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Best Gambling Mobile Apps


With so many apps to choose from, it can seem an impossible task to find the best gambling mobile app for you. Major online casinos have apps, and smaller developers without a recognisable brand have apps. Picking an online casino shouldn't feel like a gamble. As technology develops and is invested in, more and better options will become available as different markets take shape. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best gambling mobile apps.


The Best App for You


Bonuses, free spin offers, variety of games, compatibility, payment methods, license. That might seem like a long list, but it's a necessary one. Also, once you get to comparing, it'll become clear which online casinos work for you and your desires, so it shouldn't take too long.


Bonuses will be a huge factor in your decision. These will increase your bankroll and give you more money to play with from when you've signed up or during a game. Of course, there is fine print. Online casinos put expiry dates on bonuses, as well as winnings limits and wagering requirements (which means you have to wager the bonus a certain number of times before you can withdraw winnings). Free spin offers do a similar thing. Giving the chance to play a game for free, with similar conditions and limitations that bonuses have.


Pick a casino which has the game or games you want to play. Try to match up bonuses to these games too. Maximise what works for you.


Comparison sites are a great way to quickly see what various online casinos have to offer. Once you compile a list of a couple, finding reviews will help single out the most suitable one, as they give greater details than comparison sites. For instance, this slotocash mobile casino review provides a lot of information about the bonuses, which you wouldn't see on a comparison site.


Using a mobile device can complicate things a little bit. As devices vary, you will have to check the compatibility of the app with your device. Software requirements will be noted on the app's page on the store, or you can search for the developer's website to get more information too. Not everyone likes the apps. In these instances, they use the web browser. It works in the same way, except they could run smoother, depending on your device.


Online casinos accept varying forms of payment methods. Debit cards, prepaid cards, cryptocurrency, e-wallets: there're all valid. It's about making sure you can use whichever is the one you want to use. Prepaid cards are great for limiting your spending, and you don't need to provide sensitive debit card data when you register the card with the online casino. Cryptocurrency methods, and even gambling apps, are also on the rise as blockchain becomes ever more developed.


Fundamentally, though, the best gambling mobile apps have a gambling license. There are public registers and databases which you can use to check the online casino has a license before you sign up. These ensure you are safe to use them.

Trends shaping the future of mobile payments


Whether you welcome it or fear it, the "cashless society" is increasingly becoming a reality. Advancements in card usership, mobile banking and contactless technology have made paper money an increasingly rare sight across the developed world.


Now, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and the obvious accompanying public hygiene concerns, businesses are even more reluctant to handle cash, meaning the mobile payment trend is set to continue its assault on the finance world.


As ever, industry insiders are attempting to help business stay one step ahead of the competition, and highlight the trends and developments shaping the future of mobile payments. Here are some of the key advancements we can expect to see across the field.


Biometric protection

Whilst mobile payment usage continues to skyrocket, many remain understandably cautious about security and the potential exposure to fraud, especially amongst older populations. Research by Simon-Kucher and Partners found that 40% of US based customers who avoid mobile payment methods do so because of fears over its security.

Obviously, this presents a concern for mobile payment providers, who are missing out on a potentially significant volume of customers, and must therefore attempt to allay the fears which remain for many. One way in which providers could improve trust in security is via biometric protection, including facial recognition, finger-prints and eye scans. Viewed as more secure than passwords and signatures, further security is vital to convince more cautious consumers, and will no doubt become a more prominent feature in mobile payment methods.


Chinese dominance

It's no surprise that Chinese mobile payment providers lead the industry, given its huge, young and tech savvy population. Hangzhou based Alipay overtook PayPal in 2013, and together with WeChat Pay the main Chinese players boast over two billion users. China's leaders have been less than subtle in their aims of using tech dominance to expand Chinese interests abroad, and its mobile payment prevalence has already caused disputes with international rivals, with India and The US both attempting to curtail the growth of Chinese apps in their respective nations.


China's rise in all facets of society and commerce is unlikely to slow, and we should all prepare to witness increasing Chinese influence in mobile payment and other tech.


Virtual Reality

VR has been poised to take the world by storm for a number of years, and whilst it hasn't quite permeated into everyday life, its use has expanded into a vast array of sectors, including education, travel and now into commerce.


Many business have now started to seriously weigh up a move to VR commerce which can facilitate faster and far more convenient mobile and card payments. Online gaming platforms and casinos, who have historically been seen as early adapters of emerging payment tech look set to embrace this move first, and as these sectors look towards incorporating VR tech as a whole into their offering, a shift to VR commerce is the next logical step.


Facilitating faster payments is big business, particularly for casino brands and operators. Research suggests that customers who link quick payment methods to their account are more likely to spend, or wager, more and this has even given rise to card registration bonus casinos that are now prevalent online.


Other sectors, such as retail, will be looking on closely to see if online gaming starts to embrace VR commerce and over the coming years we could soon see VR payments being facilitated in bricks and mortar outlets.


Trick or Treat: How Did Slot Providers Prepare for Halloween?


