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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.41 for Android APK free

Minecraft PE 1.17.41

Hello everyone! I want to please you with the new version of Minecraft PE 1.17.41 for Android. Get ready to go on an amazing and exciting adventure. You will have new items for exploring the world, with the help of a Spyglass); distant surroundings will now become available. Moreover, advanced graphics and textures will immerse you as much as possible into the reality of the gameplay. In addition, the developers have fixed some serious bugs that prevented you from enjoying the gameplay.

Minecraft PE 1.17.41 full version review

With the Caves and Cliffs update, Mojang Studios is focusing on the open world.


The developers decided to add new objects to the game for exploring the worlds, among them there is a new "spyglass" and tinted glass.


They were also decided to change the generation of the world, similar to the computer version of the game.


And for improved graphics, a new graphics engine was used. In this release, the game performance is much better.

Stony peaks

Added new biome Stony peaks. They look like small mountains made of solid blocks of stone and earth.


These hills are located between warm and cold biomes and are specially designed for a smoother transition between territories. For example, a new biome could be located between a snowy location and a desert.

 Stony peaks

Render Dragon graphics engine

As we know, the developers are trying to make MCPE in Java Edition. Therefore, in this version using a new graphics engine called Render Dragon. It has greatly improved the picture in the game. At the same time, the performance of the game has also improved. They promise that with the new engine, the stability of the game will also be higher.


But the available renderer is only for processors with ARMv7 architecture.

 Render Dragon

Amethyst Geodes

The Amethyst Geode was introduced to us in the first part of Caves and Cliffs. As you already know, this is an underground natural structure of the Upper World, outwardly looks like a ball, and inside there are amethyst and calcite. Moreover, this is the only way to get these blocks of minerals, since they cannot be multiplied at home. It is generated in caves or in abandoned mines, but sometimes the player can find it on the surface of beaches and underwater in the oceans.


Amethyst Geodes


Amethyst minerals can glow, which is why blocks give off a purple glow. Other new items can be crafted from Amethyst Shards.

Fixed bugs

The developers have fixed the problem with the consumption of a huge amount of RAM. Now the devices will not be heavily loaded and slow down.

Bugs with bugs of blocks that became transparent have been fixed.

In addition, they improved the stability of the game, now there should be less interruptions.

Download Minecraft PE 1.17.41




October 27, 2021





Xbox Live



139 MB


Players around the world are looking forward to the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands update coming in December. The test version is already in play mode, but the full release and access to the Mage Tower will only be available in Legion Timewalking next month.


In this regard, we want to talk about what this update will be like and what rewards will be available for gamers around the world.


In this regard


New release

The Mage Tower is not a completely new feature that gamers are not familiar with, as it was available back in patch 7.2. However, it pretty soon became unavailable. This happened after the developers provided the players with an update related to the Battle of Azeroth. Now this update will be completely new and the players will be able to start their battles for unique rewards.


Players will be able to complete tasks that will be completed every week, and they will have the opportunity to master the dungeons and receive a reward.


In the new update, each character will receive a new scenario of actions that will correspond to the class and role of their playable character. You will get the opportunity to pass difficult challenges that will be valid during the duration of this event. In this regard, hurry up to buy the Skycoach Mage Tower carry, which will give you the opportunity to easily cope with all tasks.


New conditions

New conditions


If you managed to participate in the events of the previous update, then it's time to prepare for new rewards. Unfortunately, old rewards do not count. Do not rush to get upset, as 7 new challenges await you.


A prerequisite is to complete all the proposed battles without dying, and only after that, you can receive a reward. When passing the challenges, you will not need the previously found artifacts, since the developers decided to make this event available even for novice players. Therefore, in new battles and raids, each player will be able to use their powers, and all levels will be designed for different difficulty levels.


When passing challenges, players will be able to get a new set of armor, which will be different for each class of players. At the end of the trials, each character will be able to receive a unique reward - the Soaring Spelltome Mount.


