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If you are at least a little interested in gambling, then you have probably met the concept of "online casino", which many people call browser casino, considering that they are talking about different things.

In fact, there is no difference between browser and online casinos. Every self-respecting online casino has its own mobile version of the online casino which can be played through the browser, without any installation of programs on the smartphone.

In the article below we will try to tell you about all the features of mobile online gambling, pros and cons, and how mobile gaming differ from a real casino.

Let's see what a real online casino is

The main task is to give the opportunity to play gambling via the Internet, using either a special downloadable application, the so-called client, or play directly through a browser on the site of the gambling establishment with your mobile device. On the gaming website you get remote access to the casino operator and the opportunity to use its service in real time, in other words - online.

Mobile online casino

The second and no less important nuance of the online casino is the ability to play not only for real money, but also for free in demo mode. To receive the latter, it is not necessary to deposit to your game account. It will be enough only to register, and on some sites, like Bgaoc, you can even play free casino applications without entering any data about yourself.

Mobile Online Casino in the Browser - Play as you like

As you already understood, in a mobile online casino you get access to the same games, regardless of whether you downloaded your client or play in the browser version. You will be able to play standard games such as online roulette, online blackjack or online baccarat, plus countless different online slot machines. And this is not counting the special and unique games that almost all gambling establishments strive to create, trying to lure beginner players, as well as the most sophisticated gambling lovers.

What is the difference between mobile and real casino? And here the fun begins. In online casinos you can play as you like using any strategy and system. In a real casino, the use of systems, although not a crime, is quickly monitored by employees, and you can easily get a ban on visiting this gambling establishment.

Another nuance that many will like, is that on the Internet you can play for any amount of money. You can put a bet of one cent, while in a real gaming hall it can be at least twenty times higher. For beginners, this is a great help when you want to try your hand at playing for real money but without spending big sums of money.

The chances of success are higher

All casino players dream of winning, and the more the better. The option of online casino looks very tempting, because, unlike offline, here you will always be offered a special bonus on your first deposit, not counting other regular gifts and special promotions. Loyalty to the chosen online casino will bring you much more bonuses than regular game in a real casino.

Secondly, you have a higher payout percentage. It is believed that online it can reach 95, or even 99 percent, which is significantly higher than in real life.

There are more chances to win the jackpot in mobile casinos, which applies to almost all games. Moreover, many online casinos operate on the same platform, which leads to a large total jackpot of the entire casino network.

Cons of mobile casinos

Nothing is perfect in our world, and mobile online casinos also have a flip side, despite many of their advantages. The first thing that should bother an ordinary person is the safety of his money. It is one thing to lose money in the game, and quite another when they simply disappear from your account.

Unfortunately, fraud, as well as dishonest casino operators, are not uncommon, but this can also be successfully combated. What do you need to know to avoid this?

To get started, check out the online casino trust rating, which can also be found the Bgaoc website. Secondly, make sure that your chosen casino has a quality mark from eCOGRA (an international organization that is engaged in the verification and certification of gaming software and operators). A similar assessment can only be obtained if all the requirements of the organization are strictly met.



In recent years, the technological world has expanded to an unprecedented level with almost everything now at the touch of a fingertip. And, with the relaxation of betting regulations in the United States, the casino and betting world is booming with the number of applications continuously increasing with companies providing a multitude of benefits such as bet and skill casino bonus offers.

Vera & John


Variety and quantity are what sets Vera & John apart from the rest of its competition. A wide array of software platforms means Vera & John are able to blow its competitors out of the water with their mightily impressive video slot selection.

Its game libraries is surely one of the largest in the industry with blackjack and roulette platforms in abundance as well as the likes of baccarat, craps and casino pokers, keeping users entertained.

The app also offers top-tier game providers with a live chat open 24/7 in case a customer needs advice or guidance.


With a huge selection of mobile slots from top slots providers, plus plenty of weekly casino bonus promotions, Guts easily stands out from the casino crowd.

Choice is the way forward for customers and the Guts menu bar provides users with a huge amount of choice as well as easy accessibility with the capacity to deposit and withdraw right there from the mobile screen.

Plus, to ensure customers know how a specific area of the app works before you play slots for real money, the company will provide a quick screenshot and details on the slot machine.

Leo Vegas

With a great game selection including slots, table games and live casino, Leo Vegas has roared to the front of the online casino world, offering games from a plethora of top name gaming providers, such as the Swedish gaming giant NetEnt, who are known for their quality and fairness.

That old cliché "something for everyone" has never been more true with Leo Vegas offering games from NextGen, IGT, Microgaming, Play'n Go, with another 34 smaller providers.

