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After months of promises and rumors, 5G is finally here with us! It is already available in big cities in Europe and the US, and more countries are expected to take advantage of the next-gen technology in the coming months. Actually, the world 5G market is expected to hit $49.41 by the end of 2021.

Experts say the technology can revolutionize the way human beings interact with both the virtual and physical worlds. Gaming is one of the main areas cited by manufacturers that is going to be changed considerably by 5G. But what exactly is the 5G network, and what does it mean for the gambling industry? 

5G in short

Specific estimations of to what extent technology will change ranges from 'fast' to 'super-fast internet.' Starting with what most reliable technology sites hype, we can expect speeds of between 300 to 1000Mbs per second in the initial stages, but some tests show speeds of up to around 25GB per second in specific locations.

This about 200 times faster than the average speeds of a 4G network! 

Now, chances are you already know how disappointing a slow internet speed can be, but be as it may people are still streaming videos and playing games online on the 'slow' 4G Internet. So, what is the catch with 5G?

Any online gambler knows that the problem is not only about speed, but also about stability and latency. What makes 5G really different is minimized latency.

Low latency and great stability will result from using short-range frequencies and advancements with both hardware and software. What's more, expansion of the technology will make sure that both rural locations and densely populated areas see fast, yet stable connections.

The latency is expected to be less than 5ms, which is ten times better than that of a 4G connection. This eliminates network latency almost wholly and is the main reason some people can afford to dream of remote surgeries, smart cities, and automated vehicles. For gaming, AR, interactive streaming, and cloud computing are good examples.

5G and the gambling industry?

According to Newzoo, the global gaming industry will generate $159.3 billion by the end of 2020. Clearly, this estimate considered the launch of the 5G revolution, given that it will allow games in both Casinos and sites to be played quickly and faster than before. 

Similarly, according to the UK's 2019 gambling commission figures, in general, gambling revenue reduced by 0.4 percent from 2018, but online gambling revenue increased by 2.9 percent. This essentially means that there are people who are yearning for the 5G connection, but why?

  • Cloud Gaming will be faster. 

Faster cloud computing will allow players to play even heavy games through reliable sites like Betiton, the Online Casino in New Zealand on any device without latency problems. Also, you will be able to stream games flawlessly to a tablet or smartphone. 

In return, this is expected to considerably reduce demand for physical slots because players will get high quality and flexible gaming experiences directly from the cloud. This is the main reason why gambling slot developers are now heavily investing in streaming services.

  • Virtual Reality

5G will also allow for more use of virtual reality in casino games. If you have gambled before on your phone, you know how frustrating it can be when it goes off because of a low battery; however, with 5G, that will be history, as it promises to burn considerably less power.

  • Live Casino Games in Real-Time

While playing online games works reasonably well on most devices, if you want to play a live game in real-time, there are a few issues that might restrict you. 

For instance, a poor internet connection will adversely affect your play and make you lose anything you have won. Also, players must fulfill particular technical requirements to be able to play a live game.

Nonetheless, 5G takes care of all that. One main benefit is that sites will load ten times faster, as it offers speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second. This means flawless gambling on any device from anywhere in the world.

  • In-stadium betting

5G will also sharply change the sports betting area as it will allow players to bet while attending sporting events. As mentioned earlier, poor connectivity problems hurt gamblers' desire to play while attending events, but with the enhanced bandwidth, 5G would be the game-changer.

From now on

Although it is still early to make specific conclusions on how the 5G network will affect the gaming industry, it is clear that it will come with lots of goodies for the gambling industry. Tons will be discovered as more states and countries implement and test the next-gen technology. 

Yes, information on the network is still scanty, but you cannot ignore the fact that it holds thousands of incredible opportunities for the gaming sector.



People have been playing cards since time immemorial and although we may not realize it, there have been thousands of different games invented throughout the history of mankind itself. However, never before have the numbers been so high as they are today. Not only do most traditional games have multiple digital versions available now from different developers, hundreds of brand-new card games have also made their way onto smartphones, computers and tablets which were created exclusively as video games.

