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2020 has not been a good year for most of us, but never have video games been so important than they have proven themselves during this particular year. After all,  games are what saved a good many of us from being bored to death during the lockdowns!


In fact, for a large majority of people, mobile games were what kept them going during these tough times, in the middle of all the gloom. You will find that some games on this list are yet to be released, but it's quite possible that by the time you get around to reading this, they will already be out and available for download.






Dauntless looks, feels and plays like Monster Hunter: World, but without any semblance of a real story and minus a lot of the complexities from Capcom's release from 2018. You will hunt different types of monsters, upgrade your gear and progress for free to begin with, but the game feels less and less enjoyable with each passing hour unless you start paying. Nevertheless, the MMO is not as pay-to-win as some of its contenders and that's saying a lot for any FTP game that looks, feels and plays this well.


The MMO is available right now on all major platforms, including the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS and Android as an online only action-MMO. As you can probably guess, how good the free-to-play Monster hunter clone will look, depends largely on your mobile device. Expect Dauntless (mobile edition) to look best on the iPad Pro 2020, iPhone 11 Pro and Android smartphones/tablets sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC.


Diablo Immortal




Well, there is no telling when Blizzard will be releasing the mobile Diablo game exactly, although we are almost sure that it will arrive on your smartphones and tablets by the end of 2020 for sure. Right now, you can pre-register for the game and get early access before others on the Play Store, but there's no telling when that will happen either. Nevertheless, simply based on the fact that a big developer like Blizzard Entertainment is taking their time in perfecting this mobile, hack-n-slash action RPG could mean great things for Diablo Immortal. Check out the latest gameplay and cinematics footage here.


3 Tiny Gods Slot Game




If you don't mind betting on your understanding of casino odds every now and then, you will find Foxium's 3 Tiny Gods to be a particularly enjoyable game that was released earlier this year. What makes 3 Tiny Gods one of the best slot games of 2020 is the graphics, presentation, soundtrack, bonus stages, animations and most importantly, the refreshing take on the done-to-death ancient Egyptian theme. Every time one of the three Gods drop down from the podium up top to help you win is a surprisingly interesting and impressive animation that doesn't get old too quickly.


With a chance to win 5,000 times your total stake (0.10 - 50 coins per bet) and an RTP of 96.4%, the 5x4 slot offers medium volatility and a decent chance to win big. Do make sure that you play the game at one of the reliable and well-regulated top mobile operators to have a fair chance at winning against the casino. There is no shortage of deceptive and unfair online casinos these days, so it's best to stay away from unverified sites altogether.


Finally, Apex predator deserves special mention as well for those looking to take a break from PUBG: Mobile and find something new to play. The game has been a hit on PC, let's see if it can leave up to the expectations on being released for Android and iOS later this year.




Straight off the bet, let us assure you that if your favourite slot game from 2020 did not make it onto the list, then that's most likely because there is only room for the top three here. Every player's list may differ slightly or greatly from that of another's, which is for the better. Discovering new casino games is very much a part of the experience after all.


What really does matter however, is that you play your favourite slots only in casinos that have fair online casino ratings. They must be certified, registered and regulated for Fair Play frequently, because there is no shortage of fraudulent casinos on the internet these days. With that out of the way, let's dive straight into the list next.


NetEnt's Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot




If the title surprised you then know that you are not the only one to be surprised to see NetEnt releasing this classic, retro Street Fighter II themed slot game. You get to not only play within the Street Fighter II game universe, but you also play in a PvC setting with your selected SF II character! The roster includes Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, E. Honda, Zangief, Sagat, Vega and others you would expect in the original fighting game, and it doesn't get more retro or nostalgic than that.


The game perfectly combines tried and tested slot mechanics such as wilds, bonuses, multipliers, etc. with variable character stats of the fighters extremely well. If you had ever been a fan of the cult hit Street Fighter II games (there were a six in total) you will absolutely love winning big on World Warriors.


Slot Details:


·       RTP - 96.06%

·       5x5 Slot

·       0.20 - 700 coins per bet

·       Highest possible multiplier - 7,142x

·       Mid-range volatility


Rick and Morty Megaways from Blueprint Gaming




Can the slot game be as good as the earlier seasons of the TV show? Probably not! Nevertheless, as far as mixing two very unlikely genres together is concerned, Blueprint Gaming, Adult Swim and Cartoon Network have not done a bad job here at all. If you are looking to win big, this is the game to bet on as it offers 117649 paylines with a very impressive 97.05% return to player rate.


