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Technically, one slot machine is the same as another. You put your money in, spin, and wait to see if you've got any winning combinations. This is true whether you're in a brick and mortar casino or on a mobile one like SCR888

That said, not all mobile slot games are created equal. Some look good but perform poorly. Others look awful but are fun to play. Wading through the thousands of games out there to find the right ones for you can take a long time.

That's why we've compiled this list of our top five picks. For a game to make our list, it had to be: 

  • Well-designed with great graphics

  • Fun and fair

  • A smooth operator

  • Available on Android and iOS

Are you ready to spin to win? Then let's get started. 

Egyptian Rise

Egypt is a common theme with slot games, but none make it look quite so cool as Egyptian Rise. This game presents Egyptian symbols in a modern punk style for those who are tired of the vintage look. The music is fun, and the Return to Player (RTP) is a massive 97.75%.

With 243 winning combinations, if you don't win with this game, you're exceptionally unlucky. You earn an extra spin with each win, bonuses, and free spins. 

Beat the Bobbies

This tongue-in-cheek game has fresh cartoon graphics. Win by matching the suave masked bandit or by getting three stern-looking bobbies. Matching loot, cute little grannies, and a range of other fun characters and graphics make it fun.

The game boasts a generous free spin bonus that puts you in the driver's seat. Choose your number of free spins and your level of reward. Opt for five spins and get the maximum award of 10 times the amount to maximize your profit.

Alternatively, eke out your gameplay by opting for 20 spins with all wins multiplied by two.

Finn and the Swirly Spin

Practice your best Irish accent and take a trip to the Emerald Isle. This magic-packed game comes replete with leprechauns, dragons, and magical symbols. Keep an eye out for the key to big wins. With an RTP of 96.62%, you'll feel as though you touched the Blarney Stone.

Big Blox

"I like big blocks, and I cannot lie." If Sir Mix-a-Lot had played this game, "Baby Got Back" might have been a very different song. The graphics are reminiscent of another popular game, Zuma's Revenge, but a lot more fun. Watch the symbols expand as you spin and maximize your winnings. 

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

You'll feel like a true immortal playing this game. The game uses the classic Egyptian graphics that we've come to love. What makes it unique, however, is that it features five reels and 720 lines. The Avalanche feature sends winning symbols cascading out so that you earn even more points. 

It'll take a while to get a handle on the rules with so many ways to win, but you'll be so busy having fun you'll barely notice.

The casino industry isn't necessarily considered high-tech. Even those so-called state-of-the-art slot machines have their roots back in the 1890s. In a way, it's understandable - why fix a winning system? Why change something when you don't need to? 

That's not to say that casinos are immune to technological advancements. While the games that we play are the same as they were a hundred years ago, the way that we play them has changed. The most extensive of these changes is the move from brick and mortar establishments to online gaming. 

While it took some doing, casinos were finally able to move into the online sphere legally. That's not where the evolution ended, however. Casinos like สมัคร Gclub Casino have taken further steps to offer consumers genuinely mobile gaming.



As you'll see on this page for สมัคร Gclub Casino, if you have a smartphone and an internet connection, you may gamble almost anywhere in the world. In this post, we'll look at why casinos have moved onto mobile.


Why Casinos Opt for Mobile Models


There's nothing quite like the experience of being in a brick and mortar casino for a punter. The casino owners prime the environment so that it's as inviting as possible. Tricks of the trade include cutting off all outside light, giving free drinks, ensuring that machines pay out regularly, and sometimes even increasing the amount of oxygen pumped into the air to keep gamblers alert.  

The goal is to ensure that gamblers have fun and are less aware of the passage of time. The theory is that the more they're enjoying themselves, the longer they'll stick around. It's a tried and tested method, and most industry experts agree that it works. 

These techniques do, however, make running a brick and mortar casino expensive. Aside from that, not all punters bet every day. Going to the casino might be seen as an outing. For many punters, it's not convenient to go to the casino regularly. 

Some avoid the environment because they understand the tactics that casinos employ. In other cases, visiting a casino regularly might not be an option because it is too far away.


Enter the Online Casino World


Online gaming and advances in technology have helped casinos fill in the gaps. Online casino games were initially plagued by issues such as stilted play, glitches, and easily definable patterns. As technology has improved, however, the gameplay has become a lot more realistic.

