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Best Gamer Accessories for Mobiles in 2021


Playing games on a mobile phone is hugely popular. Thanks to the continued development of mobile technology, we now have a massive range of gaming apps available, and they can be installed almost instantly on a good mobile device. The millions of people around the world enjoying mobile gaming now have access to some fantastic accessories and below you will find some of the best accessories for mobiles in 2021.


It does not matter if you are playing the latest MMORPG or a mobile casino game, you want to ensure you always have enough battery power on your device to complete the game. You want your mobile gaming session to end on your own terms, not when the battery is dying and that is where a power bank comes into play.


It is possible to charge a mobile phone using a power bank using one of several methods and many of the latest power banks are so small, they can fit in the palm of your hand. Most power banks can be charged in less than three hours and will carry between 10,000 and 20,000mAh.


When playing a mobile game, the sound quality is often as important as the screen quality but if you are playing in a public space, such as a train, bus, or café, you cannot have the sound on to the required level to really enjoy the game. Thankfully, we now have a great selection of wireless earbuds available and many of them come complete with noise cancelling technology. That means, not only do you get fantastic sound quality, but the earbuds also work to block out sound from the real world, leaving you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Having access to high quality sound can be extremely important when playing casino games, especially if you are playing with a real dealer.


Imagine being able to use your mobile phone as a controller while playing a game on your device. That is possible thanks to split mobile gaming controllers. There are plenty of bluetooth controllers that provide a tremendous experience, but we have recently seen the introduction of mobile controllers that run off your phone battery and support passthrough charging. That means you never have to charge the controller and if you have access to a power bank, you can enjoy using the mobile controller for long periods of time. If your mobile phone is running, the controller will work. You will not suffer from input lag, which can sometimes be a problem with bluetooth controllers and as the controller fits around the top and bottom of the phone, it does not take up a much space.


For those who are wanting to take their mobile gaming to the next level, virtual reality headsets are a great option. Many VR headsets do not have to be linked to a computer, meaning they can be used on the go and all you have to do is insert your smartphone into the device to begin playing VR games.

GameSir's new gaming phone hold needs to assist with keeping your phone cool


Perhaps the greatest issue when messing around on your smartphone is that your phone tends to get altogether too warm. Except if you own something like the RedMagic 6 or ASUS ROG Phone 5 with its inherent fans, you're somewhat stuck. Without a doubt, you could quit playing for a piece, however That doesn't really sound fun at all.



Today, GameSir has reported another Indiegogo crusade for the GameSir F8 Pro Snowgon. This versatile gaming hold joins to your phone easily however has an underlying cooling framework to hold your phone back from overheating.


Rather than interfacing with your phone through Bluetooth or over USB-C, the Snowgon works with pretty much any smartphone and uses a stick-on joystick to give a portion of the controls that you'll require. Simply utilize the joystick to go around, and the on-screen catches in the game to do all the other things.


Concerning that cooling system, GameSir made this utilizing five unique components:

  • 7-sharp edge fan
  • Aluminum composite cooling section
  • Semiconductor refrigeration chip
  • Cold plate
  • Superconducting silicone cushion

In any case, to give you a couple of more FPS while you're playing, and give the strategic advantage, there's RGB lighting incorporated directly into the fan. The solitary catch with this whole outfit is that to utilize the fan, it should be connected. That is somewhat of a bummer on the off chance that you would prefer not to convey a force bank around with you, yet basically it's there in the event that you need it. GameSir additionally worked on the grasp to make the regulator a smidgen more ergonomic than past regulators and phone holds.


Estimating for the Snowgon is relied upon to begin at around $45, however you can either back the Indiegogo lobby and get one for $35, or you can pre-request straightforwardly from GameSir for $40. In any case, you'll save a couple of bucks and the Snowgon is probably going to be delivered at some point in August.


Xbox Game Pass (otherwise called xCloud or Xbox Cloud Gaming) has been accessible on Android for a couple of months at this point. Microsoft appeared the all-new application back at the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra declaration and has since made it accessible for pretty much every Android gadget. Be that as it may, those on Windows or utilizing an Apple gadget have been avoided with regards to the fun, except if you were chosen for the beta program.