The 3 best Android Slots for Mobile


An incredibly popular mobile slot game, and, is there any reason why? With a vibrant app which pops and sparkles out of the screen, its fantastic return to player rate and its gameplay simplicity, Starburst offers beginners a fun outlet with the ability to make easy money.

Mega Moolah


One of the all-time favourite Microgaming slots, Mega Moolah gives hope for millions in cash - as the one-time $3.7 million winner found out - but with low volatility. As such, it gives the user enough small wins throughout the game to help customers be interested for as long as possible.

Golden Goddess

A low-risk outlet, Golden Goddess has a simplified layout free of screen clutter, providing a larger view of the reels. The super stacks feature can also yield impressive payouts. Simple and straightforward with a wide betting range, Golden Goddess is one for all customers.




The mobile gaming market is booming. In the last few years, the video game industry has shifted towards mobile gaming, and with more significant game developers jumping on the bandwagon, it looks like it's only a matter of time before mobile gaming overtakes console and PC as the primary platform for gaming.

Why is mobile gaming so popular?

Mobile gaming is much more affordable than console or PC gaming. This is a major factor in the revenue generated by the mobile games industry, simply because more people own smartphones than consoles or PCs. A lot of mobile games are entirely free to download or are available for a small sum. For the majority of people, it's a much more affordable and convenient way to play.

According to a recent report by market intelligence company Newzoo, the global games market is expected to hit a total revenue of $152.1 billion this year. Mobile gaming remains the largest segment of the global games market in 2019 with $68.5 billion coming from mobile games, accounting for 45% of the worldwide market.

TabTale is an Israeli mobile game developer that has released over 500 original mobile games including the hugely popular Run Sausage Run, which achieved more than 20 million downloads in the first two months after it was released and has logged more than 50 million downloads shortly after. Run Sausage Run is a free to play endless runner with one-touch controls. It's a simple concept, but it's immensely fun and easy to play. The simplicity and accessibility of the majority of mobile games available on the marketplace is a significant factor in the popularity of smartphone gaming.

More companies developing mobile games

As smartphone technology continues to get better every year, more advanced mobile games are coming out all the time. This is a huge draw for online casinos like Betway, who have capitalised on the popularity of mobile gaming. Several online casinos have launched mobile apps and sites where players can choose from several interactive mobile casino games. One of the main reasons for mobile gaming popularity is that it's an easy and fun way to kill time during busy days when you're on a break or a train home. Also, more people own smartphones than own consoles or desktops.

Mobile gaming has become a large industry, and it's no surprise that a lot of traditional game studios are putting so much effort into mobile games. Square Enix brought its popular Final Fantasy series to mobile with the launch of Mobius Final Fantasy as well as Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, which has received more than 20 million downloads and is available on iOS and Android. In 2016, mobile gaming revenues surpassed PC and console games for the first time, generating $40.6 billion in global revenue.



Console games on mobile devices

While a lot of hardcore gamers refuse to recognize mobile gaming as ‘real gaming', this attitude is expected to change in the coming years as smartphones continue to advance and the processing power of mobile devices will be capable of running games with console-like graphics. We've already seen this with the launch of popular Battle Royale games like Fornite and PubG on iOS and Android which are capable of cross-platform play with console and PC players.

Cloud-based gaming is set to be a big thing in the future and could potentially replace the need for consoles. Cloud-based gaming allows you to stream games directly to your device, lifting the need for an expensive console or PC as all the heavy processing is done via cloud servers. With 5G right around the corner, it is possible we could see large A-games running on smartphone devices just as smoothly as they would on consoles.

To sum up

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow at an exponential rate and has already overtaken console gaming in revenue. However, it remains to be seen if mobile gaming will ever be capable of delivering the same kind of immersive gaming experience that consoles or PCs can offer. If you're interested in technology, then make sure to check out other posts on the Jerusalem Post for all the latest news and updates on all things tech-related.



As the technology evolves, sports betting is also getting affected by it and feature that has probably the biggest impact is mobile betting. There are numerous reasons why bettors are in love with this feature and in this article, we are going to bring them closer to you, especially if you are new in sports betting.


First of all, convenience is what makes this feature so popular since you can literally place your bets anytime and anywhere. So, forget about having to visit your local brick-and-mortar or spending hours in front of your computer. Thanks to mobile betting, punters can take full control of their accounts, make transactions when necessary and enjoy betting on the go. Whether you are travelling to work, having a coffee or taking a walk, you can place wagers from your mobile device and everything you need is internet connection. This feature will save you a lot of time and you won't miss any betting action, especially if you are a fan of in-play betting. As long as you have your mobile device connected to internet, you will be able to enjoy mobile betting.


