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Smartphones have opened up a world of possibility for us and none more so than in gaming. The mobile gaming market is massive, with more people than ever playing games on their mobile devices.


Apps such as Candy Crush Saga and The Simpsons: Tapped Out have given the mobile app industry a bit of a bad name amongst gaming aficionados/snobs. However, games of that ilk could soon be a thing of the past with tech giants Google announcing their eagerly anticipated streaming platform ‘Stadia' in March 2019.


The new subscription based platform has already been dubbed ‘The Netflix of gaming' and promises to bring AAA gaming titles to a host of enabled platforms including smartphones and tablets.


Before Google Stadia drops and completely rocks the world of mobile gaming apps we thought we'd take a look back at 5 of the most influential and awesome gaming apps of yesteryear.


Candy Crush Saga


Released: 2012


By: King




Such was the early success of Candy Crush that at one point in 2013 the game's 93 million registered users were combining to log in to the game 1 billion times a day. Even if you hate Candy Crush you have to admit that they are pretty impressive figures.


The game itself was fairly simple, a Tetris style game where players had to ‘pop' candy in order to progress to the next level. There was nothing special about the premise of the game, but what was special was the way that the game made money.


It was free to download but players would regularly be prompted to spend relatively low amounts of money to progress to further levels. Candy Crush became the most iconic game in the ‘freemium' market and laid the foundations for future free games like Fortnite.


What was even more revolutionary about Candy Crush was its incorporation of social media site Facebook. The game's advertising relied on free word of mouth style recommendations that were facilitated through Facebook.


By doing this Candy Crush opened up the gaming market to an older demographic of player, reaching people that would never previously have categorised themselves as games. It could be convincingly argued that Candy Crush is one of, if not the most influential game of the past 30 years.


 (Undoubtedly primitive yet strangely mesmerising.)


Wink Bingo


Released: 2014


By: 888 Holdings


You might be surprised to see an online bingo app in the list of most influential mobile gaming apps but you shouldn't be. It's all part of the successful rebrand of gambling that has seen it become reclassified as ‘gaming'.


That switch has been made possible because of the internet and pioneering online gambling firms like 888 Holdings. As one of the first companies to get involved with internet gambling, 888 have a strong history of producing games and software that their customers will enjoy.


Shortly after the success of games like Candy Crush, 888 released the Wink Bingo mobile app which was aimed at the same demographic of players. It was enormously successful and helped to redefine gambling as gaming.


Now the mobile market is awash with virtual casinos, live streaming casino and all other manner of gambling apps. Much of that is thanks to the early work of 888 and Wink Bingo.


Angry Birds


Released: 2009


By: Rovio Entertainment


With just a few months until the official launch of Google Stadia it's hard to imagine a time when people were falling over themselves to fling cartoon birds at green pigs. Yet that was the reality in 2009 when Angry Birds took the world by storm.


Angry Birds was one of the first well-executed mobile games that wouldn't have looked out of place on a console platform. The graphics were for example immeasurably better than anything released on the Wii.


In the past decade there have been 23 releases or spin-offs in the Angry Birds franchise as well as a feature length film and a TV series. It has been downloaded more than 3 billion times and is one of the most popular mobile games ever produced.


For the mobile market in general it was a hugely influential release, highlighting what could be achieved with the right level of execution. Angry Birds also whet the public's appetite for quality mobile app games contributing to the current state of play in the modern market.


Doodle Jump


Released: 2009


By: Lima Sky


At the same time that Angry Birds was released another, much lower budget game was being downloaded by masses of smartphone owners. In essence Doodle Jump was a higher quality, modern derivation of the old Nokia favourite Snake.


The premise and objective were different but the gameplay was almost identical with players repeatedly battling themselves to beat their high score. The game was distinctly low-budget and the graphics were nothing to write home about but Doodle Jump's legacy on the industry was huge.


