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5 Most Popular Social Casino Apps


Social casino apps operate in a different way to regular online casinos. When playing using social casino apps, you have the option to play casino games without using any real money. The games can be played risk-free, and you can arrange casino nights with friends or play games against strangers. Having the facility to play for free, means social casinos are legal in the United States but there is an option to play for real money at some social casinos, using sweeps coins. Continue below as we look at 5 of the most popular social casino apps.


Chumba Casino

Launched in 2012 by Virtual Gaming World Malta Limited. Chumba Casino is available on desktop, mobile, and via a free app for Android or iOS devices. Despite offering free to play games, Chumba Casino is home to all the major online casino game developers, with Playtech, ReelPlay, and Microgaming among those available. As a result, you will find many high-quality games at Chumba Casino as you would at the leading real money casinos. It takes a matter of seconds to create an account at Chumba Casino and you can join the social community, make new friends, and participate in tournaments. Chumba Casino is all about having fun but if you want to play for real money, you can by using sweeps coins. When using sweeps coins, they are still classed as virtual currency, but you can exchange them for real money when you have finished playing.


It is not always easy finding social casinos like Chumba Casino in the United States but if you want to play better games, you can check out these sites similar to Chumba Casino.


Scratch Carnival

There are close to 700 casino games available to play at Scratch Carnival. One of the many notable features of Scratch Carnival is customizing your account, you can use multicolored tents, buildings, and rides to create a unique gaming experience. Scratch Carnival is available via the mobile app, and you can play ticket scratch-offs to win free gold coins, play any of the free casino games, or if you want to try and win money, you can enter sweepstakes slots and scratch-offs with the opportunity of real prizes.


Scratch Carnival was one of the most popular social casinos online, but in a recent announcement, but they have decided to close their doors.


LuckyLand Slots

One of the many tempting features of LuckyLand Slots is the welcome bonus that includes 7,777 gold coins. All you must do is create an account and activate the $10 worth of Gold Coins purchase bonus, which will give you an additional bonus on top of the signup offer. For those who want to play free online slot games, LuckyLand Slots is the perfect casino. The casino also offers free gold coins to players as they sign in, so remember to login to your account daily. In terms of the casino games, some have been developed in collaboration with ReelPlay but most of the slots have been developed exclusively by LuckyLand Slots.


Global Poker

Another sister site of Chumba Casino is Global Poker. The name of this social casino gives away the type of games on offer, with No limit Texas Hold'em and No Limit Omaha the two main poker games. However, Global Poker is also home to other casino games and boasts a strong group of slot games in addition to blackjack games. When playing poker at Global Poker, you can choose your table based on several factors, including city, meaning you can meet fellow poker enthusiasts from your region in the US.


Fortune Coins

Owned by Social Gaming LLC, Fortune Coins casino offers video slots, card games, poker, keno, and wheel of fortune among other games. In terms of bonuses, there are 500 Gold Coins or 5 Fortune Coins available for new players and a daily reward scheme for those who login regularly. You will find two forms of game mode at Fortune Coins. Standard game mode uses gold coins, meaning there are no cash prizes to be won whereas premium game mode can produce redeemable cash prizes for winners.


These are 5 of the most popular social casino apps available in the United States. While you have plenty of options when choosing a social casino in the US, we recommend choosing from these 5 social casinos because they are fully licensed, offer a wide range of games, and generous bonuses.


It's no secret that mobile games are surging in popularity. Recent studies have shown that mobile gaming is now more popular than traditional PC or console gaming.


So what is driving this trend? Let's look at some of the most common reasons.





One of the biggest reasons for the surge in mobile gaming is convenience. Mobile games can be played anywhere, at any time. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection. This is perfect for busy people who don't have time to sit down in front of a console or PC for hours at a time.


On the other hand, mobile games are also great for people who have some downtime and want to kill a few minutes (or hours) while they're waiting for an appointment, riding the bus, or even just taking a break at work.


Earning Money

Another big reason mobile gaming is on the rise is that people are now seeing it as a viable way to earn money. There are many ways games now pay real money to their players. For example, many games have in-app purchases where you can buy virtual items with real money. Others have ads that you can watch for a small fee.


And some even have microtransactions, where you can pay a small amount of money to get an extra life or skip ahead to the next level. Whatever the method, people are finding that they can earn some cash by playing mobile games.


From streaming your gameplay on platforms like Twitch to entering (and winning) tournaments, there are now professional gamers who make a living playing mobile games. This wasn't possible even a few years ago.


Getting Better Deals

In addition to earning money, people are also finding that they can get better deals on mobile games than they can on traditional console or PC games. Mobile game developers have found that they can sell their games for much less than the competition and still make a profit. This is because there are far more people with smartphones and tablets than there are with consoles or gaming PCs.