 In spite of there being massive variety in the genre, most of them are not worth playing. Some are just very poor adaptations of classics, while a lot of the newly introduced games lack any originality or interesting aspect to them. If you are looking for a good card game to play online and actually enjoy it, you are in luck. We have carefully selected a handful of excellent games from across the industry that represent some of the best work in this particular gaming genre.




Hearthstone by Blizzard is widely believed to be the most influential card-based video game of all time. Set in the World of Warcraft MMORPG universe, it has inspired countless clones ever since it came out back in 2014, and till date, remains one of the most played turn based, collectible card games in the world. Once you play Hearthstone, it is possible that you may find a large majority of the modern digital card games to be far too similar.

Admittedly, there are developers who have improved upon the original formula and some of their offerings might even present a better experience because of that, but that's debatable. Either way, Hearthstone remains a must play game for anyone who is looking to get into the whole online card collecting video game genre.

Online Blackjack



Blackjack is at least 400+ years old, as the first mention of the game was reportedly found in a short Spanish story, written way back in the year 1601! It is surprising that in spite of the card game being so ancient in its origin, none of the other contemporary, older or younger traditional card games have managed to adapt so well to the digital format.

Blackjack in a live casino takes the experience even further, as it blurs the otherwise distinct line between virtual and real casino card games. If you like classic casino games in general and card games have always been your thing, you will find both virtual and live casino blackjack variants to be quite amazing.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales



Gwent was originally introduced as a side-game in the epic RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Even as a side-game, Gwent became extremely popular and people who never even played a single RPG before, decided to give it a try just for the sake of playing Gwent.

3 years later in 2018, the legendary developers CD Projekt Red released their standalone card game, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. It was a fleshed-out version of Gwent that has since been improved massively and supports various multiplayer modes for an immersive and addictive experience online.

Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is a single-player RPG campaign expansion for Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, but it's also a standalone card game with its own 30-hour+ storyline and unique gameplay elements not shared by the main game. Whether you have ever played Wild Hunt or not, rest assured that you will fall in love with Gwent.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends



Elder Scrolls 6 will probably be released in a dystopian future in the real world, if the latest reports from 2020 are anything to go by. However, as far as card games are concerned, The Elder Scrolls: Legends is a far more polished game that's solid in 2020, as compared to how it was back in 2017 upon release. If you want a break from all those Hearthstone clones out there, try Legends because Bethesda has cleverly added more depth to the card game with a tricky rune system, allowing for more strategic players to shine through. You can check out a detailed review on IGN to know how Legends also utilizes a nifty lane mechanic to set it even further apart from Hearthstone.

Each of the titles here will appeal to a separate group of players, but whichever ones you decide to try out, rest assured that you won't be disappointed.If you are wondering why Uno or Exploding Kittens did not make it onto the list, then that's entirely because their online counterparts are just not good enough to represent how good the card games feel while playing them in real life.


Since the very first appearance of slots, players have always been tempted to cheat at them. The reason is simple - slot machines offer the biggest jackpots, both at land-based and online casinos! And who wouldn't want to hit the jackpot? The only problem here is that breaking the bank at slots is not that simple as it may seem - because the chances are rather rare.

So that's why some players take the risk of cheating at the machines in order to get a chance to win big. But is it actually possible? Well, let's take a look at some techniques professionals have used to beat slots, and then see how you can do it today!


Slots: Outlook 

Slots, pokies or poker machines, or are casino games of chance with an inbuilt computer program to help generate random outcomes. Once you spin the reel (or press the button in online slots), the machine randomly picks one of the many possible results, and depending on the outcome, you either win or not.

The most important thing you should remember while playing slots at most secure online casino is that each spin on the machine is truly random, and there's actually no possible way of cheating them. However, we can still check how cheaters have tried to beat the slots and to combine their experience with today's reality to finally find out the best way to play and win at slots.

Monkey's Paw

Back in the early days of slot games, when they were mechanical instead of electronic, cheating was quite easy. The most popular method was the Monkey's Paw, which was invented by Tommy Glenn Carmichael, the famous American cheater. The device had a hook on end, so when the player slid it into the coin chute, it would hold the coin hole to release all the coins. However, this tool wasn't hard to create at all - any player could make one. But once the casinos noticed that the slots had been completely emptied out, they learned how to prevent any unwanted fraudulent actions.