It inspired a new wave of budding app developers and helped to create the explosion of mobile games in the coming years.


Fortnite Battle Royale


Released: 2017


By: Epic Games


Fortnite developers Epic Games were amongst the first to take the idea of ‘freemium' games to mainstream console devices. Xbox and PlayStation were the platforms where Fortnite gained the most acclaim and popularity, but it was also a major success on mobile.


Players downloaded the game in their millions with industry trends showing that players had no qualms about which platform they played the game on. The success of Fortnite across a range of different platforms perhaps confirmed Google's belief that their Stadia streaming service would be a success.


In years to come gamers will enjoy the universality of Fortnite across a humongous library of AAA games. 2017 will be looked back on as the year that the gaming universe changed forever and we believe it will certainly be for the better!


 (Fortnite has been adapted brilliantly for a range of platforms including mobile devices.)



An article by revealed that the mobile games industry could be worth $100 billion by 2021. Mobile games are expected to make more than 70% of all revenue made from mobile apps, and as there are more than one billion owners of smartphones and tablets, that's a huge figure.



The potential amount of money that could be made from mobile gaming has led some of the biggest game developers to put more resources into mobile. Companies like Blizzard, Epic Games and LeoVegas may be known for console and PC gaming, but these brands are all trying to grow their fanbases on mobile as the industry just keeps growing.


App and Browser Versions


Most people on mobile devices will want to download their mobile games, but for people who have weak internet connections or don't have much room on their phones, that won't be an option. The casino review site,, says that online casinos have learned that and so they allow players to access games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette, through their mobile browsers. Players don't need to download an app to gamble on their phone as many casino sites only ask people to create an account to start playing. 


For larger games with more textures, files, and game modes, being compatible with browsers just won't be possible. However, for those game developers who can make their games work on browsers, they can appeal to many more mobile gamers. 


Support for Cross-Play



Many developers, such as Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, got started first on PCs and consoles. This doesn't mean that they treat mobile gamers differently, though, and the company has tried to bring all of its players together by using something called cross-play.


Cross-play, explains, allows players to compete against each other whether they are playing Fortnite on iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch. Switch and mobile users will be grouped together, but you can still play together across platforms if you are in a team. As more developers release their games on all platforms, expect cross-play to become a regular thing. 


Releasing Smaller Games



By not releasing a mobile game, companies are potentially failing to appeal to a huge number of players. However, that doesn't mean that it is incredibly easy to just bring a game over to mobile devices. Some games were created for PC and controller inputs, or they are large games that mobile devices wouldn't have room for.


Some game developers, such as Blizzard, have tried to find a fix for this. An article from explains that the company will be releasing a mobile game called Diablo Immortal, which will have some of the gameplay from its popular dungeon-crawling RPG series. This allows Blizzard to appeal to mobile gamers without trying to fit such a large game onto smaller screens.


As more game developers rush to the gold in the mobile games industry, things are becoming more competitive. It will be much more difficult for other developers to find success, which is why these companies are trying to get into the industry now.



So when it comes to Roulette for the mobile, there's a handful of choices available to everyone. With all of the different options, it can seem like there's a lot to try and figure out. The most important question of them all being "is roulette for mobile the solution?". decided to take a look at how you get started with something like this, so let's begin by diving into the world of roulette for the mobile.


Spin the Wheel of Choice


You have a lot of options available when you're looking at the world of roulette for your phone. The standard edition is easily noticeable, being played at tables all across Europe and America, so for an authentic casino experience, you'll want to head there first. There's a considerable number of other options to think about too, so let's talk about them as well. First of all, you've got simulation games. These use the cutting-edge graphics your phone was made to handle and create virtual representations of tables and games for your entertainment.


Real-life dealers are also a popular option. This takes all the excitement of the casino and makes it so you can play from your sofa. You do this by taking part in a live game, where the dealer can communicate with you and other players via webcam, and it feels a lot like you're in a casino playing. It's often massively enjoyed. The dealers are often trained to the same professional standard that you find everywhere else, so quality is assured. It's often done via live video too, so there's no chance of you missing out on the action or anything.


