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The advent of mobile gambling has propelled the industry forward, and it is still regarded as one of its most important milestones. Playing casino games on a smartphone is easier than ever, as the latest devices are powerful enough to run even the most demanding slots. Modern casinos, such as the one reviewed at feature, almost exclusively mobile-friendly games. The only significant decision to be made is whether to play in a browser or download a dedicated app. As the mobile gaming revolution goes to the next step, Instant and Progressive Web Apps come into play.

The Mobile Gambling Story so Far

Convenience is one of the main strengths of online casinos and the quality they are keen to build on. This explains why instant play casinos using Flash and HTML 5 technology are so popular among recreational punters. They are granted access to a wide selection of games that includes all popular genres, such as slots, table games, video pokers, and instant win games. Live dealer games are also supplied, and there are no compatibility issues since instant play games can be enjoyed on all operating systems.

The advantage of choosing an instant play casino is that one doesn't have to download third-party software on their device of choice. There are few shortcomings, but the fact that it takes longer to find the game and the need to log in each time can be a bit frustrating. When playing casino games on their smartphones and tablets, they can run slightly slower in instant play mode.

A mobile casino app grants players one-tap access to an entire portfolio of games that run smoothly, even on older smartphones. There's no need to login, and navigation is a breeze, while players can also tap into the generous offers that casinos have prepared for mobile gamblers. On the flip side, not all the games available in instant play format can be enjoyed through the app, so players might have to sacrifice variety. Then there's also the issue of downloading an app that takes space and requires more processing power.

Gear Up for the Arrival of Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps are supposed to represent the next important milestone in the mobile gambling revolution. These modern apps have all the advantages of their classic counterparts, without requiring players to complete the installation process. The name is self-explanatory, and these instant apps grant immediate access to the games while delivering the same great graphics and immersive experience.

Smartphone owners whose devices are running on Android 6.0 or above can take advantage of the instant apps. By accessing the phone's settings and enabling the feature, when supported, players can launch instant apps and take mobile gaming to the next level. At the time of writing, only a fraction of the apps available are instant, but those who are available in this format will have the word "Instant" written next to them. They load up quickly and can be used in the same way as any classic Android application.

Embrace the Change of Progressive Web Apps

Software developers know that even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you sit there. Progressive web apps are the natural evolutionary link, building on the current web capabilities of mobile apps to deliver a better experience. They empower users to take advantage of native and web app features, share them via a link, and they are fully integrated with the operating systems. The result is a seamless user experience while being reliable and immune to volatile network conditions. Last, but definitely not least, Progressive Web Apps allow users to install a native application that also works offline.


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Over the last decade, mobile gaming has become a massive industry. That growth has been driven by powerful smartphones that can deliver console-like gaming quality. Developers have benefitted from the improved standard of mobile gaming and now provide games on mobile devices that are equal to their PC alternatives.


Some of the best gaming smartphones can provide an excellent platform for online casinos. Most of the major casino players now have mobile apps and you can check out the full list of casinos here. In the list below, we have detailed the top 3 gaming smartphones right now. 

Note: It's important to know that as smartphone gaming becomes more popular, there are some devices arriving that are designed specifically for gaming.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Despite those gaming-specific handsets, it's still the iPhone 11 Pro Max that is probably the best gaming smartphone available. Apple's latest flagship device has a massive 6.5-inch screen that gives you lots of room for online gaming. Interestingly, despite the huge display, the phone is relatively compact. 

As always, Apple's screen technology is sharp and colorful (but not best in class), giving you rich visuals when gaming. However, it's the A13 Bionic CPU that makes the iPhone 11 Pro Max stand out as a gaming smartphone. 

This is the fastest mobile chip currently available. Thanks to Apple's stellar software optimization, the processor allows buttery smooth performance when playing on online titles. This phone is fast, has an excellent screen, and even looks and feels premium. 


