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The beauty of online casinos isn't just that you can play Roulette online for real money, but that you can get the thrill of sitting at a table in Macau or Las Vegas from the comfort of your own home, or on the move via the amazing live rooms. Real-life versions of games on online casinos are hugely popular, and you'll be spoilt for choice when you're looking for a game to play. But, what are the best games? Read on to find out.


Live Quantum Roulette


Quantum Roulette is a single-zero Roulette game with the thrill of an added multiplier. Whilst the wheel still features the standard European numbers, zero to 36, it also features Quantum Multipliers that can boost Straight Up positions randomly during each spin, enhancing the possible payouts on your numbered bets.


Only Straight Up bets and those inside the Neighbours, Complete, Half-Complete, Jeu 0, Orphelins, Jeu 7/9, and Finales en Plein positions can be enhanced by the Quantum Multipliers, although you can still place other regular Roulette bets, like red or back and odd or even.


A multiplier is randomly added to a Straight Up number before each spin. If the ball lands on that number your stake will be increased by the number shown, from 50x up to a maximum of 500x the original payout. You could walk away with some impressive winnings if the game goes in your favour!


Live Spread Bet Roulette


This action-packed variant of Roulette features two wheels instead of one - adding extra thrills to the classic brick-and-mortar game. A table top single-zero wheel and an extra golden wheel spin at the same time, but in different directions. However, when both wheels grind to a halt, the pocket the ball lands in on the table top wheel is added to the number in the golden wheel that's aligned with the winning number to work out the Spread Bet Roulette outcome.


The golden digitalised wheel has two spinning sections. The outer rim is a representation of the table top wheel, whilst the golden inner rim spins in the opposite direction. Although once they stop spinning the number the ball has landed on in the table top wheel aligns with the number on the gold rim to create the spread bet result.


There is also the ‘Green Win' rule, which means you could win double the amount placed on any spread bet positions when the balls rolls into the single-zero pocket.


Live Age of the Gods Roulette


Part of the huge Playtech franchise, this live room is aptly set in an ancient temple, with a stone Roulette table and appropriately branded Age of the Gods wheel.


This variant is basically played out the same way as regular Roulette, although the set, massive wheel and four progressive jackpots, catapult it into contention for one of the best live Roulette games you'll find online.


With every spin of the wheel, a small amount of the punter's wagers goes towards the four-tiers of progressive jackpots - Power, Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. These jackpots, which range from £100 to a whopping six-figure sum, can be won on any spin.


If you're lucky enough to trigger a jackpot winning spin, a screen will appear with 20 coins and you'll need to attempt to match three identical coins. The first three coins you match will be the jackpot that you win. Here's hoping it's the Ultimate Power!

Streaming itself is often described as the future of content, and, with the concurrent rise in virtual gaming and real-life sports, the two were inevitably going to combine at some point.

Whilst the link between real-life sport and technology is becoming ever-increasingly intertwined, so is the link between technology and gaming. The technological world is expanding at a phenomenal rate and new concepts like online casino live streaming continue being developed that take the technology of gaming we know to a different level. The Xbox Console Streaming is one such concept.

Widely available

Launched at the end of 2019 by Microsoft, the Xbox Console Streaming feature is now much more widely available. It's often been likened to a cloud gaming platform but with an Xbox One as the host. Effectively, games can be streamed to a mobile device and played in another room or even on the go.


43 countries now offer the streaming feature, though you do need to be part of the Xbox Insider club to be able to launch the stream. Microsoft is, naturally, hoping that it can be available to all Xbox-supporting nations in the near future.

Gaming on the go

Whilst there are a number of mobile apps and gaming platforms like that Android users can play, they do not exactly compare to the impressive array of games that an Xbox user has access to. With the help of Console Streaming service, gaming can be done wherever a user wants it to be done, whether in or outside the house.


Gamers not only want brilliant gameplay and machinery, they also want convenience. Well, the Xbox Console Streaming shows just how easy games can be played once the Project xCloud - Microsoft's preview of cloud-based game stream - is available.


Effectively, you won't even need an Xbox to play any of its games in the future, so that bulky piece of machinery that takes up room will no longer be an issue.

