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Rating of the best online casinos in 2022


There is a large number of different online casinos. Gamblers should choose websites responsibly to avoid scammers. Ratings and reviews of casinos on the Internet for money can help with that.

How to evaluate an online casino

Evaluation is carried out according to a number of criteria. Experts check legitimacy, software quality, brand reputation, and other factors. To find a site to play, clients need to study a quick review of the best US online casinos in 2022.


A License is an indicator of the legitimacy and reliability of a site with gambling entertainment. A document can be obtained in different countries. But the most prestigious are Malta, Curacao, and the United Kingdom.

Other countries that give licenses are Denmark, Estonia, and Belgium.

To work legally, casinos have to make large investments and pass an audit. Their websites must meet strict criteria. The authorities issuing the license regularly monitor the web pages of casinos. Penalties are imposed for violations. The most severe punishment is revoking the permit and blacklisting the casino.

Legal sites have a number of advantages:

  • Guaranteed winnings and payments.
  • Original software. 
  • Protection of personal information.
  • 24/7 support.

Players' rights are protected by the authorities that issued the license. In case of misconduct, they can open a dispute for its resolution.

Honesty control

The leaders of the rating are casinos that have proved their honesty. Its confirmation is a long period of work in the gambling industry, the use of licensed game technologies, and data protection.

Top casinos ensure customer privacy by encrypting information. Visitors don’t have to worry that their personal data may become available to third parties.

Casinos also use MD5 and SHA-256 programs. Clients can install additional software on a computer or smartphone without the risk of a virus. Files are loaded without any threat. 

Fast payouts

It is important for clients that the winnings can be withdrawn quickly. Gambling sites provide different payment methods. In the USA, the following are popular: 






Visa and Mastercard 

Popular bank cards

Affordable and simple

Payments can be delayed by up to 7 business days


Online wallet

When registering, clients don’t need to provide passport data. Financial transactions are protected. Withdrawal takes up to 24 hours

Anonymous wallets with low limits.


Electronic payment service

Withdrawal of money from game accounts is instant, different currencies are available

Can’t be used anonymously 


Casinos guarantee the payment of winnings within three business days. But financial transactions are completed faster: within a day from the date of application. 


Due to the high competition in the gambling business, casinos use various promotional methods, such as bonuses. They are provided to new and regular customers for an active game. There are several types: 

  • Deposit bonus. It’s credited for creating an account, its verification by phone number or e-mail, and the first top-up. Presented as a deposit increase, which is usually 100%. Gamblers can also get a bonus for refilling the balance. But its size may be smaller — 50-75%.
  • No deposit bonus. It is available without any investments. To receive it, players have to perform a simple task from the casino, for example, verifying their account or downloading a mobile application. It is usually implemented in the form of free spins. Sometimes bonus money is given out.
  • Cashback. This is a refund of a portion of the funds lost on bets. 3-15% are usually refunded. The amount can be calculated every day, week, or month. The casino partially compensates for the financial losses of customers and encourages them to continue playing.
  • Special gifts. They are provided on holidays, for example, on the client's birthday.

Many casinos have a loyalty program. This is a multi-level reward system. A client plays for money or completes tasks, and the casino gives them points. Points determine the player’s position in the program. A higher status offers better bonuses. VIP clients receive exclusive privileges. For example, they may be assigned a personal manager.

It is impossible to simply withdraw money received from bonuses. A casino always sets the wagering requirement. It is a coefficient that shows how many bets the client should make to withdraw. In the conditions of the promotion, there are additional restrictions — a list of concrete slots and a limited time period.

The Best Mobile Android Games Available 2022


Ask gamers which the best games are for Android, and many will throw back their heads and laugh. Mobile games are all just pay to win puzzle affairs, without a real game in sight, right? That really isn't the case. It might be true that there are a lot of shovel-ware games for mobile, but for those that know where to look there are also some truly excellent titles.


Here are some of the best Android games available in 2022. Before you ask, none of these have any annoying microtransactions.


Among Us

There was a period of time in 2020 and 2021 when just about everyone was playing Among Us. The simple, yet extraordinarily addictive game dumps you and a group of friends on a space station. You're cooperatively required to perform a bunch of mini-games in order to keep systems going, which in itself would be an interesting experience. But, the twist is that one of you is tasked with being a killer. The killer commits a murder, and the survivors must discuss who they think did the dirty deed.