The Asus ROG Phone 2 remains something of a curiosity. This is a true gaming phone that was designed to be a leader in smartphone gaming. To prove the point, Asus even designed the device to remind users of a gaming PC. As aggressive as the styling is the ROG Phone 2 lives up to its billing as a gaming device. 

Not least because it has a massive 6,000mAh battery that will let you play online games for hours. This is also one of the few smartphones with a 120Hz screen, and it's big too at 6.59-inches. 

Asus has really crammed market-leading specs into the ROG Phone 2, including a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 CPU and a massive 12GB of RAM. The result is a phone that is designed for gaming and loves gaming. 

OnePlus 7 Pro

Perhaps the best thing about the OnePlus 7 Pro as a gaming smartphone is it cuts a nice balance between the iPhone and ROG 2. The OnePlus is elegant and flagship like the iPhone, but significantly cheaper. It also has the gaming chops to compete with the ROG Phone 2 thanks to its Snapdragon 855 and up to 12GB of RAM. 

OnePlus is also one of the best companies at working with Android. Google's platform is the least boggy on OnePlus devices, allowing for smoother performance. At 6.67-inches, the screen is suitably huge for gaming sessions and delivers QHD technology for optimum visuals. With a 4,000mAh battery onboard and sleek looks, the OnePlus 7 Pro is an all-round winner.



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In the new decade, iGaming is expected to grow despite its legally grey status in many jurisdictions. According to the Superdata industry report, throughout 2019, free mobile games alone collected $87.1 billion, achieving a 6% yearly growth. Many of these games include iGaming titles, such as free casino slots, as well as legal gambling in countries that allow it within their borders.

The iGaming has been growing since the early 2000s when game developers and casinos started experimenting with applications and simplified versions of popular table games like poker. Today, mobile apps are surpassing PCs and consoles in player base and revenue, urging new companies to join the market and push technology further.  

Let's explore these trends in more detail.

Mobile Gaming Rise

According to the Superdata report, mobile digital games now account for 60% of global gaming revenues ($64.4 billion), followed by PC ($29.6 billion) and Console ($15.4 billion) markets. In comparison, only the casino gambling market earner more than $41.7 billion, not considering other gambling sectors. As most populations gain easy access to mobile devices everywhere in the world, the share of mobile games is only expected to grow.


Virtual and Augmented reality gaming isn't exclusive to desktops and consoles anymore. Companies such as Oculus, Samsung, Sony, and others are introducing Virtual Reality headsets that plug into mobile phones and work with native applications. Even the latest technological advances get more exposure, reach, and market penetration by catering to mobile gamers.

There is a complicated debate about where «gaming» ends and «gambling» begins with such apps. Different countries have their responses to this question. Regulatory barriers restrict games that enable real money wagers and classify them under Gambling laws. However, some countries go further than others. Practices such as random rewards, loot boxes, micro-payments, etc. - all of these can fall on either side of the law.

In the United Kingdom, the Gambling Commission regulates explicitly only titles with «prizes that are money or money's worth. » If a social casino or mobile slot game uses a virtual currency, it doesn't count as gambling - which is the same approach most state legislators in the United States go with. This legally narrow definition restricts iGaming and online betting, creating a market that blurs the line whenever it can afford to do so.

It makes it challenging to separate iGaming from free-to-play mobile games - in the eyes of many lawmakers, a «social casino» with virtual bets is no different from a title like Fortnite. In the massive growth of the mobile app market, there is no exact distinction between iGaming titles such as slot machines and poker or idle games, RPGs, arcade games, and so on.


Convenient Content


Expectations for iGaming keep growing much more rapidly than most other markets. While traditional slot machines could please casino goers for decades, it took online markets several years to move past that into arcade-like games. Nowadays, they begin licensing games after famous movies and TV shows and generally develop more player-centric experiences. This trend is called Gamification, and it includes:

  • Level systems. Giving players a way to raise their profile with in-game challenges.

  • Achievements. Rewards and badges tied to specific activities.

