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Top sports apps on Android


Sifting through the endless lists of the Google Play store can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, varying levels of cost and content and tons of shady operators out there it's a struggle to get the information you want directly to your Android phone sometimes. This is especially true when it comes to the sport industry, which has so many different facets and financial factors running alongside the betting industry - choosing which app you get your information from can be exactly the wrong sort of gamble.


There are some reliable sources out there, and luckily they're not too hard to find - which one you pick is really just down to the level of information you need. We'll focus on apps which collate and deliver a multitude of different sports, with the option to tailor them to your specific interests. The sports are also followed by the sportsbook industry with their mobile platforms, so arming yourselves with a few of these apps along with a reliable sportsbook is a great way to ensure you're making the best bets possible. Even if you're not interested in gambling, this app list is a fantastic place to start kitting out your Android phone with the most useful news.





The Bleacher Report app is a frequent number one entry in these lists, and for good reason - it's one of the sports industry's most reputable voices, and often gets breaking news out before anybody else. Downloading Bleacher Report will help you stay on top of the news you care about, with the option to select specific games and teams to reduce the amount of unnecessary noise a lot of these apps usually come with.


Bleacher Report is also branching out into a live-streaming service, although this will come with a subscription fee of $9.99 or pay-per-view.



365scores is a great choice for sports enthusiasts and stat junkies. It provides detailed coverage of a range of sports, with a fantastic notification system to keep you up to date at all times. It comes with the option to follow your favourite teams, too, following schedules, scores and statistics with videos and heatmaps. If you like a little bit more statistical depth with your news, this would be a great addition to your app line-up, but it may be a little bit too technical for casual fans who just want the highlights.





Yahoo Sports is easily one of the best "all rounder" sports apps available on Android. It offers quick, easy information on football leagues, and also allows you to watch baseball and NHL games for free without a subscription. It does have a bit more of a football focus, so if that's not your game there are probably better options out there - nevertheless Yahoo Sports does still curate content from several smaller sports like boxing, cycling, and tennis to name a few. The app does allow you to select your favourite sports and teams to tailor the information it sends, as do all the other apps on the list - but Yahoo offers a remarkably clean and simple user interface at the same time, backed up with an incredibly useful search feature for articles and videos.


If football's your game, the Yahoo Sports app is a must, delivering enhanced content on all the major leagues whilst skimming the best news and developments from other sports. Yahoo also offers a Fantasy app which is an amazingly easy way to run a fantasy league, allowing users to set up leagues, make picks, set drafts and organise their information in an incredibly simple, streamlined way.



FlashScore should be your one and only stop if you want real-time updates as though you were watching the game yourself. With more than thirty sports tracked and the ability to tailor which push notifications it sends through based on personal selections, FlashScore will keep you ahead of the game with your favourite team's scores and standings. It also features live text commentary for events, an invaluable feature for when you're on the move and aren't able to listen to a stream. Android is all about multitasking, and FlashScore has all the tools necessary to help with that.




When it comes to creating social media content, who is not on social media? Everyone wants to be famous on social media and are always in search of the key to create quality social media content. Moreover, there are a hundred applications that are coming out everyday and this task is going on which one may definitely be daunting, no doubt but it also helps us understand and choose which are the best social media apps that we actually would be able to download on our phones. Now we are a generation, especially during the pandemic, to do almost everything on the smartphones that we own and are constantly on the lookout for a better, faster and easier social media app or apps that generally help us create new content.


Now, the major social media app giants like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat have gained a lot of popularity and are without any doubt, dominating the world of social media through smart phones which is ironically something that even the websites of these social media platforms have not been able to their consumers. And being famous on these social media platforms is not even that hard. You can simply buy instagram followers from sites like A lot of social media apps also end up locking horns even if they do end up being owned by the same company because of their popularity and the features that they offer to us.


So, which are the five best social media apps for Android in the year 2021?


