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As the technology evolves, sports betting is also getting affected by it and feature that has probably the biggest impact is mobile betting. There are numerous reasons why bettors are in love with this feature and in this article, we are going to bring them closer to you, especially if you are new in sports betting.


First of all, convenience is what makes this feature so popular since you can literally place your bets anytime and anywhere. So, forget about having to visit your local brick-and-mortar or spending hours in front of your computer. Thanks to mobile betting, punters can take full control of their accounts, make transactions when necessary and enjoy betting on the go. Whether you are travelling to work, having a coffee or taking a walk, you can place wagers from your mobile device and everything you need is internet connection. This feature will save you a lot of time and you won't miss any betting action, especially if you are a fan of in-play betting. As long as you have your mobile device connected to internet, you will be able to enjoy mobile betting.


You may be worried about the selection of sports by using this feature, but you need to know that the offer is equal of even bigger than in brick-and-mortar casino's sportsbook. The odds are getting updated regularly and you will find the latest prices on the mobile app or site as well. Besides having the opportunity to place bets on the most popular sports and events, you are just a few taps away of some hard-to-find sports like darts or cycling. Most of the sportsbooks offer live betting as well and you can always be up to date with the latest action and place bets on your favourite live events. Live streaming is also available at some sportsbooks, which gives extra incentive to mobile betting as the most popular events are being broadcasted live.


Mobile betting customers are considered as a very important audience for bookmakers and they are being targeted with special promotions. So, if you are placing bets via your mobile device, you may expect to get different offers, such as free bets, odds boosts or even extra money on top of your deposits. These offers are available exclusively for mobile users and this is another good reason why you should use this feature more frequently.


Most famous bookies have their own mobile betting apps available on app stores and you can easily download them to your device. However, from the diversity of apps available, there are some criteria that should be considered when deciding to create an account and deposit some money at certain bookmaker. To help you with the decision, we are going to highlight some of the most important criteria you should take into account.


If you still don't have any account created, it is always recommended to check welcome offers at different sportsbooks. Some of them may be purely mobile related and you may get extra money just because you are placing bets via your mobile device. Besides welcome bonuses, you should also check for existing customer promotions which might give you an insight of what to expect in the future.


‘Variety of sports on offer is another important criterion when opening an account at certain sportsbook' said John Pentin, editor in chief of Best Betting Tips leading UK site. Usually, all major sports and events are covered by default, but if you are looking for a specific one that is not so popular, you need to check if it is offered by a bookmaker you want to register with in order not to get disappointed if it is not included.


User experience of a mobile app itself is another very important point as not all mobile apps are user friendly. You certainly don't want to waste time on complicated navigation, messy interface and options that can only bring a confusion. Mobile app needs to be well-structured, intuitive, easy to use and fast enough, so you don't miss the action, especially with in-play betting.


Mobile betting is definitely improving wagering experience and it can be considered as a breakthrough in this industry. Many punters are using mobile apps and it is just a matter of time when a turnover is going to exceed other ways of betting.


At the close of 2019, mobile gaming is creeping along to nearly 50% of the total gaming market share. While the slightly larger figure is made up of console and PC gaming, mobile gaming far surpasses both individually.

This makes sense, as smartphones are held by around 66.53% of the entire global population, according to Bank My Cell. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are in a constant race to bring out the latest technology - all of which helps to benefit mobile gaming - while telecoms giants are rolling out 5G in some areas, which will also allow mobile gaming to continue to grow. Given how well it is doing now, how will the mobile gaming market continue to grow in 2020?   

Source: Pixabay

Mobile Accessibility

Another major tech trend for 2020 will be platforms available online being more willing to show how mobile-friendly they are, whether this is through a dedicated mobile gaming app or through sites developing their mobile accessibility.