  • Leaderboards. Tallying user scores and rewarding top players.

  • Tournaments. Organized events, whether by organizations or players themselves.


These can also be rewards for continual play, logging in, solving puzzles, etc. Mechanics usually tie into each other and exist in real money casino games as well as regular Free-to-Play titles, further blurring regulatory lines.

Traditional reel-spinning has been substituted for games with stories and improved graphics. Regular Vegas-style video slots have been reworked into Bejeweled-style cascading symbols and arcade mechanics. Skill plays a factor in bonus games and regular play, changing the way players used to think about casino machines and table games of the past. 


Free-to-play mobile games can be downloaded and played for free, with certain bonus features or cosmetics locked behind a virtual currency. They often include «ad walls» - having players watch advertisements that can be skipped by paying a subscription or single fee. Sometimes ads are tied to virtual currency, and other times they gate parts of the game or show up at random intervals.

Such titles are so popular with developers that they make up 94% of all mobile games on the market. The 6% yearly growth of the market suggests this trend will only continue into the next decade, with future non-gaming applications and games everywhere adopting this advertisement-powered business model.


In mobile casino applications, these are free slot games with no download no registration in instant play. They always include free spins, play with no deposit, come with bonus features, and no sign-up and email requirement. New video slots, Vegas slots, and fruit machines can be played now with jackpots. It's impossible to win real money or prizes in free for fun games, but top Google Play applications in the UK, Ireland, and France allow gambling for real money.

Following Trends

The iGaming trends going into the 2020s look as follows:

  • Catching up regulations. This trend is controversial with industry analysts. Some claim regulations will become more streamlined as governments worldwide learn to understand and accept mobile gaming. Others expect it to become more challenging to create new games and push them on the market once laws in different jurisdictions become harsher. Either way, the market will see many rounds of changing legislations before it settles on a single gold standard of where the «gambling» line is drawn.

  • Technology penetration. VR games, Live Casino applications, and arcade skill-based slots have already been created. The 2010s were all about innovation, while the 2020s will be about penetration and acceptance. New types of games and ways to experience them will become widely available on the markets, with VR headsets getting cheaper and skill-based slots becoming prominent. As the market grows, so will the number of licenses and cross-platform compatibility. The iGaming will consolidate in a way, with players only using a few top platforms.

  • Blockchain & Cryptocurrency support. Online casinos already accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies - the 2020s will expand this trend into mobile markets. As Blockchain technology spreads, so rewards and Smart Contracts will be based on it. Casinos, developers, as well as organizations, will create their tokens and reward systems based on Blockchain technology, potentially exchanging them for real money through emerging mobile wallets and automatic conversions. This process will also depend on cryptocurrency regulations in various countries and can be sped up or hindered depending on decisions made by lawmakers.

  • Continued growth. All of the above trends, as well as industry statistics, support projections between 5-10% yearly growth for the iGaming and mobile games industry. Even if new regulatory barriers are erected, the global nature of mobile applications makes it difficult to implement it at this time.

Privacy & Safety

Online and mobile security is continually improving due to the standardization of technology and the use of licensed software. Developers can now white-label solutions from top security companies instead of developing their own, making apps safer. Moreover, games cannot be put on a digital storefront without adhering to modern security standards.

Google and Apple enforce such standards on their stores - they safeguard credit card information and personal data from third parties. Mobile games have less complexity in development than PC video games, making them inherently easier to secure on the user and developer ends.

These Privacy & Safety improvements also benefit from Blockchain technology and overall lead to a more predictable market for gamers and companies alike.


The history of slot machines is quite long. After all, the first slot machines were developed in the late 19th century, and their early days were quite colorful. For a long time, mechanical units were the only representatives of slot machines and from that time the name of the slot machine became popular. In the older variants of slot machines the reels had pictures of fruits, nowadays online slots have different topics and looks. Here you can find famous movies like Game of Thrones or Hotline, as well as Christmas ideas and mythology. The USA are considered to be the home of slot machines but we are going to talk about slots in Finland - The best examples of this famous casino game you can find at, as we follow the providers and try to review only the best examples of slots for our users.