1. Starting out with Telegram.

Now, this app is considered not only to be one of the top social media apps for secret texting but has also managed to increase and broaden its user base, especially with the controversies of WhatsApp and their user privacy policies. It is the security of this very app that makes it so famous, and helps it stand out among the rest of its competition. Even in the world of business, the brands are able to connect quite well and easily when it comes to this app and has gained popularity despite the number of issues with various government bodies.


2. The second one being Reddit.

Reddit may not have the clout of the rest of the social media apps, but this social media app has earned its right to be in this list. Because one of the most important features being anonymous posting and hyper specific communities, this helps in knowing your audience well and even following your audience and getting upvotes for your posts . A word of advice would be not to post any kind or form of promotional content unless you actually have a dedicated branded subreddit or there are high chances you will get banned.


3. Meet up.

Now, one of the most important social media apps on this list for the year 2021 is the Meetup app, an app which determines to bring people together from across cities and works on one of the simplest concepts that we are at our best when we do things that actually matter to us and we do it together. Now, this Meetup app has subscription planes which differ from a month to six months and costs about ten dollars a month, while for six months it is about thirty dollars.


4. The fourth being the Tape book app.

Tape book is a social media where you can actually record and interact in the form of audio and video tapes, which in a way if you really think of it is a form of podcasting but with the twist and dash of in the form of the video. You can also record your conversation by calling or even by starting a vlog and audio log with your friends. A lot of people share their talents, podcasts and so many other skills and the smallest of things on this app and they have a pretty sleek user interface as well. There are no ads as well.


5. The last app being Pinterest.

Another very important social media app is Pinterest which is extremely important because the whole world uses this app because of how important the content that it has to offer. They offer only visual content and are one of the fastest and only mobile apps that has amassed millions of monthly users. It helps in the users being inspired by new ideas and trying out things they would have not thought of before.


These are the five best social media apps for the android in the year 2021, and they are selected for this list on the basis of their popularity and how fast they acquired their audience. Not only that, there are people who are inspired and are introduced to so many new things on these apps and come across topics and ideas they would have not thought of before.

The main update for Android 12 is here and its loaded with bug fixes


Around fourteen days prior, Google delivered the main Android 12 Developer Preview, giving Pixel proprietors and designers a brief look at what's to come. From the outset, there truly aren't an excessive number of changes, however once you begin jumping somewhat more profound, the progressions become more evident.


At the point when Android 12 is going to your phone

Truth be told, it appears there are many highlights that Google isn't prepared to place in the possession of engineers, including the new "Sleek Home UI" found inside the Settings application. All things being equal, you'll need to play with ADB and the Command Line on the off chance that you need to try and enact the new interface intended to offer improved one-hand convenience.


What's going on in Android 12?

Today, Google has delivered the primary update for the Android 12 Developer Preview, appropriately named rendition 1.1. Up until now, it appears to be that this update is just a chance to give some bug fixes to engineers and the individuals who have effectively introduced the Preview.


Full Android 12 Developer Preview 1.1 Changelog:

  • Fixed an issue where on certain gadgets, the gadget irregularly separated from Wi-Fi in any event, when the Wi-Fi signal was solid.
  • Fixed an issue where on certain gadgets, the gadget showed a "Framework UI continues to stop" message if the client attempted to take a screen capture by squeezing Power + Volume Down from the Lock screen.
  • Fixed an issue with halfway wake bolts that could cause over the top battery channel.
  • Fixed an issue where a gadget's unique mark peruser could become inert when the gadget was suspended, requiring the client to open their gadget utilizing another technique.
  • Fixed an issue where the Settings application could crash if the client attempted to get to application warning settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the framework UI could freeze after the client refreshed the gadget.
  • Fixed an issue where the CellBroadcastReceiver application couldn't get the android.permission. BROADCAST_CLOSE_SYSTEM_DIALOGS consent, causing crisis alarms to crash.
  • Fixed an issue that could make a few gadgets reboot irregularly.
  • Fixed an issue that could make a few gadgets reboot after the client opened the gadget utilizing their PIN.