As a result, mobile gamers can often find games for just a few dollars (or even less). Compare that to the $60 price tag of most console games and it's easy to see why mobile gaming is so appealing to many people.



Another big reason for the popularity of mobile games is the sheer variety of games now available. No matter what your interests are, there's a mobile game out there for you. Want to play a first-person shooter? There are plenty of those. Prefer strategy games? Yup, those too. And if you're looking for something more casual, there are countless puzzle, card, and match-3 games to choose from. With such a wide selection of games available, it's easy to find one that suits your mood and interests.


Additionally, mobile games are often released much sooner after they're announced than traditional console or PC games. This is due to the shorter development time and lower costs associated with making a mobile game. As a result, you can often get your hands on the latest and greatest mobile games long before they come to other platforms.


Better Graphics

When mobile gaming first started becoming popular, the graphics were not on par with what you would find on a console or PC game. But that has changed in recent years. With the advances in mobile technology, mobile games now have stunning graphics that rival (and in some cases, exceed) those of their console and PC counterparts.


For instance, just take a look at the new generation of mobile games like PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9: Legends, and Fortnite. These games have amazing graphics that are on par with (if not better than) the console versions.


Improved Gameplay

In addition to better graphics, mobile games have also seen a significant improvement in gameplay. This is because developers are now able to take advantage of the unique features of smartphones and tablets. For example, many games now make use of the accelerometer and gyroscope to provide a more immersive and realistic experience.


Multi-touch screens have also allowed developers to create more intuitive and user-friendly controls. As a result, mobile games are now more fun and engaging than ever before.


On the other hand, console and PC games have largely stayed the same in terms of gameplay. While there have been some advances (like motion controls), the overall experience has not changed much in recent years.


Cross-Platform Play

Another reason for the popularity of mobile gaming is the fact that many games now offer cross-platform play. This means that you can play with friends who are on different mobile devices (or even consoles or PCs).


This is a great feature for people who have friends with different gaming preferences. No longer do you have to choose between playing with your iOS friends or your Android friends, you can now just play with whoever you want, regardless of what type of device they're using.


Additionally, the cross-platform play also allows you to compare your scores and achievements with friends on other platforms. This is a great way to see who the best gamer in your group is.


Free-to-Play Games

Finally, one of the biggest reasons mobile gaming is so popular is that there are now many great games that are free to play. This wasn't always the case, as most mobile games used to require an up-front purchase price. But now, thanks to the rise of in-app purchases and microtransactions, many games are free to download and play.


Of course, not all free-to-play games are created equal. Some use shady tactics to try and get you to spend money, while others are perfectly fair. But if you're careful about which games you choose to play, you can easily enjoy hours of free gaming without spending a dime.


Free-to-Play Games


These are just some of the reasons why mobile games are surging in popularity. With so many great games to choose from and such low prices, it's no wonder that more and more people are making the switch to mobile gaming. Not to forget the convenience and portability that mobile gaming offers.


So if you're looking for a new way to play the game, be sure to check out the many great games available on your mobile device. You might just be surprised at how much fun you have.

Why Google Finally Changed its Stance on Sports Wagering Apps in the US Play Store


In early 2021, Google announced a change to their Play Store policies. The change was implemented on the 1st of March and permitted gambling applications in the Google Play Store for several countries, including the United States. Prior to the change in the regulations, only four countries were allowed to offer gambling apps in the Play Store, with the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, and Ireland the countries able to add gambling apps. However, the change in ruling did not mean an immediate shift in what was available in the Google Play Store for people in the US.


Gambling Apps with Restrictions in the US Play Store

The fact Google changed its stance on sports wagering apps in the US Play Store did not see a vast number of apps becoming available across the United States over night. Limitations were put in place, with different forms of gambling apps legally available in only a small number of states. Sports wagering apps were made legal in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and West Virginia. Google also required all companies wanting to launch a sports betting app on the Play Store to go through an application process and that still stands today for any developer wanting to launch a gambling app in the US. So, it is not easy to launch a sports wagering app in the US Play Store, but it is now legal in several states.


Android Users Suffering from Restrictions

One of the main reasons why Google changes its policy on sports wagering apps in the US Play Store was to make accessing the apps easier for users. Most online gamblers in the US were already installing sports wagering apps on their mobile device directly from the sportsbook website. The mobile US betting industry was booming in the United States, but Android users did not have the facility to install sports wagering apps easily. Those using iOS devices could install sports wagering apps from the App Store, so it made sense for Android users to be able to do the same.