In Finnish slot machines as the beloved child have many - slotti, kolikkopelit, hedelmäpeli, peliautomaatti. This type of casino game is by far the most popular on the market today, and the current games in terms of spectacularity and visual appeal are truly perfect. Casino Games providers now produce the high quality games and slots, so the gambling market is full and the casinos are promoting the best variants slots for the users to enjoy their time and winnings. Slot machines in Finland will always retain their status as entertainers at gas stations and shops, their return rates are not enough to convince gambling gamers who want to win something from slot machines.


The latest technological innovations in increasingly sophisticated mobile devices and high-speed data networks have also ensured that slot machines can be played for real money on mobile devices. It goes without saying that mobile devices are running our world. Taking this fact into account different mobile casinos already offer quite a nice selection of slot machines on mobile devices. As most new games are also designed to be mobile-compatible by default, their range is beginning to be almost the same as in the world of regular computers. Slot machines are a great way for many people to break away from the gray of everyday life into their own exciting world, and today gambling lovers are spoiled with many opportunities. The 1980 slot machine has come a long way in today's great offer, and that's a good thing.



There are huge numbers of slot machines at online casinos, and most of them are free to play, without having to deposit any money at all. This type of game is called demo version. It is very useful for those, who just want to try the game. Demo games have the biggest benefit as it is free, but the drawback is that winning real money is impossible.


Playing slots is also easy, the rules or instructions are very similar in many of them, and once you get to the bottom of the idea of ​​slots, you don't have to stumble upon any new game. The victory is mainly based on chance so you can't go too bad. When playing slot machines you do not have to worry about how well you know the symbols or prize categories in the game. Once the game has spun, the whole process is automated and all you have to do is lean back and watch as the coins collapse. Many games can even trigger auto spins, so once you have placed your bet you can really just let the game do its job. Much easier could no longer be done.


Slots are also good for the freshmen in gambling world because they usually start with really small amounts, like 10 or 20 cents. So you really don't have to go bankrupt if you want to play for real money prizes. The winnings increase with the size of the stakes, so you're in control of your own play and decide whether you want to focus more on having fun or really chasing massive jackpots.


Various symbols and functions

Before you start playing the slot you should explore the various symbols and special features that slot machines contain, because the games hide the most fascinating features that ensure that chasing winnings becomes extra exciting.


  • Wild symbols can substitute for almost any other symbol, which again makes it easier to win winning combinations.

  • Expanding wild symbols work just like wild symbols, but they expand up and down to cover the entire reel and thus further increase your chances of winning.

  • Stacked wild symbols stack on a reel, two or more wild symbols stacked on top of each other. Depending on the game, they may be available for all reels or just some of them.

  • Moving Wild Symbols symbols will always give you a repeat round, where the symbol moves from one reel to another. You get so many rounds so that the symbol has finally disappeared completely from the game screen.

  • Random wilds are wilds that may appear on the reels anytime during the game.

  • Scatter symbols give you winnings, the amount of which depends on how much you have wagered on the round. Usually, the payout is released when there are at least three scatters on the screen. Scatterers can also play free spins or bonus games.

  • The giant symbols are, of course, extra-large and cover either two or three boxes in their direction. Of course, they make it easier to complete the payline.

  • The falling symbols fall from the gigs from top to bottom as the previous symbols disappear with the wins. If the symbols are properly aligned, it can create a real payout chain reaction, and the new symbols will only stop falling when no winning combinations are found.

  • The bonus game symbols are not only scatters but also symbols that can be used to access various bonus games. Bonus games usually have some really good prizes in hand, which makes them especially attractive to play.