Artificial intelligence can be incorporated into casino gaming software to ensure that the results of some games are entirely random. AI may also be used to ensure that dealers in games like blackjack act more like the real thing. 

Online gameplay allows casinos to reach a broader market and cut their costs. Instead of footing the bill for banks of slot machines, rental costs, employees, and all the associated freebies, online casino owners can start a site with a relatively low investment. Overheads to maintain the site are also significantly lower than with a brick and mortar store.


Why Mobile Gaming?

Mobile gaming was the logical next step. When was the last time that you left home without your phone? Mobile gaming allows casinos to reach punters whenever they have a few free moments. It would be highly unusual if casinos like Gclub didn't offer their patrons a mobile option.

Mobile gaming has become the new rage among the present generation as many breathtaking titles along with card-based gambling options such as blackjack, poker free, and slot machines are easily available. This is driven by a declining cost of the internet as well as ease of access associated with smartphones. Whether it is on a subway or in a shared cab, people can be seen playing games on their mobile phones. This naturally raises the question of what makes these entertainments so popular, what are the challenges associated, and how to access these titles for free.

Major Benefits of Mobile Gaming

So what are the major factors that have made gaming on smartphones one of the most essential parts of our lives? Here we are listing some of the upside points of playing mobile games.

Stunning Graphics and Beautiful Design



All the tremendously popular games, be it Clash of Clans or PUBG, have incredible design features and beautiful graphics that can compete even with the movies. Such elements make them visually appealing and give the players an aesthetic pleasure. This is almost always backed by stunning musical pieces. Some of the game development companies have even hired specialist music composers to develop the theme music. Taking a cue from them, slot machine developers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Merkur, and others have also followed the same high standards.

Engaging Gameplay

Having sharp graphics is one thing, and having a deep story background is a totally different side. All the successful games have featured deep character arcs, neatly written background plots, and thorough use of human psychology. Thus these games appeal to the human conscience, and players not simply play them, they themselves become a part of the narrative.

Real-Time Play

Most modern games now feature a real-time play environment where the player can compete against their peers. This makes them a competitive activity rather than limiting it to leisure only. Thus they also help the players in improving their social connectivity and offer a clean recluse to those who find it hard to interact in person. Many of the slot machines now feature a similar environment too, and hence the players can challenge their friends to a match and place a wager against them.

Increased Number of Levels

All the successful games feature a number of levels that are increasingly hard to cross. Hence, the player feels the challenge being increased after passing any of the levels. Thus rather than getting bored, they enjoy these newer challenges that test their skills as well as patience.

The Biggest Limitations

However, not everything is rosy in the world of gaming and gamers. Here are some of the biggest limitations of mobile entertainments.

Losing Element of Innovation

Despite all that is good about them, here is a harsh truth about the gaming world. Only a few developers focus on the innovation part while the rest of them simply copy the idea into their newer app. Hence as a result of this, these games are losing their charm as the players are served the same old dish with a new dressing. It can be a definite challenge to find a truly innovative and unique game, after playing a certain number of titles.

Increasing Cost of Playing

Most of the time mobile games are developed with the sole purpose of generating income for the developers. This is obviously not true for legendary development companies. But most of the time-independent developers deliberately fill these games with advertisements and provide special bonus rounds if the players make a purchase. In this race of commercialization, creativity is a very clear casualty.

Sense of Detachment

Mobile games can be addicting, and the players often get lost in this world. This addiction can lead to numerous psychological damages such as a growing sense of detachment and losing value for social relations. While this addiction certainly benefits the developers, as they earn more, a player is the one who is on the losing side.

Having seen some of the characteristics and major limitations of mobile games, one can be sure that this is definitely a charming world. It remains a task on the part of players to navigate this stream with ease and not being lost.


Mobile casinos have been growing popularity in recent years and largely due to the spread of the coronavirus and lockdown measures have recently found a huge surge in new users - but if you're inexperienced it may be difficult to know what to look for - not only to ensure that you're playing safely, but also to make the experience very simple to approach and to play.


Sign-up methods - Depending on where you may be playing from, there's the likelihood that there are different regulations around what you need to provide in order to register with an online casino, additional depending on where the operator has registered the casino there may also be different requirements. Luckily many now offer ways to register using social media integration, as such no new account is needed to be created with a new username and password to add to the list - simply sign in through your Twitter or Facebook account and you're granted instant access. Many may also offer bonuses for registering this way and sharing the game with your friends.