You may be worried about the selection of sports by using this feature, but you need to know that the offer is equal of even bigger than in brick-and-mortar casino's sportsbook. The odds are getting updated regularly and you will find the latest prices on the mobile app or site as well. Besides having the opportunity to place bets on the most popular sports and events, you are just a few taps away of some hard-to-find sports like darts or cycling. Most of the sportsbooks offer live betting as well and you can always be up to date with the latest action and place bets on your favourite live events. Live streaming is also available at some sportsbooks, which gives extra incentive to mobile betting as the most popular events are being broadcasted live.


Mobile betting customers are considered as a very important audience for bookmakers and they are being targeted with special promotions. So, if you are placing bets via your mobile device, you may expect to get different offers, such as free bets, odds boosts or even extra money on top of your deposits. These offers are available exclusively for mobile users and this is another good reason why you should use this feature more frequently.


Most famous bookies have their own mobile betting apps available on app stores and you can easily download them to your device. However, from the diversity of apps available, there are some criteria that should be considered when deciding to create an account and deposit some money at certain bookmaker. To help you with the decision, we are going to highlight some of the most important criteria you should take into account.


If you still don't have any account created, it is always recommended to check welcome offers at different sportsbooks. Some of them may be purely mobile related and you may get extra money just because you are placing bets via your mobile device. Besides welcome bonuses, you should also check for existing customer promotions which might give you an insight of what to expect in the future.


‘Variety of sports on offer is another important criterion when opening an account at certain sportsbook' said John Pentin, editor in chief of Best Betting Tips leading UK site. Usually, all major sports and events are covered by default, but if you are looking for a specific one that is not so popular, you need to check if it is offered by a bookmaker you want to register with in order not to get disappointed if it is not included.


User experience of a mobile app itself is another very important point as not all mobile apps are user friendly. You certainly don't want to waste time on complicated navigation, messy interface and options that can only bring a confusion. Mobile app needs to be well-structured, intuitive, easy to use and fast enough, so you don't miss the action, especially with in-play betting.


Mobile betting is definitely improving wagering experience and it can be considered as a breakthrough in this industry. Many punters are using mobile apps and it is just a matter of time when a turnover is going to exceed other ways of betting.


At the close of 2019, mobile gaming is creeping along to nearly 50% of the total gaming market share. While the slightly larger figure is made up of console and PC gaming, mobile gaming far surpasses both individually.

This makes sense, as smartphones are held by around 66.53% of the entire global population, according to Bank My Cell. Smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei are in a constant race to bring out the latest technology - all of which helps to benefit mobile gaming - while telecoms giants are rolling out 5G in some areas, which will also allow mobile gaming to continue to grow. Given how well it is doing now, how will the mobile gaming market continue to grow in 2020?   

Source: Pixabay

Mobile Accessibility

Another major tech trend for 2020 will be platforms available online being more willing to show how mobile-friendly they are, whether this is through a dedicated mobile gaming app or through sites developing their mobile accessibility.

Either way, showing a presence and easy navigation on mobile is key as the Call of Duty Mobile launch in October 2019 shows. The launch broke records to become the most downloaded game and to show just how integral mobile is to the gaming experience. Indeed, franchises with presences in other aspects of gaming are developing their mobile offerings as well. As casino review site Bonus Finder New Zealand shows, the casino industry is keen to highlight whether or not they have a mobile version of their games on alongside their welcome bonus offer, which represents a key feature in the world of online casino and the progression of accessible forms of gaming.

Source: Pixabay

Greater Gaming Tech

One of the major trends gaming is moving towards is the next stage of interconnectivity, including cloud gaming. Cloud gaming is expected to rise in value from around $97 million in 2019 to $450 million in 2023. Dependable and faster internet connections mean that cloud computing is more feasible for the average gamer. Technology will then allow you to game from any gadget live onto the cloud.

Granted, some are reticent about placing their gaming lives in the hands of the cloud. But this means that the mobile could be a conduit, especially as the amalgamation of 5G technology with cloud computing renders smartphones even smarter and more able for gamers. Mobile gaming has always been dependent on the technology available (remember Nokia's Snake?), so developments that actively attempt to make this better are welcomed by gamers. Developers understand the pull of mobile gaming, so they are working to close the gap between mobile gaming and other sectors of the industry.

Mobile gaming is one of the industries that can categorically be said to be expanding. This comes down to investment in the technology and a consumer need for the end products. Undoubtedly, 2020 will see more gaming systems showing their mobile accessibility as they understand the adapting ways in which we are gaming.

It will also see a rise in technology from cloud computing to the rollout of 5G, which will eliminate from mobile gaming the lag and latency that is often experienced by players. Taking all of this into account, the future looks very bright for mobile gaming.


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