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Crypto Casino Of The Year BC.GAME Has A New Website! Here's What You Need To Know


BC.GAME has launched a redesigned website that provides users with improved functionality going forward. This is only one of the countless things that happened before BC. This is something that BC.GAME is doing to guarantee that its players are content and having a good time while playing casino games.


What You Can Expect From the new BC.GAME website

A new, more streamlined and well-organized user interface has been implemented on the site's game page. In addition, users are given the option of translating the site's text descriptions into their preferred language. Players may now do so in a number of other languages, including Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean, and Spanish. BC.GAME has recently formed partnerships with AFA and Cloud9, two of the most well-known names in football and eSports. Through a brand new part of the casino's website, the casino's sponsors will be able to keep the public updated on their latest activities.


The redesigned style makes it simpler for players to access features like individualized game recommendations, background on the game's creators, and comprehensive descriptions. It is also now feasible to have a conversation using video games. Players have the option of rating, liking, commenting on, sharing, and evaluating the games they like. Two of the most recent enhancements to security include a revamped "Know Your Customer" feedback mechanism and an "Official Staff Verification" page. All users of the new BC.GAME platform have access to these cutting-edge, improved features.


Why you should try Crypto Casino Games

It's hardly surprising that a lot of people are using the internet to find a place to gamble now, given all the progress that technology has made. Thus, there are many options for testing your luck.


To put it simply, cryptocurrencies are now more commonplace than a cliche in science fiction. People may now purchase anything from a cup of coffee to a few spins on an online slot machine using cryptocurrency while investors watch the price of Bitcoin rise and fall with bated breath. In this piece, we'll examine the process of launching your own cryptocurrency gambling website.


Blockchain technology is rapidly growing in popularity. Those who dismissed Bitcoin investment as a digital fool's errand a decade ago are likely regretting themselves now as the digital currency continues its ascent to the forefront of the corporate and financial sectors. Cryptocurrencies, according to their proponents, are often seen as the ideal substitute for traditional currencies since they are transparent, private, and decentralized.

How mobile devices changed the way we gamble online


Online casinos took the world of gambling by storm with the promise of making gaming more convenient. This remains their strongest argument, one that convinced millions of punters who chose them over brick-and-mortar casinos. The arrival of mobile devices represented an important milestone for the online casino industry, and it took convenience to the next level. Smartphones and tablets have played a key role in the growing popularity of online casinos in recent years, and these are the reasons why.


Gambling became more accessible

The early smartphones and tablets for expensive, so few people could afford to own such a device. Internet players were just as pricey, so in the early stages, the impact of mobile devices on gambling was minimal. Today, when most people have a smartphone and use it daily, online casinos have made their games mobile-friendly. This adds a new layer of accessibility as punters can access their casino accounts and play their favorite games from wherever they might be.


Safe and reliable games

Online casino games can be played for free, but the most exciting way to gamble is on real money. Smartphones and tablets provide punters with a convenient way to deposit and gamble. You don't have to carry money around, as you can use mobile payment solutions to instantly load the account. When the time comes to withdraw your winnings, you can use the same financial solutions or alternative payment methods. Smartphones and tablets can also be used to confirm and authenticate transactions.


Convenience for casual punters

Recreational players don't want to spend a lot of time gambling online, so they prefer to play on smartphones and tablets. You can log into your account within seconds and deposit just as quickly, so time is never wasted. Furthermore, games are also available for free, so players who prefer this way of gambling can do it on smartphones and tablets. Handheld devices are also ideal for keeping track of the latest bonuses and promotions, as they ensure better communication.


Social interactions are encouraged

Live online casinos had a clear disadvantage compared to land-based gambling venues. They were unable to meet the need for socializing, as punters were competing against the algorithms. This is no longer a concern and mobile casinos, especially mobile-friendly ones that run vibrant live dealer casino sections found on this page here. You can compete against highly trained croupiers and interact with the dealers as well as fellow players. The live chat modules are intuitive and encourage socializing, which is the cornerstone of satisfying games


The future looks particularly bright for players who rely on mobile devices. As smartphones and tablets become more powerful, they are capable of running ever more complex games. Innovative technologies, such as AR and virtual reality will only make online casino games more exciting. As of today, more online gamblers use mobile devices than computers, and this trend is only expected to gather strength.

Verizon, Qualcomm and Razer to send off the world's most memorable 5G Android handheld gaming gadget


Verizon declared at the Portable World Congress Las Vegas that it has collaborated with two different goliaths, Qualcomm and Razer, to send off the world's most memorable 5G Gaming Handheld. The new gadget will utilize Qualcomm's Snapdragon G3X Gen 1 Gaming Stage and will be explicitly intended to permit clients to play the most equipment requesting games while progressing.


All the more critically, you'll have the option to play your number one games locally, so this won't be only a streaming gadget. Named Razer Edge 5G, the 5G gaming will permit players to download games locally, stream them from their control center access them straightforwardly from the cloud, all over 5G Ultra Wideband.


Tragically, there's no notice of Wi-Fi support, yet assuming the 5G Gaming Handheld will miss the mark on vital component, it will probably be done for. As expressed by Verizon, the gadget will run Android, however there's no notice of which variant of the operating system.


Not much else has been uncovered by Verizon, yet the transporter said that the 5G handheld gaming gadget worked as a team with Razer and Qualcomm will be formally presented during RazerCon on October 15, so there are as yet half a month to look out for the declaration.



In reality as we know it where Nintendo has previously won the control center conflicts, it's difficult to accept that a versatile gaming gadget like the Razer Edge 5G will succeed, which is presumably the explanation Razer has chosen to collaborate with a major US transporter like Verizon.


