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Real Money Gamer - Best Platform For Getting Top-Notch Mobile Game Reviews, Tips & Tricks


Are you looking to enjoy your leisure time while earning some extra money, while being on your phone? Real Money Gamer is the all-in-one resource for top-notch mobile game recommendations.


Whether you are an avid gamer or didn't even know you could be making legit money by playing mobile games, everyday people just like you have been using Real Money Gamer to find their next online money-earning endeavor. Real Money Gamer will quickly become your go-to place for getting insider tips and tricks to increase your winning potential.


Want even more reasons why Real Money Gamer is the best platform for everything mobile gaming-related? Continue reading this article!


Is Real Money Gamer Legit?

The whole team at Real Money Gamer has a deep history and love for gaming after childhoods filled with video games like Mario Kart and Tetris! Although it may sound silly, they know firsthand the positive influence playing video games has on your life- from making friends to de-stressing after a busy day.


Here at Real Money Gamer, the mission is to spread the joy and convenience of mobile gaming and share knowledge on how to earn a few extra bucks every day. The team is dedicated to constantly bringing fellow gaming fanatics top-notch mobile game reviews and strategies. What sets Real Money Gamer apart from the rest is its mission to create an informative space that emphasizes growing as a community and helping others find the best games available on iOS and Android devices.


Here's a quick look at all the reasons Real Money Gamer is legit highlighted throughout this article:

  • Popular Games
  • Reliable Source
  • Better Fun and Accessible
  • Game Tips, Tricks and strategies
  • Reviews
  • Popular Gaming News

Keep reading this article for an in-depth look at Real Money Gamer as a whole, and take a deep dive into what you can expect from this site!


Popular Games:

Real Money Gamer is the perfect destination to find a variety of games, from card games to casino games, bingo games, and more.


The site presents a wide range of gaming genres that everyone will enjoy! Whether you are an iOS or Android user or prefer gaming from your desktop, we've got you covered.


By exploring the Popular Games tag on Real Money Gamer, you will receive access to countless new games to discover and play! If you have a question about a specific game, chances are it's already been covered throughout a detailed review.


Real Money Gamer will help you determine whether a popular game is worth the fanfare before you install it on your mobile device.



Many gaming options are available, and it can get overwhelming when trying to find a new game worth your time. So, that's where Real Money Gamer comes in to save the day! The expert team works hard to find legit mobile gaming apps and provide you with the important information you need to know. Ultimately, these reviews are meant to save you time and help you enjoy some fun free of stress.


Real Money Gamer stands out in the crowded market with stellar information about mobile games. Thousands of game reviews are available, which give you a look into how to play a game. While other sites may skim over important information, Real Money Gamer writers emphasize all the elements of these games. Through hours of research and playing the games for themselves, the writers at Real Money Gamer are able to provide readers with an in-depth review of each app covered on the website.


Real and valuable information about the games helps readers gain a deeper understanding. These reviews also give the users more knowledge about how the apps are operated and what you can expect while getting started. The team reviews a wide number of gaming apps and sites, suggesting the right one for you.


Game Tips and Tricks:

Real Money Gamer is a gaming website with mobile game reviews and real-time tips and tricks on online and offline games.


These tips and tricks help players get an inside look at winning more in games, especially those that offer real money prizes. As experts in this field, the team is passionate about providing you with legitimate strategies that will help boost your score past your competition.


These tips and tricks guides give you new ways to elevate your gameplay and heighten your chances of winning big. These insider strategies get you that much closer to the irresistible allure of the monetary gains that many apps present.


These game guides act as maps that help you navigate new games. Thanks to the professional advice featured on Real Money Gamer, you will increase your strategic prowess, mastery, and profit from these games in no time!


Popular Gaming News:

Real Money Gamer also covers popular gaming news. It covers all the latest developments in gaming, focusing specifically on Desktop, Android, and iOS games.


To stay up to date with all the happenings in the gaming community, from exciting mergers to new games on the horizon, Real Money Gamer covers it all.


Approved Games:

Whether you're an avid gamer or new to gaming altogether, people of all skill levels have been accessing Real Money Gamer to discover new games! Since the team is passionate about highlighting thorough guides and strategies, you can rest assured that you'll receive only the best information.


Learn insider tips from the team of gamers at Real Money Gamer to increase your winning potential. Because who doesn't love winning, especially if an app offers real money prizes to the top scorers?


