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CS:GO is a diverse and very dynamic discipline. Besides breathtaking virtual battles, the game attracts a lot of gambling people. In 2019, esports doesn't differ from classical sports in the betting sphere. And we all know that if you want to make a good bet, you will need to make a good prediction.

As we have noticed, CS:GO is very dynamic. This includes an esports part of the game. There are many variable things, which influence the result of matches and tournaments. We offer to your attention a small guide about how to make CS:GO predictions.

Cold heart, bright mind

Despite it's trivial and not new, but it's worth noticing. A prediction on a match should be made emotionless. Especially this rule is about matches, in which your favorite team plays. All predictions should be made, using a dry analysis and nothing more. The desire «to root» for a team or «support» it often leads to low-quality predictions.

Statistics is the head

The main friend and ally, while making a prediction, is a statistic data. You can learn teams in detail with the help of popular among the CS community websites like HLTV, Liquidpedia, and others. You can find the main aspects, which will help to make predictions, on such resources:

  • Rosters of teams

  • A status of a tournament

  • A number of maps

  • A map pool


It's pointless to name all factors because it will take too many pages. It's more simple to focus on the main ones.

Rosters of teams

Probably, the key aspect when you make any predictions. The «roster» of a team means replacements, a number of played matches with the same five, a coach, a psychologist, a quality of management and others. A bright example of how the synergy between players can make results is Astralis. The team has been playing with the same roster for more than a year (not considering the urgent replacements due to health issues) and showing the highest results at a championship.

A status of a tournament

Whoever says but the status of a championship makes a direct impact on a result of one or other teams. The top teams of the CS:GO scene fight for the title of the world champion and often neglect other less important tournaments. This is a pretty widespread phenomenon among the extra-class teams. So the status of a tournament is very important to make a precise prediction. For example, it's more possible that Liquid will be playing focused and seriously in playoffs of a championship by ESL than at the beginning of a regular ECS season.

Status and the importance of a tournament are a very underestimated factor, which many people don't consider when they make predictions. We recommend paying attention to it to not make unpleasant mistakes.

A map pool and a number of maps in a match




A map pool plays an important role in CS:GO. Despite this factor becomes unimportant in the modern competitive CS:GO but almost all teams still have a signature map in their store. For example, it's Nuke for Astralis, Inferno for BiG, Train and Mirage for Na'Vi.

The second factor, which comes out from the first one, is a number of maps in a match. Everything is obvious here. BO1 matches always include a piece of unpredictability and random. With regard to BO3 and even BO5, top teams show way more stable results in these matches.

A number of tournaments played recently

Another interesting aspect, which will help to make a prediction on a match. It often happens in CS:GO that teams have to play literally in the marathon mode. Tournaments may come one after another (it often happens especially at the end of the season, in November-December), due to which a level of performance becomes worse at every next tournament.

Liquid is a good example of over-saturation. The team had a series of 7 won tournaments before The Berlin Major and played pretty mediocre at the world championship. Often flights and consequent jet lags can be added here.


As we have convinced, predictions are a business, which required some preparation, proficiency in the topic and knowledge. We don't advise to make predictions by «pointing fingers», it will not lead to something good. We hope that our small guide was useful and you found something interesting. Make predictions wisely, learn all possible data and make successful bets on CS:GO matches.




Photo: Pxfuel 

Whether you are a seasoned gamer or just starting to dabble in the gamer world, there is little doubt that the right accessories can make a world of difference to your gaming experience. From customizable keyboards and more responsive mice, the market is overflowing with gadgets designed to add a fresh dimension to your game. Here are just a few gadgets to help you level up your gaming experience.

Gaming Mice 

There are three things that make gaming mice different to regular mice: comfort, functionality and customization. While most traditional mice come with optical sensors, most modern gaming mice feature laser sensors, as they are more precise when it comes to physical to cursor movement. As you are likely to be using a mouse for prolonged periods of time, it is crucial that it has a good grip that doesn't fatigue your hand. Some other features to look for include customizable weight and center of balance, as well as additional buttons for the execution of programmable micro-commands. 