Either way, showing a presence and easy navigation on mobile is key as the Call of Duty Mobile launch in October 2019 shows. The launch broke records to become the most downloaded game and to show just how integral mobile is to the gaming experience. Indeed, franchises with presences in other aspects of gaming are developing their mobile offerings as well. As casino review site Bonus Finder New Zealand shows, the casino industry is keen to highlight whether or not they have a mobile version of their games on alongside their welcome bonus offer, which represents a key feature in the world of online casino and the progression of accessible forms of gaming.

Source: Pixabay

Greater Gaming Tech

One of the major trends gaming is moving towards is the next stage of interconnectivity, including cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is expected to rise in value from around $97 million in 2019 to $450 million in 2023. Dependable and faster internet connections mean that cloud computing is more feasible for the average gamer. Technology will then allow you to game from any gadget live onto the cloud.

Granted, some are reticent about placing their gaming lives in the hands of the cloud. But this means that the mobile could be a conduit, especially as the amalgamation of 5G technology with cloud computing renders smartphones even smarter and more able for gamers. Mobile gaming has always been dependent on the technology available (remember Nokia's Snake?), so developments that actively attempt to make this better are welcomed by gamers. Developers understand the pull of mobile gaming, so they are working to close the gap between mobile gaming and other sectors of the industry.

Mobile gaming is one of the industries that can categorically be said to be expanding. This comes down to investment in the technology and a consumer need for the end products. Undoubtedly, 2020 will see more gaming systems showing their mobile accessibility as they understand the adapting ways in which we are gaming.

It will also see a rise in technology from cloud computing to the rollout of 5G, which will eliminate from mobile gaming the lag and latency that is often experienced by players. Taking all of this into account, the future looks very bright for mobile gaming.



With the power and flexibility of modern mobile devices, gaming on the go is now better than ever. However, the issue with this is that the selection of many of these games simply cannot measure up to traditional console or PC counterparts. Fortunately for modern mobile gamers, there are ways to bypass many of these limitations.



When looking towards games around the PS2 generation and prior, emulation is probably the best choice. As the name suggests, these programs effectively act as operating systems for older hardware and software. Working with these requires two key components.

The first of these is the emulator itself. These can usually be found easily on app stores or with a quick web-search and are entirely legal. The second part of this equation comes from the game files, also called ROMs.

ROMs are tricky, in a legal sense. In essence, the idea is that you should not use a ROM file of a game you don't already own. Of course, this can be difficult when dealing with games that have been out of production for decades, so in this case, we would recommend using your own discretion. Support the original developers if possible in any way, shape, or form.

With these on a device, all it takes is to run the two together. As with the next method of mobile gaming, we would heavily suggest that all players invest in a controller for the best possible experience.

Game Streaming


For more modern games and PC games, in particular, it is game streaming which should be your goal. While we could wait for services such as Google Stadia to launch, there are other alternatives.

Free apps like Remotr act in a similar method as Stadia, except they run off of your computer rather than a hosted exterior system. Running these requires a game to be installed on your home computer, and the corresponding game-streaming software to be placed on both computer and mobile.

Once this is properly running, it should be possible to enjoy any PC game from any location.

Streaming games on the go is one of the many new ways to enjoy gaming that have emerged in recent years. With an emphasis on competitive titles, this world has expanded to include professional outlets such as eSports.

While titles like Fortnite have dominated this sphere, in part due to its portability, streaming services have allowed more mainstream eSports titles such as DOTA 2 to achieve a similar level of accessibility. Combined with player news, team developments, and even more traditional sports elements, with sportsbooks including DOTA 2 betting among their standard offerings, having the ability to jump into a quick match when the inspiration strikes us has done a lot for relaxing during lunch breaks on busy days.

As with emulators, we would caution that controllers can be a necessity for some games. The good thing is that for some of the most popular games, such as DOTA 2, the systems will have built-in overlays to translate the experience to mobile screens. For others, however, this level of feedback might not be enough.