You can rest assured that every game and app that has received the Real Money Gamer stamp of approval boasts exciting and accessible gameplay. Never again get duped into downloading an app trying to scam you. These approved games always meet high privacy, safety, and security standards!


Reliable Source:

Real Money Gamer is a leading source in the mobile gaming community.


With dedication and hours of gaming research, Real Money Gamer strives to bring honest and detailed reviews about games. You can rest assured that the site is up to date, and the authors are constantly taking a new look at games they've already covered, ensuring that you always have access to reliable and updated reviews on Real Money Gamer!


To add to Real Money Gamer's credibility, the site highlights tried and tested tips and tricks on top of game reviews. These helpful strategies help you efficiently maximize your winning ability on different apps.


Real Money Gamer: Final Thoughts

Real Money Gamer is the best site for getting top-notch mobile game reviews, tips, and tricks!


You can rest assured that the expert team has tirelessly researched all games on Real Money Gamer. If you want to gain insight into all the top games at this time, you've come to the right place.


Whether you are looking for a new game to try out or a winning strategy that will increase your chances of winning big cash prizes, Real Money Gamer has you covered.

Best Card Games And Apps For Playing On iPad


Card games come in handy when you're looking for ways to stay occupied, whether you're traveling or simply for your day-to-day amusement when you are bored. With the iPad, you will have a wide array of games to enjoy, both for solitary play or friendly competition, making time fly by when you need it to. Moreover, card games for iPad can be a good training ground for playing real-money games later in the best iPad casinos in Canada. In this post, we explore a selection of several top card games for iPad.


When choosing games to play on iPad you can actually rely on your device. Your iPhone, iPod, or iPad will pick the ideal apps for your device, automatically selecting either the iPhone or iPad version, often based on your preferences and previous downloads. However, if you want to make more informed choices, this post is for you.


Exploring the Features of the Classic Solitaire App

This Solitaire application offers the classic card game known as Patience or Klondike Solitaire, a familiar favorite that you've likely encountered on many Windows computers years before. It comes with various features, including personal best records, numerous free hints, Klondike gameplay, support for tablets, the choice between portrait or landscape layout, and a comprehensive visual design. You have the option to play in timed mode, select between drawing one or three cards, and make use of auto-complete for swiftly finishing a game. You can also customize your card design if you are so much into it. Definitely a perfect card game for spending time with fun.


Classic Blackjack Casino Gambling Simulator

This Casino Simulator app for Blackjack is your ideal companion for mastering the basics and learning your strategy in Blackjack, regardless of whether you tend to ever play at a real table or you only play online from time to time. From the rules to the betting setup, it replicates the genuine game of the real online or offline casino house. You'll find all the usual Blackjack actions, like the option to split or double down. This top card game for iPad offers an excellent training field and will keep you entertained.


Crazy Eights: A Card Game Adventure

The Crazy Eights Card game app offers a lively and fast-paced card experience on your iPad. To be successful, the player requires a blend of skill and strategy. Each round unfolds in an unpredictable way, ensuring fun with every play session and not just once. The rules are very easy and comprehensive to grasp, and you have the freedom to modify them to your liking. You can pick from two levels of difficulty and engage in matches with up to four other players online. This app offers a very customizable game experience so most players will find it fun and flexible enough for any level of skill.


Gin Rummy Plus Game

The Gin Rummy Plus app definitely deserves a spot on our list. In the App Store, this application has thousands of downloads and a very high rating of 4.5 which is rare for games. Another good news about this application is the frequency of app updates by the developers showcasing their dedication to delivering a high-quality experience and zero glitch gaming.


BC Blackjack 3D Game

Boasting full-sized cards and captivating 3D visuals, BC Blackjack stands out as one of the best mobile Blackjack card games, offering a very lifelike gaming experience. It comes with instructions and strategic assistance for beginner-level players. The 3D visuals create a captivating virtual casino setting. The guidelines also give insights into advanced techniques such as insurance, managing your bankroll, and the option to surrender. You can quickly restart the whole game if you want to, and on the other hand, your progress can be tracked within the app that saves your gaming history.


Hearts+ Multiplayer Card Game

Hearts+ offers a dynamic online multiplayer card game experience with regular updates, performance stats, milestone accomplishments, customizable gameplay, and clever computer opponents. The app conveniently stores your game history and tracks progress. If you're new to the game, a user-friendly tutorial is available to get you started. To make things even more enjoyable, the in-app chat feature allows players to connect online.