Deposit values and sign up bonuses - You may see some advertise huge sign up bonuses but hide that the deposit value must also be high, or offering a bonus that may seem too good to be true - there are services that offer lower deposit values and good bonuses that are great for new and old players alike, Triumph Casino gets a great review in this regard as the game doesn't require you to drop a huge amount of money to get playing like other services may - this also goes for deposit bonuses, whilst it may be enticing to look for the site with the biggest sign up bonus, this may be a sign that the site isn't entirely trustworthy - be measured in how you approach these bonus with expectations on how much you can get realistically.

(Image from

A wide range of games - It's also important not to limit yourself - whilst some online casinos may only offer slots or card games, getting a bit of everything so you're able to either increase your chances of winning or just finding a different game that you enjoy most is important - look for services that offer a wide range of games available to play so things don't get stale, but also so you can try new types of games you may not have approached before.

Make sure the site is licensed - And of course the most important point - make sure the casino you're using is licensed. You're able to find this out by looking in the footer of most pages or heading to their about us page where it will be prominently displayed - there are a number of different regulation bodies such as MGA, eCOGRA, GLI,  DMCA amongst others - make sure you check the site before you deposit to ensure that it is registered with one of these to ensure you're playing safely, if any red flags pop up, leave the site and add it to a blacklist.


If you are easily compelled by exciting slot titles and gameplay, but you don't feel like emptying your wallet, you've come to the right place. This article will provide you with the best possible slot titles that don't require any investment whatsoever. 

All the games mentioned below use only virtual currency, meaning you won't be able to win anything, but you won't spend any money either. What you will get, though, is loads of fun. Furthermore, all the games are mobile-friendly, so you won't have to worry you'll be bored while commuting to work ever again. 

Let's take a look at the top five free slot games available on both Android and iOS powered devices.

Arabian Tales




The stories from the Middle East have been used as an inspiration for many books and movies in the past. That's why it was only a matter of time when these stories will become a theme of online slot games.

Arabian Tales is one of the slot games that borrowed its theme from Middle Eastern culture and won over plenty of online slot players. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then it's time to check out Slotomania and find out! Moreover, you will be able to play this exciting game absolutely free of charge, as the only currency used is the virtual one.

Among other symbols, Genie from Aladdin will also be there, so better start creating a wishlist.

Book of Dead

Book of Dead is one of the most played slot games in recent months. Such a high request for this Egyptian-themed slot game has resulted in the creation of its free version as well.

The game features the symbol of the explorer Rich Wilde, Pharaoh's Mask, Anubis, playing cards from 10 to Ace and, of course, the Book of Dead symbol. Once you start playing, you will feel like you are the leading character of an Indiana Jones movie. 

Despicable Wolf 2




Despicable Wolf 2 is here and it's hungry again. In case you haven't heard of it, just remember the classic Red Riding Hood tale you have adored when you were a kid, and imagine it as a game. And for all of you who loved the first version of this fairy tale game, the new variant will be even more amusing, especially since it now features better graphics and overall design.

While you spin the reels and collect symbols, you will fill the Bonus Meter and find yourself on the trail through the forest. The trail will lead you to grandma's house, and that's all I can tell you. However, thanks to Vegas Downtown Slots, you can play the game for free and discover the rest of the story.

Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest is one of the evergreen slots that never gets old. Players get to follow a famous 16th-century Spanish conquistador, Gonzalo Pizzaro, on his journey to the Inca's ruins in Peru and witness the picturesque sights of Eldorado, the lost city of gold.

Players can relate to the central character, as he is actually based on a real person who, at the same time, shares their enthusiasm for grabbing a fortune. The game features a standard 5-reel layout, but it has one unique function - the Avalanche Reels format. In this game, the standard spin of the reels is missing. Instead, the symbols will explode and the new ones will come to their place.

Prince Eclipse




This free slot game might be the closest you'll ever come to the real eclipse phenomenon. After all, with free slots games, anything is possible. You get to enjoy playing games based on absolutely astonishing themes without spending a dime, which is the main reason players from every corner of the world enjoy playing these free slots every day.

The Prince Eclipse slot is loaded with free spins, meaning the gameplay will last even longer than you've hoped for. Finally, the layout of the reels is a bit different from the standard 3-reel and 5-reel ones, which makes this slot title stand out from the competition.


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