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Without a doubt mobile certainly holds the top spot as the most played gaming platform in the world with users ranging from youngsters all the way to those in their old age and has only continued to change with a wider demographic and larger audience than ever before too. Also, with a huge diversity in gaming from simple titles through to big familiar titles in growing markets like gambling with themed titles on Videoslots for example - but what has led to the growth, and why does mobile gaming seem set on a trajectory to take over gaming as a whole?


Accessibility has been a key component - Much like the era of handheld gaming devices that came in much cheaper and allowed players to play on the go, mobile gaming has done very much the same - with a smartphone in the pocket of everyone it has allowed a much wider audience to gain access to different gaming platforms and for many has been the reason why mobile gaming will replace other platforms. Typically, the titles have no cost and instead rely on microtransactions or in-app payments and has been another reason for growth over the cost of the big triple A titles that factor into big, dedicated platforms.


Changing attitudes have been just as impactful - Whilst once reserved for a more niche audience as games had typically been aimed at a younger male audience, the emergence in popular culture and the growth of bigger platforms like YouTube and Twitch have certainly helped changed the wider audiences attitude toward gaming and has quickly helped it grow in popularity - it has now been suggested that the primary audience for mobile gaming has changed to become typically women over the age of 34, a huge swing from the previous example of young teen males.


Why Mobile Gaming Continues to Take Over


Emerging tech provides more exciting opportunity too - With newer options in extended reality with both virtual and augmented, more exciting opportunities will present themselves - this is something that had already been seen back in 2016 with the widespread success of Pokémon GO introducing many to augmented reality but will likely be the first of many big pushes forward for new gaming options, and as devices evolve to better support big titles too, will be a continued area of interest.


With other big changes around the corner like 5G and other hardware opportunities that may lead to devices becoming much more powerful and flexible in what they offer, it's still relatively early doors for mobile gaming as a whole, and there will be plenty of changes to come to provide greater options not only for the existing markets, but also for the newer gaming markets that have yet to find growth just yet.

Video Slots vs Fruit Machines: Which is the best?


The classic fruit machine, they can still be found in most pubs around the UK. A fun and harmless playing experience on your night down at the pub. Despite being well known, they seem to be disappearing and harder to come across now. This is all because of video slots. The striking graphics and intense games have propelled video slots to the top of the leaderboard for popularity - try and play Monkey slot game.


The accessibility and potential means they are able to offer a more enticing experience. However, many players would be sad to see fruit machines disappear entirely. Therefore, what exactly are the pros and cons of these two game types and ultimately, which one is the best?


What is the Difference?

Below we have constructed a table on the key differences between video slots and fruit machines. This will give you a better idea of which one you might prefer to play.




Simply put, they are an updated type of fruit machine

Technology advanced rapidly, and so the potential for expanding what was possible with games did as well

Elaborate gameplay and vastly different styles of video slots, meant that their popularity grew significantly in a very short space of time

Then, as the dawn of the internet age began, these video slots began to move to online casinos

Since this, they have become the most popular online game played across the UK by iGamers such as yourself.

Usually found in pubs, bars and now online casinos

Players spin a reel and excitedly attempt to strike a winning combination of items

A winning combination generally would consist, as the name suggests, of fruit icons

The classic icons were things such as lemons, grapes, watermelons and oranges

Newer icons have come in now though such as kiwis and strawberries

Because of these fruity items, fruit machines are generally very colourful and exciting to look at and enjoy

Fruit machines began in America, as a way to get around the new gambling restrictions put in place

Once gambling was then legalised, fruit machines popularity had risen by so much, that companies created it into the monetary game we are familiar with today.


The Main Advantages of Video Slots

Clearly then, the age of video slots is very much already here and it is planning on staying. While fruit machines can offer a retro gaming experience and a few hours of fun, the potential of video slots is too much for them to truly compete with. We have a made a concise list of some key advantages to video slots, over that of fruit machines.

  1. Bonus features are unparalleled compared to fruit machines
  2. Themes and game styles are more fanciful and exciting
  3. The graphics are far beyond that of fruit machines
  4. Accessibility makes them so much easier to play
  5. Play anytime, anywhere.

The New Age of Video Slots

So it seems clear then, video slots are better. Well, technically yes, they are. Equally however, Fruit machines offer a nostalgic gaming experience, and sometimes that is exactly what you want. The decision is yours to make.

