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Top 3 Slots To Play On Your Mobile Phone


Online casinos have been around for quite some time now, but the latest trend people are into is gambling on their mobile phones. There are various reasons for this, but the most important ones are convenience, comfort, exclusive offers for mobile users.


Online gambling is not permitted in every US state, but there are plenty of places where online casino enthusiasts can play their favorite games. One of those states is Pennsylvania. If you are a citizen of this beautiful state and you like to gamble on your mobile phone, make sure to consider PA online casino bonus codes. Sure, mobile casinos are convenient, but do games feel the same on a desktop computer and on a small screen? Truth be told, a lot of games are not optimized for smartphones, but some of them are.


Here are the 3 best slot games you can play on your mobile phone.


Gonzo's Quest

A lot of casino games don't work well when played on a mobile phone, especially if your phone is working slow or is lagging. However, there are some games that definitely pass the test like Gonzo's Quest. This slot game offers fun gameplay, decent graphics, and, most importantly, plenty of exciting prizes. If you're looking for a fun adventure and a chance to win money, Gonzo's Quest might be the perfect game for you.


Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

If you're searching for a good-looking slot game that offers a lot of fun options, look no further. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde has the features we just mentioned and the best thing about it is that it is free to play. The graphics are wonderful and authentic, but the most important thing is that the game works smoothly on a mobile phone. If you are a fan of the dark and mysterious ambient, this slot game will definitely provide you with the thrills you seek.



This is, without question, one of the most popular slot games in the United States. It simply made sense to the creators to optimize it for smaller screens. The Starburst offers players generous login bonuses and plenty of exciting features. If you are a slot enthusiast, you simply have to try this game. Starburst will offer you a smooth gaming experience and a very simple user interface. In other words, you won't have to adjust to the game. Just make a profile and enjoy a wonderful casino adventure on your mobile phone.

Are live dealer casino games available to play for free?


As the internet boom happened in the mid-1990s, traditional casinos started to transition online, and many people were worried that the slow decline would turn into a plummet. After all, wouldn't gamblers lose the unique atmosphere and excitement of physical casinos if they were just playing from their own homes?


However, as it turned out, it went completely the other way. The people that predicted online casinos to fail could not have been more wrong. The online gambling industry is a multi-billion pound industry and millions of people play online, not just in the UK, but all over the world - visit


How live casinos are filling the gap in the market

Firstly, before we start, we need to establish exactly what it is we're talking about. Just what is a live casino?


In short, live casinos simply offer the opportunity to play your favourite casino games with real "human" dealers instead of having a computer chip to the interacting with you. These real human dealers are in special studios with video cameras, and the game is broadcast out to whoever is involved remotely.


You can interact with the dealer and even the other gamblers by using the chat function. It has all the benefits of a traditional casino, but all the comfort of you being on your sofa at home.


Are live casinos and online casinos the same thing?

Although similar, live casinos and online casinos are not interchangeable. If you're playing via a live casino, you're participating remotely, interacting with real people.


However, playing on an online casino is simply playing on a computer game, controlled by a computer chip. If you roll the dice playing on an online casino, it's determined by a random number generator (RNG). Crucially though, if you're playing via a live casino, the dealer will physically roll the dice.


Live casinos could be the stop gap before VR takes over

As you'll undoubtedly know, games designers and software producers are pushing the line all the time. Online betting games are improving all the time, and the UX (user experience) is staggering.


This digital evolution means that all the benefits of traditional casinos can be simulated from your mobile device. Live casinos are essentially plugging the gap between being in a physical casino, and total VR immersion. You're playing from the comfort of your home, but interacting with humans using cameras.


Are live casinos free to use?

Although many people enjoy playing online casino games in free demo mode, you won't be able to play live casino games for free.


The main reason for this is because live dealer games are quite expensive for the casinos to run. They have to supply the equipment to broadcast the game, and then pay the dealer a salary to oversee the game.


If you want to give live casino games a try, you will have to place real-money bets. This then helps the casino cover the cost of running the games.


If it's free demo games you're looking for, any online casino will offer you the chance to play slots games and table games without spending money. However, they won't be live games run by a human dealer.

Slot machines


Slot machines provide tons of opportunities to make some cash. There are free spins, multipliers and all sorts of other features that can result in your original stake gradually being increased.


However, the best way to make money from has to be the main jackpot - sometimes this can be absolutely massive! However, this begs the question - how often do slot machines pay the jackpot and how long should you wait? This is a great question, and we've got answers - read on to find out more! We will be looking at:


- How does the jackpot payout rate differs between slots
- Volatility
- RTP%


Understanding RTP

Whilst slot machine games are completely based on chance, we can still pick slot games that statistically payout the jackpot more frequently. The best way to figure this out is to consider the RTP%. You might see a slot that claims to have a 97% RTP, so what does this mean exactly? Well, it means that on average, a slot will return around 97% of a player's cash, but the keyword here is average. Generally, this average is determined based on 10,000 spins, meaning that within those spins a player will experience a variety of both highs and lows. So, essentially the average slot machine will output its jackpot once every 10,000 spins or so, but this still very much depends on the specific slot machine. It also completely depends on chance and slots are not subject to these strict rules. Depending on the luck of the RNG, you could hit the jackpot:


- Once every 5,000 spins
- Once ever 20,000 spins
- Or even twice in a row!