We have the Developer Preview introduced on our Pixel 5, and it has been running shockingly well. Stay tuned for additional on that. In any case, despite the fact that this could be quite possibly the most steady designer refreshes, we actually don't suggest introducing it on an essential gadget. It could wind up prompting lost information, application incongruence issues, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

You'll before long have the option to control your Android TV with the refreshed Google TV application


The most recent couple of months have been somewhat energizing for Android TV and Chromecast proprietors. We've seen a rebranding of the Play Movies and TV application, introducing the new rush of "Google TV" marking. Google has additionally (lastly) delivered another Chromecast that includes an interface that can be controlled with an included far off. In any case, it appears to be that Google's not done making some quite wonderful enhancements.


Chromecast with Google TV audit: The fight for your parlor is finished

The Google TV application for Android was as of late refreshed to variant 4.25, and doubtlessly there truly wasn't a lot to think of home about in the update. Nonetheless, Mishaal Rahman, EIC at XDA Developers, discovered another component that is as of now covered up however he figured out how to empower it.


This new component will permit you to utilize your smartphone as a controller for controlling any of your viable Android TV gadgets. True to form, the interface isn't too meddling, rather highlighting a square D-cushion with a round button in the middle, alongside four bolts encompassing the catch.


As per XDA, to combine the Google TV application on your phone with your Android TV, you'll need to choose your viable TV from a rundown inside the application. From that point, you'll enter the 4-digit PIN that shows up on your TV into the application, and afterward that is it.


It's altogether conceivable that there could be more highlights added, and that is the reason Google hasn't formally made this accessible to everybody at this point. We could see highlights, for example, voice correspondence, alongside console uphold, however it's every one of the a cat-and-mouse game now to perceive what will occur.


All things considered, this is an awesome path for clients to have the option to control their Android TVs without managing large and cumbersome controllers. Besides, is there any valid reason why you wouldn't simply need to utilize your phone to control everything in any case, rather than agonizing over something different that could be lost or is simply not natural to utilize?

android 12


Google says the focus this year is to make Android "more intuitive, better performing, and more secure." This is this week's biggest news. Our first official look at Android 12! The debut developer preview of the 2021 iteration of the world's biggest operating system is now available for developers. The software is in preview mode which means it is currently unstable and not suitable for regular users.


The Android 12 developer preview will only be available on Google Pixel devices so far starting from the Pixel 3 series forward. That means the Pixel 3/3 XL, Pixel 3a/3a XL, Pixel 4/4 XL, Pixel 4a/4a 5G, and Pixel 5 are included in the list of eligible smartphones. Earlier Pixel phones and phones from other OEMs are not compatible and won't be able to install or work with the latest upgrade, but you can always use the Android Emulator within Android Studio if you want to see the latest OS.


Since we are in the early stages of the development of Android 12, this first developer preview won't feature many new customer-oriented features. Instead, most of the features available would be available for those who are interested in Android-related software development. As always, Android and mobile phone application developers will find consumer features within this code, so be ready to have more news and leaks in the upcoming weeks.


Google has already cleared what functionalities it wants to achieve with the Android 12 upgrade. It says that this version of Android will be "more intuitive, better performing, and more secure" than other versions. Last year, Google's big focus was on communication apps including notifications app, messaging apps, etc. We might see different priorities set by the company for the Android 12 developer preview


A lot of the confirmed features within Android 12 are more of technical nature. Google is aiming to work on better photography to compete with Apple and Samsung. It says Android 12 will allow for faster and higher quality image transcoding for better-looking photos with significantly smaller file sizes. Notifications will also be faster with more tools for developers to customize them. It will also be easier for devs to discover compatibility issues so they can get their apps up and running faster.


Another feature will allow a phone's vibration motor to sync with app audio, creating more 3D gaming and visual experiences. Likewise, gesture navigation will be easier and more consistent even if your phone display screen is fully covered with media or some other app. We are going to reveal a lot more cool features as we get more news and updates from the developer's community. So, stay tuned.


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