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For a really long time and years, it's been fairly disappointing to attempt to stay aware of the advancement of your application downloads. Whenever you go into the Play Store and download an application, an advancement bar shows up, telling you how much is left before the download is finished. This fails to measure up to how iOS handles application downloads, which adds the symbol to your home screen and you can see its improvement.


You can now see the improvement of application downloads right from the home screen


It appears to be that Google is taking care of this, as a couple of clients, including Artem Russakovskii and 9to5Google, have observed that a comparative component is carrying out to Pixel proprietors. We originally saw this show up with the Android 12 beta, yet for reasons unknown, Google eliminated it from the last form.


Whenever you go into the Play Store and download an application, you'll see a turned gray out symbol show up on your home screen. This symbol will be encircled by an advancement bar that keeps on topping off as the download is finished. Furthermore, you'll see a "Downloading" or "Forthcoming" mark put underneath the application symbol, which is then supplanted by the name of whatever application it is that you are introducing.


However, another clever element is that you can promptly move the symbol around to put it where you need on the home screen. Tragically, there doesn't yet appear to be a way to "stop" the download, as tapping the symbol simply takes you to the Play Store posting. With Google previously moving toward this path, it would check out for the organization to carry out such a component, in the event you are going out and don't need an enormous application or game eating into your cell information.


We've additionally affirmed that the element is accessible on our own Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12, yet it doesn't appear to be accessible on different gadgets as our OnePlus 9 Pro running OxygenOS 12 defaults to the "customary" strategy.


Live Wallpapers aren't new to Android, yet they are intended for Windows. There is still no authority support for live Wallpapers on Windows, which is the thing that prompted the formation of Wallpaper Engine. This is an application for Windows PCs that applies live Wallpapers to the working framework.


Presently it appears as though the engineers have since declared on Steam that an Android sidekick application is being developed that will carry live Wallpapers to Android. We realize that this is certifiably not another element in essence, yet in the event that you like coordinating with your work area and smartphones together, and need more choices and provisions, then, at that point, maybe this could merit looking at.


Wallpaper Engine for Android is not far off


As per the engineers, the Android application will be free with no in-application buys or promotions, yet this is on the grounds that you should possess the Windows application for it to work and adjust together. The Windows application costs $4 which we figure is a lovely reasonable cost, so in case you're hoping to take your phone's subjects to a higher level, it is a little venture you'll need to make.


Concerning why you should utilize Wallpaper Engine rather than some other application? As per the designers:


"The list of capabilities is exceptionally broad and very much like Wallpaper Engine for Windows, the Wallpapers are completely powerful and take into account an extraordinary degree of client customization. You can likewise design a Wallpaper playlist, put forth a FPS line and arrange other battery-saving elements and import nearby recordings and GIFs straight into the application."


The application isn't accessible yet however the designers gauge that it ought to be accessible come October or November.


For those paying attention to mobile news over the past year will have been made all too aware of the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games following the removal of the popular game, Fortnite, from the different app marketplaces across all devices following Epic breaching the terms of service by offering a third-party link to purchasing their in-game currency. Both Apple and Google had been charging a standard 30% rate on all in-app purchases throughout this period of time, whilst it has meant that certain genres of apps most notably where big deposits are required through online betting options like having grown since legislation change, to online casinos which still have little representation online largely due to this rate, it has allowed other apps to grow just as big as microtransactions away from direct depositing remain just as important.


Whilst the legal


Whilst the legal battle is far from over, a recent court ruling could signal a lot of change coming to app store platforms in a short period of time - the judge ruled that whilst Apple didn't hold a monopoly on the app marketplace, the practices it had put in place were anti-competitive and moving forward would now need to allow developers the ability to place a third-party link or button and essential circumvent this 30% rate that had been applied in the past - whilst it was recently lowered to 15% for smaller businesses, it's still quite substantial.