Teething problems

Of course, with any new technological development there are issues. First and foremost, bandwidth must be taken into consideration. The incredible draining of data makes the streaming service almost limited to WiFi. A 5GHz, almost-perfect internet connection is needed in order to just play the game without any latency, which could hinder its suitability for the ordinary household.

It is also not open to iOS just yet and there are a lot of steps required to go through before you even think about starting a game.

Changing gaming

Despite teething problems, the Xbox Console Streaming will change gaming as the world knows it. A faster, handheld Xbox at the touch of a fingertip where convenience is a guarantee can only be taken one way. And, with a superb Android mobile in tow, no longer will Xbox gamers be confined to the restraint of just a console.




Online casinos have become massively popular in recent years. The increasing availability of sites, coupled with the improvements in game design, has meant that more people than ever are flocking to play casino games online. These days you can find exciting, action-packed games at hundreds of different sites online. Thanks to improvements in technology, most online casinos offer mobile play and even live casino games. 

With such excellent availability of different online casinos, it can be hard to pick the perfect one for you. Luckily, we've put together this list for you of the best online casinos in 2020. If you're looking for online casinos specifically for South Africa, check out

  1. Rizk Casino

Rizk Casino hasn't been around that long, but in the four years since they were established, the site has built a solid reputation as one of the best sites around. With over 900 different games, ranging from exciting video slots to classic table games, you'll have something to entertain you for hours. There's a vast range of jackpot slots offering huge prizes, and you can also discover the latest live casino games. 

Rizk is available for players across the world and offers a really generous signup bonus to all new players.

  1. 888 Casino

As one of the biggest names in the world of online casinos, 888 Casino are known for their quality. The site has a great selection of top games from the best developers around. North American players are welcome to the site, along with players from countries all over the world.

888 Casino offers one of the best welcome bonuses out there. You can get free spins without needing to deposit anything. There's also a very generous matched deposit bonus available. 


  1. LeoVegas

LeoVegas online casino has one of the best selections of games around. You'll find more than 3,000 different games on the site with enough variety to keep you entertained for a long time. There are loads of different video slots plus all of the best table casino games

As well as a pretty fantastic welcome offer, the site offers 24/7 customer support and is open to players across the world.

  1. Jackpot Village

Although it's only available in a limited number of countries for now, Jackpot Village makes our list due to its great features. The site promises casino lovers a range of fantastic games to play and has a brilliant VIP reward scheme to match.

Combining great games with an attractive welcome bonus is a great combination, and Jackpot Village is definitely one of the best online casinos of 2020.

  1. Guts Casino

Perhaps not as well known as the other sites, Guts Casino is bound to start attracting more players this year. The site has an excellent selection of games including progressive jackpot slots that promise huge prizes. 

Of all the sites on the list, Guts probably has one of the quickest and simplest payout processes. The site is designed with players in mind, and it certainly packs a lot of great features. 



The convenience of online casinos has made them increasingly popular with modern-day gamers. From the comfort of your sofa or while you're on-the-go, you're able to play all the classics and even some new favourites with a tap of your smart phone or tablet. Gone are the days of dark and dingy establishments, and online casinos use all the latest technology, high-quality graphics and offer so much more choice. If you're a newbie, you may find the choice overwhelming, but fear not! Our guide to betting games with Paddy Power will be sure to help you choose your new favourite.

Classic games

Sometimes, it's best to stick to what you know and fans of brick-and-mortar casinos will be happy to see classics like Roulette and Blackjack in online libraries too. However, it's not just the traditional versions of these games which are available. Modern twists and innovative rules can be found to create a whole new dimension to classic casino action. 

If you've exhausted those more traditional games, why not try your hand at Blackjack Cash Out? While it follows the premise of the standard game, you are in control of when you take your winnings. Or check out Triple Bonus Spin Roulette. With three zero pockets, there's also a special yellow ‘B' bonus available - land that and you could win anything up to 12,000x your original wager. 


If you enjoy watching the reels spin while looking to win a pretty penny, online Slots are for you. There's nothing that quite matches the entertainment factor and the thrill they provide - especially when searching out that mega jackpot. They say variety is the spice of life and that couldn't be truer of online Slots. You'll find all matter of themed games from ones based on blockbuster films to ancient history & mythology, and fantasy to Irish-themed games.

