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8 Most Entertaining Mobile Games


Gaming is one of the most popular activities on mobile devices, with millions of people around the world playing games and enjoying esports bets on their phones and tablets. While there are many different types of games available, some are more entertaining than others, and there are more reasons behind them.


Don't be surprised if you want to play any of those games as much as possible, even 24/7. Here are the eight most entertaining mobile games that people just can't put down.


1. Candy Crush Saga

This game doesn't need any introduction. It's one of the most popular games on mobile, with people of all ages playing it. The objective of the game is to match 3 or more candies to clear them from the board.


The game starts off easy but gets increasingly difficult as you progress. There are over 1000 levels to play, and new ones are added regularly. This game is one of the entertaining mobile games that can keep you hooked for hours.


The best part is that once you move to a higher level, you can go back and play the lower levels again to pass the time. The background music as you play is also very catchy.


2. Clash of Clans

This is another extremely popular game that is entertaining. In this game, you build your own village and train your troops to fight other players.


You can also join clans with other players and participate in clan wars. The game is very strategic and requires you to think carefully about each move.


Additionally, the graphics are also very well done. Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games and has been downloaded millions of times.


3. Tetris

This is a classic game and one of the most entertaining. It has been around for decades.


It's very simple to learn but hard to master. The objective of the game is to fit the different shaped Tetris blocks together to clear the lines.


The game gets faster and increase difficult as you progress. There are also different modes that you can play, such as Marathon Mode, where you have to clear 150 lines.


Tetris is one of those games that you can pick up and play for a few minutes or for hours. Also, it's one of the most entertaining mobile games.


4. Flappy Bird

This is a very simple but entertaining game where you have to navigate your bird through the gaps in pipes. The game starts off easy but gets harder as you progress.


There are also different modes that you can play, such as survival mode, where you have to see how long you can last.


Flappy Bird was so popular that it was downloaded over 50 million times before it was taken down from the app store.


5. Angry Birds

This is another classic mobile game that is very entertaining. The objective of the game is to use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs to destroy their houses.


The game gets progressively harder as you progress. There are also different modes that you can play, such as golden eggs mode, where you have to collect all the golden eggs.


Angry Birds is one of the most popular mobile games, with over 1 billion download times.


6. PUBG Mobile

This is a popular game that is based on the PC game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. In this game, up to 100 players are dropped onto an island and have to fight to be the last one standing.


The game is very intense and requires you to have quick reflexes. There are also different modes that you can play, such as team deathmatch and zombie mode.


PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular mobile games and has been downloaded over 100 million times. You can get useful information on BetUS about these entertaining games. You can't miss upgrades that come with the new seasons.


7. Fruit Ninja

This is a very simple but entertaining game where you have to slice fruits with your finger. The game gets harder as you progress, and there are different modes that you can play, such as a zen mode where you have to slice as many fruits as possible in 60 seconds.


Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular mobile games and has been downloaded over 100 million times.


8. Call of Duty: Mobile

I know you've played the PC version of this game. It is now available on your phone. The game is very similar to the PC version and is just as entertaining. In this game, you can play different modes such as team deathmatch and battle royale.


Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the entertaining games that you can play on your phone and review on BetUS. The game is found on both Google Play Store and App Store.

What Is Meditation?


Meditations help you relax and overcome insomnia. Some think that learning it is complicated. In fact it can be as easy as playing poker online, and there are many apps developed for this purpose. Here are apps you don't have to pay for.


What Is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice with which you can calm down and concentrate. Studies show that meditation reduces anxiety, helps fight stress and confronts depression.


Usually meditations take place as follows: a voice narrator to pleasant music invites you to pay attention to your body (for example, to "scan" it from the inside), to concentrate on your breath, to imagine some image, to think about something - depending on the purpose of the practice. Meditation can last from a few minutes to a few hours.



For beginners, Meditopia has four programs that cover the basics of meditation. Then you can listen to weekly courses on different topics: for reducing stress and anxiety, starting the day, developing relationships, increasing efficiency, and so on.