Just as it is with all games from Blueprint Gaming with the Megaways moniker, Rick and Morty is by all means, a Megaways slot too, with the highest possible reward being 50,000x the bet! In addition to the background, theme, soundtrack and symbols representing various characters and items from the adult cartoon show, you will also get to play in four bonus rounds with Pickle Rick, The Vindicators and even all-controlling Galactic Federation!


Slot Details:


·       RTP - 97.05%

·       6x4 Megaways slot

·       117649 paylines

·       0.10 - 10 coins per bet

·       Highest possible winning amount = 50,000x the stake

·       High volatility


Pink Elephants 2 by Thunderkick




We decided to place Pink Elephants 2 on the last spot because not only does the sequel do justice to its superhit predecessor, Thunderkick has even managed to improve certain aspects of the original.


As long as you don't mind your slot games being bold, beautiful and vibrant, you will absolutely love Pink Elephants 2. Perhaps you will love the colour pink or maybe you will hate the fluffy theme, but that's not the only attraction in this slot. Even if you don't like the lively hues, no sane gambler can skip a game with mid - high volatility and a possibility to win 10,000 times their bet!


Slot Details:


·       RTP - 96.13%

·       6x4 slot

·       Highest possible winning amount = 10,000x the stake

·       0.10 - 100 coins per bet

·       4,096 Paylines


Casino games come in many forms, but no other genre of online casino games can possibly be nearly as varied as video slots are. We get tons of new releases every single year and some of them are actually quite good too, as it turns out! There would be no denying that the classic table games like blackjack and roulette have their own place and charm, but as far as variety is concerned, it is difficult to beat these three top slot games of 2020.


Best Fighting Games of the Year 2020


In the event that you grew up playing arcade games, at that point there's acceptable possibility that you may have played a battling game or two. Because of our cell phones, a lot of these games have since discovered their approach to cell phones and tablets, so in the event that you are searching for something comparable, at that point read on to discover what probably the best battling games are for both Android and iOS gadgets.


Capcom's Street Fighter is presumably one of the most notorious battling games out there today. The establishment is as yet going on truly solid and there are competitions held sometimes, so it doesn't generally come as an unexpected that the establishment has discovered its direction onto versatile with Street Fighter IV Champion Edition.


Are boxing match-ups your sort of jam? Perhaps you favor a battling game that is more grounded actually. In the event that you do, at that point Boxing Star may be definitely fit for your strengths. While the game may look quite simple immediately, don't be calmed into feeling that it is on the grounds that the more you progress, the trickier it gets. You'll need to get your planning right and know when you duck, counterpunch, etc.


For bad-to-the-bone arcade darlings, there is practically no possibility that you didn't play King of Fighters when you were out. With King of Fighters ALLSTAR, it really includes each and every King of Fighters character that was ever delivered over the various forms of the game, so in the event that you grew up playing the establishment, at that point you certainly won't have any desire to pass up this.


There is a decent possibility that in case you're into battling games, you may likewise be into battling sports, and probably the greatest association around right now is the UFC. The organization has worked with EA to deliver titles on PCs before, however on the off chance that you need to take the battling out and about, at that point the portable variant could likewise merit investigating.

2 September, 2020 Gaming



Canadian gamblers who like to gamble using a smartphone or tablet have more options than ever before. An online casino that offers mobile support or even better, an app for that purpose is very special. This is still safe and secure gambling, but you can do it while on the go, while traveling or while sitting back at home. Below are the best apps for mobile gamblers in Canada. 


LeoVegas app


LeoVegas is one of the best real money casino sites in the country and online. They have amazing promotions, which include a welcome bonus of up to C$1000 and 200 free spins. Their app is available for Android and iOS platforms and works well on all models. Keep in mind that this is one of the most advanced apps in the gambling realm. Gamblers can use all the options, all offers, play most games, and so much more.