Market Share

Google owns the Android operating system and therefore, it is in their best interests for users to have access to the apps they want to install. Android is the dominant operating system in the United States, mainly thanks to the fact it is possible to purchase mobile phones with the Android operating system at a budget price. However, with a ban on sports wagering apps in the Play Store, Google faced the possibility of losing market share to Apple. For those who want to gamble on sport regularly using a mobile device, the smart option would have been to purchase an Apple mobile phone, as there was no restriction on sports wagering apps in the App Store. Google may have assessed the impact on their market share and based on the forecast, decided to change their stance on sports wagering apps in the US Play Store.


Games with Gambling Mechanics

The fact there were already many popular gaming apps with gambling mechanics could have had an influence on the decision made by Google. Before the change of heart by Google in relation to sports wagering apps, there were many gaming apps available in the Play Store that had a gambling mechanism, such as loot boxes. It was also possible to buy stocks using apps in the Google Play Store, so adding sports wagering apps was only really an extension of what was already available.


Whatever the overriding reason for Google changing the rules on sports wagering apps, it was good news for online gambling companies. They can now attract more customers by having their brand available in the Google Play Store, something that was not possible prior to March 2021.

How Your Gaming App Can Begin Making Money


So, you are a young and ambitious student developer. You've got plenty of great game ideas and maybe even have already launched your own product. What's next? The most logical step after implementing your ideas to life is to seek ways for monetizing them.


As a student developer, you might lack experience and business acumen yet. You may have no idea how to market and sell your game. But, the good news is that there are plenty of different monetization methods, so, each of you should be able to find something that suits your needs and situation.


Of course, it will take time and effort to promote your product and start making money with it. So, the first tip we have for busy student developers is to encounter professional support.


We all know that students' schedules are packed and they rarely have time for other things. So, if you want to ensure success, hire who will save you more time and help ensure that your academic performance won't drop while you put 100% of the focus on your monetization strategy. Once you do this, go ahead and start making money with your app. Below, you will learn about the most efficient ways to do this!





Probably the easiest way to monetize any app, including a game, is to make it initially paid. If you go to app stores of different operating systems, you will find many applications that are paid to download. So, this is one of the opportunities that you can use.


However, there are a few things you have to consider before making your app paid. First of all, you must keep in mind the platform for which it is meant. According to stats, in 2022, the share of paid apps on Android is only 3.3%. This is almost twice lower compared to iOS (6.1%). In general, Android users are less likely to buy apps than iOS users. Sol, if your game was designed for Android, making it paid might not be the wisest monetization strategy.


There is also one more thing to keep in mind before trying this method. As a student developer, chances are that you haven't earned fame and reputation in the industry yet. This can make it rather hard to sell your app. In this case, you might need strong marketing to get your game noticed and this might require certain investments.


In-App Purchase

If making your app paid doesn't seem like such a good idea, there is another way to make money with your game that basically implies keeping the game paid but offering in-app purchases.


This is a very common practice among developers. And there are some weighty reasons for that. According to stats, paid downloads account for 37.8% of all mobile app earnings, whereas in-app purchases account for 48.2%. As you can see from these numbers, offering users paid perks inside your game can be very beneficial.


What kind of things can you sell? It can be pretty much anything that improves gameplay and offers better experiences to your users. For example, some of the most common types of in-game purchases include extra health, lives, weapons, coins, new characters, skins, etc.



Speaking of the most common monetization techniques used by developers it is impossible not to mention the subscription method. This option is very straightforward. The idea is to offer users an enhanced experience or additional features in exchange for purchasing a subscription. Also, a common tactic is to offer users to test your product for free and only then offer a subscription.


How well does this tactic work? In fact, it has been proven to be very effective. According to industry reports, subscription-based apps can make 50% more money per user than those apps that offer inner purchases.


However, there is one thing to keep in mind. If you want users to buy a subscription and keep it, you have to ensure that your app is updating and improving regularly. Otherwise, it will soon become uninteresting and irrelevant to your users and they will cancel their subscriptions.





In-app advertisement is, without a doubt, one of the easiest and, thus, most popular ways to make money. Developers of all levels and across all industries are using this trick to monetize their products. And you can do the same. But, there is a catch.


If you have ever played mobile games or used different apps (we bet you did), you should know how annoying it can be to see endless advertisements and pop-ups. Therefore, if you plan to use this tactic, you should be very thoughtful about every tiny detail. You have to ensure that you display the right ads at the right time. Also, you have to ensure that it won't interfere with a user's experience too much. If you don't take care of these things, your ads might turn out not very effective.


Unity Ads

As a developer, you might be already familiar with the Unity Engine. In case you don't know what it is, it is one of the game developers' most beloved engines. And, as you can easily guess, Unity Ads is a part of the Unity Engine. And it is another way to make money with your app.


