 Gaming

Best Casinos in Montreal


For those who wish to visit one of the major cities of Canada and hit the entertainment scene, it's best to have a handy guide at hand to know where to look. Many of the best casinos in Montreal can be found right here. Some of the establishments have been around for many years. Others are new businesses that have just sprung up around the corner. No matter the origin, all have one goal. To provide gambling fun for all types of people to enjoy. Best of all is that they can even have promotions for online services, with 150 free spins Canada deals. Here are the best casinos accessible for you:


Casino de Montreal

It is one of the top places to be in the city. Not only does gambling exist here, but a whole range of activities for you to choose from. Their impressive locale gives them a sense of grandeur that is found nowhere else. They even have an online version for you to play at for those who can't come and visit. The number of games to play is staggering, and the bonus deals come on a weekly basis. Readily available for you are drinks and food of the finest quality. There are even live performances to make the night just that much more memorable.


Societe Des Casinos Du Quebec

It is another fantastic place for those who wish to experience the other side of Canada. That is, of course, the French side. This place is made almost exclusively for those who speak the language. However, they have a whole range of English options as well to keep it accessible for all. They have a close connection to the Montreal casinos, meaning that you can even experience Quebec culture from just this location. It's another way to take part in Canadian festivities whilst gambling at the same time.


Casino Bluff

Casino Bluff is one of the largest casinos in the eastern Canadian area. They are more of a brand name and have made headlines in more local areas. Humble and elegant at the same time, there is a great degree of showmanship involved when it comes to its presentation. You can house all kinds of events here, making it feel like a Las Vegas establishment. There have been fundraisers, charities, corporate events, and so much more here, all accompanied with superior tables for you to enjoy with themed areas for your convenience.


Magic Palace

It is a place full of wealth and glamour but open to many kinds of individuals. This is the place to come if you wish to have fine dining as well as great games to play. There is even an exclusive club you can join from gaining a number of consistent wins. The Winner's Club can give you more chances to play exclusive content and other perks available too. If you sign up for the Loyalty Rewards Program, you can also earn points to spend on a range of benefits. Magic Palace will work hard to cater to your every need.


Billiard Fats

For something more laid back, you can find the humble home of Billiards Fats. This is more of a pub than a casino, but it's still a great place to gamble away and enjoy games. Like its' name, there are a few billiard tables for you to play as well as some great slots. However, it is the food that will make you stay. There is a great selection of drinks to enjoy with fresh food brought right to you from the kitchen. If you want somewhere quiet and nice to play, you can find nowhere more serene.


Erica Walter specializes in online casino game reviews and occasionally visits land-based casinos to get this memorable experience.


"Gambling online is what I do for a living, while gambling at land-based casinos is for pleasure," Erica comments.


A Lucky Charm Casino Production

It is a small-time hotel but with already a big name for itself. You can take part in a lot of great content here, not just resting in the inn rooms. The quality of games is very down-to-earth, as they wish to humble those who want to take part in games but don't have to leave their rooms too far. You can find a lot of accessible services here to help make your stay in Montreal that much sweeter, providing for your every comfort with food, beds and satisfying games to play.


El Jumelgi Bar and Poker Room

For those that want to get their hands into some cards, this place is highly recommended. Not only does it have a great bar to get food from, but it has over 17 large poker tables to come and play in. Here is where you can really take part in the game and play different variants. Find your own group of players and make friends with some of the best poker players around. You can have a drink or two whilst winning a huge jackpot over a friendly discussion. If poker is your thing, then come on down to El Jumelgi Bar.

Best Gambling Sites and Online Casinos in Europe


There are so many online casinos to choose from that the search for the best one can be intimidating. While most casinos are honest and fun places to play there are some dodgy or simply unprofessional ones that you better be aware of.


We are going to go through a few key points on how to choose online casinos in Europe. Szilvia Sultes, a Hungarian iGaming expert has helped us create a list of checkpoints. To read more about Szilvia's work click here.


Casino reviews

You would read reviews before booking a hotel or purchasing a product online and you should do the same before committing to an online casino. If you have friends who have been playing at a certain casino and only say good things about it, it is reasonable to think that it is a good site. However, there could still be some problems they just haven't experienced yet.


The best way to check the reputation of a casino is to read casino reviews from independent third-party review sites. For example, you can read a comprehensive review of 22bet with several evaluation areas discussed such as payment methods, game selection, usability and reliability. Each casino that you find on this review website's page accept players from Hungary and they all get a total review score so it is easy to compare one to another. At the bottom of each review, you will find customer reviews as well so you can see what fellow players think of the casino.