What to Know


To get the most out of either of these pursuits, you'll need to understand the importance of both device power in case of emulation and internet speed for game-streaming. While today's mobiles shouldn't have much issue emulating anything from PS1 and before, PS2 generation emulation and forward can require significantly more horsepower.

In terms of streaming, internet speed can be a killer. You'll need both a fast upload speed on your host computer and a fast connection on your mobile. The mobile end is the more difficult part here, though the incoming possibility of 5G should at least mitigate this within a couple of years. Until then, try to stay still when you play, and keep in mind places with good connectivity.



While slot machine games are the most popular casino games, a huge percentage of players of the game don't really understand how the odds of spinning reels works. Preying on the fact that a lot of interested gamblers don't understand such technicalities, you'll find a lot of so-called 'cheat sheets' online. Fortunately for you today, we are going to help you understand how the slot machine odds are calculated. Whether you play for free on platforms like or you prefer real money play in online casinos, spare a few minutes to get more insight about slots.

Random Number Generators Keep the Game Tight & Fair

Thanks to RNGs, or Random Number Generators in full, it is virtually impossible to predict the outcome even with high RTP slot machines. Let's take an example of a five payline slot game where there is only a single 'jackpot payout,' paid out for matching five bell symbols. Remember, this theoretical machine also has other symbols, and you must match five of the same to win the jackpot on a $1 slot machine.

The lines are controlled by the RNGs, which will line up the symbols at random. With every spin, five different symbols will equally come upon each of the paying lines. Carrying out simple arithmetic, the probability of landing on a bell on one payline 1/5 and the same goes for the second, third, fourth and fifth in succession. Therefore, the odds of lining up five bells is (1/5)÷5, which gives you a 0.04~0.032% chance of hitting the jackpot.

However, considering that there is a total of five different symbols in the game, your chances of earning a win from lining up five of any of the symbols are set are 5x0.032%, which is 0.16%. So, you have a better chance of earning a win from lining up these other icons. But for the jackpot, you'll only be able to hit it once in every 625 spins of this theoretical slot machine game.

Factoring in the House Advantage

Now let's say the jackpot payout of this game was $625, making it a zero-sum game scheme. But then again, considering the fact that the house has to make a profit, the payouts are normally set at a slightly lower figure, often between 90% to 98% of the break-even frequency. Therefore, if this theoretical machine has a 96% payout rate, the jackpot would be $600.

Indeed, you could also get lucky and hit the jackpot on your 3rd spin to bag some juicy profits. Even so, in the long-term players can never get ahead of the law of averages; and the house edge will often still be maintained over any short-term change in results.

Casino managers refer to a slot machine house edge as the "hold." Hold percentages vary significantly from one game and are often smaller in pricier slots; typically about 2% on average for 5-dollar games. However, don't forget about the fact that you're likely to lose more cash in real terms at these pricier slot machines, given that you'll be loading more money through the machine every single hour.

Does Skill Help in Slots?

Well, yes and no. But how so? Fundamentally, slots are games of luck. They have no surefire winning strategy, but there's still a lot you can do to increase your edge. Unlike table and card games, for instance, slot machines are a negative equity game. While in card games like poker and blackjack where you play against actual opponents, or a system computer, you are always playing against the house in slots. That's what makes the game quite different compared to other casino games, even when you learn a few tricks to tip the scales.





Are you an old-school gambling man, running on the energy of a busy casino floor, facing eye to eye with the dealer? Or you prefer online platforms that provide virtual gambling surrounding wherever you might be? Whichever of the two groups of players you belong to, how well-informed are you about the advantages of the alternative?

Instead of comparing the features and arbitrarily decide which option is better, we're going to look at what downsides and benefits come with both offline and online casino gambling, ultimately leaving you to decide for yourself which option is more down your ally.

Offline Casinos Promote Socialization

Chat rooms provide a universally accepted manner of communication, however, the screen still alienates users from each other, and many platforms don't even offer a chat interface for visitors. When you test your luck at a brick and mortar gambling house, you get to mix with the rest of the fortune seekers, talk to people more directly, exchange experiences, or learn while watching seasoned players as they take on the craps table.