Stringed and Shaved Coins

Attaching a coin on a string, also known as the ‘yo-yo trick,' was another way of cheating way back then. This technique required the player to attach a piece of the fishing gut to a coin and then pass it through the slots, making a credit registration. Once this had been made, the player had to "fish out" the coin and continue playing. This meant you could have potentially won a significant amount of money without even investing a single penny!

Foreign Coins


In the 1980s, a Nevada hardware manufacturer sold out a line of coins that, just by some curious chance, were exactly the same weight and size as American coins. That's when the slot cheaters took full advantage of the situation, eventually leading to these coins found in machines all over the state.

After that incident, fraudsters attempted to use coins from other nations to play slots. For instance, the Mexican peso issued in 1985 was worth about half an American cent but was accepted as a quarter in some American slot machines.

Cheating Undercover

When the Nevada Gaming Commission employed Ronald Dale Harris as an engineer to work on monitoring and auditing systems for gaming devices, he instantly used it to his advantage. He knew some slots' source codes and used them to win more than $100,000 on video keno!

Cheating at Online Casinos

While fraud is mostly common in land-based gambling venues, there are some techniques to beat online slots.

Software Programs

The power of the Internet offers you hundreds, if not thousands, of different software programs to help you cheat the slots. For instance, some hackers offer engines, similar to those in video games, that (in theory) are able to scan the whole game and trick the slots into delivering you bonuses. However, using them to cheat at slots will probably lead you to being fooled.


All slot machines, as we mentioned before, use RNG to define the results of each spin. However, they are actually Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG), as they pre-define the value and combine it with other inputs. There were several cases where players find out bugs in PRNG and make good money from it. Although some really profited, this only shows that the algorithms are somehow not secure at all.

Useful Tips

While there isn't any actual technique in existence that can help you cheat, we can provide you with some principles to profit from while playing
for real money:

● Don't get too emotional
● Set budget limits
● Know when to quit

Plus, while choosing the slot to play at, remember to take the RTP and payout table into consideration. These numbers will show the probability of a payout and the winning combinations.

On top of all these tips, don't overthink the game. Always remember that slots experience should bring you only fun and relaxation, no matter how profitable it could be. Don't let worries about payouts distract you from the pleasure.




Some games never get old, and you can never get bored playing them, just like the good old game of bingo. When you combine something like a good classic with modern technology, you get an online game that's taken the world by storm. In this article, we will dive deep into the reasons behind the enormous popularity of online variants.

How the online variant changes the classic

The massive popularity of online bingo forced bingo halls to make some changes to the way they organize their games so they can stay competitive. To encourage players to leave their homes and visit halls, they are transforming them into attractive modern venues. Bingo halls now look like pubs, with music, sofas, and a nightclub atmosphere. 

Although the basic rules of the game remain the same, online games have many new attractive elements that make bingo more alluring. We can't say that online bingo is just a substitute for traditional games, it's a more innovative upgrade that gives freshness to the old game.

The popularity of online bingo changes the demographics of players too. The convenience of playing on-the-go, live chat rooms, and free promotions have opened up the game to younger players.

Online bingo is free, and so are many other classics!

What stands out the most in online bingo compared to traditional is free bingo. You can get your free game in different ways. You can have free games in no deposit bingo. You will have to sign-up to the site and get free cash as a welcome bonus, which you can use to buy bingo cards. When you use up bonus cards, you will have to play with your money, but you can expect loyalty bonuses after.




Or you can visit sites that offer entirely free bingo online, for amusement purposes only. All the transactions are in-game currency and no actual money. The essence of these sites is a fun aspect of the game. You can travel the globe, discover different cultures, and meet new people. Every location room is designed with different themes, and players can chat between and during bingo rounds.  

You can also play many different classic games for free, like Caesars slots. Sites offer many daily promotions, special features, and 100 free spins if you are a new member. Although you are not competing for real money prizes, you will be competing for status within the game, so there will be no lack of excitement. 

Why is online bingo so popular

The most obvious reason is convenience. The possibility of playing anytime and anywhere is the driving force of attracting more and more players. You don't have to travel to the nearest bingo hall and fight for a parking spot. You can play it while waiting for doctors' appointments, between meetings, and waiting for that friend who's always late.