Halloween is also a special and fruitful period for casino players: slot machine developers present their Halloween-themed games to the market during this period. If you are a slot player, you can try your luck with witches, vampires and ghosts throughout Halloween. These spooky games offer a combination of fun and winning. We have compiled a list of the best Halloween themed slots for you: You can play these free mobile slots on desktop computers or try your luck with real money if you want.


Halloween Fortune II

Developer Reels & Lines
Playtech 5 reels & 25 lines
RTP & Variance 94.99% - HIGH


If witches are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween, you will find three of them in this game. But don't worry, their intentions aren't bad: they only cast spells that will make you rich. Halloween Fortune II is a classic video slot, meaning it is beginner-friendly and contains easy to learn bonuses. The first game released by Playtech attracted a lot of attention, and its sequel is as good as the first one. So remember that if you like this slot, you can also play the first game using the same theme. Halloween Fortune II includes a bonus feature where you can win 10 free spins, and when this feature is active, two things happen: One, the wild symbol will appear on the third wheel and never disappear. Two, with each spin that wins, the multiplier value increases +1. You can start spinning the reels with just 0.25 coins.


Halloween Jack

Developer Reels & Lines
Netent 5 reels & 20 lines
RTP & Variance 96.28% - HIGH


Meet Halloween Jack: This spooky character will accompany you as you spin the reels and try your chance to win up to 600,000 coins. This video slot developed by Netent is played on a 5x3 grid and offers many bonuses linked to the wild symbol. First of all, if you get a win using the wild symbol, you get 3 times more payouts. Each wild symbol also allows you to have one free re-spin, and these spins continue as long as there are wilds on the reels. With three treasure chest symbols, you can win 10 free spins, and you can earn additional bonuses by collecting lantern symbols during this round. 2, 6, and 9 lantern symbols respectively increase the number of wild symbols, expand them, and fill one of the reels completely with wild. The highest prize you can win is 3,000 times your bet.


Pumpkin Smash

Developer Reels & Lines
Yggdrasil 5 reels & 20 lines
RTP & Variance 96.00% - MEDIUM


Not all Halloween slots need to be horror-themed: Some feature much more light-hearted themes and focus on the fun side of this holiday. Pumpkin Smash, developed by Yggdrasil, is the best example of this. The symbols in this game are made up of pumpkin pictures carved in different ways, and each of them pays high. If you find 2 - 5 bonus symbols, a mini-game starts where you try to crush the pumpkins, and each one contains different cash prizes. There is also a bonus feature where you can win 14 free spins, and during this feature, the payout value of each symbol increases by 2 to 7 times. If you like slots with multiplier payouts, then Pumpkin Smash will be a good choice. Moreover, its MEDIUM variance value shows that the payment frequency will be quite satisfactory.


House of Doom

Developer Reels & Lines
Play’n GO 5 reels & 10 lines
RTP & Variance 94.10% - HIGH


House of Doom has everything you would expect from a Halloween themed slot: A mysterious mansion, occult symbols, heavy metal music, and a magical treasure. Moreover, it offers classic gameplay with a 5x3 layout and 10 paylines, so beginners can play without difficulty. Three House of Doom symbols must appear on the screen to activate the game's bonus round. When this happens, you get 10 free spins. During this feature, the "Seer" symbol may appear and cover an entire reel. In addition, the House of Doom symbol gains the wild feature, and three of them allow you to win an additional free spin. It is also possible to collect "Suffering Skull" symbols during normal play to win a bonus prize. If you're looking for a game that fits the classic Halloween theme, House of Doom is probably your best bet with its symbols and soundtrack.

The Amazing Advancement of Web Browser Games


Whether it is for the sake of recreation or competition, humans have always played games from time immemorial. Some aspects of our game playing have served as a means of integrating us into society. The kind of games we engaged in also helped us identify what skills, roles, and responsibilities we personally favored.


Although in antiquity the earliest forms and types of game were crude and simple, they served as the foundation for modern day games. The style and mode of the earliest forms of games play significant roles in the development of our modern games. Skip forward to 2020. When people talk about games, they are either suggesting a physical activity, a board game, or a digital computer game. These modern-day computer games are nothing like anything we have had in the past. Bright and colorful, we can find ourselves hypnotized to these moving interactive pictures on screens. In the last 40 years, digital games have become more sophisticated. Their storylines have become longer, the gameplay more complex and the graphics more realistic and appealing. It was no longer just the case of having a blurry motion picture on your screen. However, we cannot fully understand the advancement of gaming without first understanding how it all began.


The History of Computer Games


The history of computerized games can be traced to the early 1950s were a group of scientists developed a computerized version pf tic-tac-toe. There is very little knowledge about the purpose of this development. While some individuals believe it was for the purpose of research, others believe that it is for the sake of recreation. Whatever the reason, history has it that both the professors and their students both played the games.


Along came arcade machines with the likes of Pong and Space Invaders. But they were more like nerdy hobbies. It wasn't until the 1980s that video games began to go mainstream. Unlike the 1960s where game interaction was done by using punch cards, the user controls in this era were more sophisticated using joypads, keyboards and control pads. The graphics were more sophisticated with 2D pixelated sprites (that now seems very crude today). They had real music and more complex gameplay. This age and era of gaming also ushered in the use of gaming consoles; machines exclusively designed for gaming purposes challenging the multi-purpose desktop computer. A rivalry began of sorts between those who preferred to play on consoles and those who preferred to play games on desktops. This rivalry ended when a third competitor came out of nowhere. The smartphone.