Bingo slot machine games


Most fans of bingo games also love playing slot machines at, and slot fans love a round of bingo! Wouldn't it be fantastic if there was a way to combine our two favorite casino games into one amazing game... maybe we could call it ‘slingo'? Well we've got fantastic news, because it already exists! Read on to find out more about slingo, the bingo-slots collaboration we've all been waiting for!


What are bingo slot machine games and why would I choose one?

Bingo slot machine games, otherwise known as ‘slingo' games, are games usually found at online casinos that combine elements of both slot machines and bingo into one game. If you think about it, slot machines are actually pretty similar to bingo. In bingo you must match up a row of numbers - with slots you need to match a row of symbols. It was only a matter of time until someone invented it. There are multiple reasons why someone might choose to play bingo slot machine games:


- With limited time left in a session, a game of slingo can help you cover both your bingo and slot bets at the same time


- Stay up to date with the most cutting edge games and special offers


- If you love both slots and bingo, it's a no brainer


Slingo is a pretty new phenomena, and you know what that means - new deals! Combining these cutting edge special offers with the fact that you can combine bingo and slots into one package - it's certainly a winner for us!


So how do I play this ‘slingo'?

If you're looking to play bingo slot machine games in 2021, you are likely to struggle to find an online casino that doesn't offer slingo - it's everywhere these days. It can still be a little bit confusing to set up though, so we've broken down the steps you need to take to get your combined bingo-slots experience:


- Step 1: Do a bit of research and find a website offering bingo slots games - don't forget to check for special offers!


- Step 2: You're going to need to sign up to the website - this will work the same as other websites, and will require verification.


- Step 3: Make a deposit, and you should be ready to give slingo a blast!


If you're wondering how the gameplay itself works, it's pretty simple really - instead of matching three symbols, you'll be aiming to match rows of five numbers. Bit different, but more or less the same as the classics.


Slingo - a combination made in heaven

Ultimately, if you're a fan of bingo and slot machines but struggle to choose your favorite, bingo slot machines are likely to be your new favorite! It's a pretty new game, and this means there's plenty of innovation, development and special offers going on. Get in there early - slingo could just be the next big thing!

Weapons Mods for Minecraft PE 1.17 and 1.17.0


Would you like to use an interesting new weapon in the Minecraft world instead of the usual one? If so, and you would like to try something new, then the new weapon mod is what you need! We present you new weapon mods for Minecraft PE 1.17 and 1.17.0. These mods are available to all users of Android operating systems. With new mods, players can use different types of firearms such as pistols, assault rifles, machine guns, sniper rifles, grenades, and many others. Let's take a closer look at the possibilities that a weapon mod provides in the Minecraft world.


New mods for Minecraft PE 1.17.0 and 1.17 allow players to add a large number of different additions to the Minecraft world from the latest updates. Please note that players can pick up any weapon, both melee and ranged, as well as firearms, edged weapons, grenades, music, and much more. With these additions, players can greatly diversify their world and provide themselves with all the necessary weapons that allow them to make battles against other players more epic and fun.


The first mod is called DesnoGuns.


This mod adds a large number of different weapons with different unique features to your Minecraft world. Also, players can use different grenades, including smoke grenades, the main feature of which is the ability to blind opponents, which can give you more advantages in battles. Please note that some types of weapons have the ability to knock back opponents after being hit. Each specific weapon type has its own knockback rate.


All new types of weapons players can use during survival, which means that you can craft them.


The crafting process consists of several stages:

  1. At the first stage, the player needs to create a magazine with cartridges;
  2. In the next step, players need to create a clip using iron ingots;
  3. The last stage is combining all the components of the weapon with iron ingots and red dust.

Attention, we draw your attention to the fact that several types of rifles have laser sights and the ability to zoom in on the target!


The next mod adds musical weapons to the Minecraft world!


This mod adds a new unique one to your Minecraft world, which has a modern look and good power indicators. A feature of this weapon is the ability to emit sound waves that can cause very large damage to the enemy and can also destroy other blocks.


The unique weapon mechanism can be useful in different adventures in the Minecraft world. While musical shots will kill enemies, players will listen to pleasant melodies. Deadly and pleasant at the same time!


Another mod that adds a large number of firearms.


This add-on adds a large number of different rifles, grenades, and even ammunition. This mod allows players to create their own world using a military theme in the style of Counter-Strike or Call of Duty! Create your world and your rules with new firearms. This weapon also allows players to create a large battlefield and fight with their friends using different structures and locations.


Players have the opportunity to use over twenty different rifles, grenades, rockets, and much more. This weapon allows players to destroy not only their rivals but also all living things that will be in their path.