The upcoming changes will make a lot of players happy, making this one of the most popular and long-awaited updates, as players will see the removal of Conduit's energy, changes to the hated AOE, and etc. What's more, new character creation features will be available for many Allied Races.


There will also be changes in the game related to new names for previous achievements, inappropriate illustrations will be removed, and in-game references to former employees of the creator company will be changed.


Other innovations

1) In Island Expeditions, players will now be able to queue up alone or with their team in order to wait for the transition to different difficulty levels.


2) Allied Races will become available. Previously, players were asked to complete difficult quests in order to gain access to the creation of allied races. Now players can simply skip this stage, or complete the quest at their own discretion.


3) Now players will be able to showcase their equipment to other users by simply sharing the link. In the Dressing Room, you can find out what needs to be done to collect a complete set of equipment, as well as find out if it is available for a character of your level.


4) Players who lack skills will be able to get suitable equipment for PvP battles. Equipment will now be scaled to a higher level so that even novice gamers can take part in battles and show their strength in the arena. This innovation will not affect in any way the character's munition, which corresponds to the high level.


Is it worth playing


Is it worth playing?

New updates will be able to interest even those who have long stopped playing this game. Moreover, if earlier it was rather difficult for new players to improve their skills and gain achievements, because of which many lost their interest, then this year Blizzard pleases new players with many new attributes and ways to improve the level of one's character. Now it's easier to start your game in this world than it was a few years ago.


The company has worked on the improvements and now each level up becomes more tangible and players can fully enjoy their victories and conquests.


The storylines go at a steady pace and that allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game process, without falling out of their adventures. Shadowlands gives players the ability to follow a planned scenario without fear of falling out of their events and choose zones in which players can participate.



If you've stopped playing World of Warcraft or are thinking about whether to start, then the new update simply leaves you no choice. New changes, events and characteristics will allow the game to sparkle with new colors. Hurry up to get new rewards and achievements in the new patch the Mage Tower 9.1.5.

The evolution of the casino dress code


Back in the early days of gambling, before the first casino had even been born and games would simply take place in bars, and just about anywhere a group of people could get together, there was no dress code, as the games would be played amongst all classes.


In the modern day, casinos often ask players to follow a strict dress code, and although this is more flexible and casual in the daytime - wearing cocktail dresses and a black-tie suit combination is quite often the casino go-to. But the question remains: why do casinos have such a strict dress code, and most importantly - where did this come from?


Read on to find out more.


A display of wealth

In the 1800s, when gambling bans were put in place throughout the world, only the rich could afford to enter and play at the specially built establishments that were eventually legalised, meaning that the atmosphere and requirement for dressing suitably for a trip to the casino was more important than ever. In 1861, Prince Charles III of Monaco opened the Monte Carlo Casino, in the hope to prevent him from bankruptcy. The establishment was deemed ‘a playground for the rich', and eventually became the savior of Monaco's economy. The casino still stands to this day, and with a marble and gold atrium, paintings, history and even an opera house, you would quite frankly feel out of place if you wore anything but your best suit.


The Las Vegas - Hollywood scene

Back in the 1940s and ‘50s, the newly established Las Vegas Strip began making some major transformations, building some of the largest hotels and casino resorts in the world at the time. By the ‘80s, the Strip was booming in popularity, and attracting Hollywood film stars, magicians, entertainers and even some of the world's most popular singers such as Elvis Presley and Queen. With the likes of Marilyn Monroe often seen on the scene, and iconic movies such as James Bond filming in some of the most incredible casinos - the class, attire and complete atmosphere was one that required dressing up for. We would see the casino lifestyle being portrayed in the movies, and the whole environment seemed like the only place anyone could really get a taste of Hollywood. Dress codes were put in place so that people of all classes and backgrounds could live the VIP lifestyle for the duration of their trip. This carries on in casinos all around the world, and has become common etiquette.


The modern day

Now, you can play casino games from the comfort of your own home, without even having to get dressed, because the excitement and animations that are offered at an online casino, are almost a replica of the real thing. Although, if you fancy dressing up for a night out at the casino, or feeling like a movie star and getting the Hollywood experience, then most casinos will ask you to wear certain things.