Understanding the Rules


A firm understanding of roulette and how it works is the best thing you can have to enjoy the game and maximise your chances of winning entirely. The rules are the same as if you were in a proper casino, but we'll go over them in case you're new to the experience.


All bets are placed onto what is known as a betting mat. This mat contains information on all of the different bets, numbers and combinations of bets that you could make. The first way to do this is also the most popular - you place a wager on either red or black. These colours refer to different sections of the roulette board, and there are also numbers in each of the segments that you can bet on too. The traditional odds for this are 2-1 for the red/black variants and 36-1 on the number bets. You can also bet correctly on whether the result is odd or even, high or low - there's a lot of options. However, watch out for 0 or 00 in America. This denotes a fail on any wager, so it's something that you'll hopefully avoid. You'll get money when all the bets have been placed, and the wheel has been spun. The winnings are distributed to players according to how much they bet and if the ball landed on their chosen number/colour, and then it's onto the next round. 



It's been years since the only reason people bought a mobile phone was to call people or send text messages. If that's all you want to do with your handset, you can now pick up a basic model for $20 or less from various outlets, and you can send and receive messages and calls to your heart's content. For the majority of us, though, we rely on our phones to do a lot more for us than that.


Smartphones are now also multimedia devices. We watch television shows and movies on them. We use them to store important files, documents, and photographs. We also use them to play games - and those games are slowly becoming more demanding on both hardware and software.


According to the latest official figures, the total amount spent on mobile gaming globally will exceed $100bn by the end of 2021. When it reaches that figure, it will account for over half of all the money spent on video gaming in the world. That means that for all the hype that comes with the latest big release for traditional video gaming consoles, the majority of the money to be made by software publishers actually comes from the mobile gaming market. A lot of that money comes from online casinos and their sister site, which have worked long and hard to ensure that their products are available for mobile-based players. The latest estimates suggest that online casinos globally take in around fifty billion dollars per year through mobile gaming, but even that massive amount still leaves another fifty billion to be taken by more 'traditional' video games.


Those figures lead to several questions - one of which being whether Sony will be disappointed by the performance of its new PlayStation console by the time it launches, because everyone's moved on to mobile gaming - but the one that's of more interest to our users is 'How do I optimize my mobile so I can play the best games?', and that's the question we're here to answer. Here are a few basic strategies you can employ.



1.                Use A Game Booster App


There are a few of these on the market, all of which should be easy to find through Play Store, or your equivalent. Android Cleaner is a good all-round tool to use because it does a lot for your device with a simple click, including freeing up RAM and clearing cache space, but it also has a 'game booster module,' which promises to improve the performance of games if they're launched through the feature. Dr. Booster and Game Booster Perform are also tried-and-trusted products, which work to eliminate lag issues and optimize the use of RAM when the apps are open.


2.                Force 4x MSAA Mode


You need to have developer mode active on an Android phone to do this. To open it, find the 'About Phone' section within your settings menu, open it up, and repeatedly tap the 'Build number' until you get offered the chance to switch on developer mode. When this is done, you'll find Developer Options further down the same list. Within Developer Options is 'Enable Force 4x MSAA.' This is effectively a turbocharger for your phone, which will become active as soon as you restart your device. Gaming performance should be noticeably improved - just beware of the effect on your battery life!


3.                Get Rid Of Unwanted Applications


All of us are guilty of installing applications, using them once or twice, and then forgetting they're there. This is doubly true If we're very organized with our applications because the apps can be placed with folders, where they become out of sight and out of mind. Every app you install will take up valuable memory space, and may also be using background processing power and bandwidth. The cumulative effect is that your phone gets slowed down in the process, and so games which place a high demand on your phone struggle to run. Go on a deep cleanse, and purge your phone of anything you don't use. This won't just improve the performance of your phone when it comes to playing games - you might find that your device becomes quicker and more responsive in general.