HTML5 Powered Games


HTML5 is a programing language that has paved the way for several advancements in terms of web development as well as gaming. As more people started browsing the internet for any purpose imaginable in daily life, gaming became a big part of the online experience. Whether it be a big budget game, a social media game, an online casino game or an interactive advert, people began to get used to interacting with games in their web browsers. Having interactive animations written in HTML5 is an upgrade on the previous standard of Adobe Flash powered animations and games. HTML5 is a very simple version of coding that also follows instructions for location coordinates and time. Applications made from it take less memory, and do not require users to download anything for it to work. Adobe Flash required that you constantly upgraded your Flash client to meet the requirements of the animation. HTML5, on the other hand, runs on the language of the computer. More importantly, HTML5 was usable by mobile devices.


Once Apple's iPhones stopped supporting Flash the writing was on the wall. All development of Flash powered games and animations ceased, and immediately transferred to HTML5. A change that may have gone by invisibly to some, which goes to show how convenient this new standard is.


Power of the Video Stream


Of course, when it comes to games, people have different expectations and ways in which they will be satisfied. While HTML5 can produce a beautifully detailed and animated game, sometimes the game requires something else. For example, sometimes people need to feel complete game immersion and be in the place where the game occurs. Browser contained live video streams too have added a lot more to the potential of browser game. You can either receive in-game briefings from fellow players hundreds of miles away, or in the case of an online casino, you can experience the feeling of being in a regular casino if you played at a live casino (as explained on this site).


Software developer Netent have created a way of ensuring that their players always get the feeling of being inside a regular casino. You get to watch the game on their computer screen, watch other players and even ask questions in the chat section. This service is powered by cameras, an IT expert, a croupier, pit boss and other necessary features. The system is set up to transmit data very fast that everything happens in real time straight to your browser window.


All on Mobile


What all advancement in game design and graphics has in common, is the focus of mobile-first design. People are increasingly only using their mobile devices for all online activities. Research has it that four out of every five people use the internet via their mobile devices. Most people who still use computers to access the internet usually do it for official purposes. It would be a massive oversight not to cater for these numbers. Indeed, there has been an industry explosion of mobile games. Hundreds of dedicated mobile games exist for all kinds of discerning players. Games for children's learning, to massive multi player landscapes, to quick puzzles and not to mention the online casino games which have been optimized to be played seamlessly on various mobile devices.


Are game consoles and computers gone? No, they are still here. But gaming just got easier with the optimization of technology. HTML5 and mobile devices ensure that you are always seconds away from playing an online game! The only thing holding you back is your concentration span.


Most casino games are now available to play through a web browser or through mobile apps. Some types of games can be played on smartphones but may be better suited for being played on a PC or Laptop. Some poker players like to play on multiple tables at once, which can be easier to navigate on a PC. Some games however are very well suited for smartphone users and are smooth and easy to use whilst playing on the go.


Casino Gaming on Mobile


Casino Gaming on Mobile

It has become essential for casinos to provide good quality mobile apps for users that have a good interface and games the users actually want to play. All kinds of games needs to be able to run smoothly, but there are certain casino games that are especially well suited to mobile gaming.



Slots are a staple of any casino experience, and they are typically created to perform very well on smartphones. Slots are usually simple and easy to use which is good for playing on mobile as you can play for anywhere. William Hill is an example of a casino in Canada with fantastic online casino games, and its slots are especially well adapted for smartphone use, with a user-friendly interface. The interface of slots games on smartphones is usually very accessible and with few mechanics to worry about, online slots are usually more focused on visual entertainment.


Speaking of the visuals, slots games are known for being vibrant and exciting. This translates well to smartphones, and there are slots with eccentric visual themes relating to topics such as the mythology of Ancient Greece.



This casino favorite plays on a smartphone very smoothly. The blackjack table felt translates easily to a smartphone screen, and the options to hit or stick are simple to use as you take on the dealer. Online casinos such as William Hill also offer a live dealer blackjack game. Live blackjack works just as well as standard blackjack on mobile, but it puts the player up against a live dealer whilst playing from any location.



Roulette, one of the most popular table casino games has also been adapted to provide an enthralling experience whilst being played on smartphones. The typical interface on a smartphone will show players the numbers board whilst they are placing bets and then switch to the roulette wheel whilst the ball is spinning.


Like with blackjack, live roulette is also available in online casinos. The live roulette system works the same but you will be able to watch a live dealer at a roulette wheel instead of a virtual one. Standard roulette games are also available with a range of themes such as Football Roulette and Age of the Gods Roulette. These themes can make for a visually stimulating experience whilst playing on mobile.




Casino games typically run on all types of smartphones. Android phones are known to be a popular option amongst many online gamblers, but iOS should be able to run casino games just as well. Games such as slots, blackjack and roulette have all been found to be well suited to smartphone players, however most games are created to work on all platforms.

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