Google had managed to stay relatively free from criticism during this whole process as the legal battle was largely focussed in one place, and as different marketplaces are already available on Android devices anyway there competition in place, but pressure could still mount to follow the same process and offer a way to link out to other platforms for payment, particularly as the mechanisms will already be in place from this existing trial - some believe it may even be an update that is snuck out in a future update to avoid much of the rigmarole that would come with going through the same process as Apple.


Epic didn't get off entirely free either though having been ordered to pay large fees to Apple for the case, which is still ongoing, with Epic CEO Tim Sweeney recently stated that this hasn't deterred him from continuing to seek out better practices for developers on mobile and afford bigger opportunities without the huge fees that have continued to be a big part of these platforms. But there is the opportunity for big changes to continue rolling through, and whilst it has been quiet on the front for Google and for Android for now, attentions may easily turn once things wrap up with Apple.

Android 11-based One UI 3 update is presently turning out for the Galaxy M30s


Samsung's fantastic dash of Android 11 and One UI 3.0 firmware refreshes proceeds, as the current week's start has denoted the arrival of the exceptionally foreseen firmware update for the Galaxy M30s. The rollout is by and by occurring in India however extra business sectors ought to follow after accordingly, and the update incorporates the January 2021 security fix.


The new firmware update for the Galaxy M30s in India is distinguished by firmware adaptation M307FXXU4CUAG. The update weighs almost 2GB so it's encouraged to search for a functioning Wi-Fi network prior to downloading. This will save you some time and information if important.


What would you be able to anticipate from the Galaxy M30s running One UI 3.0?

The greatest feature of One UI 3.0 is the modified UI. It keeps on maintaining the estimations of past One UI forms, so convenience is at the cutting edge. In any case, for all intents and purposes each UI component was pretty much upgraded for a cutting edge look and a more agreeable, easy to understand insight.


There are a huge load of different highlights that we've examined finally previously, however remember that only one out of every odd One UI 3.0 component will be available for the Galaxy M30s. It's as yet a spending phone all things considered, and equipment restrictions will forestall some more current highlights to be incorporated inside this most recent firmware discharge.


As usual, you can attempt to refresh your phone by opening Settings and tapping Download and introduce under Software update. You can likewise allude to our firmware chronicle where new Samsung firmware is being transferred routinely.


Well, today we are going to talk about one of the most important topics in the tech world so far! If you are tired of playing poker, then you must start reading the article so that you can update your android device and start playing poker online too with your own android device. We were receiving a lot of queries about android updates, so we thought of giving it a go today!

So now if you have an android device these days, especially Samsung then you will normally find no problems in an android update if it isn't for your country's location and whether the software has hit the ground over there yet. Other devices have a different interface, and it can sometimes be difficult to find the method to update these devices so let us begin with the details of the article!

Updating The Device Automatically!


This is the first way of updating your android device and is frankly the most used way of getting your device up to date. Now when you get a new phone and sign with your Google account in it, you must know that the device is automatically connected to the Google updates that include android updates as well.

In some cases, people accidentally stop the phone from updating automatically, and some do it intentionally thinking that it wastes the battery of the smartphone. So, first of all, let us clear this misconception that no battery is affected with this feature being on. So if you have turned it off you can simply turn it on from the settings app on your phone, you just have to find that option of a software update in the about phone tab!

Updating The Device Manually!


The second and the most common way is to update your device manually by checking for updates manually on your phone. You can easily do so by navigating to the software update tab in the settings of your phone. When you navigate that you will see that it has an option for checking updates manually if you press that button the phone will automatically search for updates available from the web and then will ask your permission about the update.

You can set the update to be done there and then, and you can also plan to do so overnight by setting the time of the update. Now in some cases, you can still not find the update on your phone even though you know it is available on the web.

Forcefully Updating Your Device!


The third way is to update your device forcefully is by just downloading the android version on your laptop or desktop and connect your phone with the USB port and install it manually. You can easily do so by just downloading the best version available online and after checking the compatibility with your device, you can go for the installation! This is one of the least methods used as it can damage the phone memory!


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