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Android 12 ROM gives the Google Pixel 2 XL a renewed outlook

12 November, 2021 Android


Google formally finished help for its Pixel 2 series of phones back in 2020, which implied that Android 11 was the last authority significant update that the phone would have gotten, so for Pixel 2 proprietors expecting Android 12, you would be stuck between a rock and a hard place, to some extent authoritatively.


If for reasons unknown youre as yet clutching your four year old handset, youll be intrigued to discover that there is currently a custom Android 12 ROM from ProtonAOSP that will be accessible for the Pixel 2 XL handset.


Android 12 ROM gives the Google Pixel 2 XL a renewed outlook


Considering that this is a custom ROM, you wont have the option to refresh to it the same way you may on an ordinary Pixel handset getting an authority update. First of all, youll need to open the bootloader of the phone, yet fortunately since it is accessible as a plant picture, once the bootloader is opened, you simply need to run the glimmer all content to introduce the ROM.


It has been brought up that this ROM isnt 100% great and that dependent on the current form, WiFi isnt working, nor are Permissive SELinux consents. This implies that assuming you actually utilize the Pixel 2 XL as your every day driver, it probably won't be a smart thought to introduce this ROM as it could make it hard to utilize everyday.


Yet, if you end up having the Pixel 2 XL reserved in a cabinet some place gathering dust, this could be a decent way of perceiving how Android 12 would feel like on the phone.


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