These include:

  • A suit/tie and blazer
  • A cocktail dress
  • A long skirt or dress
  • Smart shoes
  • Accessories

If a casino states their dress code is casual, which it commonly is during the day, then the etiquette is that you still make some sort of effort. Shorts, flipflops, trainers, sportswear and graphic t-shirts are often banned from casinos, and you will be restricted to only the slot machines inside if you're wearing these.


Here are just a few ideas of what casual casino outfit will usually consist of:

  • Some khaki pants or nice blue jeans
  • Smart/casual shoes such as loafers
  • A button-down shirt
  • A skirt
  • Blouse


The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident, so make sure to wear whatever makes you feel best, so that win or lose - you still walk away feeling like a million dollars.

The Areas Of Gaming Which Will Be Most Prominent In 2030


Gaming is continuing to develop on mobile and has long been a billion dollar industry. Some areas are progressing at breakneck speed and over the next few years are truly going to dominate.


Of course, technology is ever-changing and forever developing, meaning it's difficult to predict exactly what will come next for the world of gaming. But it is certain that at the way it's going, by the time we reach 2030, the following will certainly be front and centre of the industry...


Online Casino

Online casinos are developing at such a fast pace, with more and more launching by the day. You only need to click here to see just how many world-class options are available to players these days. But from the finest US casinos to the best Australian online casino, they are continuing to adopt the newest technology to keep them advancing forward.


By 2025 the online gambling industry is expected to surpass $112billion, with further increases towards the end of the decade. That will come as no surprise, and whatever technology is developed over the coming years, online casino will adopt, just as it has done with the likes of VR and AR.


Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has had many failed take-offs. It was of course first released for gaming back in the early 1990s but failed pretty dramatically. It's not been smooth sailing over the past five years either, but you get the sense that VR is here to stay this time around.


The technology is becoming more accessible, and therefore cheaper, while even on mobile the quality of game is far, far superior to that of the 1990s. We expect it to play a larger part in mainstream gaming as the decade rolls on, with smarter, sleeker headsets and more immersive content than ever before.



Esports is already hitting huge heights and that's expected to continue and merge the likes of VR into it, where we will eventually enjoy games that are both digital and physical. Think football with dragons or quidditch against Gryffindor in a weird amalgamation of real and fake.


Whether that comes as early as 2030 is to be seen, but we are certainly on a pathway towards this.

The Best Apps To Become Part Of A Community


Social media can be a tiring place. More so of late. Twitter has become a breeding ground for bullying, while Facebook seems far worse. To say they're all about communities, the spirit of them is lacking.


So it's no wonder people are looking to other areas of the internet to become part of a friendly, welcoming community. In fact, there are dozens of apps that you can enjoy some community spirit, from online casinos to social games, word games, and more...


But what are the best apps to download to your device to make new friends and enjoy a good old chinwag?



For any parents looking to let off a bit of steam and speak to like minded people, Mumsnet and Dadsnet are certainly the apps or forums for you. Mumsnet is available to download via app and is the biggest parenting forum on the planet.


It's a great app for just chatting about parenting and day to day life, while it's also incredibly useful for getting tips and insight into good parenting tactics to solve any problems you may be having.


Online Casinos

Online casinos may not feel like a very communal experience. After all, you're sat on your phone rather on a casino floor with other people around you. However, in many online casinos you'll find a number of multi-player games with chat features, which are a great place to bond.


Take the best au online casino sites, for example, you'll find roulette, poker, baccarat and craps, as well as many other games have chat rooms where you can engage with players. It's the perfect way to enjoy an evening if you can't get down to your local casino.


Word Games

If you're a lover of sitting around a table and playing board games, then word game apps are definitely right up your alley. Both Scrabble and Words with Friends 2 are brilliant social experiences, with you able to play them up against friends or complete strangers, aka friends you have yet to meet.


They are perfect games for commutes or a spare five to 10 minutes and with chat functions integrated in you really can shoot the breeze as you play.

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