There are situational meditations - for example, for those on transport, wanting to relax after a day of work or worried about starting Monday - a total of 29 meditations of different durations. Those who have trouble falling asleep can listen to a selection of sleep meditations or 64 bedtime stories.


There are also different audio recordings in the app. In your Meditopia profile, you can keep notes, get badges for regularly listening to meditations, and open beautiful cards with inspiring inscriptions.



The app is divided into two parts. The first - "The Way" - is a step-by-step course with meditations, each of which lasts about half an hour. Here it is not possible to choose the theme of practice or to jump between exercises: every day the user gets a new - and only one - meditation. Progress can be tracked on a personal page. If practiced regularly, a beautiful pattern appears there.


The second part is called Practice. It's like a constructor: the user can create his own meditation. You set the background sound, set the duration from three minutes to one hour, and choose a theme. These meditations can be listened to at any time and are also displayed on the progress page.



The app offers three free courses with 5-15 minute meditations on popular topics: "Meditation Basics," "Good Sleep," and "Depression." The rest of the meditations are solitary, including, for example, "Experiences and Mistakes," "Become Sleepy," and "Oxygen Pause." There are classes for children, too: seven free meditations of 5 to 10 minutes each.


Two types of affirmations are available for users with a free subscription: "Intuition" and "Gratitude." All the time the class is in progress, a pleasant voice says repetitive phrases.


For each of the meditations, you can choose a melody: music or a pleasant sound. There is also an opportunity to create your own meditation, but without a speech accompaniment - choose a sound scene (for example, crackling of a fire or noise of waves) and set a timer.

Top 4 Mobile Adventure Games - Android & iOS


The demand for mobile games is increasing, game developers are always jumping on the opportunity of creating more real money and free games that will cater to their target audience. Adventure games are perfect for people who are looking for an exciting challenge that'll enable them to escape into a new world, to slay monsters, unravel a new story or to save a damsel in distress. With so many titles to choose from, where do you even begin?


Below, we have carefully selected the most popular adventure games that we feel you'll thoroughly enjoy.


1. Ice Age Village

Ice Age Village is a social gesture game where players are tasked to build a village for the characters in the Ice Age movie, along with all the adventurous obstacles you'll be face with. In order to make your village thrive, you'll need to complete a series of missions that'll reveal the characters that are in the movie. These characters will have to grow so that they'll be able to give you all the rewards to assist in making your village much bigger and better.


2. Criminal Case

Criminal Case is one of the most popular Facebook games, and now has a mobile version that challenges players to keep solving different crimes from the comfort of their smartphones. If you haven't heard about this game before, it's basically a puzzle game that tasks you to solve a crime by using different clues that you can collect in the crime scenes and the houses of the criminal's you have to interrogate throughout the entire game. Criminal Case turns you into an investigator, you'll be walking around the city with your loyal dog trying to analyse clues and stumbling upon different super interesting minigames> these games will definitely keep you entertained, just like online pokies in Australia for real money.


3. Pokémon Go

The Pokémon franchise has done so well that they've created this master of a mobile game, Pokémon Go. This game has managed to win the hearts of many and be regarded as one of the best offline adventure games for mobile use. Pokémon Go takes its players on a literal adventure where they have to walk around their neighbourhoods trying to capture Pokémon's. The game can take its players to literally anywhere and enables them to play a match in all those locations. Recent upgrades to Pokémon Go additionally include some enjoyable AR features too.


4. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an adventure game that takes us back to our favourite mobile games of the past. It has an official Harry Potter license. In the game, you'll take over running the everyday lives of students at the renowned Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With each level, players have to pick if they'd like to be a male or female student and have the opportunity to customize their own avatar. The adventure begins with students being placed into the various houses, either Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. As you level up within the game through interactions with other characters, you'll either win or lose points for your specific house cup.

Premium Mobile Puzzle Games - Android & iOS


If you enjoy mobile games that are brain teasers and require you to think a little more, you'll definitely enjoy the below. These games will challenge you to think in ways that you're not normally used to, which can assist in stimulating your brain cells. Managing to complete the games will also give you a sense of achievement because it's never easy solving a tough puzzle.