Understanding Volatility

Volatility is a term that essentially describes how predictable a slot machine is. Some slots are highly volatile because they provide a massive amount of symbols, reels and paylines. However, other slots are simple and only have three reels and one payline - this would mean the slot is not very volatile. These classic slots are a great example of games that will pay the maximum jackpot roughly once ever 10,000 spins, but this is not to say that you can't win the jackpot sooner! On the other hand, high-volatility slots such as progressive slots will not necessarily follow this statistic. It is more likely that these slots will pay out some form of jackpot within the same amount of time, but this doesn't mean it is the maximum jackpot. This is since the high volatility directly correlates with the variety of chances you have of winning. Therefore, the jackpot that is triggered within those 10,000 spins could be the minimum jackpot as opposed to the max.



Overall, there is no strict rule as to how often a slot machine pays the jackpot. On average it is roughly every 10,000 spins, but you could be much luckier (or less lucky) than this. There's no point in trying to guess - simply make use of the RTP% and understand volatility as much as possible. This way you can make educated predictions based on when a slot will payout!

The latest and greatest Slots titles


What's new in the world of Slots? This is the question on everyone's lips as they log on to play video slots. With so many titles on offer, it can be hard to keep up with what's hot and fresh on the Slots scene. Here's where we come in! Read on as we take you on a guided tour through the gaming archives and pull out some of the latest titles just waiting to be taken for a spin.


Neon Links

Filled with the brightest colours, as the name suggests, the action plays out across five reels and 10 paylines when you take a spin with this game. The maximum win on offer with this slot is 1050x your bet, with Vegas-style graphics and free spins features hidden around every corner.


The symbols are the key to winning big in this game, as is the case with the majority of Slots out there. For the highest possible payout, look out for the lucky seven icon, closely followed by the bell, horseshoe, grapes and cherries. Representing the lower-value symbols, you'll also find a wide range of playing card icons such as the spade, heart, diamond and club. The symbols can appear in two forms - in a regular colour scheme or in a lit-up neon hue. The latter version dishes out bigger prizes, boosting any active paylines along the way. Lastly, for the scatter, and to be granted access into the Vegas Spins bonus round, keep an eye out for Vegas-inspired symbol. Land two of these scatters on the first and fifth reels and you'll be rewarded a whopping ten free spins.


Fruit Party 2

Wanting to stand out amongst the crowd, this slot plays out across seven reels and rows, set within a vibrant grid. In order to generate a win, you'll need to roll in clusters of 5 or more matching symbols - the more matches, the better. The minimum stake in this game is just 0.20 credits, which makes it accessible for almost any player's budget. Spin the reels right and you could end up with the top prize of up to 5,000x your total stake.


Colourful fruit fill the reels, set on a backdrop of green fields and with a quaint village scene. Heart and star symbols join the vibrant range of icons, such as plums, apples, grapes and oranges. If you're looking to bag the big bucks, then the strawberry is your best base game bet. Land a cluster of 15 or more strawberries within the grid, and you could walk away with a tasty payout of 150x your bet. The wild symbol is represented by the letter W, often with a multiplier attached. This can range anywhere from 2x to 256x, all depending on how many appear and reappear on the reels, and within each cluster. The golden fruit symbol acts as the scatter, granting access to the boost and free spins at any moment during gameplay. From 3 to 7 golden fruit scatters on a single spin, there's a maximum 100x your stake on offer, as well as a wide range of free spins.


Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.

Click HERE for more info.

Online Slots Explained - Simple and Fun


When it comes to ease of playing and huge prizes, nothing can beat the thrill of a good slot game. However, although they are so prevalent at online casinos like Thailand Online Casino, where they appear by the hundreds, a surprising number of people are still completely clueless about how they work. And more importantly, what makes them pay out.


If you're in the group that still believe wild myths and have a ton of superstitions surround slot games. The following might clear things up a little. After all, knowledge about how these games work may help you make better choices when deciding what to play.


The Mechanics of a Slot Game

These days, there are really no physical mechanisms that determine the outcome of your spin. Unlike the original machines that had three actual drums that had to line up in the winning combination for you to get a prize. The slot games of today It's all software based, so it's a computer program that provides the result of each spin.


Of course, this also means that providers can take as many liberties as they like with the design of the game and the features they include. However, most games still follow the basic gameplay that slots players love. So, you don't need to worry about complex rules and features that you don't understand. Most follow the familiar patterns but have different themes and slightly different bonuses and features. Nothing too "out there" that the average user wouldn't quickly grasp.


Are They Truly Random?

So, the thing to understand that busts basically every slot machine myth or superstition is that these games are in fact completely random. Whether you win or lose is all up to the software mentioned above, which is called a Random Number Generator. Basically the sole function of a RNG is to provide millions of possible outcomes every time you spin the reels, and the very last one that runs through the software at the stop of the spin is the result that comes up on your screen.


This is not controlled in any way by the casino or the slot game developer. When the RNG gives you a winning combination, you get the corresponding payout. That's it.


How Payouts are Determined

Now that you understand how the results are calculated, the next step is learning how the game pays out. Basically, the amount of your payout is calculated based on how many lines you play for that spin and what the corresponding win to that wager is. For example, if you're playing a progressive, you must check to ensure you're making enough of a wager (lines and credits) to have the potential to hit the main jackpot.


The size of the jackpots is determined by how much money goes into the game. Which is why you'll often see the most popular progressive slots boasting millions of dollars in prize money. From this the casino takes a percentage of under 5% and the rest goes back to winning players.

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