In all its simplicity, this is how slot machines work. No worries, you really don't have to remember all the different functions and symbol types, as the functions do their job even though you don't know exactly what they are. On the other hand, knowing what the different functions mean will also give you much more to play as you know exactly what's going on on the screen.



There are so many games that you don't have to get stuck playing the same games unless you want to. There are a lot of good games and the topics vary from one side to the other, thus everyone can find something interesting.


In online casino slot games, the bounce rate is also significantly better than in the basic slot machine. The rate of return for each particular game is the same for each casino that offers it, so if you are interested in high return rates, it is worth researching what kind of returns the various games make and then selecting their games from the casino based on it. Otherwise there are no weird candies to choose from, just play what's fun to play! However, this is the main point of the whole thing.



CS:GO is a diverse and very dynamic discipline. Besides breathtaking virtual battles, the game attracts a lot of gambling people. In 2019, esports doesn't differ from classical sports in the betting sphere. And we all know that if you want to make a good bet, you will need to make a good prediction.

As we have noticed, CS:GO is very dynamic. This includes an esports part of the game. There are many variable things, which influence the result of matches and tournaments. We offer to your attention a small guide about how to make CS:GO predictions.

Cold heart, bright mind

Despite it's trivial and not new, but it's worth noticing. A prediction on a match should be made emotionless. Especially this rule is about matches, in which your favorite team plays. All predictions should be made, using a dry analysis and nothing more. The desire «to root» for a team or «support» it often leads to low-quality predictions.

Statistics is the head

The main friend and ally, while making a prediction, is a statistic data. You can learn teams in detail with the help of popular among the CS community websites like HLTV, Liquidpedia, and others. You can find the main aspects, which will help to make predictions, on such resources:

  • Rosters of teams

  • A status of a tournament

  • A number of maps

  • A map pool


It's pointless to name all factors because it will take too many pages. It's more simple to focus on the main ones.

Rosters of teams

Probably, the key aspect when you make any predictions. The «roster» of a team means replacements, a number of played matches with the same five, a coach, a psychologist, a quality of management and others. A bright example of how the synergy between players can make results is Astralis. The team has been playing with the same roster for more than a year (not considering the urgent replacements due to health issues) and showing the highest results at a championship.

A status of a tournament

Whoever says but the status of a championship makes a direct impact on a result of one or other teams. The top teams of the CS:GO scene fight for the title of the world champion and often neglect other less important tournaments. This is a pretty widespread phenomenon among the extra-class teams. So the status of a tournament is very important to make a precise prediction. For example, it's more possible that Liquid will be playing focused and seriously in playoffs of a championship by ESL than at the beginning of a regular ECS season.

Status and the importance of a tournament are a very underestimated factor, which many people don't consider when they make predictions. We recommend paying attention to it to not make unpleasant mistakes.

A map pool and a number of maps in a match




A map pool plays an important role in CS:GO. Despite this factor becomes unimportant in the modern competitive CS:GO but almost all teams still have a signature map in their store. For example, it's Nuke for Astralis, Inferno for BiG, Train and Mirage for Na'Vi.

The second factor, which comes out from the first one, is a number of maps in a match. Everything is obvious here. BO1 matches always include a piece of unpredictability and random. With regard to BO3 and even BO5, top teams show way more stable results in these matches.

A number of tournaments played recently

Another interesting aspect, which will help to make a prediction on a match. It often happens in CS:GO that teams have to play literally in the marathon mode. Tournaments may come one after another (it often happens especially at the end of the season, in November-December), due to which a level of performance becomes worse at every next tournament.

Liquid is a good example of over-saturation. The team had a series of 7 won tournaments before The Berlin Major and played pretty mediocre at the world championship. Often flights and consequent jet lags can be added here.


As we have convinced, predictions are a business, which required some preparation, proficiency in the topic and knowledge. We don't advise to make predictions by «pointing fingers», it will not lead to something good. We hope that our small guide was useful and you found something interesting. Make predictions wisely, learn all possible data and make successful bets on CS:GO matches.


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