Sudoku has many puzzles that you can solve so it's an excellent hobby. It has a clear interface that's designed for you to work on each of the puzzles without distractions. All you need to do is simply choose a level and put your puzzle-solving skills to the test to see if you can solve all these challenging puzzles.


For Sudoku beginners, the game is fairly straight forward, each level has a 9x9 grid, and the goal is for players to fill the grids with numbers between one and nine without repeating a number in any of the columns, lines, or smaller 3x3 boxes in each grid as fast as possible.


Candy Crush Soda Saga

Candy Crush Soda Saga is a new game within the Candy Crush franchise that offers players the same mechanics they're already familiar with, but with some even more interesting new twists that offer a breath of fresh air to the widely popular Candy Crush world.
As with the other King games available, you can play Candy Crush Soda Saga either alone, or you can challenge friends and share your achievements on social media. The first version of Candy Crush Soda Saga is inclusive of 75 different levels where you should match gummies, candies and other sweets and make them disappear from the board. It's a bit like the online pokies NZ offers, as you're lining up symbols for a win!


Flipflop Solitaire

Flipflop Solitaire has come with a twist on the original way that solitaire used to be played, so it's designed to keep you sharp. The difference is that you have the opportunity to build sweeps of decks that are both ascending or descending, and you can play on an entirely single suit.
When you begin to play Flipflop Solitaire, your best bet is to stick to playing with just one of the five suits available. This will prevent you from worrying about pairing up clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts, and allow you to focus on a single suit such as spades.


Maze Machina

Maze Machina is basically a turn-based puzzle game where the goal is to help an adventurous mouse escape from a labyrinth that's full of murderous robots. In order to escape from each level, you need to find the key and the door. This task becomes even more challenging and increasingly complicated as you advance in the game.


The game systems in Maze Machina are quick to learn and master. The objective of the game is to survive for as long as you can, trying to escape from each level.

The Top 4 Best Strategy Games Android & iOS


Are you a person who enjoys playing games that require strategizing and creating clever ways of how to manoeuvre tight situations? These games will enable you to come up with solutions to a wide variety of problems. Strategy games will require you to plan ahead, outsmart the enemy and ultimately achieve victory in the most efficient and creative ways possible.


What's best is that all the games vary in themes, from cartoony to those that are grim and serious. Test your skills with these 4 awesome strategy games we've curated to challenged you in a fun and intriguing way.


1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clan's premise is set in a village where the members of your fearless clan live. Here, you have the opportunity of sending these fearless village members out into the world to face missions and prove their courageousness, whilst trying their utmost best to destroy their enemy's camps. The game is divided into two completely different stages, the first stage you have to start by building and hiring citizens, of which you have to pay them. The next stage you'll have a chance to participate in real-time strategy battles where you'll be able to show off your skills, unlike at an online bingo casino where all you need is luck!


2. Reigns: Game of Thrones

Reigns: Game of Thrones adapts the classic gaming recipe into the setting of George R.R. Martin's ruthless fantasy world. Reigns is the best adaptation of the mobile Game of Thrones streaming TV series because it brings a great sense of complexity to what is a very simple game system. Reigns: Game of Thrones is a strategy game that allows players to make their own decisions that are within the same narrative of the series.


Like the similar perspectives experienced in the novels, players will switch between all of the different characters, and influencing numerous parts of the kingdom to obtain specific outcomes. Whichever path you decide to take determines how the story can go, meaning any person could end up on the Iron Throne. The tricky part will be the ability to pull the right strings in order for your favourite characters to sit on the throne.


3. Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush is a tower defence game whereby your goal is to block your enemy's path by placing a series of defensive towers in their way. As a player, you'll have to prevent the enemies from reaching your base and potentially destroying your kingdom. The monsters you'll have to stop are orcs and goblins who'll be trying to follow your path and reach your kingdom. You'll have an excellent assortment of defensive buildings available to assist you along the way.


4. Plague Inc.

Plague Inc. is a strategy game whereby the objective is to infect all of humanity with a ruinous virus that begins with a strain developed through experimentation on your own patient zero. To play the game, you first need to figure out how you want your virus to develop through choosing different pathogens and symptoms in order to affect the world population.

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