It's not difficult to understand why so many people have more fun in offline casinos than on the online platforms, it's the same as the different feelings you get when you're at a live concert or watch the video of the same event on YouTube.

Online Casinos Provide a Larger Choice of Venues

The online environment helps you connect with internet casinos from all over the world, which allows you to cherry-pick venues according to their payment features, choice of games, technical aspects, and other criteria. You could live in London, UK and choose NZ online casinos with best reviews to play at if conditions there are better than with the rest of the contenders on the market. On the other side, land-based casinos constraint your choice to local places or within your traveling budget.

Traveling also takes time, depending on the manner of transportation you choose, while online gambling platforms allow you to enjoy gaming experience even on mobile platforms. Therefore, you could play online casino games while commuting to work or during a pause on your job. The only resource you need is a stable and secure internet connection.

Versatile Payment Options

While you need to invest local currency in physical casinos, there are no such concerns on the internet. Even if the platform requires US$ and your credit card holds the Russian Ruble, you could still deposit funds on your gambling account because the banking software will take care of the conversion automatically.

However, the conversion rates will cost you, therefore, you'll have to spend more money than you initially wanted to deposit. This is where offline gambling registers cost-efficiency because you can deposit cash and avoid paying for transfer and conversion services. Besides, online bank transfers can sometimes take days to process, keeping you away from your winnings for a while whilst offline establishments offer immediate payouts.

Finally, thanks to the development of blockchain technology, we can now choose among numerous cryptocurrency casinos, wagering Bitcoins, Litecoins, and other Altcoin.  The advantages of, so-called, Bitcoin casinos are player's anonymity, fast deposits and withdrawals, no registration needed, and provably fair games.

Special Bonuses and Free Plays

In terms of more lucrative perks, offline casinos occasionally throw special events with bigger Jackpot rewards or tournaments with attractive rewards for the luckiest and the most skillful ones. However, don't hope you'll get too many opportunities for a free spin or bonus cash the first time you get in; although some offline venues throw in a few extra chips as welcome bonuses for newcomers.

Online casinos offer free spins almost by rule and low deposits for casino players as well; some games even feature demo play where you can gamble as much as you like without ever wagering a penny. Also, there are numerous rewards and bonus funds accessible to players, conditions for which vary from one platform to another. There are gambling websites that double the first deposit for each new player, others offer free spins or dice rolls for a dedicated deposit size, while there are those that add a few percents more cash for different amounts of money you place on your account.

Online Platforms Offer a Wide Array of Games

Another trouble with brick and mortar casinos is that they are limited in space, which makes the versatility of gaming options restricted by the size of the casino building. The online environment is much spacious, giving internet casinos the ability to host hundreds of different games of luck. Some online casinos specialize in specific games like Poker, Blackjack, or Dice allowing website visitors access to a range of variations to their favorite gambling activity.

The equation becomes simpler even as we take into consideration responsive page design that allows seamless user experience on both desktop and mobile devices. Responsive page design means the website content layout is optimized for usage on multiple types of devices, allowing you to enjoy more games than you would in an offline casino and do it all whenever and wherever you are.

Online Gambling Holds Security Risks

While the most prominent online gambling brands are secure and provide multiple safety features, it's easy to get in trouble while betting on the internet. If a user is not careful enough, there's a chance to become a victim of online fraud and disclose your personal information or credit card info to someone who would take advantage of your neglect or an honest mistake.

The risk is even bigger with platforms that demand to store credit card info or keeping your funds on their website. A malicious hacker might find a way to obtain user profile data and send money from your casino account to some other account.


Gambling is an amusing pastime, however, it can become a serious addiction that people find challenging to overcome. No matter which of the options you prefer always gamble responsibly. Don't wager more than you can lose, and seek out methods and strategies to improve your odds.



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