If the killer is a good liar, and can manipulate their way out of guilt, they may just keep on killing until they're a final survivor. It's a wonderfully fun romp like online roulette, but in this case you can sneakily manipulate your friends.


Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night

When it comes to 2D platformers, it simply doesn't get any better than Symphony Of The Night. The video game classic topped the charts back in the day, and is now topping the charts in modern mobile gaming. Players take on the role of Alucard, son of Dracula, who must prevent his grotesque father from being resurrected. It's as challenging as it sounds, and also as fun as it sounds.


What makes Symphony Of The Night so appealing is that it really is a 2D scroller turned in-depth RPG. Unique gear, purchasable items and a boat load of spells are part of the experience, making this an adventure almost as engaging as something like Final Fantasy. Only, of course, in this case the action isn't turn based.


Chrono Trigger

Speaking of RPGs, if you want a true JRPG experience look no further than Chrono Trigger. It originally came out for the SNES, but still holds up as well as would be expected. Which is to say; Chrono Trigger is amongst the best JRPGs to ever be made. There are some challenges as far as using a touchscreen is concerned, but still hours of engaging story and epic adventuring to be had.


Final Fantasy VII

Lastly, as long as you're replaying RPGs, you may just want to stick to the best of the best. Final Fantasy VII is now fully playable on mobile, which almost defies belief. The 100+ hour epic can now be enjoyed on an Android mobile device, without a single moment lost in the transition. The graphics have been scaled back in some areas, but it is still well worth playing this true classic through again and again.

The GTA Trilogy Available For Your Phone


Few video game franchises have had the impact of Grand Theft Auto. Starting with GTA 3 in 2001, gamers couldn't believe what they were seeing. An open 3D world that allowed you to steal, shoot, drive over pedestrians, or otherwise cause mayhem. It wasn't long before everyone was talking about it, ultimately turning the developers, Rockstar, into an overnight sensation.


Not long after GTA Vice City dropped. Rockstar took everything that fans already loved and pushed it even further. Players were now transported to a video game version of the 80s, complete with copious drugs, disco clubs, and menacing biker gangs. Genuine celebrity star Ray Liotta voiced the central character, adding a dash of glitz to an already popular franchise.


It was, of course, GTA San Andreas that came next. Featuring an enormous map, interesting story, and all the mayhem fans had come to expect, how could it possibly get any better? It did, with GTA 4, but that isn't part of the recently released GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition.


Back And Better Than Ever

The original trilogy has been remastered and has already dropped for PC and consoles. The definitive edition has reworked textures and a new lighting engine, but is otherwise exactly as fans remember. Plus, mobile gamers haven't been forgotten. Rumour has it that a mobile version of the Definitive Edition is already in the works.


No exact date has been given, but that may be for the best. The PC and console releases were not met especially well, with outraged players declaring that the bugs were far beyond acceptable. Some have even hinted that the remastered versions were amongst the biggest disasters in gaming history. If this is or isn't true is debatable, but thankfully Rockstar seem to have put in some serious effort to fix the damage. Either way, mobile gamers will certainly be happy to wait if it means getting a version that isn't falling apart at the seams.


Do The Original GTA Games Hold Up?

But lest we forget, as classic as the first 3D GTA games are, they're also rather old. Going back to 2001 is a pretty big jump unless you're playing bingo online, and many gamers these days may well have never even played it. So can a game decades old really hold up?


The short answer is that GTA 3 isn't a particularly good game these days, even if it did kick start a gaming revolution. Calling it simplistic and underdeveloped is an understatement, and most will likely not get more than a few hours of entertainment out of it. GTA Vice City and San Andreas, on the other hand, are a bit more palatable. San Andreas in particular is about far more than just the aging graphics, offering potentially hours of quirky entertainment. Most tend to forget that the game, despite coming out in 2004, is still impressive in its scope.


The GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition is expected to be out for mobile before the end of 2022.

Best Mobile Games Available For iPhone 2022


While it is true that mobile games are a long way off from what can be found on PC and console, there are still some true gems to be discovered. The fact is that mobile gaming has never been better, provided you know where to look. Yes, there are still plenty of games based around greedy microtransactions, but the ones on our list are proper, gameplay focused gems.


These are the best games available on the Apple iStore right now.