So, what is it all about? Unity Ads is a solution that turns games into a real business. Basically, the platform displays paid ads in your app and you get paid for the traffic and impressions your users create. The best part of it is that it is very intuitive. So, if you are looking for a simple monetization opportunity, that might be it.


The Bottom Line

When you create something unique and exciting, it is natural to want it to generate revenue. After reading this article, you know about some of the most popular ways to make money with your gaming apps. Now, feel free to experiment and try different options until you find something that works best for you!

CSGO Betting on Your Smartphone


CSGO betting has been sweeping the globe for several years now. The most popular game on nearly every gaming platform is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO). League of Legends, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six: Siege are just a few of the many esports titles that you can find on the CSGO platform.


With the vast bulk of the esports betting audience using mobile devices, betting is becoming more and more of mobile practice. As a result, we're here to talk about the finest CSGO mobile betting options and the apps available right now.


Mobile betting has been around for over a decade now, but it's even more popular now. Betting has become a genuinely dynamic and diverse market thanks to mobile apps offered by every major bookmaker. While desktop-based betting is far from extinct, it is declining in popularity because more people are placing bets and wagers on their mobile devices.


In this article, we'll examine different CSGO betting options and give you the chance to choose those that are best for you.


But first things first, right?


So, What is CSGO Mobile Betting All About?

CSGO betting on a mobile device is quite similar to betting on a computer. Gamblers register with an online bookmaker and spend time searching for events and odds that appeal to them before making a wager. Individuals can place bets from any location with a mobile device, as the name suggests


Punters can place CS GO bets from their smartphones or tablets anywhere in the world. CSGO mobile betting is highly profitable because of the game's broad appeal. A lot of people are interested in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. First-person shooters are the most popular eSports genre.


This is why the leading eSports bookmakers have worked tirelessly to create mobile betting apps that are as robust and feature-rich (if not more so) as their desktop counterparts. With the rise of eSports and the popularity of the CS GO game, the betting industry is extremely competitive.


CSGO Mobile Betting Apps

CSGO betting apps may be found in various formats, making it easy for Android and iOS users to find and download one that suits their needs. The website is also mobile-friendly.


It's possible to access all of the features and betting markets in both apps because they operate in the same way. Downloading one version of the program instead of the other won't cost you anything. The only difference between the two is how you go about getting the app onto your phone.


The most significant feature of a betting app is that it gives users the ability to:

  • Decide on a bet
  • Keep an eye on their previous bets.
  • Events that you can stream live
  • Make In-Play wagers
  • You can deposit and withdraw money from your bank account.

Obviously, not all features are available on every betting app. Still, the most well-known bookmakers will have them all and may even go a step further by offering specials or features specifically designed for CSGO mobile betting.


Betting apps are typically found on the bookmakers' websites, suggesting and gently directing you to either the Google Play Store or Apple's AppStore. Punters will have to download and install betting applications for iOS or Android to place bets.


CSGO Mobile Betting Sites

Some bookmakers do not require you to download an app to participate in CSGO mobile betting. All eSports bookmakers will offer a mobile-friendly version of their websites on the market. This means that punters can simply access their accounts via a mobile phone's browser.


One or two sites will allow you to use a somewhat different CSGO betting app without requiring you to download or install any additional software. It's a good idea to keep an eye out for such deals and add them to your regular CSGO mobile betting bookies list.


Punters should ask, "Why do I need an app?" before settling on a primary betting app for CSGO betting. Using live streaming and in-play features, is it worth it? The ability to deposit and withdraw money from one's account is necessary.


CSGO Live Mobile Betting

As interest in competitive video games, such as CSGO, has grown, so have the bets placed on the most popular titles. There are CSGO tournaments and leagues all over the world with huge reward prizes for the winners.


Before the advertised start time or at any moment during the game, bettors can place wagers on the outcome of these sports. In-play betting, often known as live betting, lets gamblers wager on the game as it's happening, so it's key to know how to watch CSGO live to make sure you make good decisions. During gameplay, most of the original betting markets are still available. Odds and handicap lines are updated based on the current score.


The last few minutes of a game are exciting. Keep a careful eye on the action with a free live stream on your preferred betting app, and keep an eye out for the best odds. Before the market closes or odds decrease, you must act if you see an in-play wager worth your time. Your CSGO app must be responsive.


Wrap Up

E-Sports and eSports betting's future is hard to predict. CSGO is expected to remain a top title in the industry, attracting bookies and punters alike.


CSGO mobile betting is likely to drive market growth. As the game continues to sell out arenas to fans and risk-takers, more people will bet on their cellphones as the battles unfold.

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