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A rare and somewhat weird problem has begun to surface with the Galaxy A3 (2016), post the Android 7.0 Nougat update. Apparently, a large number of Galaxy A3 (2016) users are finding it impossible to get their device to take charge once the battery reaches 87% or so. Although the cause for this issue remains unknown, one thing which can be said for sure is the fact that this issue appeared only after Samsung updated the device to Android 7.0 Nougat.

The usual tricks as instructed by the Samsung care executives did not work either. Apparently, clearing the cache or even factory data resets are ineffective for some reason and that's a worrying fact if you own the handset. You can try charging the handset in Safe Mode, but that did not work either, as reported by many users. We are hopeful that Samsung will address the issue soon by releasing an OTA patch, but it remains to be seen when that happens. Stay tuned to YouMobile for more information on the subject.

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Smartphones are considered a necessity nowadays. And more and more people are acquiring Samsung phones, as there is now a wide range of accessories available. Car chargers and mounts, cases, pouches, earphones, batteries, wall chargers, Bluetooth headsets, and so much more.

There are a lot of different reasons why people love to buy smartphone accessories, not just to style up their gadgets but also to make their life easier. These accessories are available in many forms that can be used to repair, upgrade, or improve the functionality and look of your phone.



Are you a Samsung phone user? Then read on... With all the available options on the market today, the following are the 5 best tips on finding the best accessories for your Samsung phone.

1. Check Compatibility


When choosing accessories for your Samsung phone, it is important to make sure that the products you pick are compatible with the specific model you have. Each model differs in terms of physical dimensions despite the jacks and buttons are sometimes located in the same position. On the other hand, other accessories such as cables and chargers will work with any model since they are all generally Android phones

2. Warranty and Product Return


The price of the item is usually determined by its quality, suitability, and uniqueness from its competitors. Warranty will assure you of the product's quality and durability. But another important thing to consider before buying smartphone accessories is the return policy of the product. Every product has a different return policy which depends on the store or company's terms.

3. Brand Background


The best way you can get quality accessories for your Samsung phone is to buy them from stores that offer genuine and authentic products. This will guarantee you get high-quality accessories and won't encounter any compatibility and quality issues. The accessories you will buy should be able to enhance your smartphone's performance, functionality, and appearance. Do not buy from unknown brands that offer low prices but not sure with the quality.

4. Prioritize your Needs


Before you go and make some impulse purchases, take a moment to inventory the accessories you already have and figure out what you still need. Make sure to prioritize buying the most important accessory you need rather than getting the one with great design but no use at all. If you love to travel and do outdoor activities, you might want to consider buying a case first that will secure the protection of your phone. Check out Casecoinc for choices, they offer Samsung cases with great design and features at affordable prices.

5. Consider your Budget


One of the most important things to consider in finding the best accessories for your Samsung phone is your budget. How much is your budget? What is the maximum amount you have for a specific item? If you have a limited budget for accessories, you can visit stores that offer sales and promos. You can also subscribe to their email blasts so that you will be notified once they have promotional events.

Ready to buy? We hope these tips were helpful for you to make a more informed decision. Being a Samsung phone owner isn't about buying more or fewer accessories, but instead being smarter in the purchases you make to support your gadget.



Are you new to cryptocurrency trading? If yes, crypto trading signals will help you a lot. These are a set of instructions necessary for determining what crypto you should buy, what prices you need to set up to stop loss at, and the sell-targets, and price to buy at. They can be considered as trade ideas that will provide you a high probability of making an impressive return.

A crypto trading signal typically contains information such as the crypto to buy, buy-in price, sell-targets, and stop losses. The trading signal will give you specifications in which crypto you should buy lime Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. As for the buy-in price, the signal will help you with the price that you should buy a certain crypto at. 

In terms of sell-targets, you will have an idea of the price that you should sell a crypto for you to gain profit. The signal will also help with the stop losses where you will learn how you are going to exit a position to mitigate losses.

Apart from learning the different crypto trading platforms like bitcoineras., you also need to know how you are going to find trading signals.

You can learn more about it here thefrisky.com.


Let's start with the most basic indicator, which is the trading volume. This one will show you the accurate trading activity at a particular timeframe. You can see it as bars on the chart. Although pro traders overlook this signal, you cannot underestimate its ability to give you some of the best trading signals.

The amount of volume in combination, together with price movement, will tell you whether the momentum is waning or increasing. In other words, if you will consider the volume, then you can easily figure out the potential reversal points. 