4.                Make Sure Your Version Of Android Is Up To Date


This might seem like an obvious suggestion, but a surprising number of us have automatic updates turned off, and we don't even realize it. Those updates often contain little performance tweaks which make the performance of your phone - and therefore the ability of your phone to deal with new games - better. This is another setting you'll find under the 'About phone' menu, which contains a 'System update' button. It's worth checking this periodically even if you do have automatic updates turned on, just to make sure you're definitely running the latest version. This isn't just about gaming - it's also about security.


5.                Keep Background Services Turned Off


Unless you really want them, keep your background services turned off. Social media apps are the worst offenders for this. Do you really need real-time notifications for Facebook and Twitter, or would you prefer to see them when you choose to log in to the app? Not getting constant updates means you have fewer distractions in your day to day life, and also means there's less demand being placed on your phone. Email clients and messaging services like WhatsApp are also large-scale offenders when it comes to background services, so decide what you do and don't need running all the time, and switch the rest off. You should find the option to do so under the settings menu in each individual app.

That's all there is to it; five little tips which can make all the difference when it comes to your enjoyment of playing games on your mobile. You shouldn't want or need to see much difference if online casinos are the extent of your mobile gaming habits - such websites are generally optimized to make them as easy to play as possible - but if you're a hardcore gamer, you're now a few minor alterations away from a happier gaming time, with fewer frustrations based on lagging and loading issues. 



Playing free slots online is a new trend of online gaming. Some so many people love to gamble and have experience at home. It is a strange kind of fun, and there are so many advantages to it that they need to be listed here.

The Advantages


What are the many advantages of using free slot machine games? The following are the advantages:

First, online slots are open. Playing without any money on the wager is the fact that the individual would enjoy. Since there are no stakes, even if the gamer would want to try to bet high, there are no significant risks that he is taking

Second, the gamer can play it on mobile. This fact means that every player would have the capacity to enjoy it and play it as much as possible, and it can get played anytime and anywhere. Playing anywhere is very important in this day and age as it allows the individual to be mobile, access it on PC, and try to enjoy it whenever possible.

Third, the unpaid one is always a preview of the full offering. The excellent thing about this class of slot machine, especially the online one, is the fact that there is a version that gives a little sneak peek on what the individual should expect from the full version so he would know if the game is the kind of game that he wants or the kind that he wants to play.

Free Slot Machine Games: A List


For the player who is looking for the right slot machines that can initially get played for free, you can begin by trying out the following free versions.

       Farm Fortune 2

       Dragon Lore

       Magic Trixie Slot

       Return To Wonderland

       Legend of the Elements

For more intense gameplay, Goddess of Babylon, Despicable Wolf, and Golden Longhorn are some excellent options for slot gaming.

The Free Version Is Always Better


Keep in mind that it is a preview of the full aspect not only is the gamer getting a preview of the full version but he is also looking at the best possible way to make sure that he would know the rules and how to bend the laws of the game. Being familiar with the game is an excellent start to make luck work in favor of the gamer. It is a strange kind of reality that only modern technology has to offer.

Further, it is necessary for the skilled gamer to see that the unpaid release has no bugs and no issues so he can fully play the diversion and he can enjoy it without any problems. If he does not like the user interface and the preview that he sees, then he can decide not to go through with the full version. If he wants it, he ends up with another game that he would like.

Finally, the individual could enjoy what he would like to see in the diversion and share his thoughts with the developer through the feedback mechanism. This one is the best way that the gamer could control what he plays and how he plays it. Now that you know how you can focus on the free slots and its many advantages, it becomes more comfortable to access it whenever you can. You do not need to play an online release every day or spend a lot of money on it.  The important thing is that you have fun while you are playing and you see to it that you will fully have your money's worth.

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