Xbox Game Pass moves on from its beta program for Windows and Apple gadgets


That is all changing starting today, because of Microsoft's declaration that Xbox Game Pass can be delighted in on "Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets", by means of the program. Be that as it may, the fun doesn't stop there. In case you're burnt out on trying (and likely neglecting) to get your hands on the Xbox Series X, the present declaration affirms that your cloud gaming experience is currently controlled by the Series X.


Microsoft has set aside the effort to totally update its cloud gaming server farm with "the most remarkable Xbox equipment to give you quicker burden times, further developed casing rates, and an encounter of another age of gaming". The greatest obstacle for streaming games from the cloud is your present web association. That is the reason Microsoft states that streaming quality is at present restricted to 1080p at 60fps. It's somewhat disillusioning, as we would have jumped at the chance to see 4K streaming made accessible, yet a superior involvement in low inertness is a higher priority than picture quality.


As of now, there are in excess of 100 titles accessible through the Xbox Game Pass library. This incorporates more current games like MLB The Show 21, alongside works of art like Fallout 3. Notwithstanding, Microsoft has additionally affirmed that new titles are coming each month, including Halo Infinite when that game is delivered not long from now.

5 Fantastic Mobile Sports Games


Mobile gaming is huge these days, with giant names offering quality graphics and gameplay at the tip of your fingers. There are games out there to suit anyone's taste, including sports fans. You can kill time managing football teams, riding dirt bikes, playing golf, trying your hand at Mario Kart Racing, and much more. For those of you looking for the perfect sports game to pass the time, look no further as we discuss 5 top-tier mobile sports games.


FM20 Mobile

For fans of the notorious game masters Sega, FM20 Mobile lets you take control of your football team. The game is available on both Android and Apple. Although it doesn't offer features as extensive as the console edition, this mobile football manager game is one of the most well-researched management games on the market.


NBA 2K20

This basketball entry stands up well against its console counterparts in terms of graphics and gameplay. Further, you don't have to sacrifice quality gameplay to make microtransactions, which is fantastic in today's mobile gaming world. You can play this game on the go, with your friends, and even connect a Bluetooth controller.


Kick Hero

For fans of classic side-scrolling brawlers and sports, Kick Hero is perfect for you. The aim is to tap the screen when the ball reaches the circle to launch the ball at your enemies. There is a cool 8-bit music track to keep you going, special abilities, and wonderful artistic style. There are ads in the game, but you can remove them for a small fee of $1.99. Throughout the game, you earn coins that can be used to unlock additional items. Upon removing the ads, you get two free DLC characters.


MLB Innings 20

This edition to the MLB franchise only improves the already quality graphics. You can experience over 1700 players rendered perfectly and play in all 30 MLB arenas. Gameplay is entirely up to you and offers offense, defense, world-ranked matches, or league modes. Unfortunately, this game includes microtransactions, which go as high as $99.99. Buying the packs will upgrade your players, gear, and offer higher-tiered players.


eFootball PES 2020

The game giants Konami are back with a 2020 addition of their hallmark PES football game. This edition ups the dribble mechanics, excellent online gameplay, and an introduction to the Inspire System that allows you to influence your teammate's play. The new features are all part of the developers' push to move eFootball PES into the realm of esports. Again, there are microtransactions in the game that are expected of mobile games.


When you are out and about, there are plenty of mobile sports games out there to pass the time. Mobile games have come a long way and oftentimes provide graphics that stand up to the test of the console. There are in-app purchases with the majority of mobile games, but if you are patient enough to wait for item and life refills, you can play most games for free.

Online Slots are a perfect way to start Online Casino Gambling


There are a few things to think about before signing up to an online casino, new players or people that has lack of casino gambling experience will most likely see the first online casino website and sign up and become a member at an online casino that has the biggest welcome bonus without thinking about the additional factors.


It can be very overwhelming for new players entering the casino gambling industry, since you're starting you will obviously want the best welcome package, luckily at Casino Genie, we will do all the research for you. Our team of passionate gambling experts have put in the work and found out the best casinos that offer the best bonuses, tips and prizes.


As a new casino player, you might want to consider starting off easy and begin by playing online slots. Why exactly? For starters, they are easy to use and to play, therefore perfect for beginners. These machines consist of random generators (RNG) therefore no skill or strategy is required.

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