Mathematical Indicators

You can utilize mathematical indicators on the trading chart you use. This trading signal can churn out, analyze, and digest data in a readable form. It allows you to make money and beat the markets.

Support and Resistance 

If you are looking for a more pedestrian technical analysis approach, then you can consider support and resistance. 

Support refers to the price level at which the buying interest is known to be sufficiently strong for overcoming the selling pressure. It also helps in providing upward movement or price stability. While the price is at a support level, it is being supported from falling further.

Be aware that resistance is opposite to support. It represents an area at which the selling pressure can be overcome by preventing, stalling, or buying price advance.


Divergence refers to the separation of two paths or lines. Pro traders always look for divergence with a purpose of getting trading signals that can support their market analysis. There are different types of divergence that you need to be aware of, including:

  • Hidden Bearish Divergence 

This kind of divergence is where the price shows a lower high. However, the corresponding indicator will show you a higher high.

  • Bearish Divergence 

In bearish divergence, the price shows a higher high while the corresponding indicator will print you a lower high.

  • Hidden Bullish Divergence 

With the help of hidden bullish divergence, you will see that the price shows a higher low. On the other hand, the corresponding indicator comes with a lower low.

  • Bullish Divergence 

When it comes to bullish divergence, you will see that the price comes with the lower low while the corresponding indicator shows a higher low.


The cryptocurrency trading signals above will help you to become more profitable. They are also effective in helping you save time and discover new opportunities. So, before you can make a trade, considering the trading signals is a great advantage.



Welcome to the world of mobile sweepstakes casinos where promo codes can be your keys to unlocking a world of bonuses and great rewards. Promo codes gift players a treasure trove of free credits, spins and delightful surprises, elevating the gaming experience and bolstering the chances of making some good wins. 

Yet, in this realm of possibilities, not all promo codes are the same and the quest to unearth the finest ones can be as adventurous as the games themselves. So, come with us as we help you uncover promo codes for sweepstakes casinos, ensuring you make the most of these incentives for your gaming experience.

Official Casino Websites

The first place to check for promo codes is the official websites of mobile sweepstakes casinos. Many casinos offer exclusive codes to their loyal players or those who sign up for their newsletters. These codes can grant access to special promotions, cashback offers or free spins. Regularly visiting the casino's website and subscribing to their updates can help you stay in the loop about the latest promo codes.

Social Media Platforms and Casino Apps

Casinos often use social media to connect with their players and share promo codes. Follow your favorite mobile sweepstakes casinos on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get timely updates on new codes. Sometimes, casinos even host social media contests or giveaways where you can win promo codes and other prizes.

Many mobile sweepstakes casinos have dedicated apps for players to enjoy a seamless gaming experience on their smartphones. These apps often feature special promotions and exclusive promo codes. Be sure to download the casino's app and keep an eye on in-app notifications for any new codes and offers.

Casino Forums and Communities

Joining casino forums and online communities can be an excellent way to discover promo codes that other players share. Websites like Reddit, CasinoMeister or specific casino forums often have dedicated threads where members post the latest codes they've found. However, exercise caution and make sure to verify the authenticity of the codes, as some may be outdated or invalid.

Affiliate Websites

There are numerous affiliate websites that are dedicated to providing players with the latest and most exclusive promo codes for mobile sweepstakes casinos. These sites have established relationships with casinos and can offer codes that are not widely available elsewhere. However, be discerning when choosing affiliate websites and ensure they have a good reputation for reliability and accuracy.

Email Newsletters

Subscribing to email newsletters from mobile sweepstakes casinos can be a great way to receive personalized promo codes and offers directly in your inbox. Casinos often send out exclusive deals to their email subscribers and these codes can sometimes be more generous than the ones available to the general public.

Review and Bonus Websites

Review and bonus websites are dedicated to providing players with comprehensive information about mobile sweepstakes casinos, including reviews, ratings and, most importantly, the latest promo codes. These websites often have partnerships with casinos and can provide unique codes you won't find anywhere else.


Mobile sweepstakes casinos open the doors to a thrilling realm of entertainment for online casino gamers. Promo codes offer the keys to unlock the fun at these casinos through the bonuses they unveil.

But with any online casino bonus, there are rules to take note of. Promo codes may come with their own set of terms and conditions which you should not ignore. Always read and understand the rules before making use of a promo code.

With these codes and paying attention to their terms and conditions, you're set to explore and have a fun experience at mobile sweepstakes casinos. As you spin the reels and chase the dream, remember that the odds may be fickle, but fortune favors the fearless. So, go forth, game on and may the codes lead you to pleasure.


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