An online casino needs to be licenced in order to be legit. Most casinos include their licencing information at the bottom of their landing page so you can double-check this information. Common gambling jurisdictions are Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. These places have gambling regulators such as the Malta Gaming Authority (in the case of Malta). These authorities regularly audit casinos that they licence so you can be sure that the games are fair and the operations follow laws and regulations.


Some countries give out gambling licenses easily and without overseeing the casinos' operations properly. You should try to avoid casinos that are registered in Costa Rica or Panama as in these places you won't even find a contact address in case something goes wrong and you would need legal help.


Bonus offers

More often than not you will receive a welcome bonus when you sign up on a new casino's website. However, these bonuses are not always as good as they seem. Before accepting any offers, you should read the terms and conditions carefully. Sometimes the wagering requirement can be so strict that it is almost impossible to cash out anything.

  • For example, if you deposit HUF 10.000 and get a match deposit bonus of HUF 10.000 and it has a 50 times wagering requirement, it would mean that you have to play for 20.000 x 50 = HUF 1.000.000 before you can cash out anything.

Deposit and withdrawal options

The best gambling sites will give you lots of deposit options. These would usually include bank transfers, debit or credit card deposit, third party wallet deposits such as Neteller or Paypal and lately cryptocurrency payments. You should check if there is a handling fee for any of these methods and how high the limits are.


The withdrawal options are even more important. Some casinos will have unreasonably long periods of time you have to wait for withdrawals. Anything over 3 or 4 days is not so great. If you haven't withdrawn any money from a certain casino yet, they will ask for your ID card and proof of address to verify you are who you say you are and you live in the country you say you live in. This is a standard procedure to avoid fraud and money laundering and if the casino doesn't ask for these documents it is a red flag.



When looking for the best gambling sites in Europe you should start by reading casino reviews and making sure that the casino is licenced, preferably in a European jurisdiction. Always read the T&C of bonus offers and check the timeframes and limits of the different payment options.

The Best And The Most Engaging Android Games In 2021


We are in 2021, and we are looking for games that run smoothly on Android phones. What is so great about that? We are going to make this list a little different from the ones you have read so far. It will combine the best of the RPG and the casino games. Why? Because we have found that many regular games are as great as casino games. So, we have listed out the slot games, alongside the fun and adventurous titles you can play on your Android phones.


Call of Duty Mobile

What's new about this famous game? It has been around for quite a while. But this multiplayer game is great for those seeking a way to test their survival skills. The game is optimized with superior graphics and has all the best reasons for you to try playing.



Atom is set on a Soviet backdrop and has a story-line to go about and yet is an excellent choice for CRPG lovers. The game's overall pace is relatively slow, but that does not lack any adrenaline punches throughout. Strategize well, and you should be able to use the same for some fighting.


GRID Autosport

The game has been a hit among mobile users since the launch. The Android game packs in a lot of fun and have some of the finest hardware and graphics. The lovers of car racing will find the horsepower to make a racer out of you. The fantastic 100 cars will take you through 100 circuits and give you the thrills for a lifetime on the mobile.



NetEnt is a famous game developer creating slot games and table games for a long time now. They have carved a niche for themselves, and a key contributor to their fame has been Starburst. This title is a constant in almost every casino around the world, including You will find the bonus features like expanding wilds and respins. Moreover, there are five rows and ten paylines which pay in both ways. The wilds can help you immensely by falling anywhere to expand and fill the reel, thereby offering a huge payout. These also have free respins to offer. You will be able to activate the free spins three times.


Book of Dead

This is a slot game from Play's GO, and it can pay you a jackpot of 250,000 coins. This said, there is enough excitement for you as you join the archaeologist down the pyramids. The game will allow you to win free spins and retrigger the same too. There are wilds to give you a maximum win of 5000 times of your bet. In the free spins feature, you can expect 2x to 200x your total bets. When you enter a special chamber, you will get 10 free spins. You will also get to retrigger the infinite number of free spins. It makes the game a long-term title.


These are some of the best titles. However, these do not end here. The list of the best and the most popular range of games is on the rise even as we write. What makes the game more fabulous and ranks at the top are plenty of cool features. The games run smoothly on Android's latest phones. These days, some phones allow for 4K HD and UHD visuals.


This has even challenged the latest game developers who are doing their best at creating newer titles. You will find more titles in the casinos across the other categories and this is just the beginning. Visit the most reliable casinos like Netbet and browse through their games category. Many of the casinos have their downloadable apps too that you may find in the Google Play store to allow the Android players.

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