A feature of this add-on is its realism since the player needs to reload his weapon with cartridges every time, as well as good detail and graphics of different types of weapons.


You can find the best weapon add-ons here:

Best Games for Casual Gaming on Mobile


The term "casual games" is associated with a large and growing segment of the video game industry. Casual games tend to be those with simple gameplay, attractive design, and a very short learning curve so that users can learn and enjoy them in a matter of minutes. The goal of casual games is to reach the broadest possible audience, especially consumers who do not fit the traditional "gamer" profile.


Why Create Casual Games?

The casual gaming segment has seen explosive growth in recent years. Creating casual games has become an attractive and profitable option for many people. These are some of the main factors that influence their development. It is unnecessary to license expensive SDKs or graphics engines to create casual games. Indeed, it makes things easier to have some tools. On some platforms (e.g., iOS), pay an annual fee to be in their Developer Program and publish games in their app store. Still, these costs are meager compared to the cost of tools and memberships required to create console or personal computer games.


Two Dots

Two Dots is a very addictive and entertaining casual game. Also, you can download it for free to your Android mobile. The main goal is to connect the dots of the same color to overcome the 2875 levels proposed by the game.


Jackpot Party Slots

This game has 70 WMS and Bally games for the different slot machines. Among the games offered are Zeus II, Super Monopoly Slots, I Love Lucy, Reel Rich Devil, Dean Martin's Wild Party. It also provides online casino tournaments like Blackjack, Bingo, and Keno. You may find no difference between skill-based slot games and traditional machines.


Super Mario run

Three years after its launch, Super Mario Run continues to be the game that does the best by reviving the essence of the original Super Mario on our Android phones. The concept is the same: complete the different levels by overcoming obstacles and killing enemies or enjoying the different mini-games you can play during the trial period.


The Battle of Polytopia

There are a few games that combine strategy with the casual format. In this turn-based battle title, you must choose a tribe and fight enemies while discovering new lands and learning how to use new equipment. Best of all, this title is part of casual games that do not require Internet, so you can play it offline while traveling or in areas with inadequate coverage.


Smash hit

Years later, this classic of casual games for Android continues to deserve a top position on our list. In Smash Hit, you must touch the screen to destroy the obstacles and advance as far as possible. It seems easy, but it will be increasingly difficult to destroy all the crystals as you go forward.



Another excellent casual game that you can download for free is Transmission. You have to create increasingly complex transmission networks by connecting transmitters and receivers. The game has 70 levels in 7 different worlds, designed with care and a minimalist aesthetic.


The Battle Cats

For some strange reason, in this game, you control a horde of armed cats with which you must kill the enemies that come your way. You have to tap on the cat you want to use for the attack.



The classic chess, taken to a new level with this free casual game that, in the words of its creators, makes chess fun even if you are bad at playing.


Pixel. Fun2

Suppose you like to draw, Pixel. Fun2 is one of the most enjoyable games that you can play on your mobile to have a quiet and calm time. You have to click on the numbers, select the corresponding colors, and color each of the elements that appear on the screen. It is one of the best games for children out there, do not doubt it.


Monopoly Bingo!

You can play this game with various bingo cards and use their controls to mark the numbers. You can also use the buttons to arrange the numbers for free or get more money. You can visit every part of the city, like Mediterranean Avenue, Connecticut Avenue, and New York Avenue.


Idle slayer

If you are up to a little more action in your spare time, Idle Slayer may be the perfect game for you. You will complete levels as you kill the enemies that will stand in your way. Best of all, you can play both with the mobile landscape and vertically.


Tank hero

This game is so good, and you can even play it for free. Tank Hero is a casual multiplayer war game that puts you in control of a tank armed to the teeth, with over 100 different abilities to choose from and simple and intuitive controls. You can fight against AI or other players from all over the world.


Roulette Royale, Casino Roulette

This game represents a simulator of European and American roulettes. It has robot players to give the feeling of an online multiplayer. It allows you to monitor personal and friend statistics, buy virtual objects and fight to appear in the world rankings. French rules (La Partage and En Prison) and announced bets (Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre) will also be a part of it very soon.


Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey

You could not miss one of our free mobile game sagas like this one. The two titles in the Alto series invite you to a peaceful world. You will accompany the protagonist of this story, sliding down the mountain on your skis.


Dumb Ways to Die

It has been one of the best casual games for Android for years, and it is no wonder. In this game, you will have to complete each of the proposed levels, avoiding dying in the most absurd ways you can imagine.

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