The market is quite competitive. With so many bingo sites competing for customers, you will have a lot of free bingo tickets and exciting promotions. Thanks to generous welcome bonuses, many newcomers who otherwise would not take an interest in the game are now trying it for the first time. 

Games have more variety. Bingo halls are limited by space, and they can't offer many bingo games. In an online variant, different games can take place at the same time. You can find everything, from 30 ball bingo to Deal or No Deal Bingo. 

You can play 75-ball bingo, aka US bingo, or the British 90-ball version - you have it all. Not only do you have a variety of bingo games, but you also have different themed games that appeal to different players.

Should we expect future innovation?

The online bingo market is growing and continuously evolving. With so many different alternatives, customers will always choose one that stands out from the crowd​. That's precisely the reason we can expect future innovation. 

Strong competition between brands is always good for spoiling customers, so we can expect more new promotions. If you want to find out what are the future predictions for classic online games in more detail, go here to read more


The Internet revolutionized bingo. It's more convenient, dynamic, and with various benefits compared to his traditional variant. The growing popularity and competitive market can only lead to one conclusion: the sky's the limit for online bingo now.



There is no doubt that 2020 has been a year unlike any other with the Corona Virus causing havoc throughout the world and eve as restrictions are relaxed the threat is still real with ‘hot spots' occurring all over where restrictions have had to be put back in place.

This year has seen many industries badly affected with the hospitality industry amongst many others continues to suffer as venues like theatres and casinos remain closed to the general public resulting in many people turning online to source their entertainment rather than break social distancing laws.

Where to Play

This increased traffic online has led to many new sites arriving on our pages on a daily basis and although choice is generally great for the consumer it cannot also be somewhat confusing due to the volume of new sites on offer.

Luckily, there are a few tips you can do to find your perfect entertainment site, one that will suit your own personal tastes and requirements, and if we look at online bingo as a great example of a highly social game that has made the transition online almost seamlessly it soon becomes apparent that it is a pretty simple process to avoid those rouge sites that do not offer a good experience.

The Online Bingo Comparison Site

Working in much the same way as any other online comparison site that you might use for finding new home or car insurance if you visit you will be offered a comprehensive list of only the very best online bingo sites to choose from, together with informative reviews written by a team of independent online bingo experts and enthusiasts which cover all the most important factors that make a good online bingo site great.

The Important Points Which Make a Good Online Bingo Site Great

All good online bingo sites must have a current gambling license issued by a reputable gambling commission like the UK Gambling Commission, some sites are endorsed by more than one gambling body but as a rule of thumb, no license - don't play there.

• All the online bingo sites must have an extensive gaming suite for players to enjoy when and where the want to, there is nothing worse than finding out that a site does not carry your favourite game whether that is 90, 75,50 ball or 30-ball bingo games.

• There needs to be a great selection of branded bingo games on offer, those games designed by regulated specialist software developers (like Dragon Fish, Cozy Games, Gamesys and Microgaming.

• There also needs to be a good selection of side games on offer such as slots and classic games of blackjack and roulette.

• All of the Payment options for making deposits and withdrawals need to be those tried and tested as well as trusted methods backed by the latest encryption software to ensure player security

• Any welcome bonus and other, ongoing promotions should be generous and with reasonable wagering requirements attached. The online bingo space is very competitive which means that there are some great offers out there right now.

• Great online bingo sites have a solid loyalty scheme which awards continued play and the best sites offer a VIP program which usually takes the form of points being awarded which can be exchanged for loyal play.

Online bingo just like its bricks and mortar counterpart is a very social game and one of the main reasons that many people love the game, ensuring that the games flow well and any questions are answered promptly falls to the capable hands of a the sites customer support team.

A professional and friendly customer support team can actually make or break an online site so only the best support should be offered alongside a full selection of information pages for self help.

Finally. it's only the very best bingo sites that offer in-room chat boxes where friends can meet up and catch up with all the latest news whilst enjoying a few games. Having a social facility really does give the online version of bingo that authentic feel and are well worth trying out.


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