Racing Wheels

Specifically designed for racing game enthusiasts, racing wheels simulate the full driving experience. Most racing wheels feature an analog steering wheel, throttle, break controls, as well as on-wheel buttons. Some more advanced gadgets even come with a clutch, pattern shifters and handbrake controls. For an ultra realistic experience, look for racing wheels with force feedback, rather than just vibration, as these offer a greater sense of game immersion.


Audio, including background music and sound effects, can make or break a game. Surround sound speakers capable of picking up even the slightest noise are ideal for creating ambiance and increasing your reaction time. As such, hardcore gamers might wish to invest in a sound system with a subwoofer and two speakers to increase the depth of their gaming experience. 


Headphones are a great gaming accessory if you live with roommates who are not on the same page with you when it comes to the sounds of mortal combat. And with so many headphone options on the market, it is important to prioritize what is most important to your gaming experience. While wireless headphones that connect to your console via Bluetooth are great when it comes to comfort, they tend to experience some audio latency, or delay between what happens on screen and the time the sound associated with that action reaches your ears. Some other things to consider include audio quality, comfort and durability. 


Many gamers swear by their keyboards when it comes to that subtle competitive edge. Many gamers prefer mechanical keyboards, as opposed to membrane ones. The main differences between the two is the feel and sound the keys make to register that they have been pressed. Most regular keyboards use membrane technology, as it allows for a thinner design. While these are great for the office, many gamers like the distinct click sound of a mechanical keyboard-something that a membrane keyboard just doesn't offer. Many gaming keyboards also feature customizable buttons that can be set to execute certain in-game actions and background illumination that divides the keyboard into zones for quick visual reference.





It is unlikely to have never heard of them before, but just in case you have not though, New Zealand Casinos is the most popular resource on the internet for finding updates, limited time bonuses, news and reviews for online casinos in New Zealand.

They provide guidance to the community of New Zealand gambling with best online casinos being reviewed daily on the site. If it has a good score on New Zealand Casinos, it's safe and reliable.


We were surprised to find that New Zealand Casinos actually offers a lot more than the average casino review site in terms of features. The following list should help users understand the kind of pros we are discussing here.

  • Complete, honest reviews with pros and cons

  • An excellent source for news related to the world of internet casinos

  • Exclusively lists casinos that are legal in New Zealand

  • Has separate sections for news, updates and reviews about online casinos from other parts of the world

  • Comprehensive reviews; covers all aspects of online casinos in reviews (deposit methods, withdrawal speeds, support, games, etc.)

  • Also a source for finding out about the latest slot games and other releases

  • Keeps a tab on the entire Kiwi no deposit casino bonus scene, so that subscribers do not miss out on deals

  • Includes embedded links for players to follow them and play only in safe casinos

  • Safe link shortcuts included, have easy to understand, direct names, (craps, poker, blackjack, roulette,  Mega Moolah, etc.)

  • Old reviews are updated as necessary


That's the thing about this review site, there really aren't any cons that we found really! Of course, the sudden change from their original design could have been better announced, but it's still an improvement rather than being a con.

New Zealand Casinos Remains an Essential Online Resource as Always




New Zealand Casinos have long established themselves as the premier online casino review site for internet gaming & gambling establishments operating within the jurisdiction of New Zealand. As a matter of fact, if you are a kiwi who is interested in online casinos, it is very likely that you have visited it already at some point of time or the other, while checking for reviews on Google. Don't be misled by the design change though, it's. a facelift, but at their core, New Zealand Casinos is still the same, reliable, casino review website it always was, but with more features than before.




Among all other nations where online casinos are legal, Sweden enjoys some of the fastest withdrawal speeds. This is true, in spite of the private gambling scene having opened up only recently in the country. Previously, only the state had exclusive rights to operate all gambling related activities in Sweden, but as of January, 2019, the GA has brought in some serious reforms.


Although Sweden’s blooming, online casino market is going through a lot of changes due to these current changes, it’s a pleasant surprise to see that they are already ahead of other nations with more established gambling markets, in terms of withdrawal speeds.