Developers Playdead truly are next level masters of the 2D gaming space. Their first smash hit came in 2010, called Limbo. The game drew attention for not only being a grim, physics puzzle based adventure, but also for exclusively using a silhouetted graphics style. There is no dialogue, and the story is entirely up to interpretation, but that doesn't stop Limbo from being as evocative as it is deeply engaging. Fair warning, though, this certainly isn't for the weak of heart. Limbo is grim, disturbing, and sometimes downright shocking. Expect to see some troubling imagery.



Playdead followed up Limbo with the equally as brilliant Inside. The graphics are better, the design significantly more elaborate, and levels of polish through the roof. Inside is also technically a 2D side scroller, but that didn't stop Playdead from packing the game full of astoundingly rich environments and detailed character models. Again, there is no dialogue and the story is up to interpretation, but there is so much going on that a theorist could write literal volumes on the events that unfold. Once again, this isn't for the squeamish.


Fallout Shelter

Anyone familiar with the Fallout franchise knows how the story goes. The world ended with an atomic holocaust, and only those that lived in holocaust-proof Vaults managed to get through unscathed. Though, the world certainly isn't the same when the survivors finally emerge. Fallout Shelter isn't as elaborate as its PC and console counterparts, but does stand alone as a rather entertaining mini-game. Players control a vault, manage the goings on inside, and send out explorers to find resources. It's surprisingly fleshed out, interestingly addictive, and truly can hold interest for days, if not weeks.


Death Road To Canada

What would anyone in the United States do in a zombie apocalypse, other than make tracks directly for Canada? Silly, quirky, charming, and surprisingly violent, Death Road To Canada is about as addictive as iPhone games get. The trick is that the pixelated mayhem is randomly generated, allowing countless stories to unfold. Yes, most journeys will end in disaster, but those that manage to make it really will have something to celebrate.


Call Of Duty: Mobile

There isn't much more to say about Call Of Duty: Mobile that the name doesn't already make clear, much like the bingo Australia offers, the premise is simple. It's a mobile version of Call Of Duty and plays as would be expected. A gamepad is highly recommended, given that the touchscreen controls are a bit of a mess. But either way, AAA first person shooting is now available on an iPhone near you.

Is The Mobile Phone Market Really Dying?


It seems like only yesterday that fanatical groups were clawing desperately to get their hands on the latest iPhone. But that yesterday was around 2016, lest we forget, which marked the peak of the market. Now, not that Apple or Samsung are publically announcing it, sales are on a fairly steady decline. Since around 2016 a clear downward trend started, with 2018 being a serious bummer year. A jolt of life was briefly seen with the introduction of 5G, but the numbers have again settled back into a freefall.


Yes, the hot trend of scrambling to get the latest mobile tech is officially over. Just how far the numbers will fall remains to be seen, but it goes without saying that every tech bubble eventually bursts. All that remains now is to put the pieces together and try and understand what happened. The short answer is; there was nowhere for the technology to go.


But let's take a closer look.


The Unlimited Technology Misconception

There is no question that technology has come leaps and bounds in just a few short years. From the clunky Nokia bricks of the 90s, to the ultra-slick iPhones of today, it is staggering to have witnessed the progress. In fact, the progress has been so steady that some might have got the idea that there is no limit to how far it can all be pushed.


But technology, including mobile devices, is reaching an unacknowledged plateau. Big companies have desperately attempted to produce a next big thing, bringing out gimmicks like foldable screens. But the reception of these devices has been less than exciting, with flop after flop indicating a complete lack of consumer interest. That something like foldable devices even appeared is a clear sign of how desperate the situation is.


If there is no new thing, why would anyone need a new device?


Saturation Point Passed

But it isn't just the lack of a new trend that is killing sales. The other elephant in the room is a far more obvious one; saturation. PCs saw a very similar growth trajectory, with the industry first exploding like wildfire. But at a certain point, as logic dictates, everyone that wanted a PC had one. Yes, upgrades are still necessary, but the initial explosion of sales came to an end. The exact same has happened with mobile devices.


An easier way to say it is that everyone has a smartphone they are happy with and can play bingo for real money on, they see no reason to upgrade, and that prices are going up isn't helping the matter. It is all the perfect storm to bring a once ballooning industry to its knees in no time at all.


Is This The End?

So, is this the end for giants like Samsung and Apple? It isn't the end, but it is time for the behemoths to scale back. As with all markets, once saturation has been surpassed, mega-corporations must start trimming the fat. There is certainly no way that companies so big will fold, but they do need to start finding a realistic balance.

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