Android N will probably not have “3D Touch” at launch

17 May, 2016 Android Updates

Apple's 3D Touch is a feature that many Android users expect to see as a part of Android N, albeit with a different name of course! In fact, many are already calling it the chief attraction or the main highlight of Google's next version of the Android OS. However, a recent report by Recode suggests that the 3D Touch-esque feature will not be a part of Android N, as was believed previously. The report also adds that this delay is probably the result of "... a maintenance update to the software." If the report is true, then support for pressure-sensitive displays is unfortunately, still a bit far off for Android users.

Google's annual developer's conference or I/O 2016 starts on May 18 and will end on May 20. We expect that many details about Android N will be revealed both during and after the conference. Those that were lucky enough to experience the pre-release beta version via Google's early access plan will surely be eager to know what more they have added or are planning to add to the final release. Many consider pressure-sensitive features to be just a gimmick, what do you think? Would you like to see 3D Touch as a part of your next Android powered smartphone?

Author: Saikat Kar (Tech-journalist and enthusiast)


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