The Razer Edge 5G has a lot greater opportunity to track down its crowd on the off chance that one of the significant transporters in the US is engaged with its showcasing effort and deals. The cost asked by Verizon and the arrangements it will propose to its clients to persuade them to get this one are additionally vital for the progress of the Razer Edge 5G. We'll keep you in the know with everything connected with the impending Razer Edge 5G, so remain tuned.


Mobile gaming is at the forefront of gaming as a whole - the accessible nature of it through our smartphones and mobile devices alongside the simple and more casual nature of these games has been the catalyst for the growth - puzzle and arcade games as well as non gamstop casinos are amongst the most played games but as technology advances and develops further, the style of gaming on these devices may begin to change.


Hardware That Could Spell A Change In Mobile Gaming


Processing power, battery life, and storage are areas that many may look toward as a way to signal growing strength in gaming for the devices, but the first step taken may in fact be in the way our device displays behave - the display on mobile devices has been improving as fidelity and resolution continue to increase, but many still operate at a refresh rate of 60Hz - or the image will update sixty times per second, an area that is actively looking to be improved upon as demand within devices change.


In modern gaming, especially in a competitive environment, higher frames-per-second and refresh rate in the display are important and have been attributed to being the most important factor to improve player performance - as esports continues to develop and become a mainstream sport for many, it will continue to move on to different platforms as it already has done on mobile devices through titles such as Fortnite - we're seeing newer devices move to have a 120Hz refresh rate - double that of most mobile devices currently only the market - this has big implications within gaming but also within day to day device use. Faster refresh rate smooths everything on the display - that means whilst games also benefit from the improved refresh rate, the standard operating system also finds an improvement as sliding through screens and applications will feel smoother than before.


This also comes at a time where networking is improving - 5G is just around the corner for many and already here for others, improved speeds and connectivity provide additional opportunities for gaming and mobile use - developments are being in in areas such as folding screens and movements toward flip phones once again, but the smartphone design seen today is unlikely to change for quite some time as it is so widely used. Now that displays have progressed, the next step may be toward other earlier mentioned hardware components such as the processor or graphics chip - although this may be more difficult to do, most devices are already extremely similar in their capabilities and to see big improvements here there may need to be big developments in reducing the size of the hardware, something that will take a lot of time and resources - as such this may take a long time and considerable resources, until then the display has been the next big advancement that has been made to improve the quality of what users experience and soon it may be possible that this is available in a widespread way on most flagship devices.

21 September, 2022 Gaming

Ludo For The Modern World


Ludo is one of the most widely played games. While it originated as a board game, today it can be played on websites and apps. These new methods are far more entertaining and convenient than the traditional board game. That said, you can even win cash prizes on becoming the winner. To play such games you can download the app using ludo real money apk and start playing!


In addition to being convenient and easy, people all over the world can play ludo together in different chat rooms and also chat with each other. All this adds to the fun and makes the game appealing.



Ludo has been played since time immemorial and it is difficult to trace the origins of the game. However, the earliest findings of this game are carvings on caves. These caves are named Ajanta and Ellora and located in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Additionally, it has also been mentioned in the Indian mythological story of Mahabharata. All this evidence has led to the assumption that Ludo originated in India.


Origin of the name ‘Ludo'

In India, ludo was originally named as ‘Pachisi'. It was later during the British era in India. Alfred Collier made a few modifications in the game and registered a patent for it in the UK. He named it -The Royal Ludo and is even today commonly used. This name is also adopted by the online game community.


Ludo across the world

While it was named as Pachisi, Chopadi or Chausar in India as it spread to the world, the name kept changing and also the game was modified to suit their needs. For instance, the British included dice and cup to the game and named it ludo. Later, it was known as ‘Uckers' by their Royal Navy.


In Spain it became famous as ‘Parcheesi' while the Chinese called it ‘ChatushPada' meaning four cloths. In Africa it is known as ‘Ludu'.


How to play ludo online?

You can start playing ludo at any age if you are interested in doing so. However, make sure to select reputed websites to play the game. Most of the websites offer tutorials for people to help them understand how to play ludo online. You can go through the tutorial carefully and follow the instructions for best results. Once you start practicing the game you will stand better chances of winning games in the future. To play and win cash prizes, you can download an app using ludo real money app apk.


Referral scheme

Most of the game websites allow you to earn by referring other participants. Usually, referral codes are available for other participants which can be shared via WhatsApp, SMS and more. So, every time a participant joins a cash contest, you get a chance to earn a bonus. However, do note that schemes will vary from one website to another or one app to another.


Attractive skins

Players can make an attractive background by choosing from different skins for their Ludo games. Each skin comes with unique effects and movements in the game making it more interesting. Some websites have different skins than others.


Security is a must

Like most websites that need you to enter your personal details, ludo game websites and even a few ludo apps ask for your personal details. This information must be secure and not shared with third-party websites. Additionally, today most websites and apps allow you to earn big money by playing ludo online. So, it is imperative that your information is not shared with any other websites. We recommend you choose only reputed gaming companies to play. Choose the company and download the ludo app.


Quality time with loved ones

While you can play a solo game, it also allows you to play with a group of people together. This way you get to spend quality time with each other. However, make sure you don't get addicted to any of the online games you play.



Online games have been played for several years now. However, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed people to stay indoors and find ways to keep themselves engaged and online games gained more importance. So, what's keeping you waiting? Download the ludo game app and start playing and winning cash prizes right away!

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