Do All Online Casinos in Sweden Payout So Fast?

The short answer to that question would have to be a no, not all casinos operating in Sweden offer fast withdrawal options. How fast casinos process their withdrawal requests, largely depends on a number of factors, which we are going to discuss next.

Is It Legal?

The most important aspect which should concern Swedish players before choosing an online casino should be their legality. It’s a bit of a confusing scenario really, so go through the following to understand why that can often be a difficult aspect to determine.

  • International casinos marketing to the Swedish players may not always have a Swedish gaming license

  • Any casino that does not have the Swedish gaming license is illegal

  • In spite of being illegal, Swedish players often do not have any means to know that before joining

  • Your bank may not accept any withdrawals from an illegal casino

All Other Factors that Affect a Swedish Casino’s Withdrawal Speeds

As long as the online casino is legal, you will most certainly get your money, but there is no guarantee about the speed. The actual processing speed of withdrawals will depend on the following factors. 

  • Casinos with Bank ID

  • Casinos with quick deposit options like Swish

  • If the casino requires it, providing a reliable source of income will speed up the withdrawal process

How Will You Find Swedish Casinos with Fast Withdrawal Options?

If you don’t want to an infinite amount of time, trying to find legal, well reputed Swedish casinos on the internet, that offer fast withdrawals to their players, Casinopro is your best bet. They have a constantly updating list of legal, fast withdrawal casinos operating in Sweden. learn more by visiting and you likely won’t have to worry about any of these any more.

As already mentioned, it’s easy to lose all your winnings, just because you didn't realize that the casino you were playing at, wasn’t even legal in Sweden! During this confusing time, practice caution and keep the above points in mind to keep your funds and winnings safe.



Sweden has long been one of the more technologically advanced nations in Europe and especially when it comes to app development, plenty of big names such as Red Onion and Oops have made a name for themselves in the tech community. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise to find that people in Sweden spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Stay with us as we take a look at what the Swedish are doing on their smartphones these days and which apps are taking up all their time.






Is there a nation where Netfliix is available and unpopular? Probably not! However, Netflix isn't as popular as a smartphone app in most other nations as it is in Sweden. It looks like the Sweds love their entertainment on the go.


TikTok: Make Your Day




Vine might be dead, but TikTok has replaced it with more success than Vine could ever manage. Alongside a whole long list of other nations, TikTok contnues to be one of the mos popular apps in Sweden as well.


Online Casino Apps




There are a few casino and gambling apps available on the Apple App Store, but a large number of these need to be played directly from their respective websites, which makes it difficult to put an exact rank or number on how much time Swedish smartphone users spend on casino websites and apps. Even then, the fact that Swedish players love trying out their luck a bit on video slots and online card games, is a Beyond doubt because they essentially changed the country's gambling regulations to allow for more private online casinos! As a matter of fact, the unofficial number of online casino players in the country could be right up there with Johnny Trigger. Unfortunately, transactional insecurity and slow, unreliable payment methods have marred the experience to an extent.


That however, shouldn’t be an issue, as long as you play at one of the casinosverige swish casinos. All of the casinos on that list are not just some of the best online gambling establishments in Sweden, but more importantly, they accept Swish, the fastest, most trusted and safest way to make deposits in online Swedish casinos.






It’s hard to deny the appeal of Tinder it seems, irrespective of one’s location. Much of the app’s popularity is owed to the fact that it’s the relationship genie of the app world! Whether one wants a stable relationship or a temporary affair, Tinder can be used in any way that one needs to.




There is no other game or application at the monet currently available in Sweden, which is more popular than Johnny Trigger, an action game with more cartoon violence than Rambo III! The game has only one mission, which is to kill bad guys in copious numbers, but offers a whole range of weapons and innovative methods to get the job done.


It seems games are quite popular in Sweden, which isn’t much of a surprise really. However, we were surprised at not seeing any of the multiplayer shooter titles like PUBG or Fortnite on the top of the list. It was a refreshing change mind you!


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