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Android 11-based One UI 3 update is presently turning out for the Galaxy M30s


Samsung's fantastic dash of Android 11 and One UI 3.0 firmware refreshes proceeds, as the current week's start has denoted the arrival of the exceptionally foreseen firmware update for the Galaxy M30s. The rollout is by and by occurring in India however extra business sectors ought to follow after accordingly, and the update incorporates the January 2021 security fix.


The new firmware update for the Galaxy M30s in India is distinguished by firmware adaptation M307FXXU4CUAG. The update weighs almost 2GB so it's encouraged to search for a functioning Wi-Fi network prior to downloading. This will save you some time and information if important.


What would you be able to anticipate from the Galaxy M30s running One UI 3.0?

The greatest feature of One UI 3.0 is the modified UI. It keeps on maintaining the estimations of past One UI forms, so convenience is at the cutting edge. In any case, for all intents and purposes each UI component was pretty much upgraded for a cutting edge look and a more agreeable, easy to understand insight.


There are a huge load of different highlights that we've examined finally previously, however remember that only one out of every odd One UI 3.0 component will be available for the Galaxy M30s. It's as yet a spending phone all things considered, and equipment restrictions will forestall some more current highlights to be incorporated inside this most recent firmware discharge.


As usual, you can attempt to refresh your phone by opening Settings and tapping Download and introduce under Software update. You can likewise allude to our firmware chronicle where new Samsung firmware is being transferred routinely.


Well, today we are going to talk about one of the most important topics in the tech world so far! If you are tired of playing poker, then you must start reading the article so that you can update your android device and start playing poker online too with your own android device. We were receiving a lot of queries about android updates, so we thought of giving it a go today!

So now if you have an android device these days, especially Samsung then you will normally find no problems in an android update if it isn't for your country's location and whether the software has hit the ground over there yet. Other devices have a different interface, and it can sometimes be difficult to find the method to update these devices so let us begin with the details of the article!

Updating The Device Automatically!


This is the first way of updating your android device and is frankly the most used way of getting your device up to date. Now when you get a new phone and sign with your Google account in it, you must know that the device is automatically connected to the Google updates that include android updates as well.

In some cases, people accidentally stop the phone from updating automatically, and some do it intentionally thinking that it wastes the battery of the smartphone. So, first of all, let us clear this misconception that no battery is affected with this feature being on. So if you have turned it off you can simply turn it on from the settings app on your phone, you just have to find that option of a software update in the about phone tab!

Updating The Device Manually!


The second and the most common way is to update your device manually by checking for updates manually on your phone. You can easily do so by navigating to the software update tab in the settings of your phone. When you navigate that you will see that it has an option for checking updates manually if you press that button the phone will automatically search for updates available from the web and then will ask your permission about the update.

You can set the update to be done there and then, and you can also plan to do so overnight by setting the time of the update. Now in some cases, you can still not find the update on your phone even though you know it is available on the web.

Forcefully Updating Your Device!


The third way is to update your device forcefully is by just downloading the android version on your laptop or desktop and connect your phone with the USB port and install it manually. You can easily do so by just downloading the best version available online and after checking the compatibility with your device, you can go for the installation! This is one of the least methods used as it can damage the phone memory!




If you have any of the following smartphones from Google, you will be soon notified to download and install a major update onto your device, aka, Android 10!

·        Pixel

·        Pixel 2

·        Pixel 3

·        Pixel 3a

·        Pixel XL

·        Pixel 2 XL

·        Pixel 3 XL

·        Pixel 3a XL

In case you have any of the older Nexus devices, you probably know that Google has stopped supporting those years ago, right? In cae you didn't, now you do, but there are still ways to manually flash custom ROMs from unofficial sources if you want to.

Which Other Phones Will Also be Updated with Android 10 Soon?


If you want the fastest updates then you should have bought a Pixel! That being said, some OEMs will likely release the same update with their own customizations on the following dates.

·        OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 - By the end of September, 2019


·        OnePlus 6 and OnePlus 6T - Early to mid October


·        Essential Phone - Released already in some regions


Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro: Released in china already; other regions will get the same update soon


·        Sony flagships will likely be updated with Android 10 by October, 2019


·        Motorola Android One devices - November, 2019


·        Samsung, LG, HTC, Asus, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme - 2020



If your device or OEM is not on the list, you can expect it to get the update sometime in 2020 as well. Keep in mind that this only applies to flagship or high-end devices released in 2018 or 2019, with occasional exceptions.



While many smartphone OEMs around the world has not yet managed to roll out the Android Oreo update, Google has already taken the lid of Android P, aka the next Android OS. While there's still a lot more to know and things might change, here are the top five things that you should know about the upcoming OS version.

Boosted Privacy

Privacy is going to receive a boost on the following fronts.

·         Sensors, cameras, and microphones will no longer be allowed access to any app once it becomes idle

·         Backup encryption with a client-side secret and per-network randomization of MAC addresses

·         Better accommodation of the fingerprint scanning tech as Android P will allow each app to access the fingerprint data in much more detail than before

Support for the iPhone Notch

Creating an UI around the new "notch" introduced to the world by the iPhone X last year is still a tricky affair as the current gen OS versions are not that well fitted to accommodate it. Android P is going to introduce APIs that will better support the notch and apps will finally be designed to work with the notch in mind. This also confirms the fact that we are soon going to see alot of Android smartphones with the notch, or what I affectionately call, "ears!" Frankly, it's riduclous to take that route for multiple reasons, but the OEMs clearly see a market for it.

Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time (RTT)

Wi-Fi Round-Trip-Time is going to make even turn-by-turn indoor navigation a possibility, because apps will now be programmed to sense how far your device is from the source of the connected Wi-Fi and guide you through the indoor facility accordingly!

Improved Notifications

With every iteration of the Android OS comes the promise of "improved notification system" and this year, you will likely see a lot of conversations right on the notification bar itself, including stickers, smilies and even attached images. Android P may allow for replying to those messages right from the notification bar itself.

There's also going to be better support for multiple camera modules this year, but we will have to wait and see how the "better" part will work, given that most flagships are already using dual camera setups quite efficiently!

Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

A lot of major flagship handsets from market leading companies such as Samsung are yet to get their version of Android 8.0 or later, but that doesn't mean Google is not getting ready to release its upcoming edition of the Android OS, or at least the first developer's preview anyway! Earlier in the day, an Android Open Source Project commit by the name of Mishaal Rahman just Twitted the following, "Android P DP1 seems to be near finalized. Excited to see what's coming."

If you are wondering what we know about Android 9.0 so far, we are afraid not much really! But you can check out the little-known details and rumors over here. As far as the "P" is concerned, it is likely going to stand for "Pineapple Pie" but then again, at this point, your guess is as good as ours really.


Saikat Kar (tech-enthusiast)

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