If you're in search of a big windfall, look no further than the Daily Jackpot or Jackpot King Slots which have progressive jackpots increasing throughout the day. But there's a catch - they must be won before a certain time of day or before they reach a certain amount. You've got to be in it to win it. Or if you want something a little different from the traditional five-reel Slots with pay-lines, play a Megaways title - these have fixed reels and pay-lines but operate on ways to win - and can offer up to 18,000 ways to bag big bucks!

Instant win

Scratch cards aren't just consigned to your local off-licence. Online casinos offer instant win games, and much like the paper version, all you need to do is match a certain number of symbols to win. You'll find themed scratch cards, such as the Ruby Walsh Champion's Gold, which gives five chances to win, rather than one! Or try and beat the Banker with the Deal or No Deal: what's in your box? scratch card. Most scratch card games offer a win in every two or four cards, so you never know - your luck may well be in.


Wherever your interests lie, you're sure to find an online game to suit you. With different styles of game that cater to different budgets and levels of skill or expertise, the casino experience has never been so immersive and entertaining.  



Gaming on the go has never been more popular with statistics indicating that the vast majority of players prefer risking their hard-earned via mobile. Accordingly, operators are falling over themselves to accommodate this transit-based profligacy. Some make use of dedicated apps while others serve their salivating customers with games via a responsive website. For the purposes of this article, we'll be focusing on the latter. 

The rogue's gallery below includes providers that manage to offer an extensive range of casino games as mobile casinos without sacrificing performance and operability. Until fairly recently, this was a pretty daunting task for developers. These are the operators that take responsive design to a whole new level as well, taking into account the ever more sophisticated habits of mobile users. Anyway, here goes. 

Betsson Casino

Betsson started out as a sports-book operation before expanding into iGaming. Although the desktop website makes use of the kind of colour scheme that will have most players twitching involuntarily, its mobile counterpart features the same expansive range of games. In order to serve the many thumbnails, Bettson employs lazy-load which of course delays their loading. Unsurprisingly, the website operates flawlessly across all devices and is lightning quick. 


Casumo was one of the very first online casinos to successfully integrate gamification in order to extract their players' money hand-over-fist. The developers are pretty restless at Casumo with a new design seemingly rolled out every month or so. Nevertheless, all of the functionality of the desktop platform is retained on smaller devices. This also includes the all-important gamification system. The games are arranged in scrollable horizontal rows which make for easy navigation. And as is increasingly common practice, the desktop website features the same collapsible mobile menu. 

Casino Euro

Casino Euro is another major casino gaming brand. Like Casumo, its mobile platform is very, very similar to the one employed for larger screens. Unusually, it also features the same promotional header that dominates above the fold on desktop computers. Many online casinos choose to omit such resource-intensive imagery for mobile and smart devices given the impact it can have on loading times. This is why many white label platforms don't feature large headers and/or artwork on their mobile websites.  

Play OJO

Play OJO is renowned for its wagering-free promotions. And it appears that server resources aren't much of a problem for this particular operator. The same promotional slider found on desktops with its rogue's gallery of leering ‘gamers', is present and correct on mobiles too. Although the snazzy mouse-over effects on some of the main game thumbnails have not been included, players have access to the same extensive range of online casino games. These can be browsed via horizontal scrolling for lower screen resolutions. 

32 Red

This huge operator has become highly successful in the verticals of sports betting, bingo and online casino gaming. It's of little surprise then, that the same content served on its desktop platform is also delivered seamlessly on mobile devices such as the Samsung Galaxy or Apple iPhone X. Like many of the latest responsive designs employed by casinos, game thumbnails are arranged in scrollable horizontal rows, albeit without the additional navigation bar. Visual cues like these aren't really necessary anymore - most mobile users get responsive design and understand that the off-screen content is accessible (in most cases anyway). 

And that concludes our brief odyssey into the world of mobile casino gaming. One of the most telling aspects in this area can be found in the way many desktop websites have been designed. In some cases, they already include mobile elements. Casumo, with its collapsible menu and scrollable thumbnails is a prime example. A sad state of affairs? For old-schoolers accustomed to the wide-open bliss of desktop monitors, the answer is most certainly yes. But this isn't the case for gamers looking to gamble on the go from almost wherever they choose. 

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