Ultimate Cribbage

This high-quality classic Cribbage application offers a fantastic experience for newbies and seasoned players alike. If you're already a fan of Gin Rummy or Solitaire, then this well-known card and board game will be your next favorite. You can even improve the art of playing cribbage within the game due to helpful text hints.


Texas Hold'em Poker: Pokerist App

The Texas Hold'em Poker: Pokerist app is one of the top card game applications, offering an array of useful features for players. Developed by KamaGames, a creator of 11 different popular apps, it boasts an impressive rating of 4.6 stars and has thousands of downloads. To ensure fair gameplay, the developer even employs a certified Random Number Generator. Besides actually having all that it takes to play Texas Hold'em poker with pleasure, the app has extra perks that include daily rewards, free chips, and a chat function.

Try to Be a Cat: Top 7 Games to Turn Into a Puffy Pet


Many people have at least once thought about the desire to live the life of a cat. Sleeping all day long, meowing menacingly, begging for food, and, of course, throwing on the floor everything that isn't lying well. Such human behavior is likely to lead him to a room with white walls. So, there is only one hope - games, be it slots you will find through your Vave login or more versatile releases. Here are the top of the best games in which you can be a cat.



One of the most high-quality and thoughtful games about kitties. This is a good adventure about fluffy in the world of the future, in which, besides the family of cats, there are only robots. The owner will no longer swear that someone pooped in the slippers because something happened to humanity.


What happened to humans, why there are robots around who play guitar and sit in bars, and how a cat can cope with a swarm of strange creatures - Stray tells about all this. The game will please with incredible animation of the main character - it was recorded with special costumes to capture the movement of the SEALs. The game is so good that its authors have already announced plans to screen Stray.


I Wanna Be The Cat

For I wanna be The Cat, the authors chose a very unusual genre, which is characterized by a special complexity. Gamers will have to jump a lot, avoiding dangers and dodging projectiles from enemies. It also features randomly generated locations that offer a whole bunch of different challenges.


I wanna be The Cat is so popular that over 2000 levels have been created by the community. These include challenge towers, speedrun mode, and even multiplayer competitions!


Cat Life Simulator

Cat Life Simulator will present the life of a cat as realistically as possible. Gamers will be able to tear up the couch, hunt birds, dump flower pots, scare dogs, and even play with the police! After all, they have laser pointers.


The developers promise not only realistic behavior of all animals in the game, but also a lot of interesting missions. If you thought that cats are engaged in nonsense, Cat Life Simulator will prove that they have a lot of important things to do, which can not be postponed.



A game that can induce an epileptic attack. And this isn't a joke, but a real warning, so be careful..


PUSS! is a crazy adventure of a cat in a parallel strange reality, where everything flickers, blinks and wants to destroy you. You will have to ride on dolphins, pass mazes and communicate with cultist cats.


Catlateral Damage

If Cat Life Simulator allows you to control your cat from the third person, Catlateral Damage is from the first person. You'll literally look at the world through your cat's eyes to find out that they happen to have been seeing cel-shading graphics all along, just like in Borderlands.


Of course, you don't have to sleep all the time in the game. You have to dump different things on the floor, destroy the environment (from bedroom to kitchen) and even search for collectibles, of which there are over 230 in the game.


Cattails | Become a Cat!

A role-playing game about a cat, which is admired by 96% of Steam users. In Cattails | Become a Cat! you have to choose one of several cat colonies, make friends with its inhabitants and do everything to make it flourish. To do this, following the best traditions of role-playing games, you will have to go on many interesting adventures in a nearly open world. Hunting for mice, rabbits and other animals, exploring caves, participating in off-season festivals - there is a lot of fun in Cattails | Become a Cat! But the best part is, you can even find your other half, get married and have a bunch of kittens! Isn't that cute?


Garfield Kart

Garfield and his friends have a fun Mario Kart-style race. Lots of cars, attacking moves to hurt your opponent, 16 tracks, eight heroes, and three game modes. Garfield Kart is entertainment for those who love fast driving and furry rascals.

At the time of writing this article, it is no secret that most Australian users prefer mobile gaming. Smartphones have become ergonomic and accessible to most people, so even older people have these gadgets.

As for online gambling market, almost all platforms, includingRicky casino Australia have long taken care of adapting their games and sites for smartphones of popular OS: Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and others. Such a move will improve the overall impression of online mobile casino games and allow players not to depend on the location of their PC but to be flexible.