Jackpot City app 


Jackpot City is another online casino that stands out from the crowd. They offer an impressive welcome offer of C$1600 for all new players. They are also a mobile casino, meaning you can play games on the phone without an app. Just in case, they do have an app developed for both popular platforms at the moment. If you want to find more mobile casinos, you can check out LeafletCasino, where mobile casinos are tested and reviewed. It may be a very difficult process to find the best mobile casino unless you are a pro-gambler. With their help, this is a simple and easy task. All advantages, features, and offers are tested and available for you to check them out.


Jackpot City Casino Onlin

All Slots Casino app


All Slots Casino is an excellent place to test your luck. They have over 400 games and over 300 slots. It is commonly known as the best mobile casino thanks to a welcome offer of C$1500 and the ability to play games using any modern device, including Windows Phone and Blackberry. Despite the name, they do offer all types of casino games, including massive progressive jackpot games that can help you win millions.


888 Casino app


888 Casino is one of the oldest and the best-known sites for gambling online. They have deposit bonus of C$200 and various additional promotions. Users can download their app and get an amazing experience. The app works on Android and iOS devices, it shares the same user interface as the website, and it is easy to use. Within the app, users can register, change their account, make deposits, and so much more.


888 casino review - Read everything there is to know right here

Gaming Club Casino app


All new players here get C$350 in welcome bonuses. They also get the ability to play 500+ games and over 250 slots. The app shares the same user interface and the same design as the website. You can see black and green colors; you can play games, control your account, and more. It is available for new Android and iOS devices, but some older ones can use them as well.


Ruby Fortune app


Here you are looking at 100% match, welcome bonus up to C$750. The app is available for both platforms, and it runs on tablets as well on smartphones. One, the main advantage here is the fact you can get special promotions via the app only. As such, they are not available for gamblers who use a PC or a laptop. You can play over 35 various games. The software is based on the latest technology and offers the same perks as the website.


Spin Palace


Spin Palace offers real money gambling with the app and on their website. The app has updates and notifications regarding new bonus, offers, and promotions. An interesting advantage is that within the app, you are looking at C$1000 as a welcome bonus. This is an offer reserved for new players only, who create the account there. In addition, you can also withdraw your winnings and fund the account via the app.


Betway Casino app


This app is a bit different. Here you can play 100+ casino games, and you can also enjoy sports betting while on the go. The app is simple, modern, and easy to use. It runs well on all iOS and all Android devices. The mobile version is available as well if you are looking to play without downloading the app. We can add that the user experience is one of the best we had and one of the most advanced. You can even play for free selected games. Although the app works best on new devices, it works on older ones as well.


Betway Casino Canada 2020 - C$1750 Deposit Bonus


The final word


Above, you were able to learn all about mobile apps for online German casinos. We have presented you with the best apps for the best sites that will reward you with amazing promotions, help you play all the games you like, and so much more. Now is your time to choose the one you like and to start gambling.  




What we know so far about the upcoming iPhone release due September 2020?

Fall is always an exciting time for mobile users and especially Apple fans as it usually means the release of their latest flagship phone and more. Apple traditionally hold their September launch event and the internet is always buzzing with rumours and speculation around what we are expected to see, and with the iPhone 11 being somewhat of a disappoint to us tech geeks, let's see what Apple are looking to do with their phone this year.

With rumours stating about what the new iPhone will look like, well it seems as if the general consensus that there will be a total of four new iPhones coming onto the scene in September - there most since launching the iPhone 15 years ago. They range in size from 5.4" to a whopping 6.7" which will be there biggest iPhone to date also.

Accorinding to GSMArena, and surprising but welcoming news to us consumers is that we will not be seeing a price rise for the iPhone 12 despite rising manufacturing costs due to the global pandemic. That means that prices for the new iPhone will more than likely match those of the iPhone 11 release.

The camera looks as if its going to be having another make over as shown below - this might be the first iPhone in which we see a 3D camera as the rumour mill flies around, and this certainly is exciting for some of us self-proclaimed photographers. Also as shown on the image below, the iPhone 12 might have 4 cameras improving on the 3 cameras that are currently on the iPhone 11.

Technology has really seen a rise in numbers during 2020 due to the lockdown, and particularly online entertainment services like online gambling sites. This is mainly down to the fact that many have found themselves house bound and limited ways on entertaining themselves. Betting Sites on Gamstop has seen this kind of traffic on their sites, especially with the like of Virtual sports and Esports having a similar surge over the lockdown period due to not many sporting events being shown due to social distancing.


[Image: Photo Arena]


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