Due to all the innovations, Australian mobile casinos have overtaken their desktop predecessors in popularity, and those gambling houses that were established 10-15 years ago have already taken care of their cross-platform nature. Finding a gambling house with all the options described above will not be difficult. Still, you should also consider several other essential criteria, which you will learn about below.

Mobile Online Gambling

Understanding the Convenience of Mobile Gambling

Once you have tried mobile pokies in Australia, you will not want to return to the desktop format because such gambling is much more convenient. At the very least, you can set up the necessary comfort zone for yourself, sitting on the couch or bed with your phone and launching your favorite game.

Some enthusiasts prefer to visit online casinos while strolling through the park, sitting in nature, on the way to work on public transportation, or just away from home and Wi-Fi. The main thing is that mobile gambling means freedom of choice and gives additional comfort with the ability to accommodate your favorite entertainment even in the busy schedule of a business person.

Benefits of Playing Online Casino Games on Mobile Devices

Our experts encourage you to try Australian mobile casinos such as Ricky. Even if you are used to playing on PC, playing on smartphones will surprise you because it has such advantages over the desktop version:

  1. The flexibility of not having to be tethered to your computer. You get access to booming games even when you are away from home, having only a smartphone and the Internet at a speed of at least 1 Mbps.
  2. An ergonomic interface is achieved by simplifying and rearranging the pages. Small screens do not hold as much information as large screens, so users are offered drop-down menus, lists, and sliders.
  3. Additional deposit bonuses for mobile gambling for real money. Some platforms provide special rewards to their customers to encourage the popularization of smartphone gaming, but Rickycasino does not follow this policy.

How to Choose the Best Online Mobile Casino in Australia

To experience the power of mobile casino gaming, it's essential to choose the right platform, and even experienced players can struggle with this. That's why our experts have put together a detailed guide:

  1. Check if the platform you are interested in has an up-to-date license; this means it is legal in Australia
  2. Certificates from eCOGRA, TST, BMM, and other auditing companies to ensure fair payouts
  3. Clarify the number of mobile pokies in Australia, affecting the diversity of your future leisure time.
  4. Make sure that the casino has a lot of bonus offers and wagering requirements are in line with your expectations
  5. Whether there is a 24/7 support service with a quick response time

How to start playing at Ricky Casino Mobile

To make it easier for you to orient yourself in your choice, our experts have given an example of a suitable platform - Ricky casino Australia. Here, you will find a comfortable gaming environment with the possibility of using mobile devices.

The start of your gambling career at Ricky casino will begin with registration. You will only need to open the account creation form, enter your e-mail address, create a password with symbols of different registers, specify the currency for payments and country of residence, and then confirm the procedure, and claim a deposit bonus.

Then you should authorize it, after which it becomes available to download the casino app Android for real money. This software weighs 51.3 MB, so it will not significantly impact the amount of free memory on your device. You can also use PWA with a link directly from the main menu of the site Ricky Casino Australia, providing the same functionality as the classic application.

Ricky Casino Review

Those interested in iOS casino apps for real money will be happy, too, as the link to download the iPhone software is also available on the Ricky Casino website, check out their minimum deposit. In general, customers of this platform have a vast choice of ways to play from smartphones and to make it easier for them. Our experts have compiled a comparative table of PWA and the classic Ricky casino app:





App Store, Google Play, .apk-files

App size

Usually less

Usually greater

Open API

Limited access

Full access


Often less than native

High performance


Automatically via web

Using special platforms (Google Play, AppStore)


Single application for all platforms

Requires development for each platform

Offline gaming

Allow service workers

Allow by default


Friendly as it is based on web pages



Via URL can be shared as a regular web page

Using special platforms (Google Play, AppStore)

OS integrations

Limited integration

Deep integration


No matter how interesting it is for you to play at Ricky Casino Mobile Casino or a similar gambling house, it would be best if you always kept your safety in mind. The problem of ludomania as of 2023 is still alive and causing many problems for Australian users. Use Responsible Gaming to self-monitor your activity throughout the day to protect yourself. Also, don't forget that Australian casinos licensed only allow gambling from the age of 21.

Guide How to Start Playing at Rocket Casino

Would you like to blast into space and back and make the money while you surf the cosmic expanses? In such an event, let us introduce Rocket Casino, an alien-themed platform launched in 2020 by Hollycorn N.V. and licensed by The Curaçao Gaming Control Board. This website has a colorful celestial-themed layout with cool, bright-colored buttons and cartoonish animations. The navigation is reasonably straightforward and user-friendly. Take time to read this article to find out quick facts about this website and delve into the ins and outs of Casino Rocket. Let's start exploring the Galaxy.
Rocket Casino AU

Registration at Rocket Casino

Risk-takers must perform Rocket Casino login first to embark on an astronaut journey. Registration at RocketCasino is the key to unlocking a galaxy of high-standard eGaming products. With the detailed instruction provided below, joining the Rocket family will be a child's play:

  1. Pop on the website casino Rocket and click the fluorescent «Register» button at the upper-right menu.
  2. Enter the necessary information into the given registration form.
  3. Pick up the preferred payment method.
  4. Read the Terms & Conditions and tick the box to accept the Terms of Use.
  5. To submit the form, click the luminescent green «Create an Account» icon.
  6. Head to the indicated inbox to find the letter from the Rocket Casino team and follow their instructions.
  7. Perform Rocket Casino login with set up username and password and begin a celestial exploration.

Remember that eGaming in Australia comes under rigorous regulation, and human beings younger than 21 years old aren't allowed to enroll in this entertainment area. The Administration reserves the right to ask for documents indicating the player's identity at any moment. Using someone else's identity cards or making changes to the document in Adobe Photoshop or any other program is strictly forbidden.

How to Receive the Welcome Bonus in Rocket Casino?

Upon the first two deposits, Casino Rocket in Australia offers a magnificent sign-up package with the x45 rollover requirement, slightly higher than the standard industry wager of x35-40. The first bonus is a 100% Match up to 500 AUD + 50 FS, and the second is a 50% Match up to 1,000 AUD + 100 FS. The bonus validity is 14 days, and the bet size is limited to 5 AUD. As we pointed out all the essential details, we invite you to check out the instructions that will help to collect this sign-up present:

  1. Sure thing, creating an account on the platform first is essential.
  2. As you log into Casino Rocket, you can visit the cashier section and select the preferred banking instrument (available options are VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Maestro, ecoPayz, Neosurf, Venus Point, and CoinsPaid).
  3. Input the amount you would like to deposit into your user account and add the promotional code (if you have one).
  4. Enjoy your interstellar adventure with satisfying privileges.

How to Select a Game in Rocket Casino

Rocket Casino boasts about 3,000 high-quality products from well-known suppliers, including BetSoft, Blueprint, Evolution Gaming, iSoftBet, Thunderkick, Iron Dog, Yggdrasil, 1×2 Gaming, Booming, Endorphina, Igrosoft, Vivo Gaming, Habanero, Platipus, Spinomenal, Playson, and Tom Horn Gaming. It is pretty easy for someone inexperienced to be lost in many options. It is a good thing that the Rocket Club has a convenient catalog, where all their products are sorted into categories and tags. You can type in the product's name to find it within a second or customize tags to discover the ideal title conceding to your list of demands. You can also look at the table below for the TOP 5 titles to play at Rocket Casino.




The Rave

No Limit City


Mighty Gorilla

Booming Games


Max Quest: Dragon Stone



Whole Lotta Love

Blueprint Gaming


Sweet Success Megaways

Blueprint Gaming



How to Deposit and Withdraw Funds at Rocket Casino?

Risk-takers will have to credit their user accounts to fly into space and start delighting in Rocket pokies. Depositing funds into Rocket Casino is the most natural thing in the world, requiring a minute or two.
As you log into your player account, you must head to the Banking section and check the available instruments. As you pick the method to invest money into your wallet, you should type in the sum you want to spend and approve the financial dealing in the mobile bank application. Within a second, funds will be transferred to the account and clients will have a chance to spend them at Casino Rocket games.
Withdrawals are carried out in the same way. The minimum amount risk-takers can cash out is 20 AUD, with no withdrawal charge. Pay attention to the fact that all the real money deposits must be wagered at least 3 times. Before the withdrawal, clients should also deal with the KYC verification and submit documents such as a Passport, ID, or Driving License.
Casino Rocket

Final Words

Rocket Casino is the finest place to enjoy all the entertainment you dream about. This eGaming platform has a brilliant reputation worldwide and favors clients with lavish bonuses seven days a week. It's important to remember that Rocket Club is a licensed hub that follows Responsible